Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy


Congressman Kevin McCarthy Announces $500,000 to Expand Services at Meadows Field Airport


Congressman Kevin McCarthy is pleased to announce that the Kern County Department of Airports will receive $500,000 in Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP) grant funding from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to expand travel service at Bakersfield’s Meadows Field Airport with new non-stop flights to Dallas Fort Worth, Texas. McCarthy issued the following statement:

“Our community knows Meadows Field as the gateway that connects our economy and families with the rest of the world. As a growing region, it is absolutely fitting for our airport to increase flight options to airports in new markets. In Texas, Bakersfield has much in common and this new travel option is sure to stimulate the economy and provide additional travel and connecting options given DFW’s hub status. I would like to thank Secretary Chao for approving this investment in our community at Meadows Field, and the County of Kern for its persistence and leadership in pursuing these funds.”

DOT’s award announcement can be read here. Congressman McCarthy has long worked to strengthen Meadows Field, most recently sending a letter to Secretary Chao on December 19, 2017 in support of the Kern County Department of Airports’ SCASDP grant application to expand flight options. A copy of this letter can be read here.

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Congressman Kevin McCarthy Announces $258.2 Million for the Isabella Lake Dam Safety Modification Project


Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement announcing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decision to provide $258,231,000 in funding for the Isabella Lake Dam Safety Modification Project:

“Today’s announcement marks another major win for the future of the City of Bakersfield, Kern County, and the communities of the Kern River Valley.  Since coming to Congress, I have fought to secure over $200 million for this critical dam safety project, and was pleased the Army Corps broke ground on this project in April.  Today’s announcement of funding means, combined with the $118 million included in the House-passed Fiscal Year 2019 Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill, this project has the necessary funding to proceed to completion.  This project will result in increased flood protection for communities below the reservoir, as well as increase water storage and recreational benefits.

"I want to commend President Trump and the Army Corps of Engineers for their commitment to revitalizing America’s infrastructure and understanding our community’s needs.  But most importantly, the Lake Isabella Project would not be moving forward without the persistence, support, and leadership of community stakeholders in Bakersfield, Kern County, Kernville, and Lake Isabella.  While there is much yet to be done, including securing the final funds for this project in Fiscal Year 2019, I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the Amy Corps and community leaders to bring this much-needed project tocompletion.”  


·      In February 2018, Congress passed and the President signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act (Public Law 115-123), which provided over $15 billion in funding to the Army Corps of Engineers to construct flood and storm damage reduction projects, such as the Isabella Lake Dam Safety Modification Project. 

·      The Army Corps of Engineers held a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the beginning of the construction of the Isabella Project on April 3, 2018.

·      A list of all the projects provided funding by the Army Corps of Engineers can be viewed here.  The Isabella Lake project is listed as “Lake Isabella, CA.”

·      The Army Corps of Engineers’ Fiscal Year 2019 budget requests to Congress seeks $118 million for the Isabella Lake Project. 

·      On June 8, 2018, the House passed the Fiscal Year 2019 Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, which included $118 million for the Isabella Lake Project.

·      Once the Fiscal Year 2019 appropriations bills are enacted into law, the $118 million combined with the $258.2M from the Bipartisan Budget Act will fully fund the Isabella Lake Project.

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Congressman Kevin McCarthy Announces $74 Million for the Success Reservoir Enlargement Project


Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement announcing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers decision to provide $74 million in funding for the Success Reservoir Enlargement Project (SREP):

“Full funding for the Success Reservoir Enlargement Project marks a massive win for the communities of Tulare County and the City of Porterville. Efforts to enlarge the dam have been years in the making and after more than a decade of delays and studies, this is the start of a new era for the project - one that will finally see it to completion.  Once completed, this project will increase flood protection for communities below the reservoir, as well as provide increased water storage for our neighbors. 

"I want to commend President Trump and the Army Corps of Engineers for demonstrating a continued commitment to revitalizing America’s infrastructure.  But most importantly, this project could not have been accomplished without the persistence, support, and leadership of community stakeholders, such as Tulare County, the City of Porterville, the Tule River Improvement Joint Powers Authority, and Mr. Dick Schafer.  While there is much yet to be done, I look forward to continuing to work in partnership with the Army Corps and community leaders to bring thismuch-needed project to its conclusion.”

Additionally, the following Tulare County community leaders provided statements on the Army Corps of Engineers’ decision:

“The non-federal sponsors of the Success Reservoir Enlargement Project (SREP) are most grateful for the total funding of the Project and are excited about finally being able to construct the 10' raise in the spillway of Success Dam that will double the flood protection for the City of Porterville and the downstream landowners.  The local stakeholders have been advocates for increase storage on the Tule River at Success Dam for nearly 30 years.” - Richard L. Shafer, Tule River Watermaster

"Getting the success reservoir spillway enlargement project fully funded is great news. This is a much needed for flood protection for Porterville and Tulare County as well as more storage for irrigation needs for farmers."  -  The Honorable Mike Ennis, 5th District Tulare County Supervisor

“On behalf of the residents of the City of Porterville, we are truly appreciative for the determination by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide full funding for the Success Reservoir Enlargement Project, first and foremost to provide enhanced security for the Porterville community from the threat of flood, as well as providing additional storage in support of local agricultural, community, and recreational purposes.  We would like to sincerely thank Congressman McCarthy for his dedicated efforts and tireless support for this long-needed project, and for the perseverance and resilience of the stakeholders of the Tule River Improvement Joint Powers Authority, which the increased safety and benefits will be enjoyed by Porterville residents for generations to come.” -  The Honorable Milt Stow, Mayor, City of Porterville

“The full funding of the Success Enlargement Project by the Army Corps is tremendous news for the local area. This project will have significant benefits for the local region both in terms of flood protection and water supply. A great deal of credit goes to Congressman McCarthy for the work he did to make this a reality. The Congressman’s efforts were key in getting the message delivered at all levels of the Corps and he coordinated with the local sponsors every step of the way. The work of design and construction can now begin without further concern for funding. That is a huge win for the local constituents.” Dan Vink, Project Lead for the Tule River Improvement Joint Powers Authority


·         In February 2018, Congress passed and the President signed into law the Bipartisan Budget Act (Public Law 115-123), which provided over $15 billion in funding to the Army Corps of Engineers to construct flood and storm damage reduction projects, such as the Success Reservoir Enlargement Project (SREP).

·         Congress authorized the SREP in the Water Resources Development Act of 1999 at $17.9M as a flood control project.

·         Construction of the SREP started in 2003, but was put on hold in 2005 following potential safety concerns with Success Dam.  These safety concerns have been resolved, but SREP costs increased over this period of time.

·         Following more than a decade of delay, this funding will enable the Army Corps of Engineers to complete the necessary environmental and design work and then construct the project.

·         According to the Tule River Improvement Joint Powers Authority, the SREP will significantly increase flood protection for the City of Porterville and other communities below the dam, as well as more than 400,000 acres of valuable farmland.

·         A list of all the projects provided funding by the Army Corps of Engineers can be viewed here.  The SREP is listed as the “Tule River/Lake Success Enlargement (Success Dam), CA.”

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Congressman Kevin McCarthy Leads Effort to Promote Civic Education in Schools


Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement after sending a letter to the Department of Education in support of two grant applications submitted by the Center for Civic Education to promote professional development for elementary, middle, and high school teachers:

“Our country’s excellence comes in part from each generation of leaders understanding, appreciating, and building on the foundation of our democracy as designed by our Founders. It is important now more than ever that we support initiatives that will enhance civics education in America’s classrooms.  

"In our community, programs run by the Center for Civic Education, such as 'We the People,' foster a competitive and cooperative environment for young minds to learn, respect, and admire the principles our freedoms are built upon. Civics programs reinforce the best of American values and would not be possible without the passion of our local educators and community leaders. I remain committed to promoting professional development in civics for our teachers so they can continue to impart the foundational principles of our nation to current and future generations.”

Terri Richmond, a Golden Valley High School social studies teacher and the immediate past state coordinator for the Center for Civic Education California offered the following comment regarding Congressman McCarthy’s advocacy:

 "Congressman Kevin McCarthy has been a consistent advocate for quality civic education for the students of Kern County. His active sponsorship of legislation and grants to support exceptional professional development for teachers has led to a direct impact on classroom instruction and to student achievement.  Kern County is a shining example of exemplary civic education and that is very much due to Representative McCarthy's continued support of the need to teach students not just civic knowledge, but also to allow them to practice their civic skills." 


Congressman McCarthy led a bipartisan letter addressed to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos urging support for the Center for Civic Education’s two grant applications for Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) program funding. A copy of this letter can be found here.

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Congressman Kevin McCarthy Commemorates Flag Day


Congressman Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement in recognition of Flag Day:

Today marks the birthday of our great flag -- Old Glory. On this day, we are reminded once more of the humble beginnings of a banner that now stands above all others. From the fiery birth of our Revolution, to the shores of Iwo Jima, all the way to the final frontier of the Moon, our flag has stood proud as an international icon for America and the values she stands for. Our national banner not only represents us as a country, but also stands as a beacon of hope for all who hunger for freedom worldwide. On Flag Day, we celebrate and stand proudly for our flag and all of those who have served to defend the freedoms it represents.

Flag Day was established in 1916, with the date of June 14th later designated in 1949. Flag Day commemorates the Flag Act that was passed on June 14, 1777, by the Second Continental Congress. If you would like to purchase a flag flown over the United States Capitol, you can contact Congressman McCarthy’s office at 661-327-3611, or visit his webpage here. A certificate accompanies each flag, and flags can be flown on specific dates to commemorate special occasions.  

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Spring Cleaning: House to Cut $15 Billion in Unused Funds


Congressman Kevin McCarthy spoke on the House floor today in support of H.R. 3, the Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs Act.

Full remarks are below, or watch online here.

Video of Trump Rescissions Package | House to Cut $15 Billion in Unused Funds

“We are approaching the end of spring, but there is still enough time for a good spring cleaning.

“For families, that may mean doing yardwork or cleaning out a closet – maybe giving unused items to charity.

“For Congress – it means tackling long-overdue budgetary spring cleaning.

“There are billions and billions of taxpayer dollars – originally set up to fund different programs and projects – that cannot or will not be used for their intended purpose.

“Tonight the House will do something about it. We will take a first step in cleaning up the federal government’s accounts by voting on the Spending Cuts to Expired and Unnecessary Programs Act.

“We aren’t talking about spare change here – tonight we have the opportunity to return $15 billion dollars – that’s billion with a ‘b’ – to Treasury.

“As members – we are charged with being good stewards of taxpayer money. That is a responsibility we all have – it shouldn’t be a partisan exercise. And historically – it hasn’t been.

“Congress accepted 214 of Ronald Reagan’s rescissions. It accepted 111 of Bill Clinton’s.

“President Trump’s spending cut request is a straightforward and smart way to trim a bloated federal budget.

“So where do these savings come from, you might ask. Have you ever heard of the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing Loan Program?

“It’s an Obama-era subsidy program to green car companies like Fisker Automotive, which defaulted on its $192 million loan. Think Solyndra, but for luxury cars.

“This failed subsidy program hasn’t issued a loan since 2011, yet it has $4.33 billion sitting unused in its account.

“Can any member think of a good reason why that money should continue sitting in that account, where it cannot and will not be used or will be wasted on other, non-related programs? I’d love to hear a reason, but I don’t think one is coming.

“So what else does this bill clean up? It also brings back expired funds from the CHIP program.

“Now – before anyone claims Republicans are cutting CHIP funding – let’s look at the facts.

“Republicans passed and President Trump signed the longest reauthorization of CHIP in the program’s history, guaranteeing its funding for 10 years – a full decade.

“Republicans have made sure CHIP isn’t going anywhere. We have removed any uncertainty about the stability of funding for that program.

“The funds we are rescinding tonight were appropriated long ago and will not be used for their intended purpose now. And in fact – Democrats voted to rescind those exact CHIP funds just months ago because they know they can’t be used for their intended purpose.

“I’d like to remind my colleagues that the Minority Whip said he wouldn’t oppose – and I quote – “money laying in an account that has not been spent for 1, 2, 3 years.” He even called it “a reasonable thing to do.”

“So instead of partisan rhetoric and doomsday speeches, let’s see this bill for what it really is – a smart approach to cleaning up unused accounts in the federal budget.

“Before tonight’s vote each and every member of the House should consider this question: If this body cannot be trusted to reclaim money that will not or cannot be used for its intended purpose . . . Can we really be trusted to save money anywhere else? I yield the floor.”

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Congressman McCarthy Announces $50 Million Grant Award to City of Bakersfield for Critical Roadway


Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy announced Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao’s intention to award $50 million to the City of Bakersfield to complete the Centennial Corridor State Route 58/99 Freight Improvement Project through the Infrastructure For Rebuilding America (INFRA) Program.

Additional information on DOT’s proposed awards can be viewed here.

The Centennial Corridor Project was first conceived in 2005 and initially funded through the Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act. Since being elected to the House, Congressman McCarthy has been a staunch advocate for funding the Centennial Corridor Project and bringing it to completion. In November 2017, Congressman McCarthy sent Secretary Chao a letter in support of funding the project.  A copy of the letter can be viewed here.

Upon completion, the Centennial Corridor Project will connect State Route 58 to the Westside Parkway, enhancing ease of transportation throughout Bakersfield. The completion of the Centennial Corridor Project marks a watershed moment in Bakersfield, and underscores over a decade of work on behalf of the city and federal government to bring this project to fruition.

 Congressman Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement:

"With this announcement, President Trump is keeping his promise to revitalize America’s infrastructure. The City of Bakersfield will now enter the final sprint on a project that has been over ten years in the making. I cannot understate how important this is for Bakersfield, and I am thrilled that our dream of a better-connected city will soon be a reality for those who live and work in our community. The Central Valley and Bakersfield are some of the most critical commerce zones in the State of California, and this project will save both commercial freight truckers and local motorists countless hours on the road each year, not only making our daily commutes shorter, but also reducing emissions for a cleaner, healthier Valley. I applaud the Administration, the Department of Transportation, the City of Bakersfield, the Kern Council of Governments, and all those who made this achievement possible.”


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House Passes Major Water Infrastructure Bill


Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on the passage of H.R. 8, the Water Resources Development Act of 2018:

“As a Californian, I know water can be the difference between poverty and prosperity. The Golden State’s audacious water projects made a middle-class life possible for so many Californians. They helped a desert bloom into a garden.

“Just like in California, water infrastructure has helped transform the face of America. This infrastructure supports the movement of approximately $3.8 billion worth of goods each day in all 50 states.

“But today across the country our water infrastructure is aging – and in some case failing.

“Today the House passed WRDA to strengthen our nation’s ports, waterways, dams, and other vital infrastructure. Building on the reforms passed by the Republican-led Congress in 2014, this bill improves oversight and transparency to ensure that water infrastructure projects pay off for Americans as they have for Californians.

“I commend Rep. Bill Shuster (PA-9) for his hard work to support water infrastructure with this year’s WRDA. Strong water infrastructure will keep American goods flowing and protect our communities from natural disasters like flooding.”

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NDAA: House Passes Major Defense Bill


Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on the passage of the FY2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):

“The 2019 NDAA continues Congress’s effort to support our troops by rebuilding a dominant military. The bill increases funding for troop readiness, research, and acquisition of next-generation weapons. It also authorizes the largest pay raise in nine years for our troops. This is a well-deserved reward for the men and women who keep America safe.

“The United States faces threats from predatory powers such as China, rogue regimes such as Iran and North Korea, and radical terrorist groups. America desires peace with all nations, but we must be prepared to meet every threat with overwhelming force if necessary. As Memorial Day approaches, Congress has passed an NDAA that will help our military deter conflict and achieve total victory on future battlefields.”

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GOP Leading the Charge Against the Opioid Crisis


USA TODAY | May 23, 2018
Rep. Kevin McCarthy

Our nation is in the midst of the deadliest drug crisis in history — a crisis fueled by opioids.

More than 630,000 Americans have died from drug overdoses since the turn of the century. That means more people have died from drugs in less than two decades as those who died in the Civil War. More than half of the deaths in 2016 involved opioids.

This death toll is staggering, but the consequences of drugs are not limited just to the more than two million Americans who are addicted to them.

Drugs inflict enormous damage on American families and communities by tearing spouses, parents, friends and neighbors away from the relationships that make life meaningful.

In Kern County, Calif., my home, opioids killed 51 people just in 2016. Citizens of Ridgecrest, a nearby town, hold an Overdose Awareness Day each year to remember the neighbors they lose to overdoses.

The drug trade endangers brave law enforcement officers who are on the front lines of the opioid crisis.

Drugs even harm the youngest and most vulnerable among us. The number of babies suffering from withdrawal because of their mothers’ opioid abuse has increased five-fold since 2000. So even as we attempt to heal the current generation of people addicted to drugs, the next generation is being exposed to drugs in the womb.

Beating the deadliest drug crisis in history will require nothing less than the biggest response in history.

That response is already under way, led by President Trump and Republicans in Congress.

In 2016, the Republican-led Congress passed and President Obama signed the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, or CARA, which provides critical resources to states, cities and nonprofits to fight opioid abuse.

Because of CARA, more health care professionals are licensed to prescribe addiction treatment medications to patients. This reform is important especially for patients in rural areas with few doctors.

CARA was an umbrella attempt to limit the damage of the opioid crisis. As the carnage from drugs continues to mount, Americans should know that more help is on the way.

Trump has declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency, instructing federal agencies to increase their efforts to stop illegal drugs at the border and raise awareness about over-prescription of painkillers.

The House of Representatives is hard at work to support the president’s efforts. No fewer than eight committees are working on bills to combat the opioid crisis. The Energy and Commerce Committee considered and advanced 25 opioid bills last week alone.

Congress is advancing bills that would help precisely those people who are most threatened by opioids.

For example, the Overdose Prevention and Patient Safety Act would reform an outdated law so that patients’ substance abuse history can be listed in their medical records. This bill, promoted by Rep. Markwayne Mullin, R-Okla., will give doctors access to information that can prevent tragic overdoses and improve patient safety.

The STOP Act, promoted by Rep. Mike Bishop, R-Mich., would reduce the flow of Chinese fentanyl into our country by giving law enforcement new tools to detect suspicious packages in the mail.

These are just two of the more than 60 bills the Republican-led Congress is considering to combat the opioid crisis.

As important as our legislative agenda is to solving this crisis, healing the wounds of drug abuse will take more than government.

It will take a commitment by every citizen to fulfill our duties to one another. That means supporting people near us who are struggling with drug addiction — and supporting their family members and loved ones, as well.

In illegal drugs, America faces an enemy that has claimed more lives than the bloodiest war in our history. We need all hands on deck to defeat it.

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Contact Information

2421 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2915
Fax 202-225-2908

Leadership Positions

Majority Leader

Congressman Kevin McCarthy represents the 23rd District of California, which spans Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles counties. First elected in 2006, Kevin is a native of Bakersfield and a fourth-generation Kern County resident. He is committed to policies that give small businesses and entrepreneurs the confidence they need to hire, expand, invest and innovate. After the 2010 midterm elections, Kevin was elected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Whip of the United States House of Representatives.

Kevin started his own small business before the age of 21. He built Kevin O’s Deli from the ground up, even enlisting his father’s help in building the deli’s counter in their garage. He worked hard, hired employees and enjoyed success in his community. That’s also where he first encountered government overregulation. The countless frivolous and redundant rules, as well as the taxes small businesses like his were burdened with, spurred Kevin’s interest in public service. When Kevin sold his business, he used the profits to put himself through college and graduate school. He received both his undergraduate degree and his Masters in Business Administration from California State University, Bakersfield.

During college, Kevin accepted an internship with then-Congressman Bill Thomas, and soon became a member of Congressman Thomas’s staff. Kevin won his first election in 2000 as Trustee to the Kern Community College District. In 2002, McCarthy was elected to represent the 32nd Assembly District in the California State Assembly. As a freshman legislator, he was selected unanimously by his Republican colleagues to serve as the Assembly Republican Leader, becoming the first freshman legislator and the first legislator from Kern County to assume the top Republican post in the California State Assembly. Kevin worked with his colleagues in the Assembly and Senate and with the Governor to reduce California’s budget deficit, overhaul the state worker’s compensation system and enhance California’s business climate to create more opportunities for California workers and businesses until he ran for Congress in 2006.

Kevin brings his personal experience as a small business owner and as an effective leader in the statehouse to Washington D.C. In his role as Majority Whip, Kevin leads the effort in Congress to advance common sense policies that will put America back on the path to prosperity. Since gaining control of the House in November 2010, Kevin and his Republican colleagues have blocked the largest tax increase in American history, cut out-of-control government spending by historic levels and passed numerous pieces of legislation that will help create jobs in America. These bills reduce the burden on small businesses, increase our nation’s energy security by promoting domestic energy production, knock down barriers for small business owners to access capital and help increase certainty for the private sector.

Kevin will continue to fight to get Washington’s fiscal house in order while promoting policies that empower the private sector to invest and create jobs.

When Kevin is not in Washington fighting for the constituents of California’s 23rd District and for the future of America, he is home in Bakersfield with his wife Judy and two children Connor and Meghan.

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