John Fleming

John Fleming


Fleming: SCOTUS Decision ‘Indefensible’


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Texas state statutes designed to protect women by requiring that abortion facilities meet certain health and safety standards.

“Once again this court has re-written a law to its own liking, creating one of most absurd conclusions ever ruled. In dissent, Justice Alito pointed out that in striking down the whole law to save the left’s abortion agenda, he points out basic common-sense being obliterated: ‘Provisions that are indisputably constitutional—for example, provisions that require facili­ties performing abortions to follow basic fire safety measures—are stricken from the books. There is no possi­ble justification for this collateral damage.’  Such irrational thinking by the court’s left wing signals continued, possibly irreparable, erosion of our cultural norms.

“We’ve already seen what happens when these facilities are not held to the same health safety standards as any other health clinic – negligence, unsanitary conditions, and within the walls of Kermit Gosnell’s clinic – even murdering women along with their children.  The abortion industry is out to make money, not protect women’s health. Like Dred, these type of decisions must be revisited.”


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Fleming Responds to Brexit


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the UK voted in a referendum to leave the European Union.


“The British people sent a clear message that they are ready for a new start and ready to have more of a voice in how their nation is governed and economy run.  I respect their decision and look forward to a strengthened relationship with our long-time ally. America should be among the first to to strike a trade deal with the United Kingdom. We should support our ally and renew the special relationship our countries have historically pursued.”

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Fleming Receives Club for Growth’s “Defender of Economic Freedom” Award


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the Club for Growth presented him with the “Defender of Economic Freedom” Award for his voting record on economic freedom and limited government in 2015.


“I am honored to receive this award again, and this year, am the only one in the Louisiana delegation to do so. I’m proud to work for lower taxes and less government and promise to continue pushing back on an intrusive government because that’s when our economy thrives.


“Congratulations to Congressman Fleming for his consistent defense of economic freedom and pro-growth policies in Washington,” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh. “We need more people like Congressman Fleming standing up for liberty and opportunity in Washington. People deserve to know whether the voting records of their representatives in Washington match their rhetoric back home. Congressman Fleming has truly walked the talk and is fighting for Louisianan taxpayers.”

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Fleming Praises Supreme Court Decision Striking Down Obama’s Illegal Amnesty


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the Supreme Court upheld a Texas Court’s decision stating that the President’s executive action on illegal immigration is unlawful.


“The Supreme Court’s decision is one line that upholds the very well thought out and argued decision by US District Court Judge Andrew Hanen in Brownsville, TX. What President Obama was trying to accomplish by granting illegal immigrants amnesty was flat-out illegal, and the nation’s highest court confirmed that today. I’ve been proud to support the House amicus briefs and the House of Representatives joining the suit against the Obama Administration. Again, it is Congress, not the President, that gets to decide our nation’s immigration policy. This is a win for the Constitution, Congress and the American people.


“Today’s tie vote is also a reminder that the next Supreme Court pick is going to be even more important. We must hold off on the President’s selection to ensure the Constitution continues to be protected.”

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Fleming Responds to House Democrat “Sit-In”


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after House Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor to demand the House take up gun control legislation.


“Besides looking like hippies in a 60’s photo-op, Democrats are willfully denying important facts during their ‘sit-in’ today demanding gun control legislation. First, according to the legislation they want, you don’t have to be convicted of any crime to end up on the terrorist watch list. You don’t even have to be charged with a crime. The ‘loophole” Democrats are always talking about is simple due process. Senator Manchin said as much when he stated ‘The problem we have, and really the firewall we have right now is due process.’ This is unbelievable. And scary.


“The denial of due process is more than enough reason to oppose any legislation Democrats have in mind, but it brings up a more important question: Is the Attorney General powerless to deny these ‘terrorists’ guns right now? Of course not! In fact, if these are “Dangerous Terrorists” as the Democrat’s bill title suggests, indict them! President Obama needs to charge terrorists with terrorism, and then they automatically lose their right to buy firearms. This is what current law says. Why won’t Democrats do this? Because for them it’s never really been about terrorism; it’s only ever been about taking away our Second Amendment rights, one bullet at a time if necessary.”

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Fleming Responds to Court’s Decision on Fracking


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after a federal judge ruled that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) does not have authority to regulate fracking.


“The court issued a rare common-sense decision that adheres to the Constitution. Only Congress has the power to grant authority to regulate fracking, and Congress has done no such thing. Therefore, the court ruled that Obama’s BLM does not have the authority, no matter what it says. Louisiana already does a better job regulating fracking than Washington bureaucrats.


“If this same logic is applied to the Clean Power Plan (CPP), the courts will strike the CPP down as well. The CPP will have devastating impacts on Louisiana and our nation’s coal industry. Let’s hope the courts get it right a second time.” 


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Fleming: Churches Face Discrimination Under Obama Administration


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) refused to provide relief for California’s churches and religiously affiliated institutions facing ongoing government discrimination and failed to interpret the plain text of the Weldon amendment, longstanding conscience protections. 

“After a drawn-out non-investigation, the Obama Administration decided today that churches and religious schools in California should be forced to pay for abortions through their health plans. This should sound the alarm bells in every town across America. Conscience, moral, and religious objections to taking the life of another unborn human holds absolutely no weight under this Administration. If that weren’t enough, today’s actions are a complete misinterpretation of long-standing federal law known as the Weldon amendment, that would withhold federal dollars from flowing to California should the state persist in requiring all health plans to cover abortions. Clearly, respect for the law has never been a top priority for the White House.

“Today’s decision, now perhaps more than ever, reveals why this Congress must act immediately to pass my bill, H.R. 4828, Conscience Protection Act. The legislation would codify the Weldon amendment and allow citizens affected by this HHS decision a right of action, to petition the courts for a redress of grievances. This Administration is hell bent on forcing Americans to accept, without recourse, their worldview and it is time to push back on these brazen attacks to liberty.”

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Fleming Votes to Prevent President’s Political Agenda in Military


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after voting in favor of H.R. 5293, the Defense Appropriations Bill to fully fund our nation’s military. The bill included two amendments Rep. Fleming co-sponsored including an amendment to prohibit defense dollars from being used to fund two of President Obama’s Executive Orders on climate change and green energy, and another amendment to prohibit defense funds from being used to house illegal aliens on military bases.


“At a time when our military is desperate for more funds to complete its mission, the President would rather that money go towards implementing “green energy” technologies into our military than actually protecting our country.  The bill also included another amendment that I co-sponsored to prevent scarce defense dollars from being used to house illegal aliens who are here in the country because of the President’s unconstitutional Deferred Action program. These initiatives coming from the White House hurt our nation’s readiness and I was proud to support a bill that ensures every dollar goes to the strength of our Military and not the President’s political agenda.”

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Fleming Responds to Orlando Tragedy


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement in response to the mass shooting in Orlando yesterday which took the lives of 49 people and injured 53 others:


“My heart goes out to the family members who lost loved ones in this vicious terrorist attack. We pray for for them in this time of pain, mourning, and loss. We have lost fellow Americans in this attack, and we must stand together against the threat of ISIS and radical Islam.


“This is not a time for politics, it is a time for mourning. Too many are already going out and blaming the NRA, ‘the Christian right’ or denying that radical Islam is involved or responsible. This constant drive to divide Americans is harmful and plays right into our enemy’s hands.”

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Fleming Blasts Leadership for Blocking his Amendment to Puerto Rico Bill


WASHINGTON, D.C. –Congressman John Fleming, M.D. released the following statement after the House Rules Committee blocked his amendment that would have prevented union pensions from being paid ahead of bondholders.


“It’s clear now that the intention of the PROMESA legislation is to bail out the government unions and their pensions at the expense of senior citizens in Puerto Rico and America who purchased “full-faith-and-credit” bonds as part of their retirement savings.


“The bill asks the Oversight Board to merely ‘respect’ the order of creditors. Democrats interpret ‘respect’ as giving them wiggle room to change the priority order, so I attempted to clarify the intent by requiring the Board to ‘comply’ with the lawful order. The Democrats have been making it clear that they intend to use PROMESA to bail out government unions, just like they did with General Motors. Now, Republican Leadership is complicit in their scheme.


“Let every Republican be on notice: if you vote for this bill, you are voting to bail out the unions and 40 years of liberal policies in Puerto Rico.”


Background: The Fleming Amendment would have required the Oversight Board to comply with the lawful priority order of creditors, which would have ensured that owners of constitutional debt were paid before other claims, as they were promised by law.  PROMESA changes the rules and the law on these investors.


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John Fleming grew up in a working class family in Mississippi. After his father suddenly died, John, as a teenager, took on added responsibility for his disabled mother and his younger siblings. He worked his way through college and attended medical school on a Navy scholarship. John served six years in the Navy as a Medical Officer

After his time in the U.S. Navy, John and his wife of 34 years, Cindy, settled in Minden, Louisiana. With a young family and no money in the bank, he started a medical practice that continues to serve the community today. He also began to build from scratch a group of non-medical small businesses that today provide hundreds of jobs in the region.

John was first elected to Congress in 2008, to represent Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District. The district covers most of western Louisiana, stretching from Caddo and Bossier parishes east to Union, and south to Beauregard, and then east again to include parts of St. Landry parish. The district has abundant assets, including the agriculture, defense, and energy industries.

Fleming serves on two House committees – Armed Services – from which he focuses on the missions of Barksdale Air Force Base and Fort Polk’s Joint Readiness Training Center, and Natural Resources – from which he seeks to support the maximization of the Haynesville and Tuscaloosa Marine Shales, two sources of energy which have created tens of thousands of jobs for 4th District families.

John is focused on preserving the same freedoms that gave him the opportunity, as a young man from a working class family, to work for the American dream. He believes that the people he represents are best served when they are able to create their own success in an environment that embraces individual liberty and is not hampered by high taxes or unnecessary regulations. When government is efficient and accountable, the economy can grow and good jobs will be created.

Dr. Fleming was the Louisiana Family Doctor of the Year in 2007. He has worked in Congress for sensible health care reforms, and authored legislation urging all Members of Congress to participate in the same health care system that they create for the American people. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus, a group that includes 14 physicians who work to develop patient-centered health care reforms. Dr. Fleming has also championed conscience protections for medical personnel who choose to not participate in abortion practices.

John Fleming’s primary goals are to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to be a servant leader to the people he represents. He’s been named a “Defender of Liberty” by the American Conservative Union, a “Congressional Sentinel” by Heritage Action for America, and a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business.

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