George Holding

George Holding


Rep. Holding: Two Bad Choices Landed on Congress’ Doorstep Today


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman George Holding (NC-13) released the following statement tonight after passage of the bipartisan Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2015: “Due to the standoff between the Democratic Senate and the Republican House, two bad choices landed on Congress’ doorstep today. “Bad choice number one was to vote against the appropriations resolution – which would lead straight to a government shutdown. We’ve already seen this doesn’t solve problems or bring about spending cuts. “Bad choice number two was to vote for the appropriations resolution. To be sure, there are some worthwhile provisions in the resolution – for instance, it provides funds to fight ISIS. “Those were the choices, and it was a take it or leave it proposition. We couldn’t amend the bill. We either had to vote for a bad bill or shut down the government. Period. “In the end, I reluctantly voted for the bill as the lesser of two evils. But make no mistake: this budget resolution encapsulated what’s wrong with Washington politics. There wasn’t a good choice. Just two bad choices. “Next year, when there is a Republican majority in the Senate, this kind of broken politics must end. Republicans need to offer a real budget rather than proposing another last-minute resolution.” ### Read More

Rep. Holding Named Co-Chair of India Caucus


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 11, 2014 CONTACT: Alex Miehls, 202-226-8159 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman George Holding (NC-13) and Congressman Ami Bera (CA-07) were named co-chairs of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans for the 114th Congress. They take the helm from current co-chairs Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) and Congressman Joseph Crowley (NY-14). See below for statements from Congressmen Holding, Roskam, Crowley, and Bera: “As I have said before, the United States-India bilateral relationship can be one of the defining partnerships of this century,” said Holding. “I’m honored to follow Congressmen Roskam and Crowley and thank them for their commitment to this important relationship. I look forward to advancing the efforts of the Caucus as co-chair with Rep. Ami Bera. With a shifting geopolitical situation in Asia, unwavering cooperation between the U.S. and India is essential to promoting peace and stability.” “George is the perfect person for this role and I know that the caucus will be in good hands,” said Roskam. “As Republican Chair of the India Caucus, George will focus in on growing the relationship between our two democracies, emphasizing our nations’ shared interests from global security to trade and international prosperity. At over 180 members, our caucus is the largest in the House dedicated to a single country. Among so many of his colleagues, and with an unmatched work ethic and understanding of the issues, George will absolutely thrive.” “Ami is an accomplished physician, a staunch advocate for his constituents, and is a go-to member when it comes to working constructively in Congress,” said Crowley. “His passion for the issues is impressive, and there is no question the Caucus will be in excellent hands. The Indian-American community has a wonderful partner in Ami Bera, and I look forward to working with him, and the entire India Caucus, as we continue our efforts to strengthen relations between the U.S. and India." “As the only Indian American serving in Congress, I’m honored to have been voted co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans,” said Bera. “I'd like to express my gratitude to Congressmen Crowley and Roskam for their years guiding the Caucus. Under their leadership the India Caucus has grown to one of the largest caucuses in the House. I’m excited to take on this new role at a critical time for the partnership between the U.S. and India. Building on Prime Minister Modi’s visit to the U.S. in September and President Obama’s upcoming trip to India, I look forward to working with Congressman Holding and our colleagues in the Caucus to continue to grow the economic and strategic relationship between our countries and to advocate for the Indian American community.” ### Read More

Rep. Holding: Administration Must Respond to Alleged Sanctions Against Israel


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 6, 2014 CONTACT: Alex Miehls, 202-226-8159 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman George Holding (NC-13) issued the follow statement after reports surfaced alleging the Obama administration is mulling sanctions against Israel: “At a time when the Obama administration has requested Congress delay passing any sanctions on Iran over its nuclear weapons program, it is now reportedly discussing sanctions on our staunchest ally in the Middle East, Israel. It is hard to tell who is friend and who is foe in the eyes of this administration. “The cornerstone of our nation’s foreign policy must be that our allies trust us and our enemies fear us. These reports, however, send a clear message that longstanding relationships with allies abroad can no longer be fully trusted. “The Obama administration must issue a clear response as to whether or not they discussed or drafted sanctions against Israel.” ### Read More

ABLE Act Will Help Millions of People with Disabilities


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 3, 2014 CONTACT: Alex Miehls, 202-226-8159 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Earlier today, Congressman George Holding (NC-13) took to the House floor to share the story of a constituent from Raleigh, Kenneth Kelty, and to voice his support of the ABLE Act (H.R. 647), which later passed with broad bipartisan support. Video and full remarks are below: [[{"fid":"299","view_mode":"teaser","fields":{"format":"teaser","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":"CLICK to watch!"},"type":"media","attributes":{"title":"CLICK to watch!","class":"media-element file-teaser"}}]] “Mr. Chairman, I thank the gentleman for the time. Earlier today I had the privilege of meeting with Kenneth Kelty and his mother, Jacqueline. They’re from my district and this is a family who would benefit directly from the ABLE Act and who shared their support of this important bill with me, just this afternoon. “Kenneth recently graduated from the University Participant Program at Western Carolina University – a program that allows students with disabilities to study side by side with other students at the university. In Kenneth’s words, it was a chance to do all the same things as everyone else with nothing holding us back. Kenneth joined a fraternity, had a good time, learned a lot, and was able to come back and have a job. “Mr. Chairman, just as the University Participant Program helps people with disabilities – like Kenneth – so will this bipartisan ABLE Act. This bill will allow tax-free savings accounts for expenses such as housing, education, and employment training. Similar to 529 college savings accounts, these accounts will help provide families some peace of mind when trying to save for their children’s long-term expenses. “So Mr. Chairman, I encourage my colleagues to support the ABLE Act. And I thank you, and I yield back.”   ###   Read More

Rep. Holding: 'Skeptical' About Iran Nuclear Negotiations Extension


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 24, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman George Holding (NC-13) released the following statement after the announcement of an extension of negotiations surrounding Iran’s nuclear program for an additional seven months: “I remain skeptical about yet another extension of the Iran nuclear talks. We’ve had almost a year of negotiations and Iran has shown little willingness to make real concessions. “We have to ask ourselves: Is another extension better than a bad deal or no deal at all? “An extension is only acceptable if it leads to a deal that completely shuts the door on Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb. Otherwise, it simply allows Iran to buy more time and relief from sanctions. “The administration needs to stop giving in to the demands of Iran’s radical leaders to keep tens of thousands of centrifuges spinning and the Arak reactor intact. We should not enter into any deal with Iran if they will not candidly acknowledge their past deceptions about their nuclear activities and dismantle their nuclear infrastructure.”  ###  Read More

The President Struck a Blow to Our System of Checks and Balances


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 20, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman George Holding (NC-13) released the following statement in response to President Obama’s executive actions on immigration:  “The issue, after the president’s address tonight, is no longer whether Congress and the president can agree on an immigration policy. The question is: Does a president have the power to alter laws without passing new statutes? “Throughout our history the answer has been no. “These are strong words but, tonight, in pursuit of a political agenda, President Obama struck a blow at the checks and balances system that has been at the heart of our government – and our Constitution – for over 200 years. “Whether you are Democrat or Republican, whether you agree or disagree with the president’s policy on immigration, you cannot agree with his actions – no man has the power to be both president and legislator.” ### Read More

Apology Is Needed


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: October 31, 2014 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman George Holding (NC-13) issued the following statement calling on President Obama and the administration official to issue an apology after disparaging comments were made about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “Earlier this week, an administration official criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu using profane language.  This is not how American officials should behave, especially to our ally, Israel.  “Israel has stood by us.  Israel is our friend, and this is not how you treat friends.  The president and the official should issue an apology, and clear the air.” ### Read More

Congressman Holding Meets with Indian Prime Minister Modi


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 30, 2014 CONTACT: Alex Miehls, 202-226-8159 [[{"fid":"296","view_mode":"teaser","fields":{"format":"teaser","field_file_image_alt_text[und][0][value]":"","field_file_image_title_text[und][0][value]":""},"type":"media","attributes":{"class":"media-element file-teaser"}}]] WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman George Holding (NC-13) issued the following statement after meeting with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the U.S. Capitol: “The United States-India bilateral relationship can be one of the defining partnerships of this century. “There is limitless potential between our two democracies when it comes to economic, defense, and counterterrorism operations. And with a shifting geopolitical situation in Asia, unwavering cooperation between the U.S. and India is essential to promoting peace and stability. “I look forward to continuing my efforts to advance the U.S.-India relationship and today’s conversation with Prime Minister Modi firmly reinforces my belief that we have a partner ready to seize the opportunity before us.” Background: This is Prime Minister Modi’s first visit to the United States following India’s election earlier this year. A leader on U.S.-India relations, Congressman Holding led a U.S. Congressional delegation to India earlier this year and is a member of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian-Americans. ### Read More

Congressman Holding Introduces Bill to Help Keep Our Communities Safe & Protect Federal Resources


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 19, 2014 CONTACT: Alex Miehls, 202-226-8159 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman George Holding (NC-13) released the following statement after the introduction of his bill, the Protecting Public Safety and Federal Resources Act: "President Obama and Attorney General Holder are moving to put convicted drug offenders - currently serving federal prison sentences - back onto the streets. This would be devastating to our communities and hamper law enforcement's efforts to keep our streets safe. In order to stop this misguided policy, I have introduced the Protecting Public Safety and Federal Resources Act. “The Obama administration’s proposed policy would allow an estimated 46,000 convicted criminals to apply for reduced sentences. In addition to potentially releasing thousands of drug traffickers, the administration's policy would create lighter penalties for our nation’s most dangerous drug traffickers for years to come and create a potential shutdown of effective drug prosecution by devoting scarce law enforcement resources to reviewing sentences instead of fighting crime. “The Protecting Public Safety and Federal Resources Act prevents this irresponsible policy from taking effect and preserves federal resources for pursuing the violent drug dealers who are currently prosecuted under federal law." Background:  The Protecting Public Safety and Federal Resources Act (PPSFRA) reverses U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) proposals to reduce sentencing guideline levels for drug offenders that would allow an estimated 46,000 convicted criminals to seek sentence reductions retroactively. PPSFRA is supported by the National Association of Assistant U.S. Attorneys (NAAUSA), the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA), and the National Narcotic Officers’ Associations’ Coalition (NNOAC). The USSC’s statistics show there is an almost 50 percent rearrest rate for offenders who received sentence reductions under the Fair Sentencing Act of 2010. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) show a recidivism rate close to 75 percent for such offenders nationwide. Sally Quillian Yates, United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, testified before the USSC in June, saying that the diversion of resources from prosecutors’ offices, the courts, and probation services in order to process over 46,000 applications for sentencing reductions will have a negative impact on public safety. ### Read More

Rep. Holding's ALERRT Act Included in House-Passed Jobs for America Act


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 18, 2014 CONTACT: Alex Miehls, 202-226-8159 WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congressman Holding released the following statement in support of the Jobs for America Act (H.R. 4), which is a compilation of House-passed bills that continue to sit in the U.S. Senate: “I am glad to see my House-passed bill, the ALERRT Act, was included in yesterday’s Jobs for America Act (H.R. 4) which will help create jobs, increase wages, and grow our economy.  "The ALERRT Act helps reduce regulatory burdens and increase transparency, in an effort to promote economic growth and help businesses prosper.    "The Jobs For America Act includes common-sense solutions, like the ALERRT Act, that have already passed in the House, but continue to collect dust in the Senate. These solutions will help lower costs at home, restore opportunity, simplify our tax code and help North Carolinians bring home more of their paychecks.    "I urge the Senate to take up the Jobs for America Act to help boost job creation and restore opportunity for all North Carolinians."  ### Read More

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George Holding grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. He attended Wake Forest University and has degrees in Classics and Law. Holding clerked for U.S. District Judge Terrence Boyle, practiced law with Kilpatrick Townsend and served as the United States Attorney for North Carolina.

As United States Attorney, his priorities included prosecution of violent felons, drug offenses, child pornography, and political corruption.  Holding prosecuted a U.S. Congressman, the Speaker of the North Carolina House, a judge, a state senator, a state representative, and several sheriffs for political corruption and a major terrorism case. When Holding left office the average sentence in drug trafficking cases in eastern North Carolina was well above the national average.

On January 3, 2013, Holding was sworn in as the Representative for North Carolina’s 13th Congressional District.  He serves on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Judiciary Committee.

George and his wife Lucy have four children – three daughters aged 13, 12, and 11 and one son aged 3.

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