Mario Diaz-Balart

Mario Diaz-Balart


Diaz-Balart Announces Federal Funding for New Buses for Miami-Dade County Transit


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after Miami-Dade County was awarded a $2.35 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation under the Low-Emission or No-Emission Vehicle Program for the purchase of electric buses. Diaz-Balart serves as the Chairman of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations Subcommittee, and is the most recent South Floridian to hold that powerful post since former Congressman Bill Lehman, who served until 1993.

"I am pleased to announce that Miami-Dade County was awarded $2.35 million for the purchase of electric busses and to modernize the County's bus fleet.  As Chairman of the Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee, I worked to ensure that funding for this program was included in the omnibus appropriations bill for fiscal year 2016.  This award will help modernize the County's bus fleet, while using more efficient energy sources.  As a senior member of the influential Appropriations Committee, I'm committed to working with Miami-Dade leadership so that together, we can better position our community to compete for vital and much needed transportation dollars.  South Floridians are all too familiar with the traffic congestion problems our community faces, and I am glad to have supported a grant program that will help alleviate some of the congestion. 

"I commend Mayor Gimenez, Transportation Chairman Bovo, and Transit Director Bravo for working towards innovative transportations solutions, and I look forward to continuing working with them.”




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Diaz-Balart Remembers Payá and Cepero on 4th Anniversary of Their Deaths


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement on the 4th anniversary of the deaths of Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero, two Cuban pro-democracy activists who are believed to have been killed by the Cuban regime.

“Four years ago today, Harold Cepero and Oswaldo Payá died for their efforts to bring freedom and democracy to Cuba.  Witnesses to the event described the intentional ramming of their vehicle by Castro regime thugs, and suspicious circumstances at the hospital following the crash.  Rosa Maria Payá, and the other family members, are entitled to an international investigation into the cause of their deaths.  Shamefully, despite these and other heinous acts by the Castro regime, the Obama administration continues to provide endless concessions to the brutal Castro brothers.  On this solemn anniversary, we remember the courage of activists such as Oswaldo Payá and Harold Cepero, and remain in solidarity with those who continue their noble cause.”



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Diaz-Balart: Interior Appropriations Bill Protects Everglades, Environment While Removing Bureaucratic Red Tape


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after the passage of H.R. 5538, the Interior and Environment Appropriations Act for fiscal year 2017.

“I’m glad to see this appropriations bill makes an impact here in Southern Florida. The bill included my request of $62.7 million for Everglades National Park ecosystem projects under the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program (CERP) and park management.  Further, this bill fully funds another one of my priorities - the Payments in Lieu of Taxes program (PILT), which are federal payments to local governments that help offset losses in property taxes due to non-taxable federal lands within their boundaries.  Collier County has a significant amount of federal land and this bill addresses that lost revenue.  In fiscal year 2016 alone, Collier County will have received a total of $1.3 million. The Interior and Environment Appropriations bill protects our environment, while removing unnecessary red tape and bureaucratic regulations that are costly and ineffective. By reducing EPA’s budget, funds can be refocused on programs of critical need, such as programs that give states the flexibility they need to implement new environmental standards.

“I want to thank Chairmen Rogers and Calvert for their leadership on getting this bill approved. This bill will mark the fifth appropriations bill passed by the House, and I am proud to join Speaker Ryan and Chairman Rogers in their work to return the House to regular order to pass our spending bills.”


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Diaz-Balart Remembers “13 de Marzo” Victims


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement honoring the victims of the “13 de Marzo” attack on its 22nd anniversary.

“Today, we mark twenty-two years since the horrific massacre that occurred when Castro regime thugs viciously and deliberately attacked a tugboat with men, women, and children on board who simply were attempting to escape tyranny. As a result of their brutality, many innocent passengers, as young as five months old, perished at sea.

“Regrettably, record numbers of Cubans are risking everything and undertaking the same treacherous journey across the Florida straits to escape their island prison. When the Cuban people finally rid themselves of the murderous Castro dictatorship, the criminals who carried out that heinous atrocity against dozens of innocents will be held accountable for their crimes. On this solemn anniversary, I hold the victims and their families in my prayers, and I will continue my efforts to help the Cuban people in their fight for freedom.”


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Diaz-Balart Supports Combating Palestinian Incitement


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill was approved in full committee. The bill included language that would require State Department to issue reports on Palestinian incitement, and what actions the Department is taking to end to it.

“The Palestinian Authority has created a strong culture of incitement against Israelis. There has been continued violence and aggression by Palestinian terrorists, with the most recent and gruesome attack carried out against a 13 year old girl in her own home. Palestinian Authority leadership must recognize that in order for these acts of aggression to end, they must take responsibility themselves and stop using and promoting this inflammatory language. In order to keep the Palestinian Authority accountable, the State and Foreign Operations Appropriations bill has included language that requires more thorough reporting from the State Department on Palestinian incitement. By requiring the State Department to issue a report on the extent of the incitement and the steps that are being taken to combat it, I hope that we can work together as a global community to end these words and actions of hate.”


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Diaz-Balart Votes to Extend Sanctions Against Maduro Regime


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart released the following statement after the passage of S. 2845, the Extension of the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act.


"I am pleased Congress has once again reaffirmed its commitment to human rights and democracy around the world by passing an extension to the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act. As the Maduro regime continues to subvert democratic institutions, rule of law, and civil society, Congress will continue to stand with the people of Venezuela in pressing for fundamental rights and liberties by ensuring that those who commit human rights abuses face consequences.


"After the recent celebration of Venezuela's Independence Day, the Venezuelan people mark 205 years free from Spanish rule. Today, the American people stand with them as they press to regain their hard-won freedoms and rid themselves of the Maduro plague."


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Diaz-Balart Supports Mental Health Reform


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after the passage of H.R. 2646, the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Diaz-Balart was an original co-sponsor of the legislation.


"Individuals suffering from mental health and their families have been working inside an ineffective system that does not recognize the unique needs of mental health disorders for far too long. Today's passage of the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act allows for better quality of care for these patients. The current healthcare system provides far too many obstacles that delay, and even prevent, these individuals from receiving the care they need quickly and effectively. By updating antiquated healthcare and mental health policies to better fit the needs of the patients and their families, we can provide better care for those who are silently pleading for help. This bill also includes mental health treatment under the types of care that can be paid for by Medicaid, making treatment more accessible to patients in underserved communities. It's time to reform our mental health system to provide care for these folks who so desperately need and deserve it.


"I am proud to work with Chairman Upton and Congressman Murphy on this issue, and I am grateful for their leadership on an area that affects millions of Americans."


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Diaz-Balart: Senate Democrats Choose to Play Politics Over Combating Zika


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) released the following statement after Senate Democrats voted to block the final conference report for H.R. 2577, the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs and Zika Response Appropriations Act

“I’m extremely disappointed the Senate voted against Zika funding that was passed by the House last week. The report would have made $1.1 billion immediately available to continue fighting the disease, and these funds are especially needed as we head into the summer months.  As we learned today, the first baby in Florida with Zika-related microcephaly was born, and the further spread of the virus, especially among pregnant women, is a danger to millions of Americans. By voting against this funding, Senate Democrats are prioritizing playing politics over combating a growing public health problem.  It is imperative that Senate Democrats quit trying to seek political points and move quickly to provide and spend every dollar needed for Zika prevention, treatment, and response programs, and not one penny less. Zika is a serious health concern that has real potential to become a public health crisis in our state.  This is not the time for Senate Democrats to be playing politics, and I urge the Senate to reconsider the bill for final passage.”


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Joint Statement on SCOTUS Ruling


WASHINGTON – Representatives Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-27), Carlos Curbelo (FL-26), Fred Upton (MI-6), Mike Coffman (CO-6), Dan Newhouse (WA-4), David Valadao (CA-21), Jeff Denham (CA-10), and Bob Dold (IL-10) released the following statement after the United States Supreme Court ruled 4-4 in the United States vs. Texas case.

“The Supreme Court has spoken, but today's decision does not resolve the issue. The American people expect Congress to work together to secure our borders, adhere to the rule of law, offer a humane solution to those living in the shadows, modernize our visa system, and bolster the economy.  We are committed to fixing our broken immigration system once and for all.”


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Diaz-Balart: El régimen de Maduro alcanza nuevos extremos de abuso y opresión


WASHINGTON - El Congresista Mario Díaz-Balart (FL-25) hizo las siguientes declaraciones a raíz de informes de que el diputado venezolano Julio Borges, líder de la oposición en el partido Primero Justicia, fue agredido por chavistas armados con tubos y piedras.

"Cada día que pasa, el régimen de Maduro alcanza nuevos extremos en la opresión de la oposición democrática en Venezuela. Es imperdonable que los verdugos de Maduro hayan golpeado y ensangrentado a Julio Borges mientras cumplía con sus funciones oficiales. A medida de que la economía de Venezuela se desmorona debido a la corrupción e incompetencia de Maduro, la agresión y violencia contra la oposición va en aumento. La comunidad internacional debe condenar rotundamente las tácticas de violencia e intimidación que caracterizan al régimen de Maduro y comprometerse a trabajar con el pueblo venezolano para restaurar la democracia. "



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Committee Assignments



Mario Diaz-Balart is currently fulfilling his 6th term in the U.S. House of Representatives. At the beginning of the 112th Congress, Diaz-Balart was asked to serve on one of the most prestigious committees: House Committee on Appropriations.  As part of the House Committee on Appropriations, he sits on three of its subcommittees: State and Foreign Operations, Commerce, Justice, and Science, and as Vice-Chair of Financial Services.

Diaz-Balart was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 to represent Florida’s 25th Congressional district, which at the time, covered portions of Miami-Dade County, Collier County, and Monroe County.  Diaz-Balart continued to represent the three counties until 2010, when he ran unopposed for Florida’s 21st Congressional district. After the 2012 redistricting cycle, he ran for the newly redrawn 25th Congressional district, to which he was elected. The 25th district now includes parts of Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, and Hendry Counties.

Prior to his time in Congress, Diaz-Balart served 14 years in the Florida State Legislature in both chambers, House and Senate.  At age 31, Diaz-Balart became the youngest person ever elected to the Florida Senate, as well as the first Hispanic to serve as Chair of the Combined Appropriations / Ways and Means / Finance and Tax Committee. During his tenure in the state legislature, he consistently ranked among the most effective legislators in Florida, developing a reputation as a budget hawk, and supporting minority voting rights.

In Washington, Diaz-Balart has worked tireless to make American homes and communities safer and stronger in the face of hurricanes and other natural disasters. In 2013, he introduced the Safe Building Code Incentive Act (H.R. 1878), legislation that would provide financial incentives to states that adopt and enforce nationally recognized model building codes. These states would also qualify for an additional 4 percent of funding for hazard mitigation grants. That same year, he introduced the Disaster Savings and Resilient Construction Act (H.R. 2241), which would incentivize home and building owners to utilize resilient construction methods when building and renovating home and commercial structures in federally declared disaster areas. Over the long run, both of these bills would save hard-earned taxpayer dollars and minimize the risk of property damage, but more importantly, would reduce the loss of life.

Diaz-Balart has also been a strong proponent of improving public safety and transportation.  Throughout his tenure in Congress, Diaz-Balart has helped deliver millions of federal dollars for the I-75 widening project and Miami-Dade Transit. As a true South Floridian, the Everglades restoration has been an ongoing project for Diaz-Balart. As founder and co-chairman of the Everglades Caucus, he has consistently fought to secure billions for the overall restoration and prevented massive funding cuts in recent years. Diaz-Balart has promoted hurricane preparedness and ensured federal relief for Florida in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita.

Diaz-Balart was born on September 25, 1961 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Rafael and Hilda Diaz-Balart, and the youngest of four brothers (Rafael, Lincoln, and Jose). He studied Political Science at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Diaz-Balart currently resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and son.

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