John Fleming

John Fleming


Fleming Wants More Pressure on Iran


Congressman John Fleming, M.D., issued the following statement about the seven-month extension of nuclear talks with Iran:
“This delay represents another foreign policy failure by the Obama Administration, and it only serves to embolden Iran’s hostile regime. It’s no surprise that today one of Iran’s leaders boasted that America had failed to bring Iran to its knees. Many of us in Congress have been ready to enact tougher sanctions designed to do just that, and to stop the Iranian nuclear program, but weak leadership from the White House has repeatedly signaled that President Obama is unwilling to get tough on Tehran. What’s needed now is more pressure on Iran, and not more time to allow them to continue their nuclear pursuits.” Read More

EPA Finalizes Agreement for Cleanup at Camp Minden


Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized an agreement with the Louisiana Department of Environmental (LDEQ), Louisiana Military Department (LMD), and the U.S. Army (Army) to dispose of 15 million pounds of abandoned explosives at Camp Minden, La.
Under the final agreement, the Louisiana Military Department will control burn more than 15 million pounds of smokeless propellants in specifically designed burn trays with funding provided by the United States liability fund, on behalf of the Army. EPA and LDEQ will oversee the work and environmental safety.
“This agreement provides a comprehensive solution that protects public health and the environment,” said EPA Regional Administrator Ron Curry. “It reflects the dedication and hard work of all our partners.”

Since 2005, Camp Minden, a former Army base in Northwest Louisiana, was owned and managed by the Louisiana Military Department. A private company under contract with the Army and other private companies used the site to improperly store obsolete explosives and propellant.
In July 2014, EPA ordered the Army to eliminate the imminent and substantial endangerment posed by the M6 artillery propellant stored at the camp. Louisiana also issued an order to the Army to perform the cleanup. Under the terms of the settlement, both the EPA and State of Louisiana orders will be withdrawn.

The abandoned explosives become more unstable as they age, increasing the chances of an uncontrolled explosion. Due to the volume of the abandoned propellant and explosives, on-site destruction represents the most efficient and effective cleanup alternative to address the site.
The on-site destruction of the abandoned explosives is not only designed to achieve an efficient and effective cleanup of the site, but also abate the risks to public health and the environment. Because the stability of the abandoned explosives cannot be guaranteed, an expeditious destruction of the explosives is needed.
The agreement will become effective on Nov. 4, 2014. EPA’s past costs incurred at the site will be subject to a comment period and will be published in the Federal Register on or about October 31, 2014. After a 30-day public comment period, EPA will take the steps needed to finalize the provisions in the agreement regarding recovery of past costs. Read More

Dr. Fleming named new Co-Chair for GOP Doctors Caucus


Following the upcoming retirement of current GOP Doctors Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Phil Gingrey, Rep. John Fleming will join Rep. Phil Roe in leading the group. The Congressmen made the following remarks regarding the transition:  
Dr. Fleming: "Dr. Gingrey has given outstanding leadership to the Doctors Caucus, and while he will be sorely missed, this caucus will continue to play a crucial role in the next Congress. We have crafted real solutions to the health care challenges that face our country and that threaten the doctor-patient relationship. I look forward to working alongside Dr. Roe, and all of the members of the GOP Doctors Caucus. As we continue to experience the unfolding failures of Obamacare, it will be more important than ever for this caucus to develop and promote real health care reform."
Dr. Roe: “Since its inception, the Doctors Caucus has been on the forefront of the health care debate. We’ve presented many market-based solutions to the challenges facing our health care system and have stood united on issues like protecting Americans from Obamacare, repealing SGR and promoting conservative ideas for health care reform. I have enjoyed working with Dr. Gingrey, and his leadership will be missed. With that said, I am proud to have Dr. Fleming step in to the role as co-chair, and I look forward to continuing the Caucus’s work on health care issues in the 114th Congress.”
Dr. Gingrey: “With over 500 years of combined clinical experience between our members, the Doctor’s Caucus is uniquely positioned to influence the national dialogue on health policy. Our members have crafted market-oriented solutions, worked against government intrusion on the doctor-patient relationship, advanced reforms to improve access to quality care, and tackled challenges facing our system on a host of other issues. Needless to say, the Caucus serves as a critically important Congressional resource. Since I co-founded the GOP Doctors Caucus, I’ve been proud of the contributions of our members to our nation’s healthcare debate and look forward to the group’s accomplishments under the very capable leadership of Drs. Roe and Fleming.”
  Read More

Obama Ebola Response Goes From Bad to Worse


“Leave it to President Obama to put a liberal political activist in charge of the administration’s Ebola response. If reports are true, his so-called Ebola Czar will be someone with no medical background, but who was responsible for administering the failed 2009 Obama stimulus program. Yet again, this president is more concerned with ideology than competence.
“If the Obama Administration wants to gain the faith of the American people in the face of a serious public health threat, they should start with a travel ban on people coming from Ebola hot zones, and a CDC Director who will ensure that there are select medical centers that are fully-equipped and trained to handle Ebola patients. The testimony we heard yesterday from Dr. Tom Frieden added to my existing concerns about his ability to handle the crisis. The time has come for the CDC Director to resign.” Read More

Fleming and Gosar Want Congress Back in Washington to Take Up Ebola Travel Ban


Congressman John Fleming, M.D. (Louisiana), and Congressman Paul Gosar, D.D.S., (Arizona) released the following statement calling on Congress to return to Washington to debate a travel ban from the countries of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea:

“Congress needs to return to Washington to debate the issue of a travel ban to protect the American people from Ebola," said Fleming. "I have lost confidence in the Obama Administration and the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to adequately protect the American people from exposure to this deadly virus. At today’s Congressional hearing, the CDC’s Dr. Tom Frieden confirmed that 100-150 people arrive daily in the United States from so-called hot zones in West Africa, but he failed to answer why we’re still allowing them to enter our country, and doing so without any kind of quarantine. Dr. Frieden claimed those individuals could be tracked, but that does nothing to stop their exposure to other people. Since President Obama is unwilling to lead on this issue, Congress must. The House and Senate should be called back into session to discuss and debate the protection of the American people through a travel ban. We should also further explore how to best contain and defeat this virus where the outbreak has already occurred, and prevent its spread beyond those borders.”

"For more than a week, I, along with other members of Congress, have called for a travel ban between Ebola hot zones and the United States; but these calls from Members of Congress have fallen on deaf ears in the passive Obama Administration," said Gosar. "While the recent Ebola outbreak poses a real threat to the United States, the incompetence and indecisiveness of the CDC and the Obama Administration is just as dangerous. The protection of the American people is the most important role of our government. Because the President refuses to lead on this issue, it is of utmost importance that Congress clearly and expeditiously provide direction and leadership to address the threat of an Ebola epidemic spreading into the United States." Read More

Fleming Receives Religious Freedom Award from Military Chaplains


Congressman John Fleming, M.D., received the first ever Torchbearer for Religious Freedom award from the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. The award was presented last night by U.S. Army Chaplain (Brigadier General) Douglas Lee (Ret.) and U.S. Army Chaplain (Colonel) Ron Crews (Ret.).

In presenting the award, Crews, who is Executive Director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, explained how Rep. Fleming worked to amend the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to include “language that would protect the right of conscience not only of chaplains, but also of those they serve.” The Fleming amendment, that remained part of the final NDAA, is aimed at preserving the First Amendment right to free exercise of religion for those in the military, while maintaining military order. Crews added, “It is our joy and our honor, on behalf of chaplains and all those who wear the uniform, to say ‘thank you for taking a stand that our service men and women can exercise their religious liberty while they wear the uniform.’” Read More

Fleming-Led Letter Demands No Transfer of Illegal Immigrants to Louisiana


Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement about a letter he sent to the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Secretary of Health and Human Services, that was also signed by Congressman Charles Boustany, M.D., Congressman Bill Cassidy, M.D., and Congressman Vance McAllister:

“What’s happening at our southern border was ignited by President Obama’s directive and worsened by his ongoing amnesty rhetoric. Now that we face a new crisis of illegal immigration, the president is refusing to lead and is trying instead to push the problem onto Congress and the states. Louisiana should not allow itself to be a pawn in President Obama’s reckless political game.

“My letter calls on the Obama Administration to report if any Unaccompanied Alien Children have been transferred into Louisiana this year, and, if so, has the federal government notified any elected officials. It also stresses that no such transfers should take place without the direct approval of the Governor of Louisiana.

“Without any further delay, the president should be taking every action possible to secure our border and to expeditiously remove illegal crossers.”

Note: The Fleming-Boustany-Cassidy-McAllister letter is attached below.

Dr. John Fleming is Chairman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs and is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. He is a physician and small business owner and represents the 4th Congressional District of Louisiana. Read More

Fleming Blasts More Obama Administration Arrogance Toward Israel


Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement in response to remarks delivered in Israel by Philip Gordon, an advisor to President Obama on Middle East issues:

“The Obama Administration remains naïve and arrogant when it comes to Israel’s security. Mr. Gordon accused Israel of not wanting to pursue peace, as he spoke at a conference in Tel Aviv that was interrupted by warning sirens due to incoming rocket fire from Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Rockets have been raining down on Israel in recent weeks, fired by Hamas, a terror group that upholds the Palestinian government. How exactly does the Obama Administration believe that legitimizing the Palestinian government will assure peace for Israel? Obama’s policies have been a failure throughout the Middle East, yet now his staff is lecturing the government of Israel on issues of security. President Obama is no friend of Israel, and his promises there are as empty as the ones he makes here at home. The people of Israel would do well to ignore him and his advisors, like Philip Gordon.”

Dr. John Fleming is Chairman of the Natural Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife, Oceans and Insular Affairs and is a member of the House Armed Services Committee. He is a physician and small business owner and represents the 4th Congressional District of Louisiana. Read More

Hold line on preserving our freedoms.


Today, we celebrate independence. Today, we revel in our freedom. Today, we give thanks that the United States of America is a nation founded on liberty.

Our country was established on the unalterable belief that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” And on this, the 238th celebration of the birth of our nation, we pause to reflect on the greatness of our liberty. But, I am more concerned than ever about assaults on that liberty.

The federal government has defied the civil liberties of innocent Americans by collecting private data. The Internal Revenue Service is accused of identifying and targeting groups who opposed President Obama. The Environmental Protection Agency has consumed nearly 25,000 pages of the Federal Register with new regulations that could destroy businesses from the coal industry to family farms. And, it took the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the Obama Administration from imposing destructive fines on family-owned businesses that simply wish to stand on their beliefs and not be forced to pay for potentially life-ending drugs and services.

Running parallel to these actions is a president who is bragging about his use of unilateral executive actions to bypass the will of the people as exercised through Congress.

In 1788, during the debate over ratification of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison was responding to concerns about the separation of powers. Madison was clear that the issue was one of the most crucial for the new country. He wrote this warning, “The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”

More than 226 years since he penned those words, as we pause to celebrate a nation’s birth in liberty, it is necessary that we reaffirm Madison’s warning as loudly and clearly as possible. The U.S. Supreme Court has done so in recent weeks. The Justices struck down the president’s unconstitutional use of recess appointments, upheld free speech against those who would try to silence the voice of pro-lifers, and stopped a mandate that forced people of good conscience to violate their own religious beliefs.

The U.S. Congress must hold the line as well, continuing to do everything in its power to block and counteract the overreach of the Executive Branch. Our land of liberty must not compromise on this principle. The government, whose first charge is to protect its people’s liberty, must not permit even the threat of tyranny.

May God bless you on this Independence Day, and may he bless and guide all those who serve under our flag to protect our freedoms.

U.S. Congressman John Fleming, M.D., serves Louisiana’s 4th Congressional District. Read More

Fleming: Supreme Court Got It Right


Congressman John Fleming, M.D., released the following statement after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the religious liberty rights of family-owned businesses like Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties:

“Finally, a firewall has been put up to stop some of the Obama Administration’s attacks on religious freedom. This decision reinforces the protections guaranteed in the First Amendment: family business owners are free to live out their religious beliefs, and the government cannot force them to pay for potentially life-ending drugs and devices.
“The High Court’s recent decisions that protected the free speech right of pro-lifers outside abortion clinics, that struck down the president’s unconstitutional use of recess appointments, and that blocked unions from compelling health care workers to pay dues, all represent significant blows to President Obama and his cronies. But today’s Hobby Lobby decision outweighs all of them by actively denying the stunning and unconstitutional overreach of this Administration.”
  Read More

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John Fleming grew up in a working class family in Mississippi. After his father suddenly died, John, as a teenager, took on added responsibility for his disabled mother and his younger siblings. He worked his way through college and attended medical school on a Navy scholarship. John served six years in the Navy as a Medical Officer

After his time in the U.S. Navy, John and his wife of 34 years, Cindy, settled in Minden, Louisiana. With a young family and no money in the bank, he started a medical practice that continues to serve the community today. He also began to build from scratch a group of non-medical small businesses that today provide hundreds of jobs in the region.

John was first elected to Congress in 2008, to represent Louisiana’s Fourth Congressional District. The district covers most of western Louisiana, stretching from Caddo and Bossier parishes east to Union, and south to Beauregard, and then east again to include parts of St. Landry parish. The district has abundant assets, including the agriculture, defense, and energy industries.

Fleming serves on two House committees – Armed Services – from which he focuses on the missions of Barksdale Air Force Base and Fort Polk’s Joint Readiness Training Center, and Natural Resources – from which he seeks to support the maximization of the Haynesville and Tuscaloosa Marine Shales, two sources of energy which have created tens of thousands of jobs for 4th District families.

John is focused on preserving the same freedoms that gave him the opportunity, as a young man from a working class family, to work for the American dream. He believes that the people he represents are best served when they are able to create their own success in an environment that embraces individual liberty and is not hampered by high taxes or unnecessary regulations. When government is efficient and accountable, the economy can grow and good jobs will be created.

Dr. Fleming was the Louisiana Family Doctor of the Year in 2007. He has worked in Congress for sensible health care reforms, and authored legislation urging all Members of Congress to participate in the same health care system that they create for the American people. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the GOP Doctors Caucus, a group that includes 14 physicians who work to develop patient-centered health care reforms. Dr. Fleming has also championed conscience protections for medical personnel who choose to not participate in abortion practices.

John Fleming’s primary goals are to uphold the U.S. Constitution and to be a servant leader to the people he represents. He’s been named a “Defender of Liberty” by the American Conservative Union, a “Congressional Sentinel” by Heritage Action for America, and a “Guardian of Small Business” by the National Federation of Independent Business.

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