Markwayne Mullin

Markwayne Mullin


Mullin Applauds Committee Passage of Bills to Rein in EPA Authority


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-02), a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, applauded the Committee for approving several bills aimed at reining in the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority, providing regulatory certainty, and maintaining a balanced state-federal regulatory relationship. H.R. 5078, the Waters of the United States Regulatory Overreach Protection Act of 2014, introduced by U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL), would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers from broadening the scope of the Clean Water Act and expanding the federal government’s regulatory authority. Click here for more information about H.R. 5078. “Ensuring safe and clean water must always be a priority, but the EPA’s new proposed rule to expand the definition of navigable waters threatens agricultural and business operations in Oklahoma with no added protection to our water,” said Representative Mullin. “In practice, expanding regulations on the nation’s waters would significantly limit the amount of usable land for ranchers and farmers.  As a rancher myself, I know that these types of overreaching federal regulation could put many family farms at risk. “Additionally, it is every bit as important to provide clarity in our regulatory system.  As it stands, this proposed rule is extremely ambiguous, giving our agriculture and business community zero certainty on what will actually be enforced.  By moving this legislation forward, the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has taken an important step towards limiting burdensome regs and instilling confidence among our nation’s industries.” The legislation was also praised by Oklahoma Farm Bureau President Tom Buchanan. “Oklahoma Farm Bureau greatly appreciates the action taken by the House Transportation Infrastructure Committee to prevent government overreach on regulatory decisions regarding the Clean Water Act and proposed rule by the EPA,” Buchanan said. “H.R. 5078 ensures that Oklahoma farmers and ranchers will be protected from unnecessary and burdensome regulations, while still maintaining the environment.” H.R. 4854, the Regulatory Certainty Act, introduced by Water Resources and Environment Subcommittee Chairman Bob Gibbs (R-OH), defines the exact period of time the Environmental Protection Agency is allowed to restrict or deny a Clean Water Act dredge and fill (wetlands) permit under Section 404(c).  Additionally, it clarifies that the EPA does not have the authority to disapprove or revoke such a permit before the Army Corps of Engineers has completed its review of a permit application or after the Corps of Engineers has issued the permit.  Click here for more information about H.R. 4854. “Here’s just another example of uncertainty created by our regulatory agencies,” said Mullin. “The EPA has time and time again stepped in and revoked Clean Water Act permits to businesses after they had already been approved! This administration seemingly fails to realize that it’s nearly impossible for industries to operate in this sort of regulatory environment. “I am proud to have worked alongside my colleagues to pass The Regulatory Certainty Act of 2014 out of committee. “This bill will help ensure that the Environmental Protection Agency does not overstep its bounds during project permitting processes, and it supports the interests of farmers and manufacturers in Oklahoma and across the country.”  ###   Read More

Maloney and Mullin Announce Bipartisan Bill to Reform Veterans Employment Program


Washington, D.C.  –  Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (NY-18) and Rep. Markwayne Mullin (OK-02)  announced new bipartisan legislation, the Wounded Warrior Employment Improvement Act, to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program, the key employment program to help assist, train and find jobs for veterans who have compensable service-connected disabilities. Supported by the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP), Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and VetsFirst, H.R. 5032 would reduce unemployment among disabled veterans by requiring the Department of Veterans Affairs to reduce caseloads, increase enrollment in education programs, and implement a new training program for staff working with wounded warriors. “The sacrifices of our nation’s disabled service members are simply unmatched.  These sacrifices come at an extremely hard price to these individuals, which is why we must do everything we can to ensure the best access to our Veterans' assistance services.  I’m proud to have helped introduce legislation that would make positive reforms to these programs, and help our Wounded Warriors get back into the workforce,” said Representative Markwayne Mullin. “It's unacceptable that the brave men and women who sacrifice so much in service to our country are returning home from battle only to struggle to find a job. We must make these commonsense reforms to the VA’s key employment program to support these wounded warriors and ensure our highly skilled veterans secure employment upon their return to civilian life,” said Representative Sean Patrick Maloney. “The men and women that volunteer to put their lives in harm’s way to protect the freedoms we enjoy deserve the full attention of the VA when returning home. It is our duty to make sure our veterans are provided the education and training needed in gaining quality employment. I am pleased to see this bipartisan legislation come forward,” said Oklahoma State Senator Mark Allen, Vice Chairman of the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee. “I applaud Congressman Mullin’s efforts at helping our local Wounded Warriors have better access to job opportunities by improving the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment program.  It is important that we find jobs for our brave men and women many of which have lost much protecting our freedoms.  I want to thank the Congressman on his leadership and his efforts to pass this legislation,” said Jeff Harris, local McAlester veteran. “With military careers often cut short by life-altering injuries, it is particularly important that this generation of wounded warriors be afforded the tools, skills, resources, education, and support needed to find their new passion, secure employment, and develop fulfilling careers in ways that matter to them and their families.  But, for a variety of reasons, the VA’s Vocational Rehabilitation, and Employment Program, which is designed to give disabled veterans the help they need to gain success in the workforce, is too often failing them.  WWP supports H.R 5032 which would direct VA to develop an action plan aimed at improving the delivery of effective vocational rehabilitation and employment services to wounded warriors – often critical to these warriors achieving economic empowerment, a key to successful transition and productive lives,” said Bonnie Miller of the Wounded Warrior Project. “VA must be more responsive to the vocational rehabilitation needs of veterans living with significant disabilities, including PTSD and TBI. Requiring VA to better address workforce management issues and improve counselor training will lead to better employment outcomes for these veterans,” said Heather Ansley, Vice President VetsFirst. As a recent GAO report identified, it often takes 6 years or more for veterans to achieve success in the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) program. According the Wounded Warrior Project’s most recent survey, the unemployment rate among wounded service members is 17.8%. ### Read More

Rep. Mullin’s Statement on Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling


WASHINGTON – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-02) made the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. that under Obamacare for-profit employers can choose not to provide contraception coverage because of religious objections. “As a business owner, I’m personally appalled by this Administration’s attempt to dictate the free will of the private sector,” said Mullin. “I have long been opposed to President Obama’s healthcare law for its economic harm, increased costs, and its inability to address our healthcare challenges. But it’s important that we also remember that this law is attempting to systematically change the way in which the government can intervene in our lives. “Americans hold religious freedom as one of most important founding principles of this nation. We believe that each of us should be able to follow our faith and practice our beliefs without scrutiny or persecution from the government. This law is encroaching upon this freedom and essentially setting new standards for what our government can and cannot mandate. “I applaud the Supreme Court for their careful consideration and for ruling in favor of our nation’s principles.  Blocking this overreach is a win for all Americans.” ### Read More

Rep. Mullin Applauds Passage of Legislation to Lower Gas Prices


WASHINGTON – By a vote of 229-185 on Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4899, the Lowering Gasoline Prices to Fuel an America That Works Act, a bill cosponsored by Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2). This legislation aims to reduce gas prices for Americans by expanding energy production in the United States. “The State of Oklahoma is rich with oil and natural gas, and it’s incredibly important that we take steps to utilize these resources,” said Mullin. “Unfortunately, this Administration’s actions have limited our abilities to access the energy right here in the U.S.  By passing this legislation, the House has taken the initiative to end these economically harmful policies and help everyday Americans by lowering fuel prices.” A provision of the bill would particularly help increase onshore energy production by reforming the leasing process for federal lands. “Much of the oil and gas in our state is trapped in federal lands because of unnecessary administrative barriers and red-tape,” said Mullin.  “If we can eliminate these delays and ensure timely processing for permits, we can then increase domestic fuel production while simultaneously helping create American jobs.  Simply put, this bill will open the path for economic growth. “I’m proud to be a cosponsor of the bill and applaud my colleagues in the House for voting to pass it.” According to the Congressional Budget Office, H.R. 4899 would generate over $1 billion in new revenue over ten years and could create up to 1.2 million jobs long-term. More information on H.R. 4899 can be found at ### Read More

House Passes Mullin’s Bill to Remove Economic Barriers for Local Tribe


WASHINGTON – By voice vote on Monday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives passed H.R. 4002, to revoke the charter of incorporation of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma at the request of that tribe, a bill authored by Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2). Mullin discussed the importance of the legislation in a floor speech before passage of the bill. “I was approached by Chief Lankford and at his request I crafted this bill to remove an inoperable financial charter of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma,” said Mullin. “The bill is needed because these charters can only be revoked through an Act of Congress. “The Tribe has said that this outdated charter often hinders business and economic development. It imposes restrictions on the operation of business activities that were unrealistic even when it was written and are absolutely archaic in today’s business environment.  “My bill removes the charter and those unneeded barriers to business operations for the Tribe.” After passage of the legislation, Mullin said, “The charter simply creates hurdles for the Tribe’s investors, business partners, and potential customers.  With it off the books, the Tribe can eliminate obstacles for economic development in northeastern Oklahoma, ultimately creating the opportunity for more jobs for both tribal and non-tribal members.” Video of Mullin’s floor speech is available at ### Read More

Rep. Mullin Introduces Legislation to Limit Regulatory Overreach


WASHINGTON – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) introduced H.R. 4866, The Lesser Prairie Chicken Voluntary Recovery Act, a bill designed to address regulatory overreach by the federal government and enhance state and private sector conservation efforts of the lesser prairie chicken. In effort to conserve the lesser prairie chicken, a historic amount of protected acreage was enrolled by both private landowners and industry — nearly 14 million acres under various agreements.  Despite this unprecedented achievement, the Fish & Wildlife Service chose to list the species as threatened, resulting in economic challenges for the affected states. By effectively reversing the listing for five years, this legislation would allow state and private sector conservation activities and the financial resources committed to conservation of this species a fair and reasonable amount of time to work. The Fish & Wildlife Service would continue to monitor progress on conservation efforts, report to Congress on that progress annually, and ultimately retain the authority to list the species five years in the future if conservation efforts do not produce the results predictable. “Unfortunately, the federal government has once again crossed its regulatory bounds,” said Mullin. “Rather than list the species, the Fish & Wildlife Service should have recognized the enormous success of the state and private sector response. There is no need to ‘federalize’ protection of every species at the loss of state jurisdiction and the disruption and isolation of local communities. “This legislation re-establishes the proper priority role that the states should play in taking the lead responsibility for conserving our natural resources.  Additionally, it incentivizes state government and the private sector to create effective public-private partnerships to protect vulnerable species with the confidence that such efforts will be rewarded by avoiding a listing of the species. “I’m proud to help lead this effort to allow states and local communities to protect species while simultaneously minimizing job losses and maintaining and enhancing vibrant economic activity in their communities.” ### Read More

Mullin Critical of Administration’s Decision to House Illegal Minors at Fort Sill


WASHINGTON – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) today made the following statement on the Administration’s decision to begin using Fort Sill Military Base in Lawton, Oklahoma as a housing facility for unaccompanied illegal minors in the United States. "This whole debacle has been another example of the President's failed leadership and incredibly flawed policies," said Mullin. "The decision to harbor illegal minors at Fort Sill has rippling effects throughout the State of Oklahoma, yet no timely notification of these actions was given to our state officials or congressional delegation.  Instead, we were made aware of the situation from unofficial sources.  Even now, we have to dig to get any information.  This is a show of complete lack of respect for Oklahomans and the laws governing our nation. “Plain and simple, the President is failing to control the border, despite him stating otherwise. Even more, his policies are encouraging people to break our nation's laws." ### Read More

Rep. Mullin, Oklahoma Water Resources Board Director address potential impacts of proposed Clean Water Act rule


WASHINGTON – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) welcomed Oklahoma Water Resources Board (OWRB) Executive Director J.D. Strong to testify at a hearing of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Subcommittee on Water Resources and Environment about the potential impacts of a proposed Clean Water Act rule by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Army Corps of Engineers (Corps of Engineers).   The hearing focused on the ambiguous language in the recently proposed rule, which could result in rural ponds, watering holes, runoffs, drainage ditches and potholes to fall under the jurisdiction of the Clean Waters Act, impeding or prohibiting many agricultural practices.  In the first part of the two panel hearing, Mullin had the opportunity to question EPA and Corps of Engineers officials about the process by which the rule was developed and how the rule may affect rural farmers and business owners. The video of Mullin can be seen at As part of the second panel, Director J.D. Strong testified on the significance of the EPA rule and unanimous consistent among Western States that state agencies were not consulted in the development of the rule.  The video of Strong’s opening statement can be seen at Later during the second panel, Mullin was able to further discuss with Strong the lack of state input during the rule making process.  Mullin ended by saying "The heartbeat of this country, being our farming community, in my opinion is being threatened here." “We believe Congress clearly intended regulations under the Clean Water Act to focus on navigable waters, not ponds, ditches or puddles,” said Tom Buchanan, Oklahoma Farm Bureau president.  “The EPA is overreaching its authority and is attempting to usurp congressional intent.  We encourage our members to participate in the public comment period by expressing how this will impact their farms and ranches.  We want the EPA and the Corps of Engineers to 'ditch the rule' and voluntarily withdraw it." James Fuser, a rancher and farmer from Ottawa County, Oklahoma, remarked on how the rule could potentially affect the land he’s able to use. “My farm has a small creek that runs through it. If I am required to fence off the creek area, I stand to lose half my production land in which I make my living,” said Fuser. Mullin, who has been a leading voice in opposition to the proposed rule, says he will continue to fight for the rights of Oklahoman farmers, ranchers and small business owner.   ### Read More

Rep. Mullin’s statement on passage of House Resolution urging credible Afghan presidential election


WASHINGTON – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2), who visited Afghanistan on Memorial Day weekend with a bipartisan congressional delegation, made the following statement after passage of a House Resolution urging the Government of Afghanistan to pursue a transparent, credible and inclusive run-off presidential election on June 14, 2014. “When I was in Afghanistan a few weeks ago, I was impressed by the incredible amount of pride shown by the Afghan people for their presidential election,” said Mullin.  “Unfortunately, we often see only turmoil on the news, but it’s important that we recognize that groups, like the Afghan National Security Forces, are making great strides towards stabilizing the country.  As Afghanistan enters this pivotal moment, the United States must continue to provide support and encouragement.  Improved security and stability throughout the world relies on their country developing a fair and credible government.” ### Read More

Rep. Mullin hosts Navy re-enlistment ceremony for Tahlequah native


WASHINGTON – Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) hosted a re-enlistment ceremony today at the U.S. Capitol for Hospital Corpsman Third Class (HM3) Albert Terrell, a native of Tahlequah, Oklahoma.   Terrell, who will have served in the Navy for 5 years this June, is originally from Tahlequah and attended Gore High School. He is currently stationed in Indian Head, Maryland and formally re-enlisted today. Mullin began the ceremony by speaking on how love of country unites all American citizens, soldiers and sailors. “When you decided to enlist no one asked you for your political affiliation,” Mullin said. “You decided to serve this country because you love your family, friends and nation. This simple fact stands as a testimony to the devotion of our servicemen and women.” After Mullin addressed the attendees of the ceremony, Terrell was called to the front for his retaking of the oath. After finishing the ceremony, Mullin said, “I’m always humbled by the commitment of our nation’s service members, especially those like Albert who choose to continue their service.  Thank you all for your service to this country.” Terrell was accompanied by his wife, Shay, and fellow Navy men and superiors. ### Read More

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Markwayne Mullin was elected to serve the people of Oklahoma’s 2nd Congressional District in November 2012.

Mullin and his wife Christie had three children, Jim, Andrew and Larra, and then on August 21, 2013 they officially became the proud parents of their adopted twin girls, Lynette and Ivy. They raise their children on the family farm where Mullin grew up in Westville, Oklahoma.

Raised in rural Adair County, he learned the value of hard work and self-discipline. The youngest of seven children, Mullin grew up working on the family farm before the sun was up and well before the school day began. When his studies and athletics were finished each day, Mullin would return home and finish his evening chores.

Mullin graduated from Stilwell High School and went to Missouri Valley College on a wrestling scholarship. Shortly after, his father fell ill and the family’s small plumbing company encountered financial troubles. Mullin then returned home and at the age of 20, he and his wife Christie took over the business. At the time the business had only six employees and was in debt.

Mullin resolved for the sake of his family and for their employees, to make the company solvent and ensure it never again fell into those circumstances. For the next three years, Mullin and his wife Christie worked seven days a week, making the difficult decisions necessary to get the business out of debt.

Mullin ultimately returned to college and graduated from Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology in 2010. He was honored to have been invited by his alma mater to deliver the keynote address at the OSUIT 2013 Commencement ceremonies in August.

Today, Mullin Plumbing is one of the largest service companies in the region, employing over 120 Oklahomans. It is only one of several successful companies Mullin owns and operates, including Mullin Environmental, Mullin Plumbing West Division, Mullin Services, Mullin Properties and Mullin Plumbing New Construction.

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Mullin has been the voice of business owners across America and brings their perspective into the national debate on many issues which directly impact the business community. From immigration and tax reforms to transportation issues and overzealous regulation, Mullin provides the much-needed real world perspective that comes from fighting to successfully run businesses in today’s economic and regulatory environment.

An engaging, energetic and servant-hearted individual, Mullin is not a Washington, D.C. insider. Instead, he’s a hard-working family man who is grounded by a deep faith and his love of country. Mullin holds fast to the values of rural Oklahoma – where deals are still closed with a handshake, where neighbors help one another without a moment’s hesitation and where prayer and worship are still important parts of people’s lives.

Congressman Mullin serves on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Natural Resources Committee. He was one of only 11 Members chosen to serve on the bipartisan Panel on 21st Century Freight Transportation, designated by the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The panel traveled across the country to examine the current state of freight transportation in the United States and how improving freight transportation can boost the U.S. economy. The panel will release its findings in late October 2013.

Determined that he would always be accessible and available to the people he represents, Mullin has held three rounds of town hall meetings in each of the 26 counties of the 2nd District so far during his first year in office. He has also held six district-wide telephone town hall meetings. Additionally Mullin has held telephone conference calls with different community groups in the 2nd District, including mayors, county commissioners, chamber of commerce officials, dentists, hospital administrators, pastors and technology centers administrators.

Mullin is a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation. When the 113th Congress convened in January 2013, he became only the second Native American in the House.

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