Jeff Fortenberry

Jeff Fortenberry


Fort Report: Renewing America


Before school began, I took my younger children to visit western Nebraska. Near Valentine, water from the Ogallala Aquifer seeps out of the ground and falls dramatically over rock formations into a stream that feeds into the Niobrara River. The area is called Fort Falls and is part of the Fort Niobrara Wildlife Refuge. The stream’s icy cold water flows like a ribbon into the shallow warm running water of the Niobrara River. What’s even more interesting is to ponder the steep slopes on each side of the river. On the north bank, rocky hill formations are covered with pines.

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Fort Report: Town Hall Review


Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with community leaders in Pilger. It wasn’t the normal setting for a town meeting. We gathered in the gravel parking lot in front of the makeshift village administration building. As you recall, Pilger experienced a devastating tornado over a year ago. Being back from Washington and traveling through eastern Nebraska, I wanted to check on progress the community was making in its redevelopment. We had a good discussion, led by the bank president whose quick action of moving employees and customers into the vault perhaps saved their lives.

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Fortenberry to Vote ‘No’ on Iran Agreement


Lincoln, NE – Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) today issued the following statement on the Iran agreement: 

“After significant analysis and careful consideration, I cannot in good conscience give the Iranian nuclear agreement my full assent. I will vote no. This is one of the most consequential decisions any Member of Congress will make.

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Fort Report: Elephants


Right outside Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska's Morrill Hall is a large bronze statue of an ancient elephant, affectionately named Archie. You have certainly seen him on your way to a Huskers game. While the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is in the process of constructing a new habitat for elephants, and the Lincoln Children's Zoo does research into high rates of infertility in captive elephants, at this moment, Archie is the only elephant I’m aware of in Nebraska.

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Fremont Tribune: Iran is hot topic during Fortenberry's town hall meeting


There are risks associated with a proposed nuclear agreement with Iran, but there are also risks with not approving one, U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry told Fremont-area residents on Tuesday.

Iran was a hot topic at Tuesday’s town hall meeting at Midland University, much like it has been at other meetings the 1st District representative has held during this congressional recess.

“There are fundamentally two risks involved here,” he said. ”The risk of the agreement and the risk of no agreement because Iran already is on the threshold of nuclear weapons capabilities.”

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Columbus Telegram: Fortenberry recognizes community for Higgins Memorial


With the legislative session on break, U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry’s “district work period” is booked with town hall meetings across the district to discuss the issues in Washington.

But Tuesday night’s meeting at the local Veterans of Foreign Wars hall was not about politics or policy. Instead, Fortenberry presented to a full house the fruits of their collective labor: the commemoration of the Andrew Jackson Higgins Memorial on Omaha Beach in France.

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KLIN Radio: Fortenberry on Iran, Planned Parenthood


Congressman Fortenberry discusses Iran, Planned Parenthood, and other topics in a radio town hall with Kevin Thomas on KLIN DriveTime.

Click here to listen to the radio town hall.

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Fort Report: Town Halls and Self-Government


We are a people who self-govern. Each of us has the important responsibility to be informed about our nation’s political life, to think about policies that best create order and opportunity, and to engage constructively in building more vibrant communities. As Nebraskans, we understand the importance of civic life and civic duty.

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Fortenberry Introduces VET Act to Support Veteran Entrepreneurship


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) today announced introduction of the Veterans Entrepreneurial Transition (VET) Act which would allow veterans to receive grants to start or buy a new business. Companion legislation was introduced in the Senate by Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) and S. 1870 passed the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship this morning.

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Fort Report: Globalization


A Nebraska small businessman recently told me about some trouble he is having. He manufactures a simple plastic product that could be made anywhere. While most of this type of production has shifted to China, through hard work, determination, and marketing, he and the ten people who work with him have created a viable entity. There’s a problem though. One major retailer wants to buy the product from China. Not because of price, not because of quality—simply because the corporate culture has disturbingly acclimated to foreign outsourcing. 

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Fortenberry Condemns Planned Parenthood Trafficking Scandal

2015-07-23 19:32:22

Fortenberry Supports Boys Town Commemorative Coin Act

2015-06-23 20:14:36

Fortenberry Speaks at Dedication of Utah Beach Higgins Memorial in Normandy, France

2015-06-16 19:42:01

Fortenberry speaks on his MOX Amendment

2015-06-03 20:53:21

Fortenberry speaks before the House on Pain-Capable Child Protection Act

2015-05-15 21:06:58

Fortenberry addresses the Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs

2015-05-14 14:31:13

Fortenberry Discusses Chief Standing Bear Trail with Vanderfords on 10/11

2015-04-29 16:42:36

Fortenberry speaks in support of Chief Standing Bear Trail

2015-04-28 21:34:55

Fortenberry Questions VA Secretary on Omaha VA Hospital

2015-03-17 17:38:13

Fortenberry discusses Higgins Boat Memorial on WOWT

2015-03-16 15:55:49

Congressman Fortenberry Questions Secretary of State John Kerry on Religious Freedom

2015-02-27 16:23:34

Fortenberry discusses Higgins Boat Memorial on 10/11 with Jon and Taryn Vanderford

2015-02-24 23:56:27

Fortenberry Discusses Higgins Memorial on 10/11

2014-12-18 19:38:44

Fortenberry Supports Global Food Security Act

2014-12-16 19:13:43

Fortenberry Christmas Greeting for Our Troops 2014

2014-12-09 21:01:15

Fortenberry Urges House Passage of Legislation to Designate Chief Standing Bear Trail

2014-12-09 18:35:38

Fortenberry on Immigration

2014-11-20 19:09:30

Fortenberry speaks with the Vanderfords about Ebola on KOLN

2014-10-28 18:01:00

Fortenberry speaks before House on arming Syrian rebels

2014-09-17 14:57:55

Fortenberry discusses Gaza on EWTN's The World Over

2014-08-06 17:07:13

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Jeff Fortenberry was elected to the United States House of Representatives in 2004 to serve Nebraska’s First Congressional District. His work in Congress is rooted in the belief that the strength of our nation depends on the strength of our families and communities. Jeff is a member of the House Appropriations Committee, which appropriates United States government expenditures. He serves on three subcommittees with importance for Nebraska: Agriculture, Energy and Water, and Military Construction and Veterans Affairs.

Jeff previously served on the House Foreign Affairs Committee where he placed particular focus on human rights concerns, Middle Eastern affairs, and nuclear weapons non-proliferation. He also represented Nebraska on the Agriculture Committee, where his work on two Farm Bills advanced opportunities for young and beginning farmers and promoted agricultural entrepreneurship.

Prior to serving in Congress, Jeff worked as a publishing industry executive in Lincoln, where he also served on the Lincoln City Council from 1997-2001. Jeff also has significant personal experience in small business, and early in his career he worked as a policy analyst for the United States Senate Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations. Jeff earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and two master’s degrees, one in public policy. He and his wife Celeste live in Lincoln and have five daughters.

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