Dave Reichert

Dave Reichert


Rep. Reichert Votes to Strengthen Refugee Vetting Process


Washington, DC - Today, the House passed and U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) supported legislation to require proper security vetting of Syrian and Iraqi refugees before they are granted entry to the United States. The bill passed with strong bipartisan support with a vote count of 289 – 137. Rep. Reichert made the following statement after the bill’s passage:

“The United States is the most compassionate nation in the world – a fact in which we should all take great pride.  However, that compassion cannot come at the expense of our citizens’ security.  Starting with my service in the Air Force Reserves, through my 33 years in law enforcement, and now as a representative, my first priority is the safety of Washingtonians and all Americans. If the U.S. is going to allow Syrian refugees into our country we must have strong safeguards in place to ensure terrorist attacks, like the those that recently occurred in France, do not happen here at home.”

“Today, I voted for a bill to provide those safeguards.  After the FBI, the National Counterterrorism Center, and Homeland Security admitted last month that they do not have adequate intelligence on Syria to ensure our safety, it was clear to me that the status quo is not enough.  Our law enforcement officers and the communities they protect need to know their security is the federal government’s top priority. This bill gives that assurance by requiring our intelligence community and homeland security agencies to unanimously certify that each refugee has been given a sufficiently thorough background investigation and determined that he or she is not a threat.  As a country, we must remain strong and must act when radical extremists make threats to our homeland.”



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Rep. Reichert Named Chairman of Subcommittee on Trade


Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) made the following statement after being named as the new Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade. Congressman Reichert will also serve as the second-highest ranking Republican on the newly re-named Subcommittee on Tax Policy, formerly the Select Revenue Measures Subcommittee, and will rejoin the Human Resources Subcommittee, where he formerly served as Chairman during the 113th Congress.

“I am very honored to have the opportunity to lead the Trade Subcommittee and champion some of the issues that have the greatest impact on Washingtonians. Washington State is one of the most trade-dependent states in the country with 40 percent of our jobs and more than $90 billion in annual exports connected to trade. In the Eighth District alone, 77,100 jobs are supported by trade, and our growers, producers, and businesses export approximately $8.6 billion in goods and services each year,” said Rep. Reichert. “With the release of the text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and our ongoing negotiations with the EU, this is a critical time for trade. As a long-time advocate of expanding trade opportunities, I will continue fighting on behalf of our workers, farmers, and businesses across the country, because I firmly believe through high-standard trade agreements we see expanded opportunities for all.”

“I am also pleased to continue my work updating and reforming our tax code as the Chairman Emeritus and second in seniority on the Tax Policy Subcommittee. Ensuring that our tax code helps families keep more of their hard-earned money and allows small businesses to thrive is a top priority for our nation. Additionally, I am returning to the Human Resources Subcommittee where I look forward to continuing the work I began when I chaired the subcommittee last Congress to protect children and those who are most vulnerable in society.”

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Rep. Reichert is the first Member of Congress from Washington State to serve as Chairman of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade.

Rep. Reichert is co-chair of the Friends of TPP Caucus, member of the President’s Export Council, and founder of the Congressional Freight Caucus.

Reichert Named 2014 Washington Trade Hero

Reichert Writes About Importance of Ex-Im Bank in The Hill



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Rep. Reichert is Appointed as Conferee to Highway Bill Negotiations


Washington, DC – Yesterday, U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert was selected to serve on the conference committee for the long-term highway bill. In this role, Rep. Reichert will work with other lawmakers from the House and Senate to negotiate and come to an agreement on legislation to reauthorize and fund the nation’s highway and transit programs. After hearing news of his appointment, Rep. Reichert made the following statement:

“I am looking forward to working with my House and Senate colleagues from both sides of the aisle to complete a long-term highway bill. Doing so is critical for our roads, bridges, economic competitiveness, and public safety. Here in Washington State, folks not only depend on strong infrastructure to get to and from work, but with one of the nation’s leading trade economies, our growers and producers need a dependable, efficient freight and transportation system to move their goods safely to market. Today’s conference meeting will be an important step toward meeting these goals.”

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Rep. Reichert Sends Letter Urging ESEA Reauthorization


Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert sent a letter to the Chairmen and Ranking Members of the House and Senate committees responsible for education legislation, urging them to take swift action to reauthorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Congressman Reichert was joined by over 30 of his House Republican colleagues on the letter.  Below is an excerpt from the letter:

“For far too long our nation’s schools have struggled under the now outdated No Child Left Behind law to provide the world-class education that our children deserve and require to be competitive in a global economy.  It has been nearly 13 years since the last ESEA reauthorization; we cannot miss this opportunity to reconcile differences and enact legislation that puts students and families first.  We urge you to complete conference negotiations to reauthorize ESEA as soon as possible.

Missing this opportunity to reauthorize ESEA would be devastating to America’s students whose education is deeply impacted – these students deserve to be made a priority. Successful passage of legislation to update our laws is critical to every community in each of our congressional districts. Across the nation school districts, students, parents, educators, and community leaders are eager for a new law that supports common sense changes that strengthen our education system. 

Enacting authorizing legislation is the duty of the legislative branch. The time is long-past for Congress to exercise this authority. We were pleased that both the House and Senate completed their individual bills this summer. We urge you to finish the work and present a final ESEA reauthorization bill as soon as possible. We stand ready to support you in this effort.”



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Rep. Reichert Applauds Vote to Rename Coon Lake


Washington, DC – Today U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) made the following statement in response to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names vote to update the previously named “Coon Lake” to “Howard Lake.”

“I am pleased that the Board listened to the will of the folks throughout our region and updated the lake’s name to better reflect the history of the area. Now, when hikers take the long and steep climb up the McGregor Mountain trail and pass the lake about one mile in, they will instead be reminded of Wilson Howard, an African-American miner who staked claims in the area back in 1892. I am looking forward to seeing Howard’s name on trail signs and maps as we update information to reflect the Board’s decision,” said Congressman Reichert.


Prior to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names approval of the name change, the Washington State Committee on Geographic Names, Chelan County Board of Commissioners, and a range of citizens, local groups, and property owners had also supported efforts to rename the lake. Additionally, this past October, Rep. Reichert took the lead in writing a letter alongside Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names, demanding they rename the lake and right this historical wrong.


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Rep. Reichert's Statement on Release of TPP Text


Washington, DC – Today U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA), member of the Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade, co-chair of the Friends of TPP Caucus, and member of the President’s Export Council, issued the following statement in response to the Administration’s release of the text of the recently concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

“With the release of the text of the TPP agreement, we all have the opportunity to read the text of the agreement thoroughly. Only after reading the text will we know if TPP meets the standard Congress has set forth. A high-standard TPP agreement has the potential to offer businesses big and small throughout my region and the country an opportunity to expand to new markets, creating good-paying American jobs in the process. Trade with TPP countries already supports over 341,000 jobs in Washington State and with a successful TPP we will see this number grow,” said Rep. Reichert. “It is my hope that the TPP agreement is one I can support, but I must first evaluate the text of the agreement and consult with my constituents.” 

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Rep. Reichert Urges Colleagues to Prevent Future Port Slowdowns


Washington, DC – Today, U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) offered an amendment related to the 2014-2015 West Coast ports dispute, which impacted many importers and exporters throughout Washington State and the country. Under Rep. Reichert’s amendment, the Government Accountability Office would be required to study the economic impact of the dispute, to review the steps taken to reach an agreement, and to suggest what other tools might be used to prevent future slowdowns. Prior to the vote, he spoke on the House floor about the importance of passing the amendment.

Below is an excerpt of his remarks:

“The efficient movement of goods is critical to the economic success of country. Our farmers and manufacturers must be able to export their high-quality products to the customers around the world that rely upon this steady supply.

Beginning in the summer of 2014, these customer relationships and our economy were threatened. This was the result of a prolonged contract negotiation between the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) and the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).

The negotiation, which lasted until February of 2015, covered the 29 West Coast container ports and the tens of thousands of longshore, clerk, and foreman workers who are employed at these ports.

Just how serious was the impact of these prolonged negotiations? An example from my home state provides a clear illustration. Our apple growers were faced with an estimated $100 million of apples that they could not sell. This is just one example, but the impact was felt across all industries

Like many of you, I have committed to my constituents that I will work to ensure that this is not repeated for the sake of our workers, farmers, and manufacturers…

I urge my colleagues to join me in supporting this amendment. The strength of our economy depends on it."

Rep. Reichert's amendment gained the support of 200 members of the House, narrowly missing the 216 votes necessary for passage. While disappointed the amendment did not pass, he is pleased this issue is continuing to earn the attention of a growing number of members on both sides of the aisle and is committed to fighting on behalf of the many exporters who rely on ports to transport their goods. The support of 200 Members from across the country shows that the number of Members interested in a solution continues to increase even as more time has passed since an agreement was reached.

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Rep. Reichert Congratulates Newly-Elected Speaker Paul D. Ryan


Washington, DC – Today U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (R-WA) released the following statement regarding the election of Congressman Paul D. Ryan as Speaker of the House.

“Last month, Congress was given the opportunity to elect new leadership with a positive message that unites the Conference and gives Americans hope about the future of this country. At that point, we did not know who that leader was or would be, but today we stood together and elected a new Speaker. A Speaker I have had the pleasure of serving with on the Ways and Means Committee for over the past six years."

“I know Speaker Ryan to be a man deeply committed to defending our freedoms and improving the lives of hardworking Americans throughout this country. Under his unifying leadership, I am confident that we are in a strong position to do just that.”

“As we enter into this next chapter, we cannot forget the countless sacrifices made by former Speaker Boehner and the important work he has done on behalf of this country throughout his 25 years  in Congress. He has served his constituents with honor and distinction and I wish him the best in his retirement.”



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Rep. Reichert Applauds House Vote to Reauthorize the Export-Import Bank


Washington, DC - Today U.S. Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-08) spoke on the House floor about the urgent need for Congress to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank of the United States. Shortly after he spoke, the House passed a bill to reauthorize the Bank with strong bipartisan support by a vote of 313-118. Rep. Reichert made the following statement after the bill’s passage.

“I am proud to have cast a vote today in support of the 230 businesses and countless jobs in our region that have relied on Ex-Im,” said Rep. Reichert. “This invaluable resource has helped local businesses generate over $140 billion in exports for Washington State – and if they can have Ex-Im’s continued support, this number will only keep growing.”

Rep. Reichert continued, “I am committed to seeing this legislation signed into law for our nation’s greatest job creators, and so that our businesses can continue growing, expanding to new markets, and creating more American jobs.”


Prior to this afternoon’s vote, Rep. Reichert joined with over 40 Republicans in signing a petition to bring a bill to reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank to the House floor. The House’s vote today to reauthorize Ex-Im was a result of that effort.

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Congressman Reichert's Statement on President's Veto of the NDAA


Washington, DC – Today, Congressman Reichert (R-WA) made the following statement regarding President Obama’s veto of this year’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

“In an a show of bipartisanship, this week Members of Congress from both sides of the aisle worked together to put a bill on the President’s desk that would fulfill the promises we made to our servicemembers and keep America safe,” said Rep. Reichert. “However, with the stroke of a pen, President Obama prioritized his own political agenda over our troops and our national security. Since it was first passed over 50 years ago, the NDAA has only been vetoed four times, and this is the first time it’s being struck down for something purely political.”

Rep. Reichert continued, “At a time when America faces serious threats both on the homeland and abroad, we must ensure that our troops are provided with the resources they need to fulfill their critical mission and are fairly compensated for the incredible sacrifices they make each day. We must never forget that the Commander-in-Chief’s first and foremost job is to protect this nation, and yesterday, President Obama failed to do that.”

At the moment, the House is scheduled to hold a vote to override the President’s veto of the NDAA on November 5th. In order to nullify the veto, a two-thirds majority of the House must vote against it – the Senate needs a majority of  67.

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Contact Information

1127 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-7761
Fax 202-225-4282

Committee Assignments

Ways and Means

Congressman Dave Reichert brings over 40 years of public service experience to Washington. Reichert is serving his fifth term as the Representative from the Eighth Congressional District of Washington.

Congressman Reichert serves on the House Ways and Means Committee, with appointments to two subcommittees: Trade and Human Resources, of which he is Chairman.

Reichert has a remarkable record of service. Decisive leadership, integrity and tireless dedication are his hallmarks. From 1971 through 1976, Reichert was a member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve. In 1972 Reichert joined the King County Sheriff’s Office and in 1997 he became the first elected sheriff in 30 years. Under his leadership, the county saw a significant drop in violent crime. Reichert brought national recognition to the Sheriff’s Office as head of the Green River Task Force solving the largest serial murder case in U.S. history. As Sheriff, Reichert also brought an unprecedented $28 million in federal funding to King County law enforcement efforts.

Sheriff Reichert established himself as a leading voice against domestic violence and an advocate of strong family values. In 2004 Reichert received the prestigious National Sheriffs’ Association’s “Sheriff of the Year” award. He is a two-time Medal of Valor Award recipient from the King County Sheriff’s Office and was honored with Washington Policy Center’s Champion of Freedom Award. Reichert received the Families Northwest Public Policy Award and took top honors in a local television network’s (King 5) leadership poll.

Reichert served as president of the Washington State Sheriffs’ Association and an executive board member of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. He has served on numerous advisory boards including the King County Criminal Justice Council and the King County Domestic Violence Council. Reichert co-chaired the Washington State Partners in Crisis, a statewide coalition targeting issues related to mental health. Reichert also was a leader in the fight against Meth in Washington State by implementing annual Statewide Conferences, State Meth Action Teams, and was co-chair of the KC Meth Coalition. As Sheriff, he was also a member of the KC Committee to End Homelessness. He currently serves as a member of the Special Olympics of Washington State Board of Directors.

Dave Reichert was born in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, in 1950, the oldest of seven children and grandson of the town marshal. His family moved to Washington State in 1951, living first in Renton and later in Kent, where Reichert attended Kent Meridian High School. He graduated with an A.A. degree from Concordia Lutheran College in Portland, Oregon, where he played football and met his wife of 42 years, Julie. The Reicherts currently live in Auburn and have three grown children, Angela, Tabitha and Daniel, and six grandchildren.

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