Jeff Denham

Jeff Denham


Denham Announces 2016 10th District Congressional Art Competition


WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) today announced the opening of California’s 2016 10th District Congressional Art Competition. The annual art competition showcases the talent of Central Valley students and gives the winner the opportunity to share their artwork with thousands of visitors to the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Submissions for artwork are now being accepted for this year’s competition. All artwork and signed release forms must be delivered to Rep. Denham’s Modesto office at 4701 Sisk Road, Ste. 202 no later than 5 p.m. PST on Tuesday, February 23, 2016. Artwork that does not meet all of the requirements will not be displayed.

All artwork will be posted to Rep. Denham’s Facebook page on Feb. 24 and the public will be invited to participate in the judging process by voting for their favorite submission. Facebook voting will close at 12 p.m. PST on Monday, March 7. The top five submissions as determined by Facebook popularity will be submitted to a panel of judges for determination of the winner. A public reception to honor the participants and announce the winner will take place on Tuesday, March 8.

The winning student and one guest will be invited to an awards ceremony hosted on Capitol Hill in the summer of 2016. This student will also be able to see their artwork displayed in the national exhibition located in the Cannon Tunnel of the United States Capitol, where thousands of visitors pass through each year. A scholarship may also be offered to the winner to fly to D.C. for the reception and announcement of the national winner. Second and third place winners will have the opportunity to display their art in Rep. Denham’s Modesto district office.

The Congressional Art Competition was established in 1982 and since then more than 650,000 students have participated. The competition provides aspiring student artists with the chance to display their talent and creativity.

More information, including a list of official guidelines, is available through Rep. Denham’s website. To request release forms or for detailed inquiries, please contact Congressman Denham’s project coordinator, Kassi Fortado, at (209) 579-5458.

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Super Bowl 50


Dear Friend,

This Saturday marks an important day for football fans nationwide as millions will travel to Santa Clara or tune in from home with family and friends to watch the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers. I’m looking forward to cheering on the Broncos and enjoying time with family. But unfortunately, the Super Bowl also brings a yearly influx of human trafficking efforts. This heightens the risk for those living around Santa Clara and for those being trafficked nationwide.

I mention the threat of trafficking surrounding this weekend’s event because awareness of the threat posed by large events like this one is the first step to combating the danger. Human trafficking continues to impact our communities and our homes. Last year there were almost a thousand reported cases of trafficking in California alone, which doesn't come close to covering the number of people who are victims of this terrible crime and whose experiences remain unreported.

I've voted repeatedly for legislation to increase law enforcement resources and help prevent these kinds of crimes against children. On Monday, I supported two new bills to help stop the enslavement. This legislation is not only imperative to the prevention of child exploitation, human trafficking and other potential crimes, but is also critical to ensuring that no more experience the anguish and pain that too many have already felt.  I'm thankful for organizations like Without Permission working to fight this battle in the Central Valley.

I returned to Washington this this week after leading a congressional delegation to Japan over the weekend. We rode the Maglev high-speed train and visited with local officials about some of the country’s transportation infrastructure solutions and earthquake early warning systems.

We had a great discussion.

The bipartisan delegation on the trip - Reps. Dan Benishek, Pete DeFazio, Andre Carson, myself, and Tom Rice.

Honored to have my good friends Glen and Deborah Berteau of The House Modesto visit D.C. to join my wife Sonia and I at the National Prayer Breakfast. 

On Tuesday, I voted to override President Obama’s veto of legislation Congress sent to his desk to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has exacerbated a lack of access to doctors, caused premiums to skyrocket, and cancelled families' healthcare plans across the Central Valley. Part of this legislation would defund Planned Parenthood in favor of directing those funds to community health care centers. You should have more options as you make healthcare decisions for yourself and your families, not fewer, and the government should not be picking winners and losers over who can provide you care. Your premiums shouldn’t rise and your access to the doctors you want to see shouldn’t be blocked. This is a top priority of mine and of House Republicans for the year.

If we haven’t connected on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube yet, please consider following me online for more frequent updates.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Denham Introduces Bill to Reduce Government Waste, Sell Unused Federal Properties


WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) this week introduced the FAST Act of 2016, bipartisan legislation to shrink the size of government, eliminate waste, and sell off unused and vacant federal properties, saving taxpayers billions of dollars.

The Federal Asset Sale and Transfer Act of 2016 establishes an independent board to identify federal properties to be sold and consolidated, saving billions of dollars in federal expenses and operating costs.

“Unused and under-utilized federal properties have been draining on our economy for years,” said Rep. Denham. “My bill will save us billions by cutting through red tape to change the poorly-managed property management system so that taxpayers no longer have to foot the bill for keeping the lights on in empty buildings.”

According to the most recent Federal Real Property Summary, the government owns more than 254,000 buildings, comprising 2.5 billion square feet of space, costing the taxpayer $14.4 billion annually. Recent estimates show 77,000 buildings are underutilized, costing $1.7 billion annually. Though federal agencies have been previously directed to identify and eliminate these properties and freeze their federal property footprint, these efforts have been poorly managed and mired in bureaucracy.

The FAST Act establishes a Public Buildings Reform Board of members who are responsible for identifying opportunities to reduce the real property inventory and making recommendations to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and publically on the sale of underutilized and vacant properties. Under the FAST Act, the board would be required to recommend selling properties of at least $8 billion in value over six years. After six years, the board would be terminated and agencies would then have six years to implement their recommendations.

The bill also requires the General Services Administration (GSA) to create and publish a single, comprehensive database of all federal real properties, including whether that property is excess, surplus, underutilized or unutilized to prevent a future stockpiling of unused and under-utilized property.

Full text of the bill can be found here.

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Denham Announces February 2016 Mobile District Office Hours


WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) today announced Mobile District Office Hours for the month of February 2016. Mobile District Office Hours are an opportunity for 10th district residents to meet with the congressman and staff to hear more about his work in Washington, D.C. and the Central Valley, have their questions answered or get help with specific casework.

MDOs are hosted by staff and when possible by Rep. Denham. Staff members are available to assist 10th district residents with casework on matters including Medicare, Veteran’s Affairs, Social Security, the Internal Revenue Service and other federal legislation.

Additional information is available through Rep. Denham’s website and the schedule for the month is provided below. Regular office hours are open to the public and no appointment is necessary. Schedule is subject to change throughout the year; any alterations will be posted online. For more information, please contact Rep. Denham’s Modesto district office at (209) 579-5458.

Wednesday, February 3 and February 17 – Tracy
1-2 p.m.
Tracy City Hall
333 Civic Center Plaza, Rm 216, Tracy, CA 95376

Friday, February 5 and February 19 – Manteca
10-11 a.m.        
Manteca Chamber of Commerce
183 W. North Street #6, Manteca, CA 95336
*Held in conjunction with Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen’s office.

Friday, February 5 – Waterford
2-3 p.m.           
City of Waterford
101 E Street, Waterford, CA 95386
*Held in conjunction with Senator Tom Berryhill and Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen’s offices.

Friday, February 5 – Oakdale
3:30-4:30 p.m.
State Senator Tom Berryhill's Office
102 Grove Avenue, Suite B, Oakdale, CA 95361
*Held in conjunction with Senator Tom Berryhill and Assemblywoman Olsen’s offices.

Tuesday, February 9 – Escalon
10-11 a.m.
Escalon City Hall
2060 McHenry Avenue, Escalon, CA 95320
*Held in conjunction with Senator Cathleen Galgiani and Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen’s offices

Thursday, February 11 – Hughson
11-12 p.m.
City of Hughson
7018 Pine Street, Hughson, CA 95326
*Held in conjunction with Senator Tom Berryhill and Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen’s offices.

Thursday, February 11 – Modesto
2-3 p.m.
Housing Authority of Stanislaus County
1701 Robertson Road, Modesto, CA 95351

Friday, February 12 – Newman
9-10 a.m.
City of Newman
938 Fresno Street, Newman, CA 95360
*Held in conjunction with Senator Anthony Cannella and Assemblyman Adam Gray’s offices.

Friday, February 12 – Patterson
10:30 –11:30 a.m.
City of Patterson
1 Plaza, Patterson, CA 95363
*Held in conjunction with Senator Anthony Cannella and Assemblyman Adam Gray’s offices.

Thursday, February 18 – Riverbank
4-5 p.m.
Riverbank City Hall
6707 3rd Street, Riverbank, CA 95367
*Held in conjunction with Senator Cathleen Galgiani and Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen’s offices.

Friday, February 19 – Ceres
1-2 p.m.
State Senator Anthony Cannella’s Office
2561 Third Street, Suite A, Ceres, CA 95307
*Held in conjunction with Senator Anthony Cannella and Assemblyman Adam Gray’s offices.

Tuesday, February 23 – Ripon
1-2 p.m.
Ripon Chamber of Commerce
929 W Main Street, Ripon, CA

Wednesday, February 24 – Turlock
11 a.m.-12 p.m.
Turlock Chamber of Commerce Conference Room
115 S Golden State Blvd, CA 95380

Thursday, February 25 – Denair
10:30-11:30 a.m.
Denair Community Services District
3850 North Gratton Road, Denair, CA 95316

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Denham Supports Legislation to Fight Human Trafficking


WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) today supported two bills to combat human trafficking in the international community. The pair of bills builds upon previous legislation passed by Congress that established the framework for increased resources, greater accountability and enhanced communication worldwide in the effort to put an end to human trafficking.

“Human trafficking and child exploitation continue to impact communities internationally and at home in the Valley,” said Rep. Denham. “The bills I supported in the House today will help us prevent future crimes, protect the children of the world and move towards ending this heinous practice.”

The first bill applies the principles of Megan’s Law to international travel. This legislation creates an Angel Watch Center within the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency to maintain an information system on travel of child sex offenders and collaborate with nongovernmental organizations with expertise in identifying and preventing child sex trafficking. It also requires child sex offenders to notify authorities of plans to travel internationally. The bill encourages cooperation and consensus in the international community.

The second bill, the Trafficking Prevention in Foreign Affairs Contracting Act, seeks to prevent human trafficking in the form of debt bondage by instructing the Secretary of State and Administrator for the U.S. Agency for International Development to create a clear definition of recruitment and placement fees for contractors and their agents. They must also provide Congress with comprehensive updates on their efforts to ensure the prevention of trafficking through similar contractual clauses.

Rep. Denham previously voted in favor of a package of five bills in May 2014 which sought to boost funding for agencies, strengthen protections for children and support victims of human trafficking. Full text of the bills he supported today, H.R. 515 and H.R. 400, can be found here.

“This legislation is not only imperative to the prevention of child exploitation, human trafficking and other potential crimes, but is also critical to ensuring that no more experience the anguish and pain that too many have already felt,” said Rep. Denham.

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Misleading at best


Dear Friend,

As I mentioned last week, Senator Dianne Feinstein, a month after she promised, released a draft water bill that closely resembles what she proposed months ago. It appears little progress has been made, and this week we see more evidence that she has no intention of keeping any of the commitments she has made when it comes to water policy. For years, she has claimed that any water legislation must go through regular order, giving Californians ample time to examine and understand what’s being proposed and giving House and Senate members the opportunity to debate and discuss policy proposals through the committee process. In the latest reversal of her word, this week she’s indicated that she plans to attach provisions from her water bill as an amendment to a totally separate Senate energy bill.

As always, I remain committed to finding a way we can work with the Senate to get a water bill signed into law. I welcome the opportunity to find common ground, with storage as my top priority. But I’m disappointed to see Senator Feinstein once again reverse course on her own insistence that legislation go through regular order. Her actions are misleading at best and I hope Californians will hold her accountable for getting something done instead of making noise. Last week I asked you which chamber you thought was more effective in pushing water solutions forward – a strong majority viewed the House as the leader, and you agreed with near unanimity that the time for water solutions is now. I can assure you the House will continue working, passing legislation, and building consensus around water.

This weekend I had the honor of offering a prayer during services at The House in Modesto with my friend Pastor Glen Berteau.

I was glad to be home and worship with so many Modesto residents.

On Monday, I joined Trevor Carey on Power Talk Radio for a discussion on the omnibus bill the House passed with my support in December. Trevor, like many of you, had a lot of tough questions for me about my vote, and I was happy to answer. It’s important to me that you know where I stand, even if we don’t always agree on every vote. As I told Trevor, the omnibus package wasn’t a perfect bill. However, it ensures government funding for the next year, which means vital programs across all spectrums, like defense, education, transportation, infrastructure and agriculture can keep running. Just a few key points I want to mention:

  1. The omnibus bill funds French Camp, a facility our Valley vets have waited years for. This is a top priority for our veterans and their families and essential to ensuring they have the care they deserve.
  2. The bill ensures our military men and women get paid. Furthermore, the bill provides much-needed funding for equipment procurement, fighting the war on terror, domestic counterterrorism and counterintelligence, and combating ISIL.
  3. The bill increases funding for border security and includes legislation to give the DHS Secretary the ability to suspend or eliminate a country from the Visa Waiver program if it fails to share counterterrorism and foreign-traveler information. This helps us ensure we know who is traveling here and can stop those who pose a threat.
  4. Any omnibus funding bill cannot include every legislative priority no matter how much I might like it to. Many of my legislative priorities, water among them, weren’t in the bill. Two other priorities of mine – repealing the Affordable Care Act and de-funding Planned Parenthood in favor of funding other community health centers – weren’t in the omnibus, but I voted to do both of these things in the first legislative week of the year. Unfortunately with our current President and without a veto-proof majority, we are limited. I hope you as voters will make your voice heard at the polls and give us the ability to see this legislation signed into law. The first caucus of the 2016 presidential election is right around the corner next Monday in Iowa.

As always, please call, email or write me with your questions and thoughts. My staff and I are here to serve you.


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The week at home


Dear Friend,

I was glad to be at home in the Valley this week and have the opportunity to celebrate MLK Day, attend several Mobile District Office Hours and meet with residents of our area. After getting home late last week, I was in Ceres on Friday for my MDO there. MDOs are an opportunity for myself and my staff to meet with those I represent and help answer legislative questions or help with any federal government casework. They're held monthly or twice a month - find the schedule here

That afternoon I joined a group of local elected officials, Sikh Americans, members of the Sikh Council of the Central Valley and the Consul General of India from San Francisco for an event to focus on ways we can work together to raise awareness of the Sikh American community. The Central Valley is home to more than 25,000 Sikhs, the largest population in the United States, and as a member of the Sikh coalition in Congress, I’ve become familiar with a number of the issues facing the Sikh American population as they strive for equal treatment in many parts of life.

With Venkatesan Ashok, Consul General of India in Ceres on Friday.

On Monday I joined members of the Christian Love Baptist Church in Modesto to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. and recognize his legacy. That afternoon I met with newly sworn-in Modesto City Council Member Mani Grewal.

I spent time on Tuesday with a group of Modesto firefighters to talk about some of the legislative priorities we share and ways we can work together.

With the group at the Modesto Vet center. 

Wednesday morning I attended the dedication of an American flag flown in the Iraq and Afghanistan battlefields at the Modesto Vet Center.  I then met with newly-appointed San Joaquin County Supervisor Moses Zapien in Manteca and ended the day in Tracy with a visit to City Hall to meet with Tracy Chamber President Sophia Valenzuela.

With Tracy Chamber President Sophia Valenzuela.

For an update on water: As you may have heard, late yesterday Senator Dianne Feinstein released a draft text of a new water bill. More than a month after she promised, she released legislation that looks like what she proposed months ago. The Valley is hurting, and with the Senate’s inaction, the window to move water and bring immediate relief is rapidly closing. It’s ridiculous, especially given that millions of gallons are flowing to the sea daily and farmers face zero allocations this spring. The House has acted time and time again to pass legislation that would help – and the Senate has failed to do their part. The people of the Valley should not confuse motion with action. I will be reviewing her bill closely, and always appreciate hearing feedback from all of you on ways you think we should solve our water crisis.

Thankful for rain in the Valley this weekend! Hope you have a great one.


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Denham Statement on Feinstein Water Proposal


WASHINGTON — U.S. Representative Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) issued the following statement regarding Senator Dianne Feinstein’s water bill release:  

“More than a month after Senator Feinstein promised, she released legislation that looks like what she proposed months ago. The Valley is hurting, and with the Senate’s inaction, the window to move water and bring immediate relief is rapidly closing. It’s ridiculous, especially given that millions of gallons are flowing to the sea daily and farmers face zero allocations this spring. The people of the Valley should not confuse motion with action.”

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The Modesto Bee: President ignores role of mental health in curbing gun violence


Throughout Barack Obama’s presidency, our nation has seen the boundaries of the executive branch disregarded over and over again. We have seen a president exert power that goes beyond the intentions of our Founding Fathers, power that ignores the natural system of checks and balances established in the beginnings of our government. We’ve seen him ignore the will of Congress and the American people repeatedly as he has attempted to unilaterally push through his individual prescriptions for health-care policy, defense policy, immigration policy and now gun policy.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is one of the founding principles of our republic. It is a right enshrined by the Second Amendment to our Constitution, which was crafted by those who had just experienced the tyranny perpetrated upon them.

Every day, responsible and law-abiding Americans purchase guns to protect themselves and their families, to hunt or use in sport and as a hobby.

The truth is, while the president preaches about a dire need for action, he has done little to work with Congress to find actual solutions to this problem.

His proposal could impact citizens’ privacy and due process by granting federal bureaucrats more power to take away this right unilaterally. As we talk about ways to end gun violence, we must not punish the actions of millions of law-abiding Americans and equate them with people who chose to commit unspeakable crimes using guns illegally and without warrant.

His executive action largely sidesteps one of the most important factors of gun violence – our nation’s failure to properly respond to and support those with mental health issues.

Shooters at Sandy Hook and San Bernardino used weapons purchased by other people, shielding them from undergoing background checks. Illegal guns flow over our borders, supplying street gangs with a never-ending supply.

There is no law that can prohibit every individual who wants to obtain a gun and use it to hurt others from doing so. We must work on addressing problems we know contribute to mass shootings in America, such as our failing mental-health support system.

In this Congress, I have again co-sponsored a bill to make our mental health system more responsive to individuals in need of help and refocus our resources in the appropriate places. The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act was written by Rep. Tim Murphy, R-Penn., a colleague of mine with three decades of experience as a psychologist. It aims at a number of problems in the system – from increasing the number of psychiatrists able to serve patients in rural areas to fixing the shortage of mental health crisis beds.

When I first co-sponsored the bill, I brought Murphy to Tracy in our district to host a mental health roundtable discussion with San Joaquin County officials, law enforcement, medical professionals and members of the National Alliance on Mental Illness. We’ve started the conversation about our mental health crisis, and as we consider ways to curb gun violence nationwide, that conversation must continue.

Congress is already working on ways to help those with mental illnesses and will continue to do so. The president stated he wants $500 million more in mental health funding as part of this executive action to restrict gun access. Yet when Congress sent him a bill that provided $750 million to that cause, he vetoed it.

Further burdening law-abiding citizens will not stop criminals who are intent on violence from committing atrocities. Any legislation pertaining to firearms should address the underlying causes of these acts and seek to strengthen our mental health system, not persecute citizens seeking protection, safety and peace of mind. Obama’s instinct to go around the will of the American people and ignore Congress, especially on an issue of this importance, is disturbing.

Jeff Denham represents California’s 10th Congressional District, which includes all of Stanislaus and southern San Joaquin counties.

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State of the State


Dear Friend,

This was a busy week in Washington. I was in the chamber on Tuesday as we heard President Obama’s last State of the Union address, the House passed a bill crucial to our California ag community, and I had the opportunity to join a number of my colleagues in taking a stand on behalf of female combat pilots.

The President spoke during his speech on Tuesday about his desire to focus on the future. If the President truly wants to implement change that helps families in our area prosper, he’ll take a hard look at some of the legislation we’ve passed in the House to strengthen our economy, rein in government bureaucracy and get people back to work.

Most importantly for the Central Valley, he’ll get involved for the first time in helping us answer our state’s desperate need for water and direct the Senate to work with the House in seeing some of the legislation we’ve already passed signed into law. I was disappointed that, like in past years, he showed no interest in addressing California’s ongoing drought. Our drought isn’t just a problem for our state. It impacts ag nationwide, the economic prosperity of all western states, and food prices globally. Water storage has to take top priority.

The same week as we heard the State of the Union, Stanford University’s Hoover Institution released an interesting poll anticipating the governor’s State of the State speech next week. The poll highlighted four issues that take top priority with Californians: water, the economy, jobs, and balanced budgets. These continue to be my top priorities as well. It also found that the California high speed rail project marked at the very bottom of the 21-item list of state priorities included.

This fits what I’ve seen – that every day, more Californians realize that the Authority’s current plan would cost billions more than what voters approved at a time when our families and farms are hurting from lack of water. Fifty-three percent of Californians said they’d support spending our resources on water instead of high speed rail.

I spoke on the House floor this week to offer my support for a bill that has a huge impact of a group of our veterans and their family members – the WASP Arlington Inurnment Restoration Act. Women Airforce Service Pilots, also known as WASPs, represent a small group of elite female pilots who flew combat missions during WWII. Because the group was established in 1942, they were never granted full military status, but in 1977, Congress retroactively granted them active duty status in the hopes of ensuring that all VA policies, laws and services would apply to them.

View my full speech.

Since 2002 WASPs have been eligible for inurnment with honors at Arlington National Cemetery, but last year, the Secretary of the Army began denying requests of WASPs seeking a place in Arlington National Cemetery. They say they’re running out of space.

This decision flies in the face of our nation’s efforts to recognize, reward and treat honorably the contributions of all of our veterans. These women deserve the same honor bestowed upon hundreds of thousands of their fellow servicemembers. Watch my floor statement here.

Lastly, I vote this Wednesday in favor of a resolution that nullifies the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed “Waters of the U.S.” rule.

The controversial rule would subject even the most minuscule bodies of water to federal regulation under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act. Thirty-one states have contended the rule’s constitutionality in federal court, and in October, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit struck it down and blocked its implementation. I’m committed to protecting the Central Valley from yet another set of regulations that would have a catastrophic impact on our ag community. The EPA’s shameless attempt to commandeer the property rights and precious resources of hardworking farmers, ranchers and business owners must be stopped.

I’m looking forward to a week at home and hope you have a great weekend!


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Contact Information

1730 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4540
Fax 202-225-3402

Congressman Jeff Denham represents the 10th District of California in the U.S. House of Representatives. His district includes all of Stanislaus County and part of San Joaquin County. He was first elected to Congress in 2010, and is currently serving a third term in the 114th Congress.

Rep. Denham’s public service career began with the U.S. Air Force, where he served for 16 years between active duty and reserve status. He fought in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Restore Hope in Iraq and Somalia, respectively.

After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Rep. Denham worked in the agriculture industry as an almond rancher and entrepreneur. He understands the critical importance of agriculture business in cultivating California’s economy and maintaining employment.

In his work as a California State Senator from 2002-2010, Rep. Denham focused on balancing run-away spending in California and protecting taxpayer dollars from wasteful state projects. He was a proven and courageous leader in the California Senate, where he was the subject of an unsuccessful recall attempt for his refusal to vote on irresponsible budget proposals.

First and foremost, Rep. Denham is a family man. Jeff and Sonia Denham have been married for 21 years, and they have two children, Austin, 18, and Samantha, 16.

In his position as a U.S. Congressman, Rep. Denham remains focused on representing the long-term interests of California’s agricultural businesses, finding a solution to the long struggle over water storage and conveyance, transportation interests in California and fighting for the rights, protections and benefits America’s brave and heroic veterans deserve. He is also an advocate for a top-to-bottom approach to reform for our broken immigration system.

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