Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart


Rep. Stewart's Statement on Confirmation of CIA Director Mike Pompeo


Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, released the following statement after the Senate confirmed Rep. Mike Pompeo as the CIA Director:

“Mike Pompeo has become a good friend as we’ve worked closely together on the House Intelligence Committee. He will be a tremendous CIA Director at a very important time in our nation’s history. I look forward to continuing to partner with him as we work on intelligence issues.”


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Rep. Stewart Receives New House Appropriations Subcommittee Assignments


Washington, D.C. – With the beginning of the new 115th Congress, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) has been given new subcommittee assignments on the House Appropriations Committee. He will now serve on the following subcommittees:

  • Financial Services and General Government
  • Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies
  • State, Foreign Operations and Related Programs

Regarding the subcommittee assignments, Rep. Stewart released the following statement:

“As outlined in the Constitution, one of the primary functions of Congress is to manage federal funds. I’m looking forward to my new assignment on the Financial Services subcommittee where I will use the power of the purse to begin rolling back harmful regulations that are hurting the flow of capital.”

“As a former Air Force pilot, my background is well-suited to continue working on foreign affairs issues. I'm excited to use that background to better oversee federal spending in those areas, as the committee plays a critical and constitutionally mandated role in holding the President and his federal agencies accountable for the people’s money."

"I also look forward to continuing my service on the Interior Subcommittee. With more than 66 percent of Utah's lands owned by the federal government, it's critical that Utah has a voice in federal spending within the Interior Department."

Stewart was appointed to the Appropriations Committee at the end of 2013 and has previously served on the Homeland Security, Legislative Branch, Labor, Health and Human Services, Interior and State and Foreign Operations Subcommittees.

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Rep. Stewart’s Statement on Passage of Obamacare Repeal Resolution


Washington, D.C. – Today, the House of Representatives passed a resolution that allows Congress to begin the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare. Following its passage, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) released the following statement:
“I have heard over and over again from my constituents about how Obamacare is failing them. It's increased premiums, deductibles and forced Americans to change doctors and health care plans. That’s why the House acted today by passing legislation which begins the process of repealing and replacing Obamacare.”
“I want to reassure my constituents that we are quickly working on a replacement plan. We’ve already laid the foundation for multiple pieces of straightforward legislation, not a comprehensive, overly complex, and confusing 3,000-page bill like Obamacare. Our legislation will make it easier and cheaper to get portable insurance, increases access to and flexibility of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), reforms medical liability laws, spurs competition between insurers and protects individuals with pre-existing conditions.”
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Rep. Stewart’s Statement on Interior Department’s Review of Federal Coal Program


Washington, D.C. – Today, the U.S. Department of Interior released their results of a year long review of the nation’s federal coal program. The report represents part of the final attempt by an outgoing administration to regulate America’s vast energy reserves so much so that they are economically unviable.
Regarding the report, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), released the following statement:
“This announcement represents the same policies that American’s rejected with the election of Donald Trump. This so-called “roadmap” will not only put coal miners out of jobs, it’s a life sentence of hamstrung economic opportunity in the communities that have been the most devastated by President Obama’s extremist environmental agenda.”
“The department’s suggestion that the government doesn’t receive a fair return in royalties or land usage and that the environmental reviews for coal leasing are deficient is nonsense. Under current regulations, each of the sites in the federal coal program undergo extensive environmental review that includes public comment, a process that regularly takes a decade per location. The sites also undergo extensive suitability and economic evaluation to determine the fair market value of minable resources. Leases to mine this coal are sold at auction to the highest bidder and if the Department of the Interior suspects the leases are underbid, it reserves the right to withhold a lease.”
“Let’s be clear about the intention of this announcement: make coal mining on public land unprofitable through regulation. The federal coal program brings in billions of dollars in royalty payments that are shared with the states. These royalties are used for education, safety and infrastructure improvements. The Department of Interior should abandon this unnecessary process. I look forward to Incoming Secretary Zinke putting a stop to this and so many other job-killing policies.”
The text of the report can be found HERE.
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Congressman Stewart Launches Valentines For Veterans Card Drive


SALT LAKE CITY – Congressman Chris Stewart (R-Utah) is hosting a Valentine’s Day Card Drive to thank and honor our Utah veterans.

Utahns are invited to mail or drop off Valentine’s Day cards for veterans to Congressman Stewart’s Salt Lake City or St. George offices through February 9, 2017. Congressman Stewart and his staff will deliver the cards in person to Veteran’s Homes in Salt Lake City and St. George.
“As a former Air Force pilot, I know first hand about the sacrifices made by veterans and their families,” Stewart said. “Sending a Valentine’s Day card is one small way for us to thank our nation’s heroes and let them know we care about them on the day we celebrate those we love.”
WHAT: Congressman Stewart’s Valentines for Veterans Card Drive
WHEN: Now through February 9, 2017
Mail or Drop off cards to:
Congressman Stewart’s Utah Offices
Salt Lake City Office:
420 East South Temple #390
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
St. George Office:
253 W. St. George Boulevard, #100
St. George, UT 84770
Cards will be delivered to the William J. Christofferson Veteran Home in Salt Lake City and the Ivins Veterans Home in Ivins, Utah.
Watch Congressman Stewart’s video message HERE.
You can download a flier HERE.


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Rep. Chris Stewart named House Intelligence Subcommittee Chairman


Washington, D.C. – Today, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence announced that Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) will serve as the Chairman of the Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee.

Rep. Stewart released the following statement regarding the announcement:

“The fundamental role of the federal government, as outlined in the Constitution, is to provide for the security of our nation. And in an era where terrorist threats are far too common, the need for national security has never been more important. I'm honored to be named Chairman of the Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee, which is tasked with the critical role of overseeing our Department of Defense and space based intelligence activities." 

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) also said:

“I congratulate Congressman Stewart on his appointment as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee’s Department of Defense Intelligence and Overhead Architecture Subcommittee. Congressman Stewart has proven himself an invaluable member of the committee, and I’m confident he’ll provide rigorous oversight to the Intelligence Community agencies under his purview.” 

Stewart will continue to serve on the House Appropriations Committee.


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Rep. Stewart Reflects on the Attack of Pearl Harbor in Speech on the House Floor


Washington, D.C. – Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah), a former Air Force Bomber pilot, reflects on the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor in a speech on the House Floor. You can watch the speech here.

Video of Rep. Stewart Reflects on the Attack of Pearl Harbor in Speech on the House Floor
Text of the Speech as Prepared:
Thank you Mr. Speaker. As I think all of us know, today mark’s the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. This devastating event took the lives of more than 2,300 Americans and ultimately led of course to the United States’ entrance into World War II. And though it’s painful to think of all the brave men and woman that we lost that day, I’m grateful for this heroic generation of soldiers, including my own father, who served in defense of the freedoms of our country during World War II.
I wear my father’s wings – I have them on today, I wear them every day. My mom and dad loved their country. And they like so many others sacrificed so much.
It was examples of these heroes such as these that led me to make the decision when I was a young man to become a pilot in the Air Force.
I’d like to take a moment to share the story of one brave Utahn, Mervyn Bennion, who was stationed at Pearl Harbor on the day of the attack.
After graduating from high school in Salt Lake City, Bennion accepted his appointment to the United States Naval Academy, where he graduated near the top of his class. He later assumed command of the USS West Virginia in July of 1941.
The ship was moored with other vessels on Battleship Row on that Sunday morning. Just shy of 8am, Japanese forces struck the USS West Virginia with at least 6 Torpedoes and 2 bombs.
Under attack and struggling to organize a defense from the bridge, Captain Bennion was struck with shrapnel from one of these bombs. But still, he continued to direct his ship’s battle. While using one of his hands to hold his own wounds closed. Several sailors attempted to convince him to go to the first aid station and seek medical attention, but he refused to leave his post. And sadly, he later died because of loss of blood.
Captain Bennion was recognized with the Medal of Honor, of course our nation's highest military honor, for his “conspicuous devotion to duty, extraordinary courage, and complete disregard of his own life.”
Today, on the anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor, let us remember not only the brave men and women who lost their lives in that attack, but also the men and women who have continued to fight for our freedoms over the last 75 years.
We live in a dark and dangerous world, and in dark and dangerous places all around the globe, American soldiers, sailors and airmen are doing what they can to bring stability and safety to many parts of the world. We should remember them. We should thank them. We should keep them and their families in our prayers. What we have asked to them to do isn't easy. They deserve our gratitude and respect.
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Congressman Stewart Offers Constituents Tickets to the Presidential Inauguration


Washington, D.C. – President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in as the President of the United States on Friday, January 20, 2017 in Washington, D.C.

Congressman Chris Stewart (R-Utah) has been given a limited number of tickets for the Inauguration Ceremony and is offering them to constituents in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District on a first come, first serve basis.

Utahns interested in attending the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony may request tickets at:


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Rep. Stewart’s Veterans Tricare Choice Act Passes the House


Washington, D.C. – Rep. Chris Stewart’s (R-Utah) Veterans TRICARE Choice Act, unanimously passed the House today, giving Veterans more healthcare options.

This bill, H.R. 5458, is a bipartisan, common sense piece of legislation that allows veterans to temporarily pause their TRICARE benefits to participate in an employers Health Savings Account (HSA) program if they so choose.

Health Savings Accounts have proven to be an effective way to pay for medical costs and proactively save for future medical expenses. They have become increasingly popular healthcare plans in the private sector, but under current federal law, it is illegal for a TRICARE-eligible veteran to participate in an HSA program.

The Veterans TRICARE Choice Act simply gives veterans the choice to voluntarily pause their TRICARE benefits in order to participate in an HSA program.

“Our veterans deserve our most profound gratitude,” Stewart said. “Nothing about their military service should prevent them from accessing the same benefits as their non-veteran co-workers. The very least we can do is ensure they receive the benefits we’ve promised them, and that the process goes as smoothly as possible.  We still have a lot of work to do on that front, but the passage of this bill is a great step in the right direction.”

Following the bill’s passage, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), the original Democrat co-sponsor of the bill said, “As a soldier and a veteran, I have seen firsthand the tremendous sacrifice our veterans and their families make in service to our country. That service should never limit their access to quality healthcare, and the ability to make decisions about their own health. The Veterans TRICARE Choice Act gives our veterans the ability to choose the best healthcare options for themselves and their families.”

The Veterans Tricare Choice Act has the support of the Association of the United States Navy (AUSN) and the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS).

Before the bill’s passage, Rep. Stewart spoke in on the House Floor, urging his colleagues to vote in favor of the bill. You can watch the video below:

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Rep. Chris Stewart Honors Fallen West Valley City Police Officer in Speech on the House Floor


Washington, D.C.  – Today, Rep. Chris Stewart honored the fallen West Valley City Police Officer, Cody Brotherson, in a speech on the House Floor.

You can watch the video here.

Text of the speech is below:

Mr. Speaker, it is with honor but with sadness that I rise today to honor a local hero, 26 year-old West Valley City Police Officer Cody Brotherson, who was killed last week in the line of duty. On Sunday, November 6th around 3 a.m., police were pursuing three individuals in a stolen vehicle. While Officer Brotherson was placing spikes in an attempt to stop this stolen vehicle, he was hit by the car and tragically killed. Not only will he be deeply missed by his parents, two brothers, and loving fiancé, but by the entire community.

I’ve had the chance, like many member of Congress, to go on police ride-a-longs. Again and again, I’ve been impressed with their hard work, professionalism, and their willingness to put themselves at risk so that they can protect those of us that they serve.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we recognize these brave men and woman who are willing to serve and protect our communities. Cody was one of these brave ones who ultimately lost his life protecting us. My prayers go out to the Brotherson family during this extremely difficult time. We will forever be grateful for his and their sacrifice.

And with that, Mr. Speaker, I yield back.



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Chris Stewart is the Congressman from Utah’s Second Congressional District. He is a No. 1 New York Times best-selling and national award-winning author, world-record-setting Air Force pilot, and the former owner/CEO of a small business.

Chris is one of ten children and grew up on a dairy farm in Cache Valley. He graduated from Utah State University, where he earned his degree in economics. Upon graduation, Chris joined the United States Air Force where he was the Distinguished Graduate (top of his class) in both Officer Training School and Undergraduate Pilot Training. He served for fourteen years as a pilot in the Air Force, flying both rescue helicopters and the B-1B bomber.  He holds three world speed records, including the world’s record for the fastest non-stop flight around the world.

Chris is a prolific author having written 17 books, several of which have become national best-sellers, and have been published in six different countries.

Before being elected to Congress, Chris served as president and CEO of the Shipley Group, a nationally recognized firm for consulting expertise in energy and the environment. He and his wife, Evie, are the parents of six children.

Chris now serves as a member of House Appropriations Committee.

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