Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster


Webster Surpasses $2 Million Return


(Winter Garden, FL) – Unveiling a ceremonial check, Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) has once again cut wasteful spending from his Congressional budget. Announcing his fifth year of providing responsible savings to American taxpayers, Rep. Webster issued the following statement:

“Washington operates on the principle that if money is appropriated, it should be spent. During my service in Congress, I have striven to expose this flawed mindset. Over the past five years, I have returned over 30% of the money allocated to run my Congressional office, surpassing a cumulative amount of $2 million.

“We must get serious about fixing our spending problem in Washington, and I encourage every office, agency, and bureau to follow this pattern of removing waste without cutting services.”

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Representative Daniel Webster has been a strong advocate for cutting wasteful government spending. Leading by example, Rep. Webster has once again returned over 30% of the taxpayer dollars appropriated to his office, unveiling a ceremonial check in the amount of $384,256.64. Rep. Webster has continued this pattern since he was elected in 2010, and has saved American taxpayers a cumulative total of $2,026,839.16. If each Member of Congress had followed this example, the House and Senate alone could have saved over $1.5 billion during the last five years.


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Five Years & Counting: Webster Voluntarily Rolls Back Salary


(Washington, DC) – For the fifth time since his election to Congress, Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) has voluntarily rolled back a portion of his salary. Today, upon delivering a check at the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Rep. Webster issued the following statement:

“For the past five years, I have voluntarily returned a portion of my salary to American taxpayers. Washington spends too much, and I realize that taking responsibility and leading by example is a critical step toward achieving financial responsibility.

“Washington can do more with less. It is time to implement this principle and be fiscally responsible with taxpayer resources.”


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In 2010, Representative Daniel Webster advocated for rolling back the salary of Members of Congress to 2008 levels. Although no legislative action was taken at that time, Rep. Webster has consistently returned the difference in his salary. Representative Webster is committed to setting an example that Congress should get serious about getting our fiscal house in order. 


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Webster Votes to Restore Healthcare Freedom


“The American people have consistently rejected Obamacare, and constituents across Central Florida have repeatedly expressed concern and frustration with the system. Healthcare should provide the care you need from the doctor you choose, at a price you can afford. Rather than meeting these qualifications, Obamacare has been a mess.

“Today, I voted for legislation that will dismantle Obamacare, reduce the deficit, and ensure our tax dollars are more appropriately applied to meet the needs and values of the American public. The President must be confronted with the realities of the current system and be willing to do what is best for American families, businesses, and individuals.”


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Webster Supports 5 Year Transportation Reauthorization


(Washington, DC) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement today after voting in support of the conference report for H.R. 22, the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act:

“Our Florida economy runs on transportation. In Central Florida, we had more than 60 million visitors last year, including many who traveled to visit our world class tourism destinations. As a member of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, I worked to include policies that would advance our local transportation priorities, guaranteeing an additional $800 million to meet Florida’s transportation needs, without raising taxes.

“The legislation passed today also provides greater coordination of transportation programs for disadvantaged individuals. Reforming the transportation disadvantaged program has been a focus of mine since being elected to Congress, and will result in more efficient quality service, and cost-effective transportation options.”

“Congressman Webster’s leadership to re-energize the Interagency Transportation Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility through several provisions in the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation (FAST) Act will strengthen collaboration among local and federal agencies and, ultimately, provide more effective, coordinated, and seamless mobility services for urban, rural, and suburban communities across the country,” said APTA President Michael Melaniphy.

“This Conference Report provides a responsible plan that authorizes surface transportation programs for the next five years and provides more certainty and clarity to federal projects in our local areas. I was pleased to vote for the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act and support its measures to fund our critical transportation infrastructure.”


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Webster Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood and Support Women’s Health Services


(Washington, DC) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement today after voting in support of H. R. 3134, the Defund Planned Parenthood Act of 2015:

“A series of horrifying video footage has recently emerged that appears to indicate Planned Parenthood has been participating in the heinous and illegal transfer of aborted body parts for profit. While these reports have brought into question the legality of Planned Parenthood’s procedures, the videos have also exposed the brutality of the abortion process and highlighted the humanity of unborn children.

“House committees have initiated an investigation into Planned Parenthood on the alleged harvest of aborted babies’ body parts. Meanwhile, I voted today to suspend all federal taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood and redirect these allocated funds to other Federally Qualified Health Centers that provide quality services for women’s health.”


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Webster Reinforces Sanctions on an Untrustworthy Iran


(Washington, DC) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement today after voting in support of H. R. 3460, To suspend until January 21, 2017, the authority of the President to waive, suspend, reduce, provide relief from, or otherwise limit the application of sanctions pursuant to an agreement related to the nuclear program of Iran:

“Central to the unrest in the Middle East, Iran looms as a volatile country with a heinous record of human rights violations. The Iranian government is a threat to democracy with their support of radical militant groups, and is an economic fuel to terrorist organizations across the region.

“The core issue is this: Iran cannot be trusted. Time and again, they have proven their hostility toward the United States, our allies, and the cause of freedom.

“Today, I voted for legislation that prohibits the President from suspending or limiting the sanctions that Congress has strategically placed on Iran, and restricts the White House from removing the dangerous foreign terrorists listed within the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed in Vienna. I do not support the proposed nuclear deal with Iran and will continue to call for stronger oversight regarding Iran’s ultimate goal to achieve a nuclear weapon.”


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ICYMI: Webster Recognizes Grant for City Year Orlando


(Winter Garden, FL) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement in support of the grant that the Starbucks Foundation is providing to City Year Orlando:

"Composed of dedicated and dynamic young people, City Year Orlando is making a difference in Central Florida. As the Starbucks Foundation pursues their goal to build up communities and provide opportunities for our youth, they have chosen a worthy partner in City Year. This generous support will assist the City Year Orlando team in their mission to offer individualized, evidence-based interventions that change lives."

City Year is focused on addressing the high school dropout crisis in Orlando and across the country. The Whole School Whole Child intervention model deploys diverse teams of volunteer educators into academically challenged urban schools for a full academic year to support at-risk students. These whole-school supports include: research-driven academic interventions in math and English Language Arts; extended day programming; school climate initiatives that reinforce academic learning; and social-emotional coaching.

For more from the Starbucks Newsroom, click here: How Starbucks Foundation Grants Support Young People in Communities Across the U.S.


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Webster Committed to Finding Cures


(Washington, DC) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement today after voting in support of the overwhelmingly bipartisan H.R. 6, the 21st Century Cures Act, of which he is also a co-sponsor:

“Each of us has family or friends who suffer from major health issues. It is hard to see a child struggle with a tragic disease or to watch a loved one receive a diagnosis for which there seems to be more questions than answers. Today, I voted in support of the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act in order to find answers.

“This legislation not only focuses and increases funding for the National Institutes of Health, but provides grants to our best and brightest researchers who are most likely to discover cures and promising therapies. The 21st Century Cures Act provides incentives, streamlines research review, modernizes clinical trials, and fosters an innovative approach to treat diseases and medical conditions. America can and must remain the biomedical innovation capital of the world and this bill allocates the resources and removes the bureaucratic hurdles necessary to ensure we do.”


Medical professionals have identified over 10,000 diseases and health conditions, but we only have the cures and treatments for about 500 of them. The NIH estimates that the development of a new drug takes on average 14 years and $2 billion.


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Webster Celebrates Independence Day


(Winter Garden, FL) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued the following statement today in celebration of Independence Day:

“In declaring independence, our American forefathers dissolved burdensome ties of injustice and invoked the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God to secure our inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

“Today, we celebrate the 4th of July with family cookouts and community fireworks, but we must never forget the price of freedom. In support of this Declaration of Independence, with a firm reliance on Divine Providence, men and women throughout our history have pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor. Liberty calls on each generation to recommit to this pledge and follow in their steps.”


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Remembering Those Who Served


(Winter Garden, FL) – Representative Daniel Webster (FL-10) issued this statement today on the observance of Memorial Day:

“As we observe Memorial Day, our hearts are filled with gratitude to the brave men and women who have served our great country and sacrificed to preserve our freedom. For nearly 240 years, the United States military has protected us from our enemies and those who seek to harm the cause of liberty. Today, we remember those who have given the last full measure of devotion and have displayed the essence of America, which is the spirit of a proud and courageous people who love freedom.”


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Contact Information

1039 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-2176
Fax 202-225-0999

Committee Assignments

Transportation and Infrastructure

Daniel Webster, a family man and small-business owner, has dedicated himself to serving the citizens of Central Florida with honor and integrity. For more than three decades, he has fought on behalf of Florida’s hardworking taxpayers and families to advance common-sense reforms and principled policy.

Webster served as the Speaker of the Florida House and Majority Leader in the Senate, working in these leadership roles to shake up the status quo in Florida and pass sweeping reforms that earned him widespread praise from the people of Florida.

From his first day in leadership, Webster worked to reform the way Legislature did business, requiring all proposed laws to meet specific criteria that would determine its effectiveness in benefiting the people of the great state of Florida.

As the first non-lawyer to chair the Senate Judiciary Committee in Florida, Webster led Florida as the only state to pass a constitutional amendment protecting its citizens’ property rights in the aftermath of the landmark Supreme Court case, Kelo v. City of New London, 545 U.S. 469 (2005), dealing with the government’s ability to seize private property.

With his engineering background, Webster found transportation issues quite interesting and he was thrilled to serve as Ranking Member of the Transportation Committee in the Florida House representing Central Florida’s unique transportation needs.

Currently, Webster is working on the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure where he applies nearly thirty-two years of transportation experience in Florida to create jobs, improve Florida’s roads and highways, and find ways to save money by eliminating fraud and abuse.Webster’s other committee assignment in Congress is on the influential House Rules Committee where he is fighting to bring more transparency to the process and advance a policy environment based on principle, not power.

Known for many things, Daniel Webster still holds his faith, his family, and his principles as his biggest assets.

Webster is married to the former Sandra Jordan of Orlando, and they have six children: David, Brent, Jordan, Elizabeth, John, and Victoria, and seven grandchildren. Webster is active in his church, First Baptist Church of Central Florida.

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