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Confirmed "Coincidence"


A secret mission carried out using an unmarked cargo plane carrying piles of currency acquired from the central banks of the Netherlands and Switzerland. This sounds like a scene from a James Bond movie, but in fact this is an actual scene of a secret mission carried out under the Obama Administration. It was recently uncovered that the Obama Administration shipped $400 million dollars using an unmarked cargo plane to Iran. Shortly after this money was shipped to Iran, American hostages were released. Coincidence? I think not.

If the $400 million dollars was not being used to pay a ransom to Iran for the release of American hostages, then why did the money have to be flown to Iran on an unmarked cargo plane as a secret mission? If the Obama Administration was really using this money to settle a decades-old dispute over a failed arms deal signed before the 1979 fall of Iran’s last monarch like they claim, then why didn’t they just publically disclose that to the American people?  It seems like the Obama Administration went to great lengths to hide the spending of $400 million dollars. In fact, President Obama failed to disclose the spending of $400 million in a statement he gave at the White House on January 17th. Further, the Iranian commander of the Basij militia was quoted as saying that the money Iran exchanged with the U.S. “was in return for the release of American spies.”

After lying to the American public for almost seven months about how this top-secret $400 million was used, the Obama Administration finally confirmed yesterday that they did in fact use this $400 million to pay a ransom to Iran for the release of American hostages. This comes as no surprise to me because the Obama Administration continues to betray public trust. This ransom payment is a direct violation of the U.S. policy to not pay ransoms in order to discourage future hostage situations. What is alarming is that the Obama Administration has vehemently denied requests by Congress to disclose just how they spent a total of $1.7 billion dollars to Iran by the U.S. It is outrageous that the Obama Administration has out right lied to Americans for almost seven months about paying a ransom to Iran. American security is now in danger because of the actions of the Obama Administration.

It is no surprise that the Iranian’s are suspected of this $1.7 billion package to build up their own military. In fact, John Brennan, director of the Central Intelligence Agency, said that they have found evidence that Iran has used the money it has received from the U.S. to “build up its infrastructure.” In other words, the U.S. is basically funding the dangerous Iranian military through funds approved by the Obama Administration.

This is completely unacceptable and infuriating especially because we already know how unaccountable the Obama Administration agencies and departments have been on a number of other issues. However, the U.S. should under NO circumstance enter into agreements with our enemies because that threatens American security, and the payment of ransom to Iran is a direct violation of our long-standing military policy to not pay ransom to countries that engage in terrorism. Last year, I voiced my opposition and then voted against the dangerous Iran Deal because it is clear that Iran is not a friend of the United States.  Unfortunately, just as anyone with common sense would have predicted, lifting sanctions in Iran and providing them with resources is essentially rewarding bad behavior and condoning acts of terrorism. Again and again the Obama Administration has failed Americans and put our security at risk. They have lied to Americans for seven months about this issue, and potentially jeopardized our security in any number of ways. At a time when the U.S. needs to be projecting strength for our people and our allies, current American leadership has failed them and the only response is to present a "coincidence". We can and must do better, and as we were once told - let's hope for change.


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Congressman Jason Smith Names Appointees to Congressional Award Council


Congressman Jason Smith Names Appointees to Congressional Award Council
Smith Appoints two local educators to the Missouri State Council for the Congressional Award

Cape Girardeau, MO- Congressman Jason Smith has named two educators from the 8th Congressional District to represent him on the Missouri State Council for the Congressional Award. Jennifer Woods, principal of South Iron Elementary School and Scott Dill, superintendent of Poplar Bluff Schools, will offer their input in the process of recruiting candidates for the Congressional Award.

"The Congressional Award is the highest award Congress can give to a young person," explained Smith.  "I am delighted to have these two dedicated community members representing me on the Missouri Council. The commitment and successes Jennifer and Scott have made in improving the lives of the thousands of students they have had the opportunity to work with and better is truly remarkable. I am honored that in addition to their current positions, they are willing to continue those efforts through additional means such as the Congressional Award program."

Youth between the ages of 14 and 23 are eligible to register for the awards program. They commit to achieve the required hours of community service and to set and accomplish goals of personal growth, exploration and physical fitness. Based upon the achievements, bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded. To register, go to www.jasonsmith.house.gov.

Candidates select an adult mentor to help them and keep a scrapbook of their journey.

"Students who plan to take part in the A-plus program, become Eagle Scouts, participate in FFA, Future Business Leaders of America or the National Honor Society will already be on track to do what the Congressional Award program requires," said Smith. "However it is open to all students interested in bettering themselves and their communities and serves as the official way Congress can celebrate the commitment and time these students put forth."

Candidates pledge to give hours of community service such as volunteering at a homeless shelter or mentor a younger student. Additionally, they may also pledge to improve their physical fitness by taking part in a program of exercise or develop a project of personal exploration, such as specialized study of a specific topic or taking a trip to learn about another culture. Overall the purpose of the program is to foster personal development by setting goals and discovering new talents and abilities.

"They're involved in their own personal growth and achievement, but also involved in what goes on in their schools and their communities," said Dill, who is beginning his 20th year in education. "I would think this kind of award would open doors for these students."

Dill is beginning his first year in Poplar Bluff after serving as superintendent for nine years in Houston, Mo.

"This is a wonderful way to encourage our youth to challenge themselves and award their efforts," said Woods. "The earlier the students become aware of the award, the better the chance they'll be able to do all that's required to achieve it."

There are 50,000 young people throughout the nation working toward the Congressional Award. All 8th district medals will be awarded by Congressman Smith at a state or local ceremony. Gold medalists are invited to Washington D.C. for another ceremony that honors their achievements.

To find out more, visit jasonsmith.house.gov or contact the Congressman's Farmington office at 573-756-9755.


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Fighting Zika


This August much of the country is experiencing an uncomfortable heat wave, but in southeast and south central Missouri it is just something we expect every year. And, while the temperature and humidity make it uncomfortable to be outside it is also an important time of our growing season. However, one thing most everyone wishes we could do without is the mosquitos. Often “wearing” a few mosquito bites is normal in August, but with the threat of the Zika virus now on the rise, having a few mosquito bites is more dangerous than ever.

In February pictures of babies infected with Zika and reports of the Zika virus hitting American soil circulated throughout the country and Americans began to panic. There was even a great deal of concern among some Olympic athletes traveling to Brazil.  In response to this, Republicans in Congress began to come up with ways to protect the public from the devastating effects of the Zika virus. Republicans called on the Obama Administration in February to use existing funds that were originally allocated to combat the Ebola virus to fund research that would combat the Zika virus. This seemed a commonsense solution to move quickly and address the issue with the use of existing and readily available resources. ‎

When the Administration said "No" and took to the airwaves to blame Congress for inaction, I along with my colleagues in the House, took another step towards protecting the health of Americans by re-appropriating additional funds to fight the spread of the virus. At the time our effort was supported on both sides of the aisle in the House because protecting the health of Americans is an issue that Republicans and Democrats agree is a top priority for the safety of Americans across the country.

However, when the legislation reached the Senate, Senate Democrats blocked funding to combat the Zika virus not once, but twice because they did not want the reallocated funds to be taken from Obamacare and subsequently abortion providers.  Additionally, the Obama Administration has aided the effort that has failed the American people by delaying the use of the nearly $600 million set aside for the Zika virus. Even worse, at the same time they were withholding money they were given to combat Zika, the White House criticized Republicans for not doing enough to stop the spread of Zika while his own Center for Disease Control called for more mosquito spraying in Puerto Rico to prevent the spread.

It is no wonder why folks are furious with Washington, DC. Stunts like this to withhold funding and prevent real public health concerns simply to score political points is unacceptable. And, it is clear that Senate Democrats and the White House care more about this political posturing during our election season than standing up to fight for people across the country. Further, it is a blatant example of the disconnect and sense of entitlement this Administration and their Democrat allies in the U.S. Senate have over the American people.

I just wrapped up a farm tour that took me across all 30 counties of Missouri’s 8th Congressional District and something like the Zika virus could effect any of the communities in which we visited. I can assure you that I will continue to fight against these lawmakers that are putting our health at risk. It is outrageous that Democrats are putting politics before the health of Americans and it must be stopped because as we know it all starts with “We the People”.


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Making the Fight Personal


Over the past 11 days, I have travelled nearly 3,000 miles, visited all 30 counties of Missouri’s 8th Congressional District and have visited almost 50 different farms and agricultural businesses. There were early mornings and long days in the scorching Missouri heat over the past two weeks, but that is nothing new to many of the incredible folks I had the opportunity to visit with. Getting to better know and understand firsthand the issues these hardworking farmers and small business owners are dealing with on a daily basis has been a great experience.

Each farm I traveled to over the past two weeks was unique and each farm family I visited had their own way of doing things, many of which were incorporating their own innovation into their operations. For many of the families, farming has been a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation. In Ste. Genevieve, I visited Oberle Meats, a sausage making business that has been a pillar of the Ste. Genevieve community for 146 years. Today, the business is still run by the Oberle family who have maintained the highest quality standards that have made their meat famous and the centerpiece of many Missouri families special occasions. I also visited 4M Vineyards which is a family run business that started out as an FFA project and has turned into one of the largest concord grape vineyards in Missouri. Or, the Marler’s who own cattle, but also oversee a large timber operation. I even got to stop by Country Fish Farms in my hometown and visit the Cahill’s whom I have known since I was a kid. They help stock ponds, lakes and resorts across Missouri that allow many of us to enjoy the great outdoors even more and, during the winter, their farm attracts a family of bald eagles which is a sight to see.

Many of the farms and agriculture businesses I visited not only are committed to producing the highest quality products, they are also committed to the innovation and growth of the agriculture industry in Missouri. For instance, the Fisher Delta Research Center in Portageville is conducting fascinating research recognized across the world. The folks at the Delta Research Center study cotton and rice production as well as crop irrigation systems across the farmlands of southeast Missouri in order to develop better cropping and insect and disease-control systems. I visited Heckemeyer’s Sweet Sorghum Farm in Sikeston where owner Matt Heckemeyer is working to unlock sweet sorghums potential by trying it as an animal feed, food-grade syrup and potential fuel source. I visited Jayce Mountain Pork in Fredericktown that is using state-of-the-art technology to produce the highest quality pork product while maintaining the safest standards. Seeing how passionate these farmers and researchers are about developing new and innovative ways to keep agriculture strong in Missouri, I am confident that agriculture will remain our state’s number one industry and continue to get stronger into the future.

More importantly, this farm tour provided a fresh perspective on the struggles and issues that farmers and small business owners in southeast and south central Missouri are facing and how I can better serve and fight for the people who call our area home. Regulation happy Washington bureaucrats who have never set foot on a farm in Missouri continue to try every way they can to make life more difficult for those farmers who provide for the needs of our nation and the world and who just want Washington out of their way and off their backs. Washington is out of touch with rural America and they don’t understand our traditions and values. For instance, of the 435 members in Congress, less than 100 represent rural America. This makes our struggle fighting not only Washington regulations, but also trying to educate other members of Congress about the importance of the parts of the country that help feed, clothe, and provide shelter for their families.  I am incredibly proud to call Missouri’s 8th District home, and even more proud to be able to represent the amazing folks, and so many others like them, I had the great opportunity to learn about these past two weeks. As I continue to fight for our district, the names, faces, and families I get to meet increase my resolve and make the challenge to change Washington even more personal.


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Congressman Smith Visits Marler Farms


Lodi, MO –  Congressman Jason Smith visited Marler Farms in Lodi to view the farm operations and speak with owners Steve and Cassie Marler and their daughters Jenna and Carli about the cattle and timber industries and the issues they are facing.

After the visit, Smith commented, “From timber to cattle, the Marler Family exemplifies farming as a way of life in rural Missouri. The whole family is involved in the day-to-day operations and Steve and Cassie use the experience and responsibilities on their farm to raise their three daughters. As someone who was raised in rural Missouri,  I understand the values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that the Marler's are instilling in their daughters. They are great people, and I really enjoyed spending time with them and learning about their operations.”

The Marlers farm over 800 acres of land in Wayne County, approximately 500 acres of which they own and the rest they manage. For the Marler family, farming is their part time job and timber is their primary work. They have 160 angus cattle that they feed using a rotational grazing system. In 2013, the Marlers were selected as the Wayne County Missouri State Fair Farm Family by the Wayne County Extension Council and the local Farm Bureau.

Congressman Smith is spending two weeks visiting different farming operations throughout southeast and south central Missouri. He will cover nearly 3,000 miles while crisscrossing all 30 counties in Missouri’s 8th District. In addition to hearing directly from the families and farmers about the operations they are running, the farm tour will also highlight the diversity, importance and prominence of agriculture in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District.

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Congressman Jason Smith Visits Hamilton Native Outpost


Elk Creek, MO –  Saturday, Congressman Jason Smith visited Hamilton Native Outpost in Elk Creek to view the outpost operations and speak with owners Amy and Rex Hamilton, their son Colt Hamilton, and Seed Processing Manager Mike Motzkus about their industry and the issues they are facing.

Following the visit, Smith commented, “I appreciate the Hamilton’s taking the time and showing me first-hand just how they are using Missouri’s native grasses to add value to farmers’ beef cattle herds. For 33 years they have been growing and cultivating native grass and wildflower seeds and turned it into a business they are passionate about. The research being conducted at Hamilton Native Outpost has the potential to benefit farmers across Missouri and incorporate a unique twist on utilizing our own native grasses and wildflowers.”

Amy and Rex Hamilton have been selling native grass and wildflower seed for 33 years. Over the years they have continued to expand their operations and now today Hamilton Native Outpost has several hundred acres of native grass and wildflower seed production. In 2012, the Hamilton’s planted 99 different species of native grass and wildflowers on their property and have been experimenting with different management techniques and grazing patterns for the last five years. Recently, they have conducted field research on whether farmers can add value to beef cattle herds by feeding cattle diverse native grasses instead of the traditional fescue. Their preliminary findings suggest that allowing cattle to graze on native grasses may make beef cattle more productive than even the top performing feed.

Congressman Smith is spending two weeks visiting different farming operations throughout southeast and south central Missouri. He will cover nearly 3,000 miles while crisscrossing all 30 counties in Missouri’s 8th District. In addition to hearing directly from the families and farmers about the operations they are running, the farm tour will also highlight the diversity, importance and prominence of agriculture in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District.

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Congressman Jason Smith Visits Brixey Dairy Farm


Norwood, MO –  Yesterday, Congressman Jason Smith visited Brixey Dairy Farm in Norwood to view the farm operations and speak with owner James Brixey and his wife Jana about the dairy industry and the issues they are facing.

During the visit, Smith commented, “I am continually impressed not only by the dedication, but the ingenuity of the family farm operations in Missouri's 8th District to not only succeed, but become leaders in their industry. Farmers like James Brixey, who find unique ways to increase productivity and exclusively use Jersey cattle, are  prime examples of the type of farmers we have that continue to make agriculture the number one industry in Missouri.”

James Brixey, a former livestock nutritionist, and his wife Jana took over Brixey Dairy from his parents in 1997 after they had been in the dairy business for nearly ten years. Brixey Dairy exclusively milk approximately 60 head of Jersey cattle. Brixey uses Jersey cows because they’re smaller and require less maintenance and input costs and have good production returns in relation to their size.

Congressman Smith is spending two weeks visiting different farming operations throughout southeast and south central Missouri. He will cover nearly 3,000 miles while crisscrossing all 30 counties in Missouri’s 8th District. In addition to hearing directly from the families and farmers about the operations they are running, the farm tour will also highlight the diversity, importance and prominence of agriculture in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District.

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There is a Better Way


Millions of American’s are concerned our country is on the wrong track, they fear the best days are behind, not in front of us, and that the legacy which will be left for their children is one of debt, high taxes and government control of everything from healthcare to their education. However, this week I also had the opportunity to meet with an amazing group of optimists. They were small business owners and farmers from around southeast and south central Missouri. They are risk-takers that gambled on themselves, their own hard work, or an innovative idea and are creating their own success.

These amazing individuals and families remind me what we want the American Dream to be and that there is a better way to get there – a way which empowers the individual, not the government and puts a greater emphasis on choice, responsibility and personalized freedoms and liberties. Unfortunately, everyone I met with expressed concern that our country is headed in the opposite direction, one of more regulations, higher taxes, an unskilled workforce and additional layers of government intrusion on their family and farms. It’s not too hard to see why. For eight years, we’ve been dealt stimulus spending, awful regulations like the proposed Water of the United States Rule, a costly ‘Cap and Trade’ proposal, a mass amnesty executive order, and repeated unconstitutional actions by numerous government agencies.

One of the biggest reforms we must tackle is not only repealing Obamacare, but replacing it with a market oriented proposal that removes government bureaucrats getting between you and your doctor of choice. Removing that level of bureaucracy will provide a better way to provide healthcare for both individuals and employers. Obamacare is failing – right here in Missouri some insurance companies have requested to increase health insurance premiums by over 20% in order to make the economics of the Obamacare mandates work. If the State approves these increases many folks won’t be able to afford coverage. Additionally, the independent Congressional Budget Office projects that as healthcare becomes too expensive for employers to offer, Obamacare will directly result in the loss of 2 million American jobs over the next ten years. That impact is something I never want to see for the farmers, small businesses, entrepreneurs, and families in Missouri’s 8th District.

Today we have the opportunity to stop being reactive and become proactive about our future, just like the small business owners and farmers I met with this week. I have helped author solutions as part of the Better Way agenda which from healthcare to regulations to taxes will shrink the size of government in all our lives and restore American’s confidence in their future and the future of this country. Through the Better Way we propose a healthcare system more personally tailored to each American, recognizing that there can be no one size fits all approach controlled by the government. Under the proposal, everyone will have access to quality, affordable health care and be able to take that healthcare with them regardless of what job they have or where they live. Low income individuals will have access to a refundable tax credit to help buy health insurance if an employer doesn’t offer coverage.

We will expand health savings accounts and lift restrictions on what you can use your health savings account for; allowing millions of Americans to use pretax dollars to purchase prescriptions, for doctors’ visits, or over the counter medicine and other medical needs not currently allowed. We will remove the government barriers which prevent individuals from buying insurance products across state lines, bringing in competition amongst the insurance companies to attract your business, ultimately driving down the cost of coverage.

Healthcare is just one area where we have to have proactive solutions to solve and address the problems and struggles created over the last 8 years. My hope is that new leadership in the White House will make that possible. We CAN make America great again - we absolutely owe that to the hard working people who love this country, play by the rules, and want the next generation to be better off. The agenda and plan we have laid out is a framework to achieving future prosperity in this country and to hopefully allowing millions of Americans to once again feel as though the best days for this country lie ahead, not behind.  


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Congressman Jason Smith Visits Bois Brule Bottoms


Congressman Jason Smith Visits Bois Brule Bottoms

Federal Regulations Highlighted as Biggest Concern

Perry County, MO –   Yesterday, county officials joined Don Welge near his soybean field in the Bois Brule Bottoms to welcome Congressman Smith. The group thanked Smith for the work he’s done in helping to fight and repeal many of the cumbersome government regulations that make it more difficult for farmers and small business owners to make a living.

“We talked about the way so many of the policies enacted by the Obama administration strangle the productivity of our farms and our small businesses,” said Smith. “I told them I would continue to work to strike down such regulations as the Waters of the United States, which expands the definition of what waterways can be controlled by the federal government.”

Specifically, the group expressed its desire for the Corps of Engineers to quickly repair the levee breach in Ste. Genevieve County at Levee District #2, the Farmers’ Levee. The breach happened during flooding in late December, but repairs are far from complete.

“The Farmers' Levee helps to protect the farmland and businesses in the river bottoms by keeping pressure off of the Bois Brule levee. It also helps protect Highway 51 and the bridge to Illinois, which is essential for transportation of goods and a means for hundreds of people to get to work,” said Smith. “I just called on the Corps to release the funds to start the repairs and expressed to the Corps Commander how important that levee is and how it protects millions of dollars in farmland, homes, business, transportation and so much more. The repairs need to be underway now.”

Congressman Smith is spending two weeks visiting different farming operations throughout southeast and south central Missouri. He will cover nearly 3,000 miles while crisscrossing all 30 counties in Missouri’s 8th District. In addition to hearing directly from the families and farmers about the operations they are running, the farm tour will also highlight the diversity, importance and prominence of agriculture in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District.

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Congressman Jason Smith Visits Non-Profit Farm as Part of 4th Annual Farm Tour


Congressman Jason Smith Visits Non-Profit Farm as Part of 4th Annual Farm Tour

Facility is operated by Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help

DeSoto, MO –   Yesterday, Congressman Jason Smith was joined by members of the University of Missouri Extension Council, local farmers and state and elected officials at the non-profit farm operated by the Franciscan Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help from Kirkwood. While at the farm, the Congressman and others toured the extensive garden on the 40-acre property.

“We saw a number of different types of heirloom tomatoes, along with okra, peppers, eggplant, green beans and sunflowers,” said Smith. “The vegetables are organically grown -- and the produce is sold at local farmers’ markets and given to those who can’t afford to grow it for themselves. The farm hosted a potato dig just a few days before our visit and youth came to help dig potatoes and take them home. What a great way for our kids to learn how important agriculture is to the rural Missouri way of life right here in the heart of DeSoto.”

In addition, to the educational center, which sponsored the potato dig, the center also teaches people about agriculture and tries to inspire the next generation of farmers and even received a grant recently from the Pujols Family Foundation to educate children with Down Syndrome about agriculture. Farm Manager Maurice Lange, also stays busy trying new methods to grow vegetables and uses small movable high tunnels for seedling production; also of interest the farm has a pollinator garden with plants to attract bees and milkweed to lure the Monarch butterfly.

Two members of Congressman Smith’s Agriculture Advisory Board, Mike Huskey and Wade Roop also attended the event. Congressman Smith is spending 2 weeks visiting different farming operations throughout southeast and south central Missouri. He will cover nearly 3,000 miles while crisscrossing all 30 counties in Missouri’s 8th District. In addition to hearing directly from the families and farmers about the operations they are running, the farm tour will also highlight the diversity, importance and prominence of agriculture in Missouri’s 8th Congressional District.

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Rep. Jason Smith's ESRD Act is advanced by the Ways and Means Committee

2016-07-13 20:41:16

Congressman Jason Smith introduces amendment to eliminate funding for EPA's ACE program

2016-07-13 01:13:01

Congressman Jason Smith Honors Cadet Tom Surdyke on the House Floor

2016-07-12 17:15:54

Congressman Jason Smith questions Administration officials on unlawful funding practices

2016-07-07 16:57:16

Congressman Jason Smith introduces amendment to protect Americans who live in floodways

2016-05-26 02:03:59

Congressman Jason Smith questions IRS Commissioner Koskinen and members of the Justice Department

2016-05-25 18:03:10

Congressman Jason Smith's floor speech on his IRS OWES Act- April 20th, 2016

2016-04-20 19:32:02

Rep. Smith presses IRS Commissioner John Koskinen on customer service funding cuts- April 19, 2016

2016-04-19 19:52:21

Congressman Jason Smith questions IRS Commissioner John Koskinen- April 19, 2016

2016-04-19 19:14:16

Rep. Jason Smith questions IRS Commissioner John Koskinen- April, 19 2016

2016-04-19 16:59:43

Rep. Jason Smith on IRS OWES Act- April 19, 2016

2016-04-19 16:21:48

Congressman Jason Smith introduces his IRS OWES Act to the Ways and Means Committee

2016-04-13 19:04:12

Rep. Smith on his bill to protect Missouri's hunters and fishermen- February 26, 2016

2016-02-26 17:43:57

Congressman Jason Smith addresses cuts to Medicare Advantage with HHS Secretary

2016-02-11 19:37:39

Congressman Jason Smith Speaks on Bill to SCRUB Outdated Regulations

2016-01-07 18:10:21

Congressman Smith Questions Witness on Waste, Fraud, & Abuse in Welfare

2015-11-05 18:42:00

Congressman Smith Celebrates National Forest Products Week

2015-10-26 21:42:20

Congressman Smith Works to Protect Millennials From New Regulations

2015-10-01 17:50:22

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Committee Assignments

Ways and Means

Jason Smith is a seventh-generation Missourian, a citizen-legislator, and a champion for the rights and values of rural Missourians.

Jason was raised in Salem, Missouri, where he still owns the same family farm that was started by his great grandfather. He attended Salem High School, where he was an active member of FFA. At the University of Missouri-Columbia, Jason earned degrees in Agricultural Economics and Business Administration. After receiving degrees from both programs in three years, he attended law school at Oklahoma City University before returning home to serve his community. Back home in Missouri Jason began running the family farm and practicing law. It was during this time that he recognized the harm that the overbearing government was inflicting on Missourians and our economy. This inspired Jason to run for office himself so he could begin to undo the damage.

Jason was elected to the Missouri General Assembly in a special election in 2005.

In the General Assembly, Jason fought to shrink the size of state government, eliminate burdensome rules and regulations, increase government transparency, protect property rights, require drug testing for welfare recipients, and defend Missouri agriculture. Thanks to his efforts, Jason’s colleagues selected him to serve in leadership: first as the Majority Whip and then as Speaker Pro Tem—one of the youngest in state history.

During a special election in June of 2013, Jason was elected to represent Missouri’s Eighth Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. He was re-elected in November 2014.

As a member of the 114th Congress, Jason serves on the Ways and Means Committee. In Washington Jason has made a name for himself as a strong defender of rural Missouri and all of rural America. Jason is committed to fighting intrusive government regulations, increasing markets for farmers and ranchers, and protecting his constituents’ rural way of life.

Jason has earned 100% ratings from the American Conservative Union and the Chamber of Commerce; he is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association, pro-life and supports traditional values.

Jason attends Grace Community Church in Salem.

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