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Kevin McCarthy


McCarthy: Defense Secretary Ash Carter cites work being done at the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake


"This week, I was pleased to hear Secretary of Defense Ash Carter describe the work being carried out Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake as of “critical importance” to our county’s national security.  On Tuesday, the secretary took a tour of the facility and briefed the media.


 "It was encouraging to hear the Department of Defense is intensely focused on research and development, and innovation within all of its entities. “China Lake is in the sweet spot of DOD’s strategic transition, and with heavy emphasis on research and development, some of its high-end, innovative capabilities are reflected in his budget request,” Carter said. “R&D spending is consistent with our determination to remain innovative.”


 "I agree with the Secretary that the research, development, testing and evaluation that is conducted within our community at China Lake and Edwards cannot be replicated anywhere in the world. Both provide vital resources to support our brave men and women in uniform who fight to defend our freedom. This is why I will continue to ensure everyone in Washington understands that these installations are strategic national assets.


 "Meanwhile in Washington we’ve also taken steps to ensure defense innovation.


 "Last week, I introduced a bill that will stop our military’s reliance on Russian-made rocket engines. Our bill aims to repeal a provision of the FY 2016 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that essentially allows the unlimited purchase and use of engines manufactured by a Russian company with close ties to the Putin regime for national security launches.


  "I took this step because I believe securing access to space is a national security priority and it is strategically foolish to ask American taxpayers to subsidize Russia’s military industrial base. American taxpayer dollars should not be wasted on Putin, who has destabilized Ukraine, continues to harbor and support the Assad regime, and is supplying weapons to Iran. This ban will also provide an opportunity for the aerospace industries within California to help build the engines necessary to carry out national security launches.


 "Overall, the past two weeks have reaffirmed the commitment our country must make to policies that enable and promote defense innovation so that our future will be even brighter than our past.






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The House Won’t Accept the Administration’s New Oil Tax


Washington, D.C.  – Congressman Leader Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on President Obama’s proposal to put a $10 tax on American-produced oil: 

“The President’s proposed oil tax would hit the American people with added costs during a period of prolonged economic insecurity in a weak economy. The added cost to production because of this tax would undoubtedly be passed along to consumers, adding that much more to every energy bill and trip to the gas station. But the American people are already paying enough. Wages are down while many basic necessities cost more, and the last thing we need is a misguided Washington policy that makes our lives harder. It goes without saying that the House has no intention of adding more costs on the American people.”



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China Lake of Critical Importance


Secretary of Defense Ash Carter said the high quality of scientific and engineering work going on at China Lake is one reason he was visiting Tuesday. 

“The reason I came here, other than to take a look at some of these very important programs that we’re doing, is that it’s a reflection of one of the themes that you’ll see again and again and again when we release our budget,” he said during a brief press conference with local and national media at Armitage Field aboard Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. “An emphasis on high end capabilities and making sure that sure that we once again, as we reach this inflection point strategically as a country, that we’re making the investment in keeping ahead of our principal potential antagonists who have high end capabilities, that we maintain that American edge.”

For the Navy, Carter said that means making sure that ships and their aircraft are the most technologically advanced.

“That means making sure that their ships and their aircraft are lethal, that they have the very best weapons,” he said.  “That they have the very most sophisticated sensors and the very most survivable designs in their sensors.”

Carter was at NAWS China Lake for an in-person look at advanced technology and advanced weapons currently in use or under development with NAWSCL and Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division.

“I can’t talk about everything I saw here, but they all are in that same direction of high end capability and increasing and, really, multiplying the capabilities of our individual ships, aircraft and actually submarines for that matter,” he said. “So that we have not only the best platforms, but they have the highest end capability.”
The proposed budget to be released next week calls for an increase in research and development spending, according to Carter.

“This place signifies the critical importance of our science and technology bases,” he said. 

Carter said the Department of Defense is determined to remain innovative and China Lake is key to that innovation.

“Again, I can’t describe everything we saw today, but that’s actually a good sign,” he said.  “We like to surprise people. Some of our opponents will find themselves very surprised when this stuff gets into the field, which is going to be very soon.”
Carter said he was impressed to see so many people of different generations working toward the common goal of providing defense.

“The incredible appeal of the mission of being part of national security, being part of defense,” he said. “That’s something that I think is incredibly important to our future and it’s a great magnet for young people to feel that there doing something of great consequence.”

While there are many parts to the proposed budget, Carter did call out a couple of expenditures that have a direct link to work at China Lake.

“Again, in the spirit making everything we have lethal. Tomahawk (cruise missile) is an example - this place has been part of that program from the very beginning, that’s a program that’s constantly evolving in every way,” he said. “We need to make sure that we fill the tubes on our submarines and our surface ships with the very best and newest and lots of tomahawks, because we expend them over time. We want to diversify the kinds of targets they can hit, from land attack to an anti ship version.”

The proposed budget calls for $2 billion in spending for the Tomahawk program. Carter said that amount will provide for some 4,000 missiles.

“Plus, that will fund the development of these advanced capabilities which adds life to them as well as adds capability,” he said.

The budget also provides for nearly $1 billion in funding for LRASM - Long Range Anti-Ship Missile.

“Same deal, lethality,” he said. “That’s some big money for munitions.”
Another $428 million is budgeted for anti radiation homing missiles used to strike enemy air defenses.

“These are large investments in the strategic future at the high end,” said Carter. “Aimed at making sure that our systems have the greatest capability, the greatest lethality.”

He said those capabilities and lethality are going to be important as defense focuses on a full spectrum of potential threats.

“ISIL, which we need to defeat and we will, all the way up to those who we hope never become antagonists to the United States, but are clearly competitors,” he said. “Therefore in the spirit of deterrence, we need to make sure we have capability against them as well.”

Carter ended his remarks on a high note, before taking questions from the assembled members of the press.

“This is a wonderful place to be,” he said. “I want to thank the leadership here. It’s heartening to see so many great scientist and engineers working on something so important and so many very successful programs.”

The second article on Carter’s visit will focus on the question and answer portion of the press conference, including some China Lake-specific details.


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McCarthy Introduces Legislation to Reinstate Ban on Russian Rocket Engines


Washington, DC –  Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation to reinstate congressionally imposed restrictions on the purchase of RD-180 rocket engines (Russian rocket engines) for military space launches. This bill repeals language from the Fiscal Year 2016 Omnibus Appropriations Bill that not only allows for the unlimited purchase of Russian rocket engines, but also undermines months of transparent debate and bipartisan policy the was signed into law in the Fiscal Year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act.  Congressman McCarthy released the following statement on the legislation:


"Securing access to space is a national security priority and essential to leading in a 21st century economy. The ever-expanding access to the final frontier is fueled by technology, research, and development. Our policies should facilitate a competitive environment that provides the incentive to scale each component required to access space. This was achieved in the fiscal year 2016 National Defense Authorization Act that was signed into law. But in a last minute maneuver, a provision was tucked into an unrelated spending bill that provides an indefinite lifeline to Russian rocket engines to power American space launches. Placing such a critical aspect of our future in the hands of a country that names the United States as a threat is not only foolish, it undermines the ingenuity happening across the country."





After Russia’s unlawful annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine, Congress responded by imposing sanctions against Russia. To supplement these sanctions, House Republicans included language in the FY15 NDAA that restricted the Air Force’s use of Russian-made engines (RD-180 rocket engines) for military space launches.


In response, Russia has maintained its aggression against Ukraine, and continues to prop up the Assad regime in Syria, and supply weapons to Iran. Accordingly, Congress again included language in the FY16 NDAA limiting the use of RD-180 engines. Both years’ NDAA was legislation that was considered and debated for a considerable amount of time. At no point in this exhaustive debate was the idea of lifting the ban on Russian rocket engines brought up.


Unfortunately, in the dark of the night, a provision was tucked away in the Omnibus without debate or consideration and unraveled the language in the both the FY15 and FY16 NDAA that restricts the purchase of Russian rocket engines.


McCarthy is joined by Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain (R-AZ) and House Armed Services Committee Member Duncan Hunter (R-CA) in introducing this legislation.


A copy of the bill can be found here.




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Ridgecrest Daily Independent: Gateway Students Earn Awards


On Friday at Gateway Elementary School they held their monthly assembly recognizing students for their achievements and Principal Lisa Decker handed out the awards to them.

Ridgecrest Kiwanis Club Dennis Elliot presented two certificate of recognition of being a “Model Citizen and Student” as part of their monthly “Character Trait Achievement Award” to students as part of the assembly.

Sebastian Castro was selected because he is a role model student inside and outside of class. He is kind, conscientious, and extremely hard working. He is known for lending a helping hand to other students when they need it.

He attends after school math intervention not because he needs to, but because he wants to and enjoys helping others.

Sebastian is constantly picking up trash and ensuring the campus is clean. He is always positive and puts forth an immense amount of effort Sebastian is an asset to the classroom and an ideal student.

The second award went to Nathan Castillo-Moorehead. “N” is for Never giving up even when the work is difficult. “A” is for Always showing kindness and compassion to others, especially when he knows they are having a difficult day. “T” is for a Terrific positive attitude. “H” is for his Heart of gold that is always looking to help. “A” is for giving 100 percent in all that he does, “N” is for Never being at a loss for words and blessing us his sense of humor.

A new addition to the assembly is that Congressman Kevin McCarthy sent “Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition” awards to student that have maintained a 3.5 or better grade point average.

Another new part of the assembly is the students were put to a challenge with the school’s Book Sale. The goal was to sell a 1,000 books where 12 students were selected to spray silly spring all over their principal. They exceeded their goal and actually sold 1,135.


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California House Republicans Issue Statement on Status of California Drought Legislation


Washington, DC – Members of the California House Republican delegation released the following statement on the current status of California drought legislation in Congress:

“Over one month ago, the entire California House Republican delegation stood behind solutions to capture El Nino rain and snow for our constituents. That same day, Senator Feinstein promised that within a week she would produce a legislative package agreed to by the Obama administration and the Brown administration. A month has passed and nothing has been introduced. Despite this abdication of leadership, we eagerly await the introduction and consideration of California water legislation in the Senate. Doing this would finally provide our constituents with a path towards real relief.

“If we had been operating under the guidelines of the Valadao legislation since December 1, we would have captured over 54.1 billion gallons of water. That equates to enough water for 1.9 million people for one year – which is enough water for the people of San Diego or San Francisco or Fresno.

“We will not stop fighting for our communities. It is time our Senators rise to this challenge with us. We cannot allow 2016 to be remembered as the year of ‘the lost El Nino.’”


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High School constitution quiz competition hinges on surprise, spectacle


From the shadowy theater stage of Harvey Auditorium, Jeremy Adams is getting frustrated and muttering under his breath.


There's a lot to stress about. It's just one week until the Earl Warren Cup, a quiz-style competition at Bakersfield High School that has been trumped up into a Las Vegas-style spectacle. More than 30 of BHS' smartest seniors face off in a competition every two years pushing their knowledge of the Constitution, current events and U.S. government to the brink.


The show hinges on surprise. From the superstar politicians who record videos of themselves asking questions of brainy Drillers to the always anticipated introduction, which in the past has included high flying theatrics and Adams cruising onto stage in his minivan. Until the curtain comes up, the entire production is shrouded in mystery.


The student builders who construct the sets aren't even sure of the details, and they're sworn to secrecy for what little they do know. How does Adams, the AP government teacher and architect of the Earl Warren Cup, keep it a secret?


“We tell them that if they leak, they'll never work in this theater again,” said Dale Olvera, BHS' technical director. “We lock the doors.”


Except for today.


There's a group of drama students walking through the set to class, enough to incense Adams, who has spent two years dreaming up an introduction even more outlandish than those in the past.


In the whole world, there are about four or five people who know what's planned for the show, Adams said. Not even his wife knows every last detail. These drama students aren't supposed to be here.


It's not an unwarranted concern, Adams said. As airtight as the production seems, leaks have occurred. Like two years ago when Principal David Reese hung suspended from the ceiling, gliding onto the stage with the Earl Warren Cup trophy to kick off the competition.


Adams makes his way to the auditorium's lobby doors and finds a group of drama students practicing improv on the other side.


“Don't open that door,” Adams tells them before heading to the mezzanine for a better look at the set.


“We know everything that's going on,” one improv student tells Adams as he makes his way up the stairs. “We know everything.”


At this point, Adams isn't sure if he's telling the truth, or just acting.




The Earl Warren Cup's beginnings are humble.


Between classes one day in 2006, Adams caught the excited chatter of a group of students talking about a football game that week and got the idea.


“Wouldn't it be great if these students showed a patina of passion for their country?” Adams asked himself. The Earl Warren Cup was born.


When Adams began the competition a decade ago, he asked for 32 chairs for his students, a podium and a single microphone. About 150 audience members turned out. He compares the energy to something on par with a spelling bee.


“It was 32 kids on stage, questions, answers and you're the winner,” Adams said.


That changed when Congressman Kevin McCarthy caught wind of the event after his son, a BHS freshman at the time, asked to be driven to the Earl Warren Cup. When McCarthy opened the auditorium doors, he found more than 1,000 students in the audience.


“What a great education process. You get thousands of kids who turn out and cheer for the kids who strive to be up there in the competition,” McCarthy said. “This is the equivalent to a sporting event, but for the intelligence of what the strength of the country is.”


Eager to help, McCarthy volunteered to read a question at the next year's competition, but got held up in Washington, D.C., the night of the event, so not wanting to disappoint, he stood at the steps of the Capitol armed with a smartphone and sent the recording to Adams, sparking a tradition.


Since then, McCarthy has rounded up politicians, celebrity journalists, Supreme Court justices and even movie stars to step in front of their smartphones while trying to stump BHS students on all things constitutional. Occasionally, they'll even throw out a Drillers reference.


In the past, McCarthy has wrangled broadcast journalist Katie Couric, first lady Laura Bush, Speaker of the House John Boehner and (a favorite among students,) Kevin Spacey, of the Netflix political drama “House of Cards.”


Anyone who crosses McCarthy's path is fair game. It's now a habit at the end of meetings to ask his colleagues if they have 20 seconds to thrill a Driller with a video. And if McCarthy runs late to a meeting, like he was with one unnamed world leader this year, you can be sure he'll ask him or her to contribute an impromptu quiz question.


“They'll have no idea,” McCarthy said. “But they get excited about it.”




Now the Warren Cup is the campus buzz, with harried students studying in frenzies and rearranging sleeping schedules for the big night. Juniors who see the excitement of seniors taking part in the competition this year hang their heads in jealousy knowing that the event only comes around every other year and that they won't have the chance to take part.


But for the current seniors in Adams' advanced placement government courses, the prospect of hoisting the brass trophy over their heads in victory hardly escapes their minds.


To promote the competition, they've designed T-shirts now slung across cardboard cutouts of President Barack Obama, Teddy Roosevelt and Darth Vader in Adams' classroom. Newspaper clippings from past competitions hang in the entry way. A paper silhouette of a lucky teen wielding the trophy hangs on the whiteboard, serving as the backdrop for Adams' lectures. As if that pressure weren’t enough, the hulking trophy welcomes students as they walk into the room.


For senior Jacob Mata, who is seeded 11th in the competition, the cup is always at the forefront of his mind. He thinks about it while folding clothes at the Calvin Klein outlet where he works weekends and has friends drill him on the names of obscure foreign leaders during lunch hour at school. He stays up until 3 a.m. studying and spends his spare time watching MSNBC, CNN and “The Young Turks,” an Internet news show about politics and pop culture.


While students study and prepare with mock competitions, still looming in the backs of their minds is which celebrity politicians might deliver the questions. But Adams isn’t telling anyone, except hinting that there’s a national broadcast journalist and that at least one of the guests will be from outside the country.


And about the intro? He’s keeping quiet, except to say that it will be worth the cost of admission.




Meanwhile in class on a recent Tuesday, Adams schools his students on the blunders of political candidates, including The Howard Scream – that iconic moment in American politics that many identify as the moment Vermont governor Howard Dean lost the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party in 2004 with one wild yelp.


“Imagine spending a fortune on campaigning and everything in your life leads up to this moment and you can't remember one word, you make one slip-up and your political career is over,” Adams told his students.


“The Earl Warren Cup,” one student said.


That's the cup summed up: If you can't remember one word, one answer and make one slip up – one Howard Scream – the show is over. You're out of the competition, ushered into the audience with everyone else.

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McCarthy Announces Nominations of Local Students to Service Academies


Bakersfield, CA - Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy is pleased to announce his nominations to the United States Service Academies.  Nominees were selected in a competitive process in which a number of highly qualified 23rd Congressional District high school students applied for consideration.

Congressman McCarthy designated one principal nominee for each academy that will fill one of five slots afforded to him as a Member of Congress at each academy.  He also nominated a slate of competing alternate nominations for each academy that will be ranked according to their competitiveness by the Academy Admission Board and selected for admission at the academy’s discretion.

Some applicants received a nomination to more than one academy according to the rank preference listed on their application. The academies traditionally notify the alternates by April whether or not they will be offered an appointment.

Congressman Kevin McCarthy made the following statement on this year’s nominations:

Our service academies are our nation’s finest institutions to prepare our next generation of leaders. Attendance comes as an honor and with tremendous responsibility. To me, there is no community with such well-rounded young men and women who are committed to serving the United States of America like ours. And this year I am proud to nominate those students who display this potential for excellence.”       

Each candidate was interviewed by Congressman McCarthy’s Academy Interview Committee and the selections were submitted to the Congressman.  The 2015 Academy Committee Members are: Cam Martin, External Affairs Director at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center and parent of two Naval Academy graduates, (Committee Chair); Brigadier General Carl E. Schaefer, Commander, 412th Test Wing, Edwards Air Force Base, CA (1990 USAFA grad); Joost DeMoes, Superintendent, Rio Bravo-Greeley Union School District, Father to USMA 2015 graduate Luke DeMoes and Noah DeMoes (USMA class of 2018); Olivia Garcia, Adjunct Lecturer at California State University, Bakersfield and Adjunct Faculty at Bakersfield College, Editor of Kern Business Journal and Bakersfield Life Magazine, wife to an active duty Marine Reservist and mother to a newly enlisted Marine; Brooke Antonioni, Co-Owner, Trans-West Security Services, Inc.


United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, CO (USAFA)

Principal Nominee:


Sarah Gingras, 18, of Bakersfield, CA, attends Bakersfield College and is a graduate of Centennial High School in Bakersfield, CA. At Centennial High School, she was an active participant of the “We the People” program. She is founder and president of the Bakersfield College VEX-U Competition Robotics Club. Sarah is a student pilot and has soloed a Starduster II and is currently logging hours towards her Airframe and Power Plant (A&P) License to work as an aircraft mechanic. She is a crew member on "Strega," a modified P-51 air racer, which has won the national championship three times while she has been on the crew. She hopes to become an Air Force Pilot upon graduation from the academy.

Each year USAFA sends Letters of Assurance (LOA) to a select few exceptionally qualified candidates as an offer of early admission pending a congressional nomination.

LOA Recipient:

Kristian Barr, 17, of Bakersfield, CA, attends Frontier High School in Bakersfield, CA.  He participated in Swimming at Frontier for all four years and is a 1st degree black belt.  Kristian is Cadet Captain and Flight Commander of Squadron 121 Civil Air Patrol.  He expects to major in Electrical Engineering and hopes to become a pilot.


Competing Alternates: 

Justin Bishop, United States Naval Academy Prep School, Colorado Springs, CO

Anne Ewbank, Schreiner University, Kerrville, TX

Quinn Giesick, Liberty High School, Bakersfield, CA

Maxx McCabe, Tehachapi High School, Tehachapi, CA

Brian McCormick, Northwestern Preparatory School, Santa Barbara, CA

Connor McCormick, Lancaster High School, Lancaster, CA

Marcella Rivas, Frontier High School, Bakersfield, CA

Dustin Wagner, Kern Valley High School, Lake Isabella, CA

Special Recognition- Presidential Nominee:

Garron Ireton, 17, of Edwards, CA,  attends Desert High School, Edwards AFB, CA, and has received a Presidential nomination to the USAFA, has been offered an appointment and accepted. While an unlimited number of presidential nominations are available to children of career officer and enlisted personnel of the Armed Forces, only 100 candidates may be appointed with these nominations each year. Garron has earned awards at the Kern County Science Fair over the past three years. He is a CA Boys State Delegate and Antelope Valley Press Future Leader. He has served as the Air Force JROTC Group Commander and Squadron Flight Commander in Civil Air Patrol. After graduating from the USAFA, he hopes to become a fighter pilot and later a test pilot and astronaut.


United States Military Academy, West Point, NY (USMA)

Principal Nominee:

Robert Purdy, 19, of Bakersfield, CA, is a 2015 graduate of Stockdale High School in Bakersfield, CA, and is currently attending Phillips Exeter Academy, in Exeter, NH. At Stockdale High School, he was Senior Class President and participated in Basketball all four years and served as Captain for three years.  He was selected for the Bakersfield Californian Basketball First Team All-Area for two years. While at the academy, he expects to major in mechanical engineering focusing on automotive systems and engineering management.

Each year USMA sends Letters of Assurance (LOA) to a select few exceptionally qualified candidates as an offer of early admission pending a congressional nomination.

LOA Recipient:

Jaeden Watson, 17, of Bakersfield, CA, attends Stockdale High School in Bakersfield, CA. He is a two-sport athlete in Cross Country (all-area champion) and Track and Field (state finalist) and was selected to represent Stockdale as a representative at California Boys State where he was elected State Senator. At the academy, he plans on majoring in mechanical engineering and/or economics in order to pursue a career in the industrial and/or financial fields as an officer.

Competing Alternates:

Charles Dobbin, Desert High School, Edwards AFB, CA

Hayden Dyc, Highland High School, Bakersfield, CA

Quinn Giesick, Liberty High School, Bakersfield, CA

Andrew Lewis, Harmony Magnet Academy, Porterville, CA

John Owens, Liberty High School, Bakersfield, CA

Austin Pendergrass, Taft College, Taft, CA

Timothy Rossi, Bakersfield High School, Bakersfield, CA


United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD (USNA)

Principal Nominee:

Andrew Lewis, 17, of Porterville, CA, attends Harmony Magnet Academy in Strathmore, CA. He is President of the Key Club and was active in the Porterville Aquatics Club Water Polo Team and Porterville Hurricanes Swim Team between his seventh through eleventh grade years. He was selected to attend California Boys State by Harmony Magnet. At the academy, he plans on majoring in chemistry or electrical engineering. After graduation, he hopes to be an officer on a naval destroyer, with the goal of becoming a captain of a vessel and remaining in the Navy for the entirety of his professional career. 

Competing Alternates:

David Aranda, Burroughs High School, Ridgecrest, CA

Daniel Childress, Helmholtz Gymnasium, Heidelberg, Germany

Katelyn Garcia, Eastside High School, Lancaster, CA

Maxx McCabe, Tehachapi High School, Tehachapi, CA

Cameron Reeves, Bakersfield Christian High School, Bakersfield, CA

Daniel Richardson, Frontier High School, Bakersfield, CA

Ruby Stith, Taft Union High School, Taft, CA

Shane Stubblefield, Taft Union High School, Taft, CA

Dustin Wagner, Kern Valley High School, Lake Isabella, CA


United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY (USMMA)

Principal Nominee:

Dustin Wagner, 18, of Kernville, CA, attends Kern Valley High School in Lake Isabella, CA. He is a three-sport athlete in Basketball, Football and Track and Field and serves as captain of all three teams.  He was selected as a nominee to represent Kern Valley as a representative at California Boys State. Dustin is currently the Senior Class Vice President.  In addition to receiving the principal nomination to USMMA, Dustin also received competing alternate nominations to USNA and USAFA.

Competing Alternates:

David Aranda, Burroughs High School, Ridgecrest, CA

Naquore Davis, Independence High School, Bakersfield, CA

Manuel Olea, Liberty High School, Bakersfield, CA

Maxx McCabe, Tehachapi High School, Tehachapi, CA

Cameron Reeves, Bakersfield Christian High School, Bakersfield, CA



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The Bill to Repeal Obamacare and Defund Planned Parenthood is Heading to the President’s Desk


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the House floor today on how Congress will use reconciliation to repeal Obamacare and defund Planned Parenthood.

Congressman McCarthy’s full speech is below, or watch online here.

Video of Leader McCarthy: We Can and We Will Repeal Obamacare


“I thank the gentleman for yielding. I appreciate the work that the chairman has made. You know, he is the Chairman of the Budget [Committee] but before he stood on this floor, he was a doctor. He’s still a doctor today, and I know the passion in which he brings to bring the right type of reform for a medical facility that actually works in this country. And I know that’s why today is so important not just to him but to all of us.

“We’ve worked hard—I’d say relentlessly—to make this day happen. Yes, we fought to delay, defund, and actually repeal Obamacare. This law is a failure. We know it, and I know all of you on the other side of the aisle know it as well. Twelve co-ops have failed. State exchanges are failing. 

“No matter where you stood on this issue you went home and you heard from your constituents. Now if you voted for it, you’re going to have to answer to the President’s promises. Because he just didn’t promise a few in this room, he promised all of Americans. Do you remember what he said?

“He said, ‘If you like your health-care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health-care plan. Period.’ He said also said, Mr. Speaker, ‘If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor. Period.’ Mr. Speaker, he also said Obamacare would ‘lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year.”

“Those are direct quotes. Not one of them came to fruition.

“Now I know what I'll hear on the other side of the aisle. And they probably won’t mention this, but you know on this floor Republicans and Democrats joined together to dismantle the employer and individual mandates. In a bipartisan fashion we delayed the Medical Device Tax. In a bipartisan fashion—a lot driven from the other side—delayed the Cadillac Tax, cut funding to the health care rationing board, and stopped the taxpayer bailout of insurance companies. 

“Many of our attempts have been successful in undoing key parts of this law. But today, for the first time, we send a bill repealing Obamacare to the President’s desk.

“We also—after watching the horrific videos of Planned Parenthood employees casually discussing the sale of infant organs, we knew something had to be done. Something had to be done to make sure taxpayers were never forced to support organizations that engage in such inhumane practices.

“Today, we send a bill to the President’s desk that ends taxpayer funding for abortion coverage and abortion providers, like Planned Parenthood.

“No matter where you go in this country, no matter who you talk to, no matter what party they belong to, they know things are wrong in this country. People are hurting under Obamacare. Human life is being disregarded. And now, Congress will put it to the President and hold him accountable for the terrible policies his Administration has pursued.

“Mr. Speaker, I don’t have any delusions. For the sake of the American people and too many unborn children, I hope the President signs this bill. But the President has made his position very clear. No matter how wrong he is, he will veto any bill that repeals Obamacare or defunds Planned Parenthood. 

“If he does, we'll vote to override that veto. I—and I know many of my colleagues—have worked with colleagues on the other side of the aisle trying to persuade them to join with us. We asked them to join us and stand with the American people against Obamacare and against taxpayer funding for the abortion industry.

“But no matter how the override vote ends up, what we are doing today is still important. When a Republican President takes office next year, Mr. Speaker, we can use reconciliation again. But we won’t have to worry about a veto from the White House, and we can overcome any attempts by the Democrats to filibuster and obstruct.

“You see, from the foundation of this bill, and from the work of many colleagues in the medical community and doctors that serve as members of Congress, we’ll create a patient-centered health care system that gives power to the people, not to bureaucrats in Washington.

“So Mr. Speaker, that’s why today is important. Because with this bill, we can do it—this year or the next. But we will.” 


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The President Cannot Infringe on Our Second Amendment Rights


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on the President’s executive action on gun control:

“The American people have a constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Ultimately, this executive ‘guidance’ is only a weak gesture—a shell of what the President actually wants. Congress and the American people have repeatedly said ‘no’ to President Obama’s ineffective policies that would infringe on the Second Amendment. The House continues to stand for the Constitution and in defense of the American people’s rights."


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Leadership Positions

Majority Leader

Congressman Kevin McCarthy represents the 23rd District of California, which spans Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles counties. First elected in 2006, Kevin is a native of Bakersfield and a fourth-generation Kern County resident. He is committed to policies that give small businesses and entrepreneurs the confidence they need to hire, expand, invest and innovate. After the 2010 midterm elections, Kevin was elected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Whip of the United States House of Representatives.

Kevin started his own small business before the age of 21. He built Kevin O’s Deli from the ground up, even enlisting his father’s help in building the deli’s counter in their garage. He worked hard, hired employees and enjoyed success in his community. That’s also where he first encountered government overregulation. The countless frivolous and redundant rules, as well as the taxes small businesses like his were burdened with, spurred Kevin’s interest in public service. When Kevin sold his business, he used the profits to put himself through college and graduate school. He received both his undergraduate degree and his Masters in Business Administration from California State University, Bakersfield.

During college, Kevin accepted an internship with then-Congressman Bill Thomas, and soon became a member of Congressman Thomas’s staff. Kevin won his first election in 2000 as Trustee to the Kern Community College District. In 2002, McCarthy was elected to represent the 32nd Assembly District in the California State Assembly. As a freshman legislator, he was selected unanimously by his Republican colleagues to serve as the Assembly Republican Leader, becoming the first freshman legislator and the first legislator from Kern County to assume the top Republican post in the California State Assembly. Kevin worked with his colleagues in the Assembly and Senate and with the Governor to reduce California’s budget deficit, overhaul the state worker’s compensation system and enhance California’s business climate to create more opportunities for California workers and businesses until he ran for Congress in 2006.

Kevin brings his personal experience as a small business owner and as an effective leader in the statehouse to Washington D.C. In his role as Majority Whip, Kevin leads the effort in Congress to advance common sense policies that will put America back on the path to prosperity. Since gaining control of the House in November 2010, Kevin and his Republican colleagues have blocked the largest tax increase in American history, cut out-of-control government spending by historic levels and passed numerous pieces of legislation that will help create jobs in America. These bills reduce the burden on small businesses, increase our nation’s energy security by promoting domestic energy production, knock down barriers for small business owners to access capital and help increase certainty for the private sector.

Kevin will continue to fight to get Washington’s fiscal house in order while promoting policies that empower the private sector to invest and create jobs.

When Kevin is not in Washington fighting for the constituents of California’s 23rd District and for the future of America, he is home in Bakersfield with his wife Judy and two children Connor and Meghan.

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