Jeb Hensarling

Jeb Hensarling


Congressman Hensarling Statement on Tax Day 2017 and the Need for Tax Reform


WASHINGTON—Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement as American families and business owners across the country file their taxes today:

“For far too long our tax code has been unfair and complicated.  It has contained too many loopholes and provisions for special interests, and has forced hardworking Americans to pay for a Washington government that is too big, too powerful, and too intrusive.  But, help is on the way. 

“Republicans have a blueprint to make things right for the American people by reforming and streamlining the tax code.  Our plan calls for greater simplicity so most families will be able to fill out their tax return on a form the size of a postcard.  It would lower tax rates for most families and businesses, streamline seven tax brackets into three, and eliminate a host of special-interest provisions.  Job creators will be able to take advantage of full and immediate expensing on investments in new equipment and technology.  And, America’s 35% corporate income tax rate—the highest in the industrialized world—will be slashed to make us a magnet for business and industry.

“Our economy has been growing significantly below its potential for years now, essentially going 20 miles per hour down a highway built for going 70.  One of the keys to getting the American economy firing on all cylinders again is fundamental tax reform.  I look forward to working with my colleagues in the House to get this done for the American people who deserve a fairer, simpler, flatter tax code.”


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Congressman Hensarling Accepting Service Academy Nomination Requests


DALLAS—U.S. Congressman Jeb Hensarling (TX-05) announced today that his office is now accepting service academy nomination requests. 

“It is a privilege to consider candidates’ applications for a nomination to one of the United States service academies,” said Hensarling. “With many talented students applying through my office for a limited number of vacancies, the competition has always been very intense.”

Candidates interested in attending a military service academy must undergo a rigorous selection process and receive a nomination from a Member of Congress, the Vice President, or from the Department of Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps.  These nominations are determined based on academic performance, college entrance test scores, physical aptitude, medical certification, extracurricular activities, and demonstrated leadership potential.

Graduates of the service academies are appointed upon active duty as commissioned officers and serve in the appropriate military branch for a minimum of five years.  For questions regarding a nomination to a service academy, contact Margaret Smith in Hensarling’s Dallas office at (214) 349-9996, or click here

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Hensarling Statement on Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch


WASHINGTON—Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement after the Senate’s confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the United States Supreme Court:

“By all accounts, the Senate has just confirmed to the highest court in the land a brilliant legal mind who is dedicated to the Constitution and its principles of liberty.  Our President made an outstanding pick in nominating Neil Gorsuch, and Senate Majority Leader McConnell made the right decision not to allow the fringe elements of the Left to stop this nomination by using the filibuster.  I am thrilled Neil Gorsuch will fill the late Justice Scalia’s seat.  Congratulations, Justice Gorsuch.”

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Hensarling Statement on U.S. Military Strike in Syria


WASHINGTON—Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, issued the following statement on the U.S. military strike in Syria:

“President Trump was right to act quickly and decisively to the atrocities committed by the forces of Bashar al-Assad.  While no president has a blank check to circumvent congress in these matters, President Trump’s actions were entirely appropriate given the circumstances.

“The Trump Administration’s actions are in stark contrast to President Obama’s idle ‘red Line’ threat which was followed by a sham agreement with Assad - brokered by Russia - to destroy all of Syria’s chemical weapons. 

“As this situation continues to unfold, it is imperative that Congress work with the President to protect our national security interests and address the humanitarian crisis in Syria.”

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Hensarling Announces 2017 Congressional Art Competition


WASHINGTON—Congressman Jeb Hensarling (TX-5) is inviting high school students across the Fifth Congressional District to participate in the 2017 Congressional Art Competition.

“Each year, this exciting competition provides Members of Congress the opportunity to showcase the artistic talent of high school students within their districts and acknowledge our nation’s gifted, young artists,” said Hensarling. “I am pleased to announce that the Fifth Congressional District is once again participating in the competition, and I look forward to seeing the artwork that our talented students submit.”

As in years past, the winning entry from each congressional district will be displayed in a special exhibit located in a corridor of the U.S. Capitol building. The winning student and a guest will be invited to attend a special reception unveiling the artwork in Washington, D.C. 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Submissions must be delivered to Congressman Hensarling’s Dallas or Athens District Office by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, May 3, 2017.  Please include a 2017 Congressional Art Competition Student Information and Release Form signed by the student, teacher, and parent/guardian. 

The winning selection will be chosen by a panel of judges and will be announced during the month of May.  The winning student and a guest will be invited to attend a special-ribbon cutting ceremony in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, June 29, 2017.  Two complimentary airline tickets, courtesy of a major airline, will be provided to attend the ceremony.

District Office Addresses:                                                    

Dallas District Office:                                     Athens District Office:          

6510 Abrams Road #243                                810 East Corsicana Street, Suite C

Dallas, TX 75231                                            Athens, TX 75751

If your school will be participating in the contest, or if you need any additional information, please contact my Dallas office at (214) 349-9996.


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Chairman Hensarling Joins HUD Secretary Carson at Jubilee Park & Community Center


DALLAS, Texas—Today, Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, joined Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson at Jubilee Park and Community Center during the Secretary’s multi-city listening tour of communities and HUD offices.  Today’s tour stop focused on Jubilee Park’s commitment to community-based initiatives aimed at empowering families and individuals through education and ensuring residents in the neighborhood have access to quality, affordable housing.

“Jubilee Park is a shining example of what can happen when local communities, faith-based organizations, and private enterprise partner together to find solutions for lifting people out of poverty,” said Hensarling.  “I have seen firsthand the transformation that has taken place in this neighborhood, and I was honored to have the opportunity to share it with Secretary Carson.”

Jubilee was founded in 1997 in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, Greater Dallas Community of Churches, Saint Michael, and All Angels Episcopal Church.  Each year, Jubilee staff and volunteers provide housing services and education opportunities for children and adults in the neighborhood.  These community partners and other corporate sponsors have invested their time, money, and talents into making this neighborhood a safe place for families to live, work, and learn. 

“Just 20 years ago, Jubilee was a community where drugs littered the streets, gangs roamed freely, and residents were afraid to leave their homes.  Now, this is a vibrant community, where families are given the resources they need to lift themselves out of poverty,” said Hensarling.  “This is all possible, not because of Washington mandates, but because of out-of-the-box thinking by community organizations, churches, civic groups, and corporations who came together to improve the lives of their neighbors.  It is this kind of community-based innovation that is key to reforming HUD and providing assistance for housing in the 21st Century.”

In the 115th Congress, the Financial Services Committee will seek to reform how the federal government provides housing assistance in the 21st Century with innovative solutions that do more than simply perpetuate programs that ultimately marginalize poor families and communities. Together with Speaker Ryan, as a part of the House’s Better Way agenda, the Committee’s goal is to propose better, fairer government reforms to get people out of poverty—including helping beneficiaries move toward jobs and independence; reforming the housing voucher assistance program to make vouchers more flexible and portable in order to allow participants the ability to move to areas with better employment, housing, and educational prospects; and reforming the Public Housing Authority System to root out inefficiencies and outmoded programs that often hurt those families most in need of assistance.

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Hensarling Statement on the American Health Care Act


WASHINGTON—Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement on the American Health Care Act:

Unfortunately, we allowed the perfect to become the enemy of the good, and because of that, Obamacare remains fully intact.   Clearly there are differences of opinion within our Conference on how best to legislatively repeal and replace Obamacare under the current process – differences that might have been avoided if the United States Senate would simply change its rules to allow bills to be passed with 51 votes.  Nevertheless, I was proud to stand with President Trump and Speaker Ryan today in our efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare. 

Our Conference is blessed to be led by a great conservative like Paul Ryan. He’s a man of impeccable integrity who has an unyielding passion for the cause of freedom. He showed phenomenal leadership and negotiated in good faith throughout this process.  It is my hope that we can regroup and rally behind him and the President as a Conference to deliver on our promise to provide relief to the American people who are currently forced to buy health care they cannot afford and cannot use under our current system. 

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Hensarling Statement on President Trump’s Budget Blueprint


WASHINGTON—Congressman Jeb Hensarling (TX-05), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement in response to President Trump’s 2018 Budget Blueprint:

“Left unchecked, our nation is driving at a breakneck speed toward a spending-driven fiscal cliff. If we go off this cliff and into a full-blown debt crisis, we will be a nation where downsized dreams and fewer opportunities become the new norm.  Washington simply won’t have the ability to do all the things that Americans expect of the federal government either– whether that is making good on the health and retirement security promises made to current and future generations of American seniors or protecting our nation and ensuring that our men and women in the armed forces have all the tools needed to do their jobs. 

“This future doesn’t have to be our destiny if we make the responsible fiscal decisions today.  The President’s budget submission to Congress represents the beginning of the budget process.  President Trump has put forward a budget proposal that shows how we can shrink Washington while still prioritizing taxpayer dollars on things like rebuilding our nation’s military and securing our borders.  This budget illustrates the real choices that must be made, and it is a welcome relief from the past eight years where budgets were unrealistic, unsustainable, and seemingly indifferent to our nation’s mounting debt.

“And, while this budget blueprint takes us in the right direction, more work needs to be done if programs like Social Security and Medicare are going to be placed on a financially sustainable path.  Certainly those with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo in Washington will protest any reduction in their particular funding stream with dire predictions.  But, if we are going to truly have a healthy economy with greater growth, opportunity, and prosperity for all, we cannot continue to grow Washington’s economy at the expense of the Main Street economy. I look forward to the continued budget process and working with President Trump and Members of Congress to restore fiscal accountability in Washington.”

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Congressman Jeb Hensarling Announces Tele-Town Hall with Interactive Web Access


WASHINGTON—Today, Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) announced he will host a live tele-town hall event across the 5th Congressional District of Texas on Monday, March 6, 2017, at 7 p.m. CT

For the first time, Congressman Hensarling is broadcasting his tele-town hall live over the web.  By participating in this interactive forum, constituents are able to submit their questions directly to the Congressman. Click here at 7 p.m. CT to connect to the tele-town hall over the web.  Those who do not wish to participate over the web can call (855)-756-7520 Ext. 34686# to be connected to the tele-town hall.

“Tele-town halls are a great way for me to reach thousands of Texans across the 5th Congressional District all at the same time, and I am especially glad we are expanding access through the internet,” said Congressman  Hensarling.  “During these forums, we typically cover a wide range of issues, and I get to hear from a cross-section of residents who might not otherwise have the ability or time to get to an in-person town hall.  Most importantly, it’s an opportunity for me to hear directly from constituents about what’s most important to them.  I hope everyone can join us.” 

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Hensarling Statement on Senate Confirmation of Former Texas Governor Rick Perry as Energy Secretary


WASHINGTON—Congressman Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) released the following statement after former Texas Governor Rick Perry was confirmed by the Senate to be the next Secretary of Energy:

“I extend my full congratulations to my good friend Governor Rick Perry on his confirmation to be Secretary of Energy. He is uniquely qualified to execute President Trump’s vision to make America energy independent, create jobs, and lead the Department of Energy into the 21st Century.  As Governor of Texas, he led our great state through a sustained period of economic growth where we gained over 2.2 million jobs.  He was a champion of Texas energy – whether it was oil, natural gas, or wind – and he helped to make energy more affordable for families and businesses, both in our state and across the nation.  I look forward to working with him in his new role to cut red tape and regulations that are holding our country back from true energy independence.”

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Contact Information

2228 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3484
Fax 202-226-4888

Committee Assignments

Financial Services

First elected to Congress in 2002, Jeb Hensarling is a strong conservative and an outspoken advocate for limited government and unlimited opportunity.

As chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Jeb is a leader in promoting consumer choice, competitive markets, and smart regulation in our financial markets.  He was the only member of Congress to have introduced comprehensive reform legislation for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac during the credit crisis, lauded in the media as “a concrete plan for fixing Fannie and Freddie.” Jeb was recognized by The New York Times for “leading the GOP Vanguard against the Bailout,” and was the only member of Congress to have introduced a legislative alternative to TARP during the heart of the credit crisis, which would have minimized taxpayer exposure and the politicization of the market.

A lifelong conservative dedicated to advancing the principals of faith, family, free enterprise, and freedom, Jeb was chosen by his colleagues during the 112th Congress to chair the House Republican Conference—the fourth ranking leadership position in the House—and in the 110th Congress, he was elected chairman of the Republican Study Committee—the largest conservative caucus in the House. The Associated Press recently recognized Jeb’s consistency on conservative issues saying, “he made cutting federal spending, ending earmarks and reducing the size of government his priorities before the tea party came into existence.”

In recognition of his relentless fight to cut wasteful Washington spending and remove barriers to job growth, Jeb was appointed to serve on the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, and was most recently appointed co-chairman of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.

Prior to the 112th Congress, Jeb served as the number two Republican on the House Budget Committee—under now Chairman Paul Ryan—and has consistently fought to reduce our debt and stop out-of-control Washington spending. He is a co-author of the “Spending, Deficit, and Debt Control Act,” a landmark budget reform bill that was heralded as the “gold standard” of budget enforcement legislation by a coalition of conservative groups, including the Americans for Tax Reform, Citizens United Against Government Waste, Citizens for a Sound Economy, and the National Taxpayer Union. Jeb also authored the “Spending Limit Amendment”—a Constitutional amendment that would limit federal spending to no more than 20% of the economy—the historic average since WWII. For his work to rein in wasteful Washington spending and put our country back on a fiscally sustainable path, the National Review Online dubbed him “Rep. Budget Reform,” and The Dallas Morning News called him a “truth teller” who “has become one of the most important GOP members of Congress.”

Born in Stephenville, Texas, Jeb grew up working on his father’s farm near College Station. He earned a degree in economics from Texas A&M University in 1979 and a law degree from the University of Texas in 1982. Before coming to Congress, Jeb spent ten years in the private sector, serving as an officer for a successful investment firm, a data management company, and an electric retail company.

Jeb and his wife, Melissa, are members of St. Michael and All Angels Church, and reside in Dallas with their two children, Claire and Travis.

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