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Rep. Joe Wilson Named 'Hero of Main Street'


Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-02) today announced that he has received the “Hero of Main Street” award from the National Retail Federation for his support of legislation critical to the retail industry. Wilson is part of a bi-partisan group honored for their support of a wide range of issues including international trade, infrastructure investment, tax reform and labor issues.

“I am grateful to receive the ‘Hero of Main Street’ award from the National Retail Federation,” Wilson said. “Retail supports over 80,000 jobs in the Second Congressional District alone. I will continue to support initiatives in Congress to lower taxes and reduce costly regulations.”

“Congressman Wilson has shown through his support that he cares about retailers big and small, and values the role these businesses play in communities across the country,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Congressman Wilson is an advocate for his thriving Main Streets and to the long-term growth the retail industry -- our nation’s largest job creators and the catalyst for continued growth and opportunity for our nation’s economy.”

The Hero of Main Street award was created by NRF in 2013 to recognize members of Congress for support of the retail industry’s public policy priorities. Wilson has received the NRF “Hero of Main Street Award” each year since 2013.

Eligibility is based on NRF’s Retail Opportunity Index, bill sponsorship and advocacy to advance the industry’s priorities. The “heroes” have supported policies and initiatives defined by NRF that recognize the contributions of the retail industry, and have worked to encourage a “vibrant, sustained and healthy” retail sector.

NRF is the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, Main Street merchants, grocers, wholesalers, chain restaurants and Internet retailers from the United States and more than 45 countries. Retail is the nation’s largest private sector employer, supporting one in four U.S. jobs – 42 million working Americans. Contributing $2.6 trillion to annual GDP, retail is a daily barometer for the nation’s economy. NRF’s This is Retail campaign highlights the industry’s opportunities for life-long careers, how retailers strengthen communities, and the critical role that retail plays in driving innovation.

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Wilson Statement on House Passage of FY 2017 NDAA


Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, issued the following statement after the House of Representatives passed H.R. 4909, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2017. This legislation funds our military and vital national security initiatives.

“This year’s NDAA protects our current and future service members by strengthening military readiness. I am grateful that this bill provides for our troops, veterans, and military families by prioritizing readiness, reforming health care options, extending vital counterterrorism authorities.

“As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, I am especially grateful that the NDAA provides improvements to our cyber readiness, support for innovative science and technology programs, and fully resources our Special Operations forces.”

View Wilson's remarks on the House Floor about the NDAA

Congressman Wilson co-sponsored three key amendments to the NDAA:

Amendment 306, Moulton and Wilson - To require the President to officially notify Congress whenever Iran conducts a ballistic missile launch, and to inform Congress what actions will be taken.

“Since the dangerous Iran Deal went into effect, the regime in Tehran has been increasingly aggressive and conducting frequent intercontinental ballistic missile tests—without facing repercussions. This bipartisan amendment will hold the Administration accountable and require a timely and thorough report on our response to Iran’s hostile actions.”

View Wilson's Remarks on the House Floor about the Amendment

Amendment 179, Langevin and Wilson - To establish a public-private partnership to allow DoD employees to gain experience at private companies and bring industry leaders to DoD.

“Expanding public-private partnerships will encourage innovation and improve the knowledge base for our military leaders.”

View Wilson's Remarks on the House Floor about the Amendment

Amendment 324, Thornberry, Wilson, and Langevin - To establish a Global Engagement Center to lead and coordinate efforts to track foreign propaganda and disinformation efforts intended to undermine U.S. national security interests.

“Many of our enemies, including ISIL, rely on propaganda efforts to recruit and expand their resources. We need to attack our enemies from every approach, and that includes expanding our ability to counter and refute propaganda.” 


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Wilson Greets Honor Flight Veterans


Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) greeted veterans from across South Carolina during their visit to the World War II Memorial in Washington. The veterans’ trip was sponsored by Honor Flight South Carolina, an organization that brings veterans to Washington.

“I am humbled to greet our nation’s veterans during their visit to Washington. Meeting with veterans and hearing their stories always uplifts and inspires me,” Wilson said.

“As a 31 year retiree from the Army Reserves and South Carolina Army National Guard and father of four sons who have served in the military, I am especially grateful to the Honor Flight Network for their work in paying tribute to our service members and veterans.”

Photos of the Honor Flight visit to the World War II Memorial are available here


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Wilson Announces Winners of 2016 Congressional Art Competition


On Friday, May 6, 2016, Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) announced the winners of the 2016 Congressional Art Competition for South Carolina’s Second Congressional District:

  • First Place: Ms. Mary Aufuldish, Cardinal Newman High School

  • Second Place: Mr. Jake Edenfield, Irmo High School

  • Third Place: Ms. Eva Slagle, Chapin High School

Ms. Aufuldish’s piece, America the Beautiful, will be displayed for one year in the U.S. Capitol with art from all participating districts around the country, and she will have the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. for a reception later this summer.

“For the past 34 years, the Congressional Art Competition has inspired and encouraged young artists,” Wilson said. “I’m grateful to have the opportunity to showcase students from the Second District. Each of the entries was a wonderful representation of the talent in our young artists.”

The winning art can be viewed on Wilson's Facebook page

The Congressional Art Competition is open to all high school students.  Students who are interested in submitting art for the 2017 Annual Congressional Art Competition should visit Wilson’s website next January.

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Wilson Speaks on Harmful Fiduciary Rule


Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) spoke on the House floor today in favor of H.J. Res 88, a resolution to disapprove of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule. Wilson is cosponsor of this legislation.   

Watch here

Remarks as prepared for delivery:

Thank you Congressman Phil Roe for yielding. I am in strong support of H. J. Res 88, to disapprove of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule. 

The fiduciary rule is yet another one of the President’s burdensome, expensive regulations. Instead of helping American families by expanding access to financial advice, the Department of Labor has overly restricted the definition of a fiduciary and creates new obstacles for small business owners.

This Administration’s misguided fiduciary regulation will make it harder for small businesses to assist their employees in preparing for retirement, increases costs, and limits choices for those who need this advice the most—American families.

n the past months, I’ve met with business leaders and financial advisers across the Second Congressional District who share my concerns about the negative impacts of this unworkable regulation.

I am grateful to cosponsor H.J. Res 88, disapproving of the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule and look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues in the coming months to ensure that American families have access to reliable and affordable advice that they need to create financial stability for retirement. I appreciate the leadership of Rep. Phil Roe for sponsoring this resolution and urge my colleagues to vote in support.

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Wilson, Dingell, Barton, & Lieu Announce New Bipartisan Smart Transportation Caucus


U.S. Representatives Joe Wilson (R-SC), Debbie Dingell (D-MI), Joe Barton (R-TX), and Ted Lieu (D-CA) today announced the formation of the bipartisan House Smart Transportation Caucus dedicated to advancing new innovation in connected and autonomous vehicles.

“I am grateful to join my colleagues as a co-chair and founding member of the Smart Transportation Caucus,” said Wilson. “Vehicle safety is of great importance to me because South Carolina is America’s leading exporter on cars and tires. As cyber vulnerabilities in vehicles threaten the safety and privacy of American families, we need to promote collaboration across both the public and private sectors.”

Rep. Wilson has sponsored the SPY Car Study Act and is the Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities. Read his recent op-ed with Rep. Lieu about driverless cars and digital security.

“The future of the auto industry is changing at a rapid pace, and we are committed to keeping the U.S. in the driver’s seat,” said Dingell. “Connected and autonomous vehicle technology is one of the most competitive areas globally for manufacturing, and we need to show the world that we are leading the way in developing technology that will improve car safety and fuel efficiency, reduce congestion, and save lives. In addition, the future of mobility is changing rapidly and legislators are considering policy options that will change models of transportation in this country. The creation of this bipartisan caucus will help educate Members about the innovation that is happening in the United States, identify policy areas that need to be improved to support the development of new technologies, and boost collaboration to ensure the U.S. always maintains its competitive edge.”

“I am excited to join the Smart Transportation Caucus and work to further educate and inform my fellow Members of Congress on the rapidly developing technologies in the transportation sector,” said Barton. “The Texas 6th Congressional District is home to one of the largest General Motors plants, and I have closely followed their deployment of connected vehicles and other cutting-edge technologies. This caucus will focus on a wide array of transportation methods and safety implications from a 21st century perspective.”

“Technological advances in the auto industry have the potential to transform transportation in America – making our highways safer and reducing traffic,” said Lieu. “But we must implement smart policies that encourage safety and security so we can ensure that a cyberattack does not turn connected cars into weapons or paralyze an entire city. Our technological advances are only as good as the cyber security that ensures products work efficiently and safely. The bipartisan Smart Transportation Caucus will focus on encouraging the deployment of new technologies with an emphasis on safety, security and innovation. As an original cosponsor of H.R. 3994, the Security and Privacy (SPY) Car Study Act with Mr. Wilson of South Carolina, I am honored to work with him alongside Representatives Barton and Dingell as well as Senators Gardner and Peters to ensure smart, safe and secure transportation for all Americans.”

The Smart Transportation Caucus will encourage the development and deployment of existing and next-generation technologies, including connected and automated vehicle safety technologies, smart infrastructure, advanced traffic and freight management systems, real-time transit and parking technologies. The Caucus will also coordinate relevant stakeholders in the Federal government, the auto industry, the communications industry, transportation safety advocates, cybersecurity groups and the privacy sector to engage in meaningful debate on policies and priorities that will help best support this new era in transportation.  

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Wilson Statement on NDAA Markup


Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, issued the following statement after the House Armed Services Committee completed the markup of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2017. This legislation would fund our military and vital national security initiatives.

“The primary duty of Congress should be limited to what we cannot do for ourselves—to provide for the common defense. This year’s NDAA protects American families from new and emerging threats and fully resources our service members deployed all over the world. I am grateful to support this bipartisan legislation.

“The FY 2017 NDAA makes our military strong—capable of defending our homeland and deterring our enemies.”

Summary Here | Full Text of NDAA Here

Highlights from the FY 2017 NDAA

Wilson’s quotes in italics

Cybersecurity and U.S. Cyber Command

“As Chairman of the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, I appreciate that the 2017 NDAA prioritizes cyber initiatives. As we saw with the hack of the Office of Personnel Management records, our enemies are increasingly using cyber capabilities to threaten American families. By fully resourcing our cyber initiatives, we can ensure our military has the technical capabilities to respond and protect our citizens.”

The FY2017 NDAA elevates U.S. Cyber Command to a unified command and directs GAO to study the CYBERCOM Commander’s dual-hat responsibility as the Director of the National Security Agency. This year’s NDAA also fully funds cyber operations, and prioritizes readiness of the Cyber Mission Forces. It includes provisions to enhance Information Assurance and prevent against insider threats. The NDAA also supports funding and advanced oversight of the development of a new security clearance IT architecture to replace OPM’s networks.

View Rep. Wilson’s comments to the full committee here.

Improving Benefits for our Service members

“South Carolina is home to countless military families who deserve world-class, modern, affordable, and sustainable health care. The reforms in this year’s NDAA will strengthen military health care by increasing competition among providers and providing them with increased options by expanding choices available to veterans, service members, and military families.”

The FY2017 NDAA provides a deserved pay raise for our service members, and prevents the President from cutting or lowering troop pay—as he has done the past three years. The legislation also includes meaningful reforms to health care for our troops and their families. These reforms will simplify TRICARE options, expand access to care, and improve beneficiaries experience at military treatment facilities. Additionally, the NDAA strengthens the readiness of military healthcare professionals.


“Sadly, the President’s budget request lacked key resources for troop training and necessary repairs and updates for equipment. Our troops should have the best support and equipment when they are sent on missions, but too often, our troops and military leaders are facing the harmful effects of deferred maintenance, reduced training, and delayed procurement. I am grateful that this year’s NDAA does not provide for a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) round, since our military is at the smallest it has been since the 1940s, yet threats to American families are greater than ever before.

The disparity between declining resources and proliferating threats has forced military commanders to make difficult decisions for many years that have weakened the force. Equipment challenges include platforms deployed beyond their intended life, outdated technology, and equipment that is too expensive to maintain. The NDAA also directs resources to restore and maintain real property, ranging from barracks to hangars—like the much needed repairs to the Fort Jackson barracks.

Each of the investments included in the NDAA were identified as a critical requirement by the military services, none were fully funded in the President’s Budget Request. While readiness shortfalls will take many years to correct, these initiatives will begin to close the gap.

MOX / Nuclear Security

“I am grateful that the NDAA continues construction of the Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MOX) at the Savannah River Site. This facility is critical to our national security and environmental clean-up missions converting weapons-grade plutonium into green fuel, and is the only viable method of upholding our nonproliferation commitment with the Russian Federation.” 

The NDAA funds MOX at $340 million, and includes specific language requiring the funding go towards continued construction of the facility.

Guantanamo Bay

“Our current president demonstrated a willful disregard of law, specifically past NDAAs, and constitutional authority when he announced his dangerous plan to close Guantanamo and transfer the terrorists to prisons on American soil, including potentially my birthplace of Charleston. I have visited Guantanamo—this is the appropriate place to house these terrorists, not in South Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, or any other prison on American soil where they would be mere miles from schools, churches, and neighborhoods.”

The NDAA restricts transferring detainees from the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay to the United States and building or modifying facilities in the United States for housing detainees. It also prohibits the Department of Defense from using any funds to transfer the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba.

Rep. Wilson also cosponsored Rep. Jackie Walorski’s amendment that would compel the next president to provide a detailed plan for the future of Guantanamo Bay and the detainees.

“It is my hope that through this amendment, Congress can finally gain a clearer vision for what the next president plans for Gitmo, and most importantly, its detainees… By outlining statutory requirements for the next administration’s plan on Guantanamo detainees, we can work together to protect American families.”

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Chairman Wilson on Emerging Threats and Capabilities Markup


Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02), Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities, released the following statement after today’s Subcommittee markup of the Fiscal Year (FY) 2017 National Defense Authorization Act:

“In the past year, our nation has faced new threats both in cyber space and in real-time—whether from cyberattacks that targeted the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), or from asymmetrical warfare threats posed by Russia and Iran. 

“The Emerging Threats and Capabilities markup fully resources our critical counterterrorism efforts and special operations activities, and biodefense provisions. We are clear—if our enemies are going to attack our soldiers and American families with new and unconventional attacks, our military will have every tool to respond.”

For full text of the mark and to watch the markup, please click here

The ETC proposal is a vital part of the NDAA through which the Committee conducts oversight of counterterrorism programs and initiatives, U.S. Special Operations Forces, related Intelligence support, DoD science and technology programs and policy, information technology and Cyber operations and programs, homeland defense, force protection policy and oversight, and combating weapons of mass destruction. Specifically, the ETC proposal will:

Strengthen efforts against terrorists and violent extremists by fully supporting Special Operations Forces and other DoD elements and programs:

Strengthen efforts against terrorists and violent extremists by fully supporting Special Operations Forces and other DoD elements and programs:

- Extends 1208 counterterrorism authority used by Special Operations Forces.

- Directs a strategy for Regional Counter-Narrative Capabilities against ISIS and other threats to mitigate propaganda and recruitment efforts.

- Extends vital authorities including Non-Conventional Assisted Recovery (NAR), an authority used to rescue isolated service members and U.S. citizens.

- Strengthens congressional oversight of ongoing counterterrorism operations and activities.   

Fully support and strengthen DoD cyber operations and programs:

- Prioritizes the readiness of the Cyber Mission Force, cyber tools, and capabilities.

- Ensures resiliency for DoD networks, weapons systems, and capabilities; mitigates against insider threats; and, provides special procurement authority to facilitate recovery from a cyber attack.

- Supports funding and advanced oversight of the development of a new security clearance IT architecture to replace OPM’s networks that resulted in the compromise of millions of records of federal civil servants and their families.

Support emerging technologies and counter unconventional threats:

- Supports directed-energy weapon and counter–unmanned aerial systems technology research.

- Supports test and evaluation capabilities.

- Places renewed emphasis on the congressionally-directed strategy on Counter-Unconventional Warfare threats such as those being posed by Russia and Iran.

- Fully funds the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, the Chemical and Biological Defense program, and the Chemical Demilitarization program.

- Implements Biodefense Blue Ribbon Panel recommendations, including directing a National Biodefense Strategy and review of enhanced public-private partnerships for medical countermeasures.


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MOAA Names Scholarship for Rep. Joe Wilson


Yesterday, the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) honored Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) by establishing the Representative Joe Wilson United States House of Representatives Senior Grant. This scholarship, managed by MOAA, will be awarded to a distinguished student entering his or her senior year.

“I am grateful to the MOAA Board of Directors and Lieutenant General Dana Atkins for their dedicated service to our men and women in uniform and their families. I am humbled and honored that starting this fall, MOAA will offer a scholarship in my name to military families,” Wilson said.

“As the son of a World War II Flying Tiger, a 31-year retiree from the Army Reserves and South Carolina Army National Guard, and the father of four sons who have served in the military, I know first-hand how important it is to support our military families.”  

Since 1948, MOAA’s Scholarship Fund has awarded educational grants and scholarships to undergraduate students of uniformed officers and enlisted families. Learn more about MOAA’s Scholarship Fund here. 



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Wilson Nominates Second District Students to Military Academies


Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-02) announced the names of his nominees to the United States Military Academies for the class of 2020. After an extensive application process, the candidates were interviewed by an independent panel, whose members include retired military officers, ROTC leaders, and academy alumni from the Second Congressional District.

“I am grateful to nominate these exceptional candidates from the Second Congressional District to our Military Academies. Each student has excelled in school and service, and I have no doubt that they will be a positive reflection on our community. As the son of World War II Flying Tiger, a 31 year veteran, and the father of four sons who have served in our military, I know first-hand the benefits of military service and am inspired by these students’ desire to serve their country.

“Congratulations to these distinguished young men and women for receiving the honor of a nomination to our Military Academies,” Wilson said.

U.S. Naval Academy

  • Daniel Barfield, Homeward Educational Association 
  • Katherine Boyle, Irmo High School
  • Daniel Carlisle, Aiken High School
  • Reid Creswell, Chapin High School
  • Matthew Frierson, Spring Valley High School
  • Grayson Gossett, Irmo High School
  • Coby Jeffcoat, Clemson University
  • Cassia Larson, Aiken High School
  • Kanani Lodge, University of South Carolina Columbia
  • Samantha Maddox, Aiken High School

U.S. Air Force Academy

  • Trent Brittingham, River Bluff High School
  • Daniel Carlisle, Aiken High School
  • Benjamin Duncan, South Aiken High School
  • Samantha Maddox, Aiken High School
  • Cassia Larson, Aiken High School
  • Michael Turner, Hammond School

U.S. Military Academy

  • Reginald Epps, USMAPS
  • Grayson Gossett, Irmo High School
  • Samantha Maddox, Aiken High School
  • Thomas Neal, Marion Military Institute
  • Michael Turner, Hammond School
  • Edwin Torres, Airport High School
  • Trent Brittingham, River Bluff High School
  • Cassia Larson, Aiken High School

Any constituent seeking a Congressional nomination in the future or for more information regarding the application process should visit Congressman Wilson's website here. 

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Contact Information

2229 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2452
Fax 202-225-2455

From his involvement as a Teenage Republican at the High School of Charleston in 1962 to his current work in Congress, Congressman Joe Wilson has led a life dedicated to public service.

Addison (Joe) Graves Wilson was born on July 31, 1947, in Charleston, South Carolina. After graduating from the High School of Charleston, he received his undergraduate degree from Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and completed his law degree at the University of South Carolina. A real estate attorney by trade, Joe was a founding partner of the West Columbia law firm Kirkland, Wilson, Moore, Taylor & Thomas.

His career in public service officially began when he served on the staffs of South Carolina legends Senator Strom Thurmond and Congressman Floyd Spence. As part of the visionary Ronald Reagan administration, Joe was Deputy General Counsel to the United States Department of Energy Secretary and former South Carolina Governor, Jim Edwards.

Throughout his life, Joe has also had a tremendous passion to serve his country as a member of the United States Armed Forces. After serving in the United States Army Reserves from 1972-1975, he also served in the South Carolina Army National Guard. In the summer of 2003, Joe retired as a Colonel, having served as a Staff Judge Advocate assigned to the 218th Mechanized Infantry Brigade. At the time, he was the only active Guard member serving in Congress.

Before being elected to the United States Congress in 2001, Joe served seventeen years, with perfect attendance, in the South Carolina State Senate where he was elected Chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, the first Republican Chairman since Reconstruction.

Today, Joe serves on the House Armed Services Committee – where he is honored to be the Chairman of the Subcommittee on Military Personnel – the Committee on Education and the Workforce, and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. He was appointed by the Republican Leader to the highly influential Republican Policy Committee and works as an Assistant Republican Whip. He is Co-Chair of the Composites Caucus, the Bulgaria Caucus, the Kurdistan Caucus, and the Americans Abroad Caucus. He has also serves on the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans.

While serving the Second Congressional District of South Carolina, Joe is committed to promoting peace through a strong national defense, decreasing taxes for all Americans, and limiting the size of the federal government.

Joe is married to Roxanne Dusenbury McCrory Wilson, who continues to offer him strength and support in his every endeavor. They are the parents of four sons, all of whom serve in the U.S. military, and the proud grandparents of four boys and three girls. Alan, his oldest son, is a Major in the Army National Guard who proudly served for a year in Iraq; Addison is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a physician who served a tour of duty in Iraq; Julian is a Captain in the South Carolina Army National Guard who served on a peacekeeping tour in Egypt; and Hunter is a Second Lieutenant in the South Carolina Army National Guard who recently graduated from the Engineer Officer’s Basic Course at Fort Leonard Wood, MO in September 2012. Their four sons are all Eagle Scouts.

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