Jim Bridenstine

Jim Bridenstine


Invitation to Prime Minister Netanyahu


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will address a joint session of Congress in early March. The Prime Minister’s visit comes as Israel faces grave threats from sworn enemies on its borders and Iran’s ongoing, unimpeded nuclear weapons development and missile delivery program. Support for Israel within the United States has always been strong, consistent and bipartisan. Israel shares our values and is our closest ally in the Middle East. Israel’s security and our own are inseparable.

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine Named to House Armed Services Subcommittees


Today, Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) assigned Congressman Jim Bridenstine to the House Armed Services (HASC) Subcommittees on Strategic Forces and Seapower and Projection Forces.  Strategic Forces oversees our nation’s nuclear arsenal, missile defense, and space programs.  Seapower and Projection Forces covers Navy and Marine Corps procurement and research and development programs.  HASC authorizes funding for national security and sets Department of Defense policy.  The Committee annually drafts and passes the National Defense Authorization Act, legislation whi

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine to Chair Environment Subcommittee


Chairman Lamar Smith announced the appointment of Congressman Jim Bridenstine as Chairman of the Environment Subcommittee in the US House of Representatives Science, Space, and Technology Committee. 

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine Votes to Stop Illegal Amnesty


Today the House of Representatives passed a bill to fund the Department of Homeland Security for Fiscal Year 2015, targeting funds for increased immigration law enforcement and blocking funding for the President’s unilateral actions granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. The President’s amnesty policy provideswork authorization permits and benefits such as Social Security, Medicare, and Obamacare to at least five million illegal immigrants.

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Congressmen Bridenstine and Massie Demand Action


Joint Statement from Congressmen Jim Bridenstine and Thomas Massie:

According to the Congressional Record, Congressmen Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent, Members who voted against John Boehner as Speaker of the House, have been kicked off the Rules Committee.  This retribution compromises the ability of Members of Congress to faithfully represent their constituents and subverts our representative democracy. 

The Speaker must immediately reinstate these Members.  No Member should be punished for voting his or her conscience.

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine Introduces H.R. 89, The Domestic Prosperity and Global Freedom Act


On the first day of the 114th Congress, Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) introduced legislation to expedite the export of liquefied national gas to our allies, particularly those in Eastern Europe whose energy supplies are subject to the whims of Vladimir Putin.

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine: A Gang of Nine


I am pleased to see so many Members of Congress responding to the voices of their constituents in supporting new leadership. 

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine: Two Good Choices


I congratulate Congressman Louie Gohmert for courageously offering his name as a candidate for Speaker of the House. Louie has a great understanding of the legislative process and the fortitude to challenge the leftist agenda of President Obama. 

We now have two great candidates willing to challenge the status quo.  I could vote for either Louie Gohmert or Ted Yoho, who expressed his willingness to run yesterday.

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine: I Will Not Vote for John Boehner


The day after Republicans won the largest majority in the House of Representatives in almost 100 years and won a significant majority in the Senate, our liberal activist President claimed to hear the voices of all the people who didn't vote.  It was another example of stunning obstinacy from this President.

It seemed Democrats were melting down, Republicans were unified, and all we had to do was buy enough time to get our Republican reinforcements to Washington in January.

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Major Fails: Omnibus Funds Obamacare and Executive Amnesty


Misconceptions about “mandatory” spending appear to have confused some in the Republican Party regarding our ability to defund Obamacare.  Yes, Obamacare is in the mandatory part of the federal budget and, as such, is not included in annual “discretionary” appropriations bills or the recently passed omnibus.  

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Congressman Jim Bridenstine is a Navy pilot and combat veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and lives with his wife Michelle and their three children in Tulsa, OK.

Bridenstine graduated from Rice University with degrees in economics, business and psychology. After college, he joined the Navy and became a pilot, flying combat missions off the USS Abraham Lincoln in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Operation Southern Watch in Iraq, and Operation Shock and Awe in Iraq. Later, he transitioned to the F-18 Hornet fighter at the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center, the parent command to TOPGUN, where he flew “Red Air” and was also an instructor.

After leaving active duty, Bridenstine earned an MBA from Cornell University and returned to Tulsa to be the Executive Director of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum & Planetarium. Prior to his election, Rep. Bridenstine was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve where he flew the E-2C Hawkeye, a surveillance and operations command aircraft, in Central and South America in support of America’s war on drugs.

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