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Jason Smith


High Stakes for Highest Court


The coming weeks will ultimately decide the future of the United States Supreme Court for decades to come. Our next President will have the opportunity to fill the vacancy left by Justice Antonin Scalia by exercising his or her most significant responsibility as expressly set forth in Article II of the United States Constitution. And the reality is, never has this decision mattered more. 

Our next President will have the opportunity to choose a Supreme Court Justice either in the mold of Justice Scalia, who fiercely upheld the Constitution and the values our country was founded on, or they will choose to nominate a Supreme Court Justice that sides with liberal policy and judicial tyranny. 

The Founders of our country intended that the Judicial branch would be the “least dangerous” branch of government, but over time the judiciary has morphed into a policymaking body that affects the everyday lives of all Americans. In recent years, the Supreme Court has issued decisions on contentious issues like religious liberty, the Second Amendment, and voter rights that have impacted every American family.

Our Constitution gives the Supreme Court a special role in our government and that is the power to declare if an act by Congress or the President is in violation of the the limits of powers given to each branch by the Constitution. The Supreme Court is intended to be a court of last resort, but  the unconstitutional actions of the Obama Administration over the past eight years have resulted in the Supreme Court handing over 20 unanimous, nine to zero defeats on his Administration’s illegal and unconstitutional actions. 

With a President like Barack Obama who has continually violated the Constitution, Congress and the Supreme Court have had to exercise the full extent of their power to stop the Obama Administration from abusing its power. Last April, I joined in filing an amicus brief against the Obama Administration after they attempted to bypass Congress and issue executive amnesty to five million illegal aliens against the will of the American people and Congress in U.S. v. Texas. In June, the Supreme Court handed down a tied 4-4 vote in U.S. v. Texas, effectively blocking President Obama’s attempt to bypass Congress and therefore returning the power to legislate back to its rightful place in Congress. I fear the outcome of that case had the balance of the court been disrupted otherwise. Just last month I joined in filing briefs with the Supreme Court in order to reverse a dangerous lower court ruling in the Gloucester County School Board v. GG case that allows unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Education to redefine the word “sex” to how a person feels about his or her “gender identity.” This case is yet to be heard, but it is expected to be considered before the Supreme Court in the near future and could potentially be a case that is decided with the new Supreme Court appointee. 

It is unacceptable that Congress has had to file litigation against the President, but with a liberal Administration that continually ignores Article I of the Constitution that clearly states that only Congress has the power to write legislation not the president, Congress has had no other choice but to take these cases to the Supreme Court. The recent rulings by the Supreme Court against the unconstitutional actions of the Obama Administration demonstrates how important the role of the Supreme Court is as the ultimate protector of our Constitution. 

One of the most important upcoming cases on the Supreme Court’s docket is Obama’s disastrous climate change regulations. The EPA’s Power Plan has serious implications for Missouri which gets 83% of its energy from coal power. Compliance with this disastrous new rule will cost the state of Missouri up to $6 billion dollars, is projected to cause double digit increases in electricity rates for taxpayers in 40 states, and will force the closure of coal plants in Missouri – costing us thousands of jobs. Obama’s climate change regulation was stayed by the Supreme Court in February where it was sent to the nation’s second most powerful court, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, for arguments. This case is expected to be brought back before the Supreme Court in 2018, where it will be tried in front of at least one new justice appointed by the new President.

There are several Supreme Court rulings related to the Second Amendment and religious liberty that are in danger of being overturned if a liberal Supreme Court Justice is appointed. These cases include District of Columbia v. Heller, a 2008 decision that ruled that the Second Amendment protects a person’s right to use and keep a loaded handgun in one’s home for self-defense, and Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, a 2014 decision that protected the religious beliefs of businesses that were being forced by the government to provide abortion inducing drugs as part of their employee health plans.

We will be getting more than just a new president in a few weeks - but rather a shaping of how our Supreme Court will uphold and enforce our laws for years to come. As former President Ronald Reagan stated on the occasion of appointing the late Justice Scalia, a Supreme Court Justice “must not only be jurists of the highest competence; they must also be attentive to the rights specifically guaranteed in our Constitution and to the proper role of the courts in our democratic system.” During Obama’s presidency, 53 cases were decided by a 5-4 majority that included Justice Scalia. Justice Scalia demonstrated that one justice out of nine does have the power to tip the balance in the Supreme Court to determine how our laws will be upheld. 

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Protecting Your Vote


For every instance of one fraudulent vote, a legitimate American voter is disenfranchised. As the Supreme Court of the United States recognized when it upheld the constitutionality of Indiana’s voter identification law in 2008, “… not only is the risk of voter fraud real but…it could affect the outcome of a close election.”

The right to vote is the most basic of civil rights and should not be stolen or mitigated as a result of fraudulent ballot box activities. Unfortunately, recent reports of voter fraud across the country and an unwillingness by this Administration to seek criminal charges against those threatening the integrity of our voting system is infringing upon this fundamental right. Opponents of measures to improve voting integrity claim that voter fraud is very rare and almost non-existent, but the influx of voter fraud reports across the country prove otherwise.

The FBI is currently investigating allegations of voter registration fraud in Virginia after officials say nearly 20 voter applications were submitted under the names of dead people. Investigators also found that in eight of Virginia’s 133 cities and counties, 1,046 illegal aliens were registered to vote and that since 2005 those aliens had voted over 300 times. Reports in Colorado claim that at least 78 dead people are registered to vote. The former Colorado Secretary of State identified almost 5,000 non-citizens in Colorado who voted in the 2010 election and estimates that over 12,000 non-citizens are currently registered to vote in that state.  Just last week, the Public Interest Law Foundation discovered that there are thousands of foreign aliens registered to vote in Pennsylvania and Virginia because of lax voter ID laws and officials are currently investigating possible voter registration fraud in 57 counties in Indiana.

Missouri equally has its own marred track record of ineligible voter rolls, illegal ballots and vote tampering. After the 2000 elections it was discovered that 56,000 St Louis residents held more than one voter registration. In 2006 and 2008 the liberal left group ACORN was found to have submitted thousands of fraudulent voter registrations and false applications in the Kansas City and St Louis areas and in 2012 Missouri was lumped in with a dozen other states found to have a large number of ineligible voters on its rolls.

Instead of looking into these voter fraud cases across the country, the Obama Administration hasn’t filed a single lawsuit over the past eight years. No attempt has been made to demand that areas with reported voter fraud clean up their rolls or take corrective actions. According to a 2012 survey, one out of eight American voter registrations is inaccurate, a duplicate or out-of-date. It is estimated that 1.8 million registered voters are now dead and that approximately 2.8 million people are registered in two or more states. The Obama Administration has continued to ignore reports that estimate that 6.4% of non-citizens voted illegally in the 2008 presidential election and that 2.2% voted in the 2010 midterm Congressional elections.

It is illegal for people who aren’t American citizens to vote, we can start to clean things up by enforcing those laws and by going after those who attack the integrity of our elections by enrolling fraudulent voters and cast illegitimate ballots. It is our fundamental right as Americans to vote and by allowing voter fraud to occur across the country, we are undermining just how important it is to have the right to vote. We need a voting system across the country that people can trust in. The right to a fair election is one of the cornerstones of our republic and we owe it to the millions of Americans who will cast a vote this November to uphold its honor.


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"The Craziest thing in the world.."


At a campaign rally on Monday, former President Bill Clinton stated, “You’ve got this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have health care, and then the people who are out there busting it, sometimes 60 hours a week, wind up with their premiums doubled and their coverage cut in half and it’s the craziest thing in the world… But the people getting killed in this deal are the small business people and the individuals who make just a little bit too much to get any of these subsidies.”

Clinton is now trying to walk back from this comment, but the harsh reality is that he is right. Obamacare is a “crazy system” that has only made healthcare more bureaucratic and more expensive. Last week marked three years since the failed Obamacare exchanges opened for business and over the past three years Obamacare continues to drive up healthcare costs on millions of American families and limit their access to the healthcare providers of their choice.

As insurers across the country continue to exit states because they are struggling under the Affordable Care Act, people are being left to choose between a handful of costly plans that may not meet their specific needs. New reports now estimate that healthcare premiums in some places will experience double-digit rate increases next year. It is astounding just how much Obamacare is costing people across the nation. The average premium for individuals with job-based coverage increased by $3,755 even though President Obama promised that Obamacare would lower premiums for families.

Just this week, it was announced that when open enrollment in Obamacare starts next month, enrollees in four states will be able to choose plans from only one insurer. Individuals in 26 of the 30 counties which make up the 8th Congressional District of Missouri are predicted to only have one option for health insurance. In total, it is estimated that 85 percent of Missouri counties could only have one Obamacare marketplace insurer next year. Obamacare has failed to give individuals and families options in healthcare and instead has forced people to accept the only healthcare option available to them, despite the cost, with fear of facing a punitive tax if they don’t.

Another sign of Obamacare’s failure is the collapse of federally backed Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan (CO-OP) programs across the country. Following the rollout of Obamacare three years ago, 23 CO-OPs were created using $1.7 billion in federal loans. Today 17 of those CO-OPs have collapsed, forcing nearly 800,000 Americans to find new healthcare coverage.

Looking ahead, in a desperate attempt to save his failing healthcare law, it was revealed that the Obama Administration is now attempting another illegal bailout to prop up Obamacare by paying health insurers billions of taxpayer dollars through an unauthorized Treasury Department account intended for other use. The Government Accountability Office issued a ruling last Thursday that this diversion of billions of dollars from the United States Treasury to insurers selling policies on the Affordable Care Act Exchanges are entirely unauthorized, inappropriate and potentially illegal.

With President Obama’s days left in office numbered, he will stop at nothing to revive his failing healthcare bill and his legacy. Americans deserve better than a healthcare system that puts government between them and their doctor. That is why I am supporting a Better Way plan to give Americans more patient-centered care and more healthcare choices, not more government bureaucracy and red tape. You should be in charge of your health options and should have the freedom and flexibility to choose the care that is best for you. You should not be excluded from having access to the best lifesaving treatments in the world because less and less providers want to participate in a failed government run program. Bill Clinton said it himself, Obama’s health care system is the “craziest thing in the world” and I remain committed to repealing it.

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Congressman Smith Demands Answers from EPA for Missouri Farmers


Washington, D.C.- Congressman Jason Smith sent a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy raising concerns with the EPA's preliminary ecological risk assesment for atrazine, a herbicide widely used by many Missouri farmers. Read the full letter here.

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Why the Risk?


1,811. It was learned this week that was the number of illegal aliens who were ‘mistakenly’ granted American citizenship by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. All of these 1,811 illegal immigrants now turned American citizens were previously ordered to be deported or removed from the U.S. for various reasons, including criminal activity and because their home countries were flagged as ‘special interest countries’ or threats to the United States. This is not only unacceptable, but it’s horrifying. Your federal government, the single entity responsible for the safety of millions of American families is actually doing the opposite – putting them more at risk.

Just this past weekend, twenty-nine people were injured when a bomb exploded in New York City and nine people were victims of a stabbing at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Both of these attacks were ones of terror.  More must be done to strengthen our national security to ensure that those who wish to do Americans harm don’t have that opportunity.

Unfortunately we see the opposite happening. While hundreds scheduled for deportation are now wrongfully granted American citizenship because of an error in fingerprint tracking, the Obama Administration continues to push forward with a plan to ship more and more terrorists from American custody back to the battlefield to commit atrocities against our brave military men and women and innocents across the globe. Simply put, the Obama White House continues to ignore the evidence that nearly one-in-three former detainees return to their jihadist activity upon their release. In an interview last December, with 653 confirmed terrorists once held in Guantanamo Bay already released, President Obama stated, “we assume that there are going to be -out of four, five, six hundred people that get released- a handful of them are going to be embittered and still engaging in anti-U.S. activities and trying to link up potentially with their old organizations.” Unfortunately the President’s rhetoric doesn’t match reality, at the time of that statement, of the 653 who had been released, it was confirmed by the Director of National Intelligence that 196 of these individuals were either confirmed or suspected of returning to terrorist activity – more than just ‘a handful’ I’d say.

Why is the President giving these individuals the opportunity to once again spread the disease of terrorism and hate back in their home countries and once again plan horrifying acts against American citizens? That is why I helped co-author and pass legislation last week to prohibit the transfer of any individual detained at Guantanamo Bay. Don’t let the statements by the Obama Administration fool you into thinking that the closing of that facility does not pose a risk to the safety of our nation. The fact is that the Obama Administration is downplaying just how dangerous those housed at Guantanamo Bay are to fulfill a campaign promise before he leaves office - once again putting politics ahead of the true interest of the American people.

It is the number one job of the federal government to provide for the defense and security of the American people. At a time when our country is under a constant threat of terrorism, we cannot give those who wish to do us harm the chance to attack innocent Americans. We must deny access to those who jeopardize our national security whether they are known terrorists housed at Guantanamo Bay or illegal immigrants who have been mistakenly granted American Citizenship. I remain committed to fighting for the safety of Missourians including physically securing our borders, thoroughly screening and vetting anyone desiring to enter our country with background checks, thwarting the release of any more terrorists back to the battlefield and providing our military men and women with the resources they need to get the job done.. despite the Obama Administration’s attempts to do otherwise.

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U.S. House Passes Rep. Jason Smith's Bill to Increase Coverage Options for those with Kidney Failure


U.S. House Passes Rep. Jason Smith’s Bill to Increase Coverage Options for those with Kidney Failure

 Smith’s bill gives Americans Suffering with End Stage Renal Disease the health care options they deserve

Washington, D.C.- Today, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed Congressman Jason Smith’s bill, H.R. 5659, the Expanding Seniors Receiving Dialysis’ (ESRD) Choice Act with bipartisan support. Smith’s bill expands access to high-quality, affordable health care coverage options for Americans suffering from kidney failure by removing current federal restrictions that block patients with End Stage Renal Disease from enrolling in certain medical plans like Medicare Advantage. 

Prior to passage of his bill Smith commented, “The vulnerable patients suffering from End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) deserve access to the right doctors and the right treatment at the most affordable cost. Unfortunately, I heard from several folks in southeast and south central Missouri suffering from kidney failure who have been denied that access and option by the federal government.” Smith continued, “Patients suffering from kidney failure deserve the same health care choices that all Americans have. My bill will help ensure that the over 640,000 Americans diagnosed with ESRD benefit from having new options for care and coverage which are currently disallowed in federal statute.”

There are over 640,000 Americans, 11,000 of those in Missouri who are currently diagnosed with kidney failure, or ESRD. Under the current law, patients with the pre-existing condition of ESRD are the only disease group specifically denied the ability to enroll in more flexible care Medicare Advantage plans. Smith’s bill will expand the options for ESRD patients and allow them to choose these plans by ending the current federal restriction.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) said, “Patients suffering from a costly and debilitating disease should not be shut out of federal programs proven to deliver high-quality, affordable care-programs like Medicare Advantage. Thanks to Congressman Smith’s leadership, the House just passed legislation to help ensure our sickest patients have access to the life-saving treatment they need, regardless of the disease they have.” 

After passage, Smith remarked, “The passage of my bill today will ensure that those suffering from kidney failure are protected. America deserves these types of solutions to improve our health care system. Americans, not the federal government, should be in control of choosing the best heath care options for those in need.”


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Congressman Jason Smith's Angels in Adoption Nominee: The Clarkston Family


Kendell and Laurie Clarkston exemplify the true meaning and heart of adoption.  As physicians serving in Willow Springs, Missouri, both have directly seen the needs of children living in impoverished conditions and without the love and nurture of a family.  While having two biological children of their own, the Clarkstons always felt a tug on their hearts to bring other children into their home.

In 2005, the Clarkstons brought their daughter Claire home from the People’s Republic of China with the help of their adoption agency, Holt International.  As soon as they returned to the United States, the family began the process of adopting Ben in 2008 and then Will in 2011.  Both of Chinese ethnicity, the boys each had medical conditions requiring treatment.  Ben was born with meningocele, a mild form of spina bifida, and Will had a cleft lip and palate. 

The Clarkstons love for children and serving did not end with the family’s adoptions.  The couple sought to provide others with the opportunity to adopt, an often lengthy and expensive endeavor.  Three years ago, Laurie established Orphan Care Ministries at Pomona Christian Church.  Through this program, they offer grants to families seeking to adopt when cost is prohibitive.  So far, the organization has offered three grants to families living in a rural section of Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District. 

The ministry also has a journey care program which provides backpacks full of emergency supplies to children entering foster care.  When children are removed from a home, they tend to come without any items of their own.  Upon placement in a foster facility, children are given a backpack full of items such as tooth paste, shampoo, pajamas, etc.

On top of these efforts, the family now takes care of foster children and has hosted foreign exchange students.  Both physicians also routinely travel to countries such as Nicaragua, Albania, Ethiopia and the Dominican Republic to provide medical care.  This year, their older children have the opportunity travel with them thus transferring the heart to serve to the next generation.

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Rep. Jason Smith Named Guardian of Small Business



Rep. Jason Smith Named Guardian of Small Business

Smith receives The National Federation of Independent Business’s (NFIB) most prestigious award 

Cape Girardeau, MO- The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading advocate for small businesses, awarded Congressman Jason Smith with its biennial Guardian of Small Business Award for his outstanding support of America’s small business owners in the 114th Congress. Congressman Jason Smith accepted the award during a ceremony at Horizon Screen Printing in Cape Girardeau. In 2007, Horizon Screen Printing was recognized by NFIB as small business of the year in Missouri.

“A smaller, less intrusive, less burdensome federal government is something I have been fighting for since day one - and it is exactly what is needed to help the close to 20,000 small businesses in southeast and south central Missouri. All they want is the government off their backs and out of their way so they can invest, develop, hire and grow their business. Small businesses are responsible for the creation of 7 out of every 10 new jobs in this country. I am honored to receive this award today for my strong support of Missouri's small businesses. I remain committed to supporting legislation that removes unnecessary regulatory burdens that are hindering the growth of small businesses here in ‎Missouri,"  said Smith.

Horizon Screen Printing is a family owned business, started by Rhoda Reeves in 1981. Rhoda’s husband Glenn, a former Sears executive, joined in the business in 1982 followed by their son Dru in 1990. Horizon Screen Printing was recognized by the Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce as Small Business of the Year in 1996. In 2002, Rhoda represented the National Federal of Independent Business at President Bush's State of the Union Address and in 2007, the National Federation of Independent Business of Missouri recognized Horizon as Small Business of the Year. Horizon continues to serve customers from California to Maine with the same care and attention required to print a dozen shirts for a family reunion or thousands for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Horizon Screen Printing General Manager Dru Reeves commented, “I really appreciate Congressman Smith’s 100% voting record with the NFIB. I am proud to have him as our representative and an advocate for small businesses in Southeast Missouri.”




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Secretary of Shame


This week, the U.S. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee conducted a public hearing delving into the policies and procedures the U.S. State Department employs for preserving federal records. Several former State Department witnesses from the time when Secretary Clinton headed the agency were ordered to testify as to what the polices were, if they were followed, and to Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server. Unfortunately, on the advice of their legal counsel, three of those witnesses refused to answer any questions, repeatedly asserting their 5th amendment constitutional right. Another witness refused to show up all together and the one witness who did testify in front of Congress on Tuesday admitted that he had access to Clinton’s private email server that transmitted classified information, but he had absolutely no security clearance whatsoever.

The three main IT specialists who assisted Secretary Clinton with her use of a private email server were the ones who refused to testify all together. The former senior Clinton advisor who did testify, admitted to taking a hammer to Clinton’s mobile devices once they were no longer of use instead of properly disposing of the information contained on those devices.

This hearing only continued to add to the current overwhelming evidence that Secretary Clinton broke State Department protocol, National Security protocol and very likely U.S. law in her use of a private email server for State Department business as well as the handling of classified information. In July, FBI Director James Comey held a press conference announcing that the FBI would not be recommending charges be filed against Clinton. This sparked outrage across the country and in response the House Oversight Committee requested that Director Comey testify before Members of the Committee and provide explanation justifying their decision.

FBI Director Comey’s testimony confirmed the truth behind the fact that Hillary Clinton mishandled classified information and put the safety of America in jeopardy.  During the hearing, Comey admitted several times that Clinton lied to Congress and the American people. Comey confirmed that although Clinton stated to the American people that she has never sent or received classified emails on her private server, that in fact was false. Clinton claimed that the emails she received were not marked as classified at the time, Comey proved that this was false stating “three of those were classified at the time that they were sent or received; one at the secret level.” Further when asked if all of Secretary Clinton’s work emails were returned to the State Department, Comey replied, “No, we found thousands that were not returned.”

We expect more from the heads of our government and Secretary Clinton is no exception. I have called on FBI Director Comey to submit evidence and further information to Congress on his decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for her misuse of private, government emails. The American people deserve to know the truth and I will continue to fight for truth and justice against Hillary Clinton’s unacceptable activities.

Those who break laws or put our national security in jeopardy should not escape consequences just because they are a powerful elite or in this case have the last name of Clinton. Americans deserve accountability for those who threaten our safety. We deserve better and I will continue to fight to get answers from Secretary Clinton and demand accountability for the omissions of information and lies she has delivered to the American people.


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This Shouldn't be Political


We have all heard the famous quote “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” This week as the U.S. Congress once again gaveled back into session, the same results held true as we were immediately met with new details of just how partisan and politically minded this Administration is. I should have known not to expect anything other than partisan rancor from this Administration but a recent memo leak showing details of the Obama Administration putting liberal politics before the interests of the American people is truly appalling.

A report of a memo sent by the Obama Administration to officials at the Pentagon was uncovered on Tuesday detailing a plan to veto the national defense bill that includes a pay raise for our troops. This revelation further proves that the Obama Administration could care less about the means he uses no matter how unethical they might be to push his liberal agenda. The internal Department of Defense memo instructs top military leaders to “play hardball” against Republican plans to increase the military budget, unless the Obama White House gets the spending increases they want for unrelated social programs. They suggest that the House and Senate fight against each other instead of finding middle ground to enact a national defense bill for our nation’s heroes, of which we have a huge number throughout southeast and south central Missouri. It is shameful that the Obama Administration spends more time playing political games rather than serving the American public.

This news was especially hard to stomach because while we are trying to find solutions, we keep being met with executive orders and rogue federal agencies specifically trying to impede our attempts. The extent to which this administration has gone out of its way to impede congressional oversight and accountability and implement radical agendas is absolute insanity.

After spending several weeks traveling all 30 counties, talking to farmers about their crops, small business owners about their bottom line, community leaders about their changing needs, and simply just catching up with old friends, facing this type of out-of-control government insanity is difficult because these folks deserve better than what we’re getting from the White House.  

The tactics described in the memo that was uncovered this week comes as no surprise because under the Obama Administration, dysfunction and partisanship have continually grown worse. It is no surprise that the American public have lost confidence in this Administration’s ability to do their jobs in the best interest of the American public. Time and time again, the Obama Administration condemns Congress for not reaching across the aisle to get things done, but behind closed doors he continues to encourage a battle between political parties. It is quite clear that the legacy that the Obama Administration will leave behind in January will be that of a politically divided country and bureaucratic insanity.

I believe Congress can come together and continue the more than five decades of bipartisan cooperation it has experienced in the past and pass a national defense bill that gives our troops a pay raise and provides them with the resources they need to defend and provide for the security of our country. The brave men and women who serve our country and keep us safe deserve better and so does the rest of the country, especially from someone who carries the title Commander in Chief.  





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Contact Information

1118 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-4404
Fax 202-226-0326

Committee Assignments

Ways and Means

Jason Smith is a seventh-generation Missourian, a citizen-legislator, and a champion for the rights and values of rural Missourians.

Jason was raised in Salem, Missouri, where he still owns the same family farm that was started by his great grandfather. He attended Salem High School, where he was an active member of FFA. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, Jason earned degrees in Agricultural Economics and Business Administration. After receiving degrees from both programs in three years, he attended law school at Oklahoma City University before returning home to serve his community. Back home in Missouri Jason began running the family farm and practicing law. It was during this time that he recognized the harm that the overbearing government was inflicting on Missourians and our economy. This inspired Jason to run for office himself so he could begin to undo the damage.

Jason was elected to the Missouri General Assembly in a special election in 2005.

In the General Assembly, Jason fought to shrink the size of state government, eliminate burdensome rules and regulations, increase government transparency, protect property rights, require drug testing for welfare recipients, and defend Missouri agriculture. Thanks to his efforts, Jason’s colleagues selected him to serve in leadership: first as the Majority Whip and then as Speaker Pro Tem—one of the youngest in state history.

During a special election in June of 2013, Jason was elected to represent Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. He was re-elected in November 2014.

As a member of the 114th Congress, Jason serves on the Ways and Means Committee. In Washington Jason has made a name for himself as a strong defender of rural Missouri and all of rural America. Jason is committed to fighting intrusive government regulations, increasing markets for farmers and ranchers, and protecting his constituents’ rural way of life.

Jason has earned 100% ratings from the American Conservative Union and the Chamber of Commerce; he is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, pro-life and supports traditional values.

Jason attends Grace Community Church in Salem.

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