Kevin McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy


McCarthy Statement on Erskine Fire


Bakersfield, CA - Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on the Erskine Fire in Lake Isabella: 


"Judy and I are saddened by the loss of life from the ‪‎Erskine Fire‬. Our prayers go out to the families and everyone who has been affected. In the face of this devastation it has been incredible to see our community come together to support one another and help our neighbors get through this time of crisis. Specifically, our firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders have been nothing short of heroic while working to keep everyone safe and we are grateful for their service. I have been in contact with the Federal, state, and local officials to ensure they have all the resources needed to fight this fire. The coming days will continue to be difficult, but our community's generosity and family spirit will bring us all together to help rebuild."



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The Department of Justice Must Defend Our Veterans


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on the Department of Justice’s decision to not fully defend H.R. 3230, Veterans’ Choice Act passed by Congress to reform the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA):

“The Obama Administration has a long history of defending the sprawling, inefficient, and inept federal bureaucracy at the expense of the American people. Now, it’s hurting our veterans. For too long our veterans have not gotten the care they deserve at the VA, enduring long wait times and insufficient care while VA employees and executives cooked the books to cover up the scandal. When Congress passed the Veterans Choice Act, a key provision allowed for incompetent and indifferent executives whose inaction allowed veterans to die to be more easily fired. Now, even after the President signed this provision into law, his Administration is refusing to defend this measure of accountability in the current court action Helman v. the Department of Veterans Affairs. This inaction could allow Sharon Helman—the plaintiff in the case and a now-felon who was in charge of the Phoenix VA when the wait time scandal came to light—to get her job back.

“This decision by the Obama Administration puts our veterans at further risk. We cannot entrust veterans’ health care to people unwilling or unable to do their jobs and to an agency like the VA that is unable to hold people accountable. The Department of Justice must defend the law as written and signed by President Obama.” 

NOTE: The Veterans Choice Act passed the House by a vote of 420–5 on July 30, 2014

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Honoring Our Fallen Heroes


Honoring our fallen heroes


Congressman Kevin McCarthy

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While Memorial Day weekend may mark the beginning of summer and a long weekend away from work, it has even greater importance that we should all take time to reflect on. It marks a day of remembrance; it is one of the few times during the year when Americans come together to recognize and honor the men and women of our Armed Services who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.


From Colonial America to the Middle East, from places such as Normandy to Okinawa, Kabul, and Baghdad -- they heroically fought so others could live in freedom and liberty, free from the fear of tyranny and aggression. 


This year’s Memorial Day has added significance, as we honor many heroes by observing the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the 25th anniversary of the Gulf War. While these conflicts varied greatly, the values of those serving remained constant. The fallen from the ‘Day of Infamy’ and those who served in the Middle East will always be remembered for their courage, honor, and selflessness. 


And while this day commemorates those we have lost, we must also recognize those who are currently deployed all over the world and our veterans here at home. Those serving at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, and Edwards Air Force Base are why I remain committed to ensure our military remains the best-equipped and best-prepared fighting force the world has ever known. Those priorities were reflected in recent congressional legislation I voted for that strengthens our military, supports our troops and their families, and provides more targeted resources to improve the effectiveness of health care and benefits for our veterans. 


On this Memorial Day, I encourage everyone to reflect on the sacrifices that have allowed us to live our lives as we do, and to thank a veteran for it. Our hearts should swell with gratitude as we reflect on those who served to defend freedom and help spread democratic ideals around the globe. Our nation—and so many other nations—remain free because of our servicemen and our servicewomen. 


Congressman Kevin McCarthy proudly serves California’s 23rd congressional district.




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McCarthy Celebrates Local Service Academy Graduates


Congressman Kevin McCarthy is proud to announce the graduation of eight cadets/midshipmen from the U.S. Service Academies.


“It has been a source of great pride to watch these individuals grow and develop into strong young officers these past four years through the benefits of a military education,” said McCarthy. “I commend them for their commitment to service and look forward to seeing what they accomplish as they lead our armed services into the future.”


2nd Lieutenant Jason Linderman will graduate from the United States Air Force Academy at Colorado Springs with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science on June 2, 2016.  He is a graduate of Independence High School in Bakersfield, CA.


After graduation, he will be attending Pilot training at Vance Air Force Base, Oklahoma.



Ensign Alexandria Baker will graduate from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in the French Language on May 27, 2016.  She is a graduate of Stockdale High School in Bakersfield, CA.




After graduation she will report to the amphibious ship USS Ashland in Sasebo, Japan.  After serving four years as a Surface Warfare Officer, she will earn her graduate degree and be transferred to the Engineering Duty Officer community.  



Ensign Molly Chandler will graduate from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry on May 27, 2016. She is a graduate of Frontier High School in Bakersfield, CA.


She will report to the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD to begin medical school. 


Ensign Edward Camdon Muncy will graduate from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in General Engineering on May 27, 2016. He is a graduate of Templeton High School in Templeton, CA.


He will report to Norfolk, VA where he will serve aboard the USS Ramage (DDG 61) as a Weapons Division officer. 



Ensign Tyler Donovan Valencia will graduate from the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD with a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering Degree on May 27, 2016. He is a graduate of Independence High School in Bakersfield, CA.  



After graduation he will be reporting to Pensacola, FL, to begin flight training as a Naval Aviator.


2nd Lieutenant Austin Wiemann will graduate from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Operations Research on May 27, 2016. He is a graduate of North County Christian School in Atascadero, CA.



He will report to the Basic School in Quantico, VA, to begin training as a Marine Corps Ground officer.



2nd Lieutenant Nicholas Treiberg graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering on May 21, 2016.  He is a graduate of Centennial High School in Bakersfield, CA.



He will report to the Air Defense Artillery Basic Officer Leaders Course at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, on August 1st. In 2017, he will report to his permanent duty station with the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade in South Korea.



2nd Lieutenant Curtis W. Valencia graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a Bachelor of Science Degree in History on May 21, 2016. He is a graduate of Independence High School in Bakersfield, CA.






Upon graduation, he will attend the Engineer Basic Officer Leadership Course until January 2017. In February of 2017, he will report to his first duty station at Fort Hood, Texas, with the 36th Engineer Brigade.



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California House GOP Releases Statement on California Water Legislation


WASHINGTON, DC - This week, the House of Representatives will vote twice on California water legislation (H.R. 2898, the Western Water and American Food Security Act of 2015). 

First, the House will vote on the House amendment to S. 2012, the Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2016, which will include H.R. 2898. In addition, the House is scheduled to vote on H.R. 5055, the Energy and Water Development and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2017 which also includes provisions from H.R. 2898. 

Both pieces of legislation are expected to move to conference with the Senate. 

On Monday, Republican Members of the California Delegation issued the following statement: 

"California House Republicans are prepared to lead Congress this week in major steps towards water solutions our state desperately needs. The House of Representatives is scheduled to consider California water legislation on the House amendment to the Senate energy bill AND the House Energy and Water Appropriations bill. House passage on both will send these bills into a House and Senate conference — marking the first time this has happened. While the House has acted multiple times over the years, our Democratic Senate colleagues have neglected the urgency of this crisis. This week’s action will ensure they can no longer ignore sensible solutions."



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McCarthy’s Ozone Regulation Reform Moves Forward


Washington, DC – Today, the House Energy and Commerce Committee passed H.R. 4775, the Ozone Standards Implementation Act, which McCarthy is an original cosponsor of. Congressman McCarthy released the following statement as the bill now is ready for consideration by the House of Representatives:


“The Valley has proven we can clean our air while simultaneously growing our economy. Our residents and local businesses have worked hard to make our community a wonderful place to work, live, and raise a family. This achievement should be celebrated, not dismissed as the Obama Administration seems intent to do. Through the Administration’s new ozone rule, communities like ours – those that face geographic challenges and naturally occurring ozone – will be punished. Everyone’s shared goal is a healthier and more prosperous Central Valley, but saddling our communities with a new unattainable standard and then penalizing us for failing to meet it could potentially slow down current work on meeting the challenging air quality requirements already on the books. I want to commend Chairman Upton, Chairman Whitfield, and Congressman Olson on today’s action, which is an important step to restoring common sense for the common good while continuing the efforts to clean the air we all breathe.  I look forward to working with my colleagues to expeditiously bring H.R. 4775 up in the full House for a vote.”





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A Strong Foreign Policy Starts with a Strong Military


Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the House floor today in favor of H.R. 4909, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which will provide our military the resources it needs.

Full remarks are below or watch online here.

“I want to take one moment. Very seldom do we see a bill of this significance to come to the floor in such a bipartisan manner. That takes leadership, it takes experience, and I want to thank the chairman for that. He knows that I trust his judgment, but more importantly whenever we’re talking about national security he’s the first one I call, but I’m not the only one who calls him. Those around the world do as well.

“But I want to take a moment to thank the ranking member as well. The vote to come out of committee was 60-2. That shows the leadership on both sides that when America looks at the national security they want Republicans and Democrats to work together. And both of you have shown that leadership, and I want to congratulate you for that, bringing it to the floor in that manner.

“Now, Mr. Speaker, it is indisputable that our national security has declined under President Obama’s watch. Terrorists are attacking us right here at home, Europe is under siege, and yet the President is more focused on closing Guantanamo Bay and releasing detainees than he is on the real threats to American security.

“Afghanistan is increasingly unstable and the Taliban and al-Qaeda are gaining ground. Yet President Obama remains committed to withdrawing our troops while constraining their ability to take the fight to the enemy. 

“These are just two examples. And I don’t need to go through the whole list. Just look at the map of the world and what do you see? Allies that have been slighted. Enemies that have been appeased. Regions that have fallen into conflict and chaos.

“The Obama Administration is not the direct cause of every problem, but the President’s inadequate responses, naïve beliefs, and failures of leadership have put American interests at risk and made our country less safe.

“Now, House Republicans have always been and remain committed to a strong American military, an active foreign policy, and continued American leadership in the world. We must counter the terrorist threat forcefully. We must reaffirm and strengthen our strategic alliances, like NATO. We must engage and prevent, not retrench and respond.

“This National Defense Authorization Act demonstrates our commitment by prioritizing funding to support more troops, better defenses, and better equipment. Most importantly, this bill works to improve readiness and ensures that our men and women are prepared to go into battle.

“The President has fought this approach and has said he will veto this bill as it currently stands. That’s despite a 2.1% pay raise for our troops, better resources for the warfighters, an aggressive stance against Russian expansion, and funding for Israel’s missile defense. 

“This is the height of irresponsibility.

With this bill, the House makes it clear that we intend to reinvigorate the Department of Defense, take care of our men and women in uniform, stand with our allies, and make every possible effort to defeat global extremism. The President should share these goals and sign this bill.

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McCarthy Introduces Public Housing Reform


Bakersfield, CA - Congressman Kevin McCarthy introduced legislation to reform and expand a popular public housing program that gives local communities greater control in serving our neighbors. McCarthy introduced the legislation at an event at the Residences at West Columbus in Bakersfield. He was joined by Kern Public Housing Authority Executive Director, Stephen Pelz and Tulare Public Housing Authority Executive Director, Ken Kugler.


McCarthy’s legislation, H.R. 5137, the Moving to Work Reform and Expansion Act, expands a pilot program from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, known as Moving to Work, that gives local communities more power in determining how federal resources are utilized to attain the original goal of getting those who have fallen on tough times back on their feet.  




In 1998, Congress authorized a few dozen Public Housing Authorities to be exempt from Department of Housing and Urban Development regulations (HUD) to experiment with better ways to provide the opportunity for those who have fallen on tough times to get back on their feet. This program is called Moving to Work (MTW).


Participating agencies were allowed to use their own initiative in managing their investments, working with non-profit partners, and introducing policy. The principle was simple: no one central authority can predict or regulate away the problems unique to the 3,300 public housing authorities operating in America. Local experts, with careers spent serving our community, are better equipped to know the people and priorities of our county than a distant bureaucracy.


In our Valley, the Housing Authority of Tulare County was one of the original agencies chosen to participate in MTW. Tulare used the program’s freedoms to deliver more housing at lower costs than agencies directed by the federal bureaucracy. Through MTW, Tulare adopted policies that raised the average income of their tenants by 67%, more than six times the national average. As Tulare and many of the other 38 original agencies demonstrated, the Moving-to-Work program is simply a more efficient way to provide public housing than the federal government.


This bill allows responsible agencies in good standing and with firm plans for utilizing MTW– agencies like the Kern Housing Authority – to apply for participation in an improved, permanent Moving-to-Work program. This bill gradually transitions agencies into the program to ensure a seamless continuation of services as participation grows. Furthermore, it improves the original program’s reporting and accountability processes, and adds protections to ensure that the interests of those in need are never overlooked. 


This legislation is supported by numerous local agencies, including: United Way of Kern County, Clinica Sierra Vista, Flood Bakersfield Ministries, The Mission, California Veterans Assistance Foundation, the Council of Large Public Housing Authorities and the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association.








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McCarthy Announces Winners of Congressional Art Competition


Bakersfield, CA – Today, Congressman Kevin McCarthy announced the winners of the 35th Annual “An Artistic Discovery” Congressional Art Competition for high school students in our community. Winners and participants will be honored at a reception on Friday, May 6th at Metro Galleries in Bakersfield from 6:30-7:30 PM.


“Our community is filled with creative minds that showcase their artistic talent every year in the Congressional Art Competition. It is always such an exciting opportunity to honor the artists, their work, and the stories behind their work every year. Every participant should be proud their work. And as Members of Congress and visitors walk to the Capitol in DC, Ethan’s work will surely be the best one showcased.” McCarthy said.


The overall winner is Ethan Petty, 12th grade, who is a student at Bakersfield High School. Under the direction of his art teacher, Vicki Smart, Ethan created his piece, “Internal Contrast,” using acrylic paint on canvas. Ethan’s piece is attached to this release.


Ethan will be invited to attend the exhibit opening of “An Artistic Discovery” in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, June 23, 2016. His artwork will be displayed in the corridor leading to the U.S. Capitol for a period of one year.  As the overall winner, he will also receive two round-trip tickets to the exhibit opening, as well as a cash award to be presented at the district reception.


Awards will also be presented to those students who placed First, Second, Third and received Honorable Mention in the following three categories: All Other Medium, Photography, and Computer Art.  In addition, all winners will have the option of displaying their artwork in the McCarthy’s Washington office for one year.


Below are listed all other winners:


All Other Medium Category:

1st Place- Rachel Phelps, Alicia’s Art School, Lancaster, Graphite- “Maggie”

2nd Place- Vincent Alcorta, West High School, Bakersfield, Graphite- “J. Cole”     

3rd Place- Silvestre Mendoza, Independence High School, Bakersfield, Colored Pencil- “LION!”

Photography Category:

1st Place- Emerson Eoff, Frontier High School, Bakersfield, Photo- “Kudoclasm”

2nd Place- Zeriyn Araneta, West High School, Bakersfield, Photo-“The Golden Hour”

3rd Place- Jorge Zuniga, West High School, Bakersfield, Photo- “Free Flag”

Honorable Mention- Andrew Acres, Frontier High School, Bakersfield, Photo- “Untitled”

Computer Generated Art Category:

1st Place- Robert Russ, Bakersfield High School, Computer Art-“Highest Breath”

2nd Place- Andy Monzon, Independence High School, Bakersfield, Computer Art- “Yuna”

3rd Place- Alexandra Apatiga, Frontier High School, Bakersfield, Computer Art- “Tranquility”


Congressman McCarthy received 255 entries from 15 schools in the 23rd Congressional District this year, which includes parts of Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles Counties.




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Data Transparency to Fight Back Against America's Opioid Epidemic


Washington D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) introduced legislation Tuesday to improve the evaluation of opioid related grant programs and increase data transparency:

“The House is taking action to address and resolve America’s opioid epidemic. Our goal is simple: we want to build on current legislative efforts to prevent addiction and treat those suffering. To focus on achieving these outcomes I introduced the Opioid Program Evaluation (OPEN) Act.

"Helping solve this epidemic requires a holistic approach that starts with identifying goals and the metrics used to determine success. The OPEN Act will require the Attorney General and the Health and Human Services Secretary to collect and publicly share information about the effectiveness of opioid-related programs. By increasing access to this data, healthcare officials, researchers, and engaged citizens will have an opportunity to strengthen treatment and prevention programs. There is no quick cure to this problem, but we can and must do more to stop the tide of this epidemic so the American people can live freer and happier lives. To do so, our solutions need to be anchored by data and proven results."

NOTE: The House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to markup the OPEN Act , April 27, 2016.

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Contact Information

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Washington, DC 20515
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Leadership Positions

Majority Leader

Congressman Kevin McCarthy represents the 23rd District of California, which spans Kern, Tulare, and Los Angeles counties. First elected in 2006, Kevin is a native of Bakersfield and a fourth-generation Kern County resident. He is committed to policies that give small businesses and entrepreneurs the confidence they need to hire, expand, invest and innovate. After the 2010 midterm elections, Kevin was elected by his colleagues to serve as Majority Whip of the United States House of Representatives.

Kevin started his own small business before the age of 21. He built Kevin O’s Deli from the ground up, even enlisting his father’s help in building the deli’s counter in their garage. He worked hard, hired employees and enjoyed success in his community. That’s also where he first encountered government overregulation. The countless frivolous and redundant rules, as well as the taxes small businesses like his were burdened with, spurred Kevin’s interest in public service. When Kevin sold his business, he used the profits to put himself through college and graduate school. He received both his undergraduate degree and his Masters in Business Administration from California State University, Bakersfield.

During college, Kevin accepted an internship with then-Congressman Bill Thomas, and soon became a member of Congressman Thomas’s staff. Kevin won his first election in 2000 as Trustee to the Kern Community College District. In 2002, McCarthy was elected to represent the 32nd Assembly District in the California State Assembly. As a freshman legislator, he was selected unanimously by his Republican colleagues to serve as the Assembly Republican Leader, becoming the first freshman legislator and the first legislator from Kern County to assume the top Republican post in the California State Assembly. Kevin worked with his colleagues in the Assembly and Senate and with the Governor to reduce California’s budget deficit, overhaul the state worker’s compensation system and enhance California’s business climate to create more opportunities for California workers and businesses until he ran for Congress in 2006.

Kevin brings his personal experience as a small business owner and as an effective leader in the statehouse to Washington D.C. In his role as Majority Whip, Kevin leads the effort in Congress to advance common sense policies that will put America back on the path to prosperity. Since gaining control of the House in November 2010, Kevin and his Republican colleagues have blocked the largest tax increase in American history, cut out-of-control government spending by historic levels and passed numerous pieces of legislation that will help create jobs in America. These bills reduce the burden on small businesses, increase our nation’s energy security by promoting domestic energy production, knock down barriers for small business owners to access capital and help increase certainty for the private sector.

Kevin will continue to fight to get Washington’s fiscal house in order while promoting policies that empower the private sector to invest and create jobs.

When Kevin is not in Washington fighting for the constituents of California’s 23rd District and for the future of America, he is home in Bakersfield with his wife Judy and two children Connor and Meghan.

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