Larry Bucshon

Larry Bucshon


Dr. Bucshon's Statement on President Obama’s Unilateral Executive Action


Congressman Larry Bucshon, a physician from Southern Indiana, released the following statement regarding President Obama’s unilateral executive action on immigration.

Dr. Bucshon released the following statement:

“We need to fix our nation’s broken immigration system – this is something on which we all agree.  That being said, any attempt to act on immigration reform must go through Congress, not executive decree. The President has argued he does not have the authority to act alone over 22 times, yet last night he announced a plan to ignore the rule of law by acting unilaterally.

“The President’s announcement is not about  policy, it’s about partisan politics. He had the opportunity to pass his amnesty plan when his party controlled the House and Senate during the first two years of his presidency, but they did not act.  Instead of ignoring the American people after an election, the President should work with Congress on common-sense legislation that secures our borders and reforms our broken immigration system.”   

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Dr. Bucshon to Serve on House Energy and Commerce Committee


Congressman Larry Bucshon, a physician from Southern Indiana, was selected to serve as a member of the influential House Committee on Energy and Commerce for the 114th Congress.

Dr. Bucshon released the following statement:

“I’m honored to be selected by my colleagues to serve on the House Committee on Energy and Commerce for the 114th Congress,” said Bucshon. “I look forward to working with Chairman Upton and the rest of the committee to advance sound policy related to healthcare, energy, and telecommunications.  With my first-hand experience as a physician; the importance of the Hoosier coal industry to our low-cost energy and economic vitality; Indiana’s robust and growing manufacturing sector, and the critical need to improve our broadband capabilities for education, business, industry, and rural development, this appointment offers me a platform to advocate for issues of key importance to our district, state, and country. I’m excited to get to work.”

Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) stated:

"We have a great team in place and I am excited to welcome Dr. Bucshon to the Energy and Commerce Committee,” said Upton.  “Dr. Bucshon’s background in medicine and his experience representing an energy-rich district adds a unique strengths and perspective that will help further our bipartisan record of success in the new Congress. We are going to hit the ground running next year as we continue our efforts to create jobs, promote life-saving cures, unleash America’s energy abundance, protect families, and foster growth in this new era of innovation. I’m happy to have Dr. Bucshon as a part of that effort.”


The Committee on Energy and Commerce, the oldest standing legislative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, is vested with the broadest jurisdiction of any congressional authorizing committee. Today it has responsibility for the nation's telecommunications, consumer protection, food and drug safety, public health research, environmental quality, energy policy, and interstate and foreign commerce. It oversees multiple cabinet-level Departments and independent agencies, including the Departments of Energy, Health and Human Services, Commerce, and Transportation, as well as the Environmental Protection Agency, the Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Federal Communications Commission.  Find out more here –

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Background on President Obama's executive overreach on immigration


Tonight, President Obama is set to deliver a prime time address where he will outline his plan for unilateral executive action that will ignore or change existing law related to immigration – action the Washington Post claims will “expand the authority of the executive branch into murky, uncharted territory.

In advance of the speech, I thought it would be helpful to provide background on the issue. The President has, in the past, repeatedly argued that he does NOT have the legal authority to act without Congress.

In fact, the Speaker’s office has compiled a list of 22 statements made by the President claiming he cannot do what he now plans to do.

The Washington Post gave the President an “upside-down Pinocchio,” their worst rating, for what the publication deemed a flip-flop by the President.

“Previously he said that was not possible, using evocative language that he is not a ‘king’ or ‘the emperor.’ Apparently he’s changed his mind. The president earns an upside-down Pinocchio for his flip-flop.” (Washington Post; 11/18/2014)

In the same article, the Post highlighted these previous assertions made by President Obama claiming he does not have the authority to act alone:

“Univision Town Hall, March 28, 2011: ‘The executive branch’s job is to enforce and implement those laws.’”

“Interview with Univision, Jan. 31, 2013: ‘I’m not a king’”

“Google Hangout, Feb. 14, 2013: ‘I’m not the emperor of the United States’”

“Interview with Noticias Telmundo, Sept. 17, 2013: ‘There is a path to get this done and that is through Congress.’”

What do the American people think about executive action by President Obama? 48% oppose it while only 38% support it.

Instead of acting unilaterally, the President should listen to the American people and work with Congress on common-sense reforms. 

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Dr. Bucshon Comments on Ebola Outbreak


(EVANSVILLE, IN) – Congressman Larry Bucshon, a physician from Southern Indiana, called for a temporary travel ban from West African countries affected with Ebola. 

Dr. Bucshon released the following statement regarding the ongoing Ebola outbreak:

“We are thankful for the selfless acts of Americans who have answered the call to help their fellow citizens and people around the world. Our thoughts are with the healthcare workers who have contracted Ebola and we pray for a healthy recovery.

“As we work to get a firm handle on the Ebola outbreak, it is acutely critical that we do everything in our power to control and contain this disease.  Enhancing airport screenings is not a sufficient response. I believe a temporary ban on travel into the United States for individuals who have traveled from or live in affected West African countries is a prudent and proper response.  

“While the first cases were transports into the United States, we have subsequently seen the virus spread within the hospital setting.  Therefore, we must implement more specific, diligent training and treatment protocols to protect our healthcare workers and communities and prevent any further spread of Ebola within the United States.

“We need to work together on decisive actions and should avoid attempts to turn this challenge into a political issue. The United States has the best healthcare system in the world and we are uniquely positioned to lead in eradicating Ebola.” 


Travel Ban:

U.S. military personnel are now authorized to quarantine soldiers assisting in the Ebola mission.  According to CNN, “U.S. military commanders are being given the authority to quarantine troops for 21 days at a Defense Department facility where they will be monitored for signs of the disease and treated if they do contract the virus, a Defense Department memo explained.” (CNN; 10/15/2014)

On Wednesday, House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania) and Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Ranking Member John Thune (R-South Dakota) called for a travel ban and sent a letter to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson requesting a specific plan to address the Ebola outbreak.

House Action:

On his blog, Speaker of the House John Boehner outlined actions taken by the House and its committees to assist and assess the government’s response to the Ebola outbreak. That information can be found here -


Some, like the NIH director, have made political claims regarding funding for Ebola research.  Contrary to these claims, “the Republican-led House of Representatives has acted decisively and consistently when it comes to efforts to combat the deadly disease, even providing more funding than requested for the agencies on the front lines of the fight against Ebola. (Speaker’s Blog; 10/16/2014)

  • Center for Disease Control (CDC) funding: For FY 2014, CDC received $6.9 billion. The House actually authorized more funding than the White House requested and this figure is an 8% increase from 2013.
  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding: For FY 2014, NIH received $30.14 billion. The appropriated funding for NIH has nearly doubled since 2000.  
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Dr. Bucshon to Greet President Obama on Friday


On Friday, Representative Larry Bucshon, M.D. will greet President Obama at the Evansville Airport and personally deliver a letter to the President containing an invitation to tour a Hoosier coal mine. 

In anticipation of delivering the letter to President Obama, Dr. Bucshon stated:

“I’m happy to see that the President is set to visit Indiana. Like many Hoosiers, I look forward to hearing the President address the many concerns we have regarding the future of the manufacturing and energy sectors that are critical to our state. I’m hopeful he will address the proposed EPA regulations that will devastate our coal industry, hamper our manufacturers, and increase energy costs on all Hoosiers. Friday, I intend to personally invite the President and the EPA to join me down in a coal mine so that they can hear directly from the hardworking miners here in Indiana.”

A copy of Dr. Bucshon’s letter to President Obama is included below:

October 3, 2014


President Barack Obama The White House1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

Welcome to Southwest Indiana.  I know that during your visit, you will see that Indiana is a great place to live and work. Indiana is a global leader in manufacturing and your visit today helps shine a light on this growing industry that provides good paying jobs to thousands of Hoosiers. 

Over the past year, Indiana has led the nation in manufacturing job growth, which is a tribute to our workers and entrepreneurs. The Hoosier state has the highest private sector manufacturing employment in the country.  Manufacturing accounts for 28 percent of our state’s economy and employs nearly 17 percent of our workforce. This critical industry is growing because Indiana is a beacon for energy production.

In Gibson County, where you are visiting today, there are two coal mines that employ hundreds of Hoosiers.  Our coal industry supports these good paying jobs that put food on the table for Indiana families and keep the lights on here in the Hoosier state.

According to the National Mining Association, Indiana ranks 8th nationally in coal production by state. Over 85 percent of our electricity comes from coal mined right here in Southwest Indiana.  Not only are we burning coal cleaner than ever, but it is also keeping energy costs low for families who are struggling in this economy and those on a fixed income. 

I’m disappointed that this area of the country has been largely ignored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) while creating new regulations that would put thousands of Hoosiers out of work. During a House Science Committee hearing on a new EPA proposal to regulate coal-fired power plants, I personally invited Ms. Janet McCabe, the EPA’s top air official, to visit Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District and discuss these regulations.  I have yet to hear from her regarding this invitation, which is troublesome as she currently resides in the state’s capital, Indianapolis.

I would also like to personally invite you and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to tour one of Indiana’s nine coal mines.  You will be able to go directly into a coal mine to meet the employees who take pride in their work and see how safe coal production is.  While we all support cleaner energy in this country, it cannot be done on the backs of hard working Americans who depend on these jobs to provide for their families.  As President of the United States, it is imperative that you understand how regulations created in Washington, D.C. affect those in the heartland of America.

Thank you again for visiting Southwest Indiana and I look forward to hosting you and Administrator McCarthy in one of our coal mines soon.


Larry D. Bucshon, M.D. Member of Congress

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Dr. Bucshon Named “Guardian of Small Business”


Dr. Bucshon receives the “Guardian of Small Business” award from NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner 

On Wednesday, Eighth District Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. was named a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for his outstanding voting record on behalf of America’s small-business owners in the 113th Congress.

“Our nation’s small businesses fuel America’s economic engine.  They provide jobs, spur economic growth, and sustain our local economies,” said Bucshon.  “I’m proud to stand up for small business by supporting policies that lower energy costs, roll back burdensome regulations, and reform our tax code to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit.”

NFIB President and CEO Dan Danner praised Rep. Bucshon for “standing up for small business.” In presenting the group’s coveted Guardian of Small Business Award, Danner said, “Small-business owners are very politically active – paying close attention to how their lawmakers vote on key business issues and stand by those who stand for them.”

“The record shows that Rep. Bucshon is a true champion of small business, supporting the votes that matter in the 113th Congress,” said Danner. “This award reflects our members’ appreciation for supporting the NFIB pro-growth agenda for small business.”

NFIB’s “How Congress Voted,” which serves as a report card for members of Congress, was also unveiled this week. The report presents key small-business votes and voting percentages for each lawmaker. Those voting favorably on key small-business issues at least 70 percent of the time during the 113th Congress are eligible for the Guardian award.


NFIB is the nation’s leading small business advocacy association, with offices in Washington, D.C. and all 50 state capitals. Founded in 1943 to give small-business owners a voice in public policy-making, NFIB’s policy positions are set by its 350,000 business-owner members, who send their views directly to state and federal lawmakers through NFIB’s unique member-only ballot. NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses. 

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Dr. Bucshon Calls on EPA to Visit Indiana’s 8th


Dr. Bucshon and Science Committee Chairman, Lamar Smith talk with EPA Official Janet McCabe at a hearing on new EPA regulations.

During a House Science Committee hearing on a new EPA proposal to regulate coal-fired power plants, Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. (IN-08), called on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) top air official, Janet McCabe, to visit Indiana’s Eighth Congressional District.

“Ms. McCabe, I’d like to invite you to my district for a public hearing on the EPA’s new rule – in fact, any other coal-producing state – and listen to what my district or other coal-producing states have to say,” said Bucshon. “I’m inviting you to my district to do that.”

According to the National Mining Association, Indiana ranks 8th nationally in coal production by state. Every coal mine in the state of Indiana is located within the Eighth Congressional District, while 85 percent of the state’s energy is coal-generated. 

Ms. Janet McCabe, a resident of Indianapolis, is the Acting Assistant Administrator at the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation.

For video of Dr. Bucshon’s request, click here.

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Dr. Bucshon Named “Friend of the Farm Bureau”


Dr. Bucshon receives the “Friend of Farm Bureau Award” members of the Indiana Farm Bureau at his Washington, D.C. office.

Eighth District Congressman Larry Bucshon, M.D. was named a “Friend of Farm Bureau” by the Indiana members of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF).

“Indiana relies on our agriculture industry to put food on the table and support our local economies,” said Bucshon.  “As I meet with farmers across the Eighth District and interact with my Agriculture Advisory Committee, I hear an overwhelming uncertainty regarding regulations and policies coming from Washington, D.C.  I’m proud to stand up for these hardworking Hoosiers and fight for policies that strengthen Indiana’s agriculture.”

According the American Farm Bureau Federation, “the “Friend of Farm Bureau” award is given at the end of each Congress to those members of Congress who were nominated by their respective state Farm Bureaus and approved by the American Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors. This award is based upon voting records on AFBF’s priority issues established by the Board of Directors, number of bills that a member has sponsored and co-sponsored, specific leadership role for Farm Bureau on priority issues, and how accessible and responsive that member is to Farm Bureau members and leaders. In addition, the state Farm Bureau lists any other specific reasons why that member should receive this award.”

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2014 Vincennes Job Fair


Congressman Bucshon is hosting a Job Fair in Vincennes on Thursday, October 9, 2014 in cooperation with WorkOne Southwest, Vincennes University, and the City of Vincennes.

Admission is FREE! To attend simply complete and submit the form below or register in person on the day of the fair. 

Employers can participate by filling out this form - 

Job seekers can register by filling out this form - 

Congressman Larry Bucshon's Vincennes Job Fair Thursday, October 9, 2014 | 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm EDT

Employer Setup: 11:00 am  – 1:00 pm EDTVeterans-Only Hour: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDTKick-off Speeches: 2:00 pm EDTOpen to Public: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm EDT

Location: Green Activities center - 1002 North First Street, Vincennes, Indiana.

Special Guests: Vincennes Mayor Joe Yochum and Vincennes University Vice President David Tucker. 

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Dr. Bucshon Comments on 9/11 Anniversary


Eighth District Congressman Larry Bucshon issued the following statement commemorating the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks: 

"Today we remember the American lives lost on that unforgettable day thirteen years ago. We all join together in saying a prayer for the memory of those we lost and their families. We honor the first responders who ran into the flames to save their fellow citizens, the brave men and women who charged that cockpit over Pennsylvania, and the heroes who have since answered the call of duty, sacrificing everything so that others may be free. Together, we demonstrated the incredible resilience of the American spirit and the resolve of our people. 

"While the smoke and debris may have long since cleared, the threat of terrorism around the world still exists. We must be vigilant and we must stand tall. America remains the leader of the free world and we will stop at nothing to defeat those who threaten the promise of freedom."

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Contact Information

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Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4636
Fax 202-225-3284

Larry Bucshon (pronounced:  “Boo-shon”) was born on May 31, 1962 and raised in Kincaid, Illinois, a small town of 1400 people in central Illinois. His life was shaped by this small town upbringing by two hard working parents. Larry’s father was an underground coal miner and his mother was a nurse. Both are now retired and still live in Kincaid.

Larry attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and, upon receiving his bachelor’s degree, attended medical school at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Following medical school Larry completed a residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin, where he served as chief resident in surgery, and then remained there to complete a fellowship in cardiothoracic surgery. During this time he also enlisted with the United States Navy Reserve and served for almost a decade. During his residency Larry met his wife Kathryn, who is also a physician and a practicing anesthesiologist in Evansville.

Prior to being elected to Congress, Larry spent his life specializing in cardiothoracic surgery and has performed hundreds of heart surgeries and also served as President of Ohio Valley HeartCare. Larry’s outstanding work and leadership in this field led to him being honored as the St. Mary’s Medical Staff Physician of the Year in 2007. Larry also served as Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Medical Director of the open heart recovery intensive care unit at St. Mary’s Hospital. He is board certified in Cardiothoracic Surgery by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery.

Larry and his wife Kathryn reside in Warrick County with their four children and attend Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Evansville.

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