Mario Diaz-Balart

Mario Diaz-Balart


Declaraciones de Díaz-Balart sobre liberación de Alan Gross y las concesiones del presidente Obama


WASHINGTON DC - El Congresista Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL) hizo la siguiente declaración después de que el régimen cubano liberara al estadounidense Alan Gross, que llevaba más de cinco años preso en Cuba. A cambio de la liberación de Gross, el presidente Obama soltará a tres espías cubanos condenados y hará concesiones sin precedentes dentro de un marco de cambios radicales de la política estadounidense hacia Cuba. "Alan Gross nunca debió pasar ni un día en prisión y me alegro que por fin se reunirá con su familia. Sin embargo, la forma en que se logró su liberación es indignante y demuestra que, una vez más, el presidente Obama no duda en apaciguar y ofrecer concesiones a una dictadura brutal que se opone a los intereses de los EEUU en cada oportunidad. "Los tres espías cubanos que soltará el presidente Obama fueron condenados por espionaje en instalaciones militares y uno fue condenado por su papel en el derribo de un avión civil estadounidense en el espacio aéreo internacional que asesinó a tres estadounidenses inocentes y un residente de los EE.UU. Su puesta en libertad anticipada es algo atroz para la justicia.  Además, reestablecer relaciones diplomáticas y debilitar aún más las sanciones sólo sirven para legitimar al peor violador de los derechos humanos en nuestro hemisferio y proporcionarle divisas. Las acciones del presidente Obama son una traición inconcebible de los valores fundamentales de Estados Unidos y un profundo insulto al pueblo oprimido de Cuba. "El injusto encarcelamiento y trato inhumano de Alan Gross son muestras de la total depravación del régimen de Castro, así como de la fuerte represión que ha sufrido el pueblo cubano desde hace décadas. La decisión del presidente Obama de claudicar ante el chantaje castrista y abandonar nuestros principios democráticos es un ultraje. Estos cambios en la política hacia Cuba envalentonarán aún más a la dictadura cubana así como a otros dictaduras y organizaciones terroristas antiamericanas."   ### Read More

Diaz-Balart on Release of Alan Gross and Concessions by President Obama


WASHINGTON D.C. –Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) offered the following statement after the Cuban regime released U.S. humanitarian aid worker Alan Gross from prison. In return for Gross’ release, President Obama is releasing three convicted Cuban spies, and providing numerous concessions in the form of sweeping changes to U.S.-Cuba policy. "Alan Gross should never have spent one day in prison and we are glad that he will finally be reunited with his family.  However, the way that his release was achieved is outrageous and proves that once again, President Obama is the Appeaser-in-Chief who is willing to provide unprecedented concessions to a brutal dictatorship that opposes U.S. interests at every opportunity. “The three remaining Cuban spies who President Obama is releasing were convicted for spying on U.S. military installations, and one was convicted for his role in the shoot-down of an American civilian aircraft in international airspace, which murdered three innocent Americans and one U.S. resident.  Their early release is an egregious miscarriage of justice.  In addition, providing diplomatic relations and further weakening sanctions attempt to legitimize and provide hard currency to our hemisphere's worst human rights abuser.  President Obama's actions are an unconscionable betrayal of America's fundamental values and a profound insult to the oppressed Cuban people. “The unjust imprisonment and inhumane treatment of Alan Gross demonstrates the utter depravity of the Castro regime, as well as the severe repression that has afflicted the Cuban people for decades.  President Obama's decision to allow the Castro regime to blackmail the United States and abandon our pro-democracy principles is an outrage.  These changes to policy will further embolden the Cuban dictatorship to continue brutalizing and oppressing its own people as well as other Anti-American dictatorship and terrorist organizations” ### Read More

FY15 Appropriations Cuts Wasteful IRS Spending to Prioritize Everglades Restoration, Support for Veterans and Troops


WASHINGTON —Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) released the following statement after the passage of H.R. 83, the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act. “The legislation passed today continues House Republicans commitment to reign in wasteful spending and provides strong oversight over federal agencies. Washington’s out of control spending needs to be addressed, and this legislation does just that. By reducing wasteful spending on programs and agencies like the problematic IRS we are able to fund the areas of government that matter most – like helping our veterans, combating citrus greening, and continuing the much needed restoration of the Everglades. “I want to commend the full committee chairman, Mr. Rogers, and the subcommittee chairs and their staffs for their tireless work and commitment to finalizing this legislation.” Congressman Diaz-Balart, member of the House Appropriations Committee and Vice Chair of its Subcommittee on Financial Services, was successful in getting the following items included in the Appropriations Package: Slashes funding for the problem-ridden IRS by $345.6 million to prohibit waste and abuse like expensive conferences, inappropriate videos, or political targeting of groups $3.1 billion to keep our commitment to Israel Includes additional funding for democracy promotion in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ecuador Provides an additional $4.5 million for the Citrus Health Response Program to help address the damaging effects of citrus greening disease Funding for the ongoing South Florida Everglades restoration, including $65.5 million for construction projects and $19.5 million for operation and maintenance $75 million for continued improvements to the aging Herbert Hoover Dike $30 million towards spinal cord injury (SCI) research for competitive grant funding for institutions such as The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis   ### Read More

Diaz-Balart: Congress Reaffirms Solidarity with People of Venezuela


WASHINGTON— Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) released the following statement after the House unanimously passed S. 2142, the Venezuela Defense of Human Rights and Civil Society Act of 2014. The bill passed in the Senate earlier this week, is on its way to the President’s desk. “The Venezuelan people continue to suffer through the escalating repression and rampant corruption of the Chavez-Maduro regime.  As students and other activists peacefully protest against oppressive acts, food shortages, soaring crime rates, more than 4,000 people have been arrested, 1,000 injured, and dozens killed. The Maduro regime has attempted to silence courageous democracy leaders like the imprisoned opposition leader Leopoldo López and María Corina Machado, who was stripped of her elected position and intimidated with bogus charges. “The House voted in favor of supporting the Venezuelan people earlier this year with passage of H.R. 4587.  Tonight, it continues to show solidarity by again voting in favor of strong sanctions and support of the Venezuelan people.  Passage of S. 2142 reveals strong bicameral and bipartisan support for the democratic aspirations of the Venezuelan people, and is a powerful condemnation of the Maduro regime’s oppression.  I thank Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen and Senators Rubio and Menendez for their leadership and unwavering dedication to human rights and democracy in our hemisphere.   I urge President Obama to join in solidarity with the people of Venezuela by signing this critically important legislation.”  On May 28, 2014, the House unanimously passed H.R. 4587, the Venezuelan Human Rights and Democracy Protection Act, authored by Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen and sponsored by Congressman Diaz-Balart.  ### Read More

Diaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen Statement on H.R. 5759


WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) released the following statement after the passage of H.R. 5759. “The President himself has stated that ‘there’s a limit on what [he] can do.’ We continue to believe that the only legal and permanent solution is for Congress to pass legislation that will strengthen our borders, adhere to the rule of law, offer a humane solution to those living in the shadows, modernize our visa system, and bolster the economy.” ### Read More

Díaz-Balart: María Corina’s Indictment is an Outrage and Should Not be Upheld


WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL) released the following statement after the announcement that María Corina Machado, a Venezuelan opposition leader, has been indicted on unfounded charges. María Corina joins other opposition leaders that have been criminally charged by the Maduro regime, including Leopoldo López. “Over the past year, María Corina Machado has led peaceful protests against the Maduro regime, and has been a fierce critic of the increasing repression, inflation, and rampant corruption in Venezuela.  As a result, the Maduro regime has attempted to discredit and silence her.  She was unjustifiably stripped her of her right to travel internationally, and removed from her elected position in the National Assembly despite overwhelming support from her constituency at the ballot box.  Now, Maduro and his cronies have decided to construe ridiculous charges on which to indict her. Maduro’s controlled courts and judges are complete shams. With its actions, the Maduro regime demonstrates it is as corrupt and tyrannical as opposition leaders such as María Corina Machado warn.  “The House has demonstrated strong bipartisan support to impose tough sanctions against the Maduro regime, and it’s time for the Senate and the President to do the same. H.R. 4229, the Venezuelan Liberty and Democracy Solidarity Act, was passed in the House more than 8 months ago. I urge my colleagues to bring it to the floor for a vote. “I stand with brave opposition leaders and activists like María Corina Machado and Leopoldo López who are struggling, at great personal risk, against tyranny on behalf of the Venezuelan people.  This unjust ruling cannot be allowed to stand. We must continue to pressure Maduro to free opposition leaders like María Corina and Leopoldo, and restore democracy in Venezuela."   ### Read More

Diaz-Balart condena la detención injusta de Alan Gross en el quinto aniversario de su encarcelamiento


WASHINGTON DC - El Congresista Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL) emitió la siguiente declaración en el quinto aniversario del encarcelamiento del estadounidense, Alan Gross, por el régimen cubano: "Desde hace cinco años, Alan Gross está injustamente detenido en una prisión cubana por el supuesto crimen de ayudar a la comunidad judía de Cuba conectarse al Internet. El artículo 19 de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos establece que toda persona tiene el derecho de buscar y recibir información de cualquier fuente disponible; sin embargo, la dictadura Castrista sentenció a Alan Gross a quince años de prisión por intentar ayudar al pueblo cubano tener acceso al Internet. Durante este injusto encarcelamiento, la familia del Sr. Gross ha sufrido su ausencia en momentos claves, como en el matrimonio de su hija o durante la batalla de su hija contra el cáncer. El régimen también le privó de asistir al funeral de su madre cuando falleció a principios de año. "Lamentablemente, la dictadura de Castro tiene una larga historia de brutalidad, encarcelando a inocentes y destrozando familias durante más de 55 años de dictadura. El encarcelamiento de Alan Gross es un trágico ejemplo de la depravación moral del régimen de Castro, que no duda en secuestrar a un estadounidense inocente para intentar coaccionar a EEUU. "Mis oraciones están con Alan Gross y su familia en este fatídica fecha. Insto al Presidente Obama que deje sus numerosos esfuerzos de apaciguar al régimen con concesiones y que, por lo contrario, endurezca las sanciones contra la dictadura terrorista de los Castro".   ###   Read More

Diaz-Balart Condemns the Unjust Imprisonment of Alan Gross on the Fifth Anniversary of His Imprisonment


WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) released the following statement on the 5th anniversary of American Alan Gross’ imprisonment by the Cuban regime: "Today marks five years that Alan Gross has been unjustifiably held in a Cuban prison for the so-called ‘crime’ of helping Cuba's Jewish community connect to the internet.  Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provides that everyone has the right to seek and receive information from any available source, yet the Castro regime sentenced Alan Gross to fifteen years in prison for his efforts to help the Cuban people access information. During Mr. Gross’ unjust imprisonment, his family has been forced to confront many significant moments without their husband, father, and son by their side, like his daughter’s marriage or her battle with breast cancer. The regime also deprived him of attending his mother's funeral when she passed away earlier this year. “Sadly, the Castro dictatorship has a long history of brutality, imprisoning the innocent, and tearing apart families during its unrelenting campaign to oppress the Cuban people.  Alan Gross' unjustifiable imprisonment is a tragic reminder of the moral depravity of the Castro regime, which has no qualms about attempting to use an innocent American with ailing health as a pawn. “My prayers are with Alan Gross and his family as they endure this grim anniversary and begin another day of separation.  I urge President Obama to stop appeasing the Castros’ terrorist regime with countless concessions and instead strengthen sanctions against the brutal dictatorship in Cuba.”   ### Read More

Declaración de Diaz-Balart y Ros-Lehtinen sobre la orden ejecutiva de inmigración del Presidente


WASHINGTON- El Congresista Mario Díaz-Balart (R-FL) y la Congresista Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) emitieron la siguiente declaración con respeto a la orden ejecutiva del Presidente Obama sobre inmigración: “El Presidente Obama dijo, ‘yo soy el presidente de Estados Unidos, no el emperador de Estados Unidos.’ También declaró que actuando unilateralmente, ‘se ignora la ley de una forma que yo considero muy difícil de defender legalmente.’ Ahora, el Presidente dice que tiene la autoridad para no deportar. La pregunta debe ser obvia: ¿por qué deportó a más de dos millones de personas, dividiendo familias, cuando, según él, podía evitarlo?,” declararon Díaz-Balart y Ros-Lehtinen.  “Aunque estamos de acuerdo con algunas de las medidas anunciadas,” continuaron diciendo Díaz-Balart y Ros-Lehtinen, “la orden ejecutiva del Presidente dificulta aún más la aprobación de una reforma justa y razonable del sistema de inmigración de nuestro país. Seguimos creyendo que tenemos que lograr una medida legislativa bipartidista que asegure las fronteras, ofrezca una solución permanente y humanitaria a los indocumentados, respete el estado de derecho, modernice el sistema de visas y ayude a la economía. La orden ejecutiva del Presidente no resolverá ninguno de estos temas.” “Después de las recientes elecciones, el Presidente Obama dijo que deseaba trabajar con el nuevo Congreso. Pero hoy ha demostrado que no tiene la intención de hacerlo. Desafortunadamente, sus decisiones dividirán aún más a nuestro país. Seguimos comprometidos con buscar una solución legislativa bipartidista que logre unir a la mayoría del Congreso y al pueblo de Estados Unidos sobre esta tema tan importante,” concluyeron Diaz-Balart y Ros-Lehtinen.   ### Read More

Diaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen Statement on the President’s Executive Order


WASHINGTON – Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart (R-FL) and Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) released the following statement concerning President Obama’s executive order on immigration: “As President Obama has stated, ‘I am President of the United States, not the Emperor of the United States.’ He further stated that acting unilaterally is ‘ignoring the law in a way that I believe would be very difficult to defend legally.’ Now, the President says he has the authority to stop deportations. It begs the question – why did President Obama deport more than two million people, dividing families, when according to him, it could have been avoided?” stated Diaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen. “While we agree on the merits of some of the announced measures,” continued Diaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen, “the President’s executive order makes it more difficult to pass a commonsense solution to our country’s broken immigration system. We continue to believe that we must find a bipartisan, legislative solution to strengthen our borders, offer a permanent and humane solution to those living in the shadows, adhere to the rule of law, modernize our antiquated visa system, and bolster the economy. None of this is accomplished by the President’s executive order.” “Shortly after this year’s election, President Obama said he was willing to work together with the new Congress. He has now clearly demonstrated that he has no intention of doing so. His actions will unfortunately further divide our country.  We are committed to finding a bipartisan, legislative solution that will unite a majority of Congress and the American people on this critical issue,” said Diaz-Balart and Ros-Lehtinen. ### Read More

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Contact Information

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Committee Assignments


Mario Diaz-Balart is currently fulfilling his 6th term in the U.S. House of Representatives. At the beginning of the 112th Congress, Diaz-Balart was asked to serve on one of the most prestigious committees: House Committee on Appropriations.  As part of the House Committee on Appropriations, he sits on three of its subcommittees: State and Foreign Operations, Commerce, Justice, and Science, and as Vice-Chair of Financial Services.

Diaz-Balart was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002 to represent Florida’s 25th Congressional district, which at the time, covered portions of Miami-Dade County, Collier County, and Monroe County.  Diaz-Balart continued to represent the three counties until 2010, when he ran unopposed for Florida’s 21st Congressional district. After the 2012 redistricting cycle, he ran for the newly redrawn 25th Congressional district, to which he was elected. The 25th district now includes parts of Miami-Dade, Broward, Collier, and Hendry Counties.

Prior to his time in Congress, Diaz-Balart served 14 years in the Florida State Legislature in both chambers, House and Senate.  At age 31, Diaz-Balart became the youngest person ever elected to the Florida Senate, as well as the first Hispanic to serve as Chair of the Combined Appropriations / Ways and Means / Finance and Tax Committee. During his tenure in the state legislature, he consistently ranked among the most effective legislators in Florida, developing a reputation as a budget hawk, and supporting minority voting rights.

In Washington, Diaz-Balart has worked tireless to make American homes and communities safer and stronger in the face of hurricanes and other natural disasters. In 2013, he introduced the Safe Building Code Incentive Act (H.R. 1878), legislation that would provide financial incentives to states that adopt and enforce nationally recognized model building codes. These states would also qualify for an additional 4 percent of funding for hazard mitigation grants. That same year, he introduced the Disaster Savings and Resilient Construction Act (H.R. 2241), which would incentivize home and building owners to utilize resilient construction methods when building and renovating home and commercial structures in federally declared disaster areas. Over the long run, both of these bills would save hard-earned taxpayer dollars and minimize the risk of property damage, but more importantly, would reduce the loss of life.

Diaz-Balart has also been a strong proponent of improving public safety and transportation.  Throughout his tenure in Congress, Diaz-Balart has helped deliver millions of federal dollars for the I-75 widening project and Miami-Dade Transit. As a true South Floridian, the Everglades restoration has been an ongoing project for Diaz-Balart. As founder and co-chairman of the Everglades Caucus, he has consistently fought to secure billions for the overall restoration and prevented massive funding cuts in recent years. Diaz-Balart has promoted hurricane preparedness and ensured federal relief for Florida in the aftermaths of Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita.

Diaz-Balart was born on September 25, 1961 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Rafael and Hilda Diaz-Balart, and the youngest of four brothers (Rafael, Lincoln, and Jose). He studied Political Science at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Diaz-Balart currently resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and son.

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