Chris Stewart

Chris Stewart


Rep. Stewart Announces New National Park in Utah


Washington, D.C. – Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) introduced legislation to create Utah’s sixth National Park, Escalante Canyons Park and Preserve, H.R. 4558.

“With their deep narrow canyons, high plateaus, sheer cliffs, incredible vistas, and vibrant colors, the Escalante Canyons are a crown jewel in the state,” Rep. Stewart said. “Escalante Canyons National Park is a win-win for those wanting conservation and access. It’s a win-win for those who want to share the beauty of this state but also to preserve the local culture that is so important to our communities. Additionally, this bill gives locals a stronger voice in how their backyard is managed.”

“There is a reason I live in Utah. I love it here! I love to ski. I love to hike and rock climb. I love these lands. I want to preserve them, and I believe Utahans are better suited to manage our lands than bureaucrats back in Washington.” 

Specifically the Grand Staircase Escalante Enhancement Act:


  • Creates Utah’s sixth national park – Escalante Canyons National Park
    • The new park conserves this nationally important area while allowing access for hunting, fishing, trapping, and grazing.
    • The park maps are still being finalized by the local communities, but the boundaries will fall within the newly created Escalante Canyons Unit of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.


  • Transfers “Hole in the Rock Road” to the state of Utah in recognition of this historically significant Mormon pioneer trail.


  • Creates a “Management Council” comprised of local officials to draft and oversee a management plan for the new monuments and National Park, giving local leaders a powerful voice and seat at the table.


  • This bill creates three new seperate and distinct national monumnets, Grand Staircase, Escalante Canyons, and Kaiparowits. 


For a PDF copy of the bill, click here.  


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Rep. Stewart’s Statement Regarding President Trump’s Announcement on National Monuments


Salt Lake City, Utah – Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) released the following statement in response to President Trump’s announcement on the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears National Monuments:

“The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument resides in my district. I have seen firsthand the damage that the monument has caused to the local economy. My constituents have been in a desperate need of change, and today President Trump delivered.”  

“President Trump had the courage that no other president had. He listened to local voices that had been left out of the decision-making process for too long. On behalf of the county commissioners, the state legislators who represent the area, and the entire federal delegation, we say thank you, Mr. President.”

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Stewart and Bonamici Introduce the Victims’ Voice and Transparency Act


Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) and Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-Oregon) introduced the Victims’ Voice and Transparency Act. This legislation allows victims of sexual misconduct on Capitol Hill to release the names of the accused and the settlement payment amounts, if they so choose.

Currently, victims are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement as part of the settlement process through the Office of Compliance. This legislation would remove this requirement, giving the victim the option to speak. 

“Victims of sexual misconduct deserve a voice and the American people deserve the utmost level of transparency,” Stewart said. “I have been disheartened to see the frequency of sexual harassment and assault incidents in the news. This culture of silence is unacceptable. We must continue shedding light on this issue so victims can be heard.”

“I’m proud to introduce bipartisan legislation that will lift the secrecy surrounding taxpayer-funded sexual harassment settlements, and give victims the right to talk about their experiences publicly,” Bonamici said. “The current requirement that victims enter into nondisclosure agreements creates a dangerous culture of secrecy and silence. Victims should not be required to sign away their rights in exchange for justice. The American people deserve a transparent government and they should know about the actions of their elected representatives.”

The Office of Compliance oversees the House of Representatives, the Senate, Capitol Police, the Congressional Budget Office, the Office of the Architect of the Capitol, the Office of the Attending Physician, the Office of the Congressional Accessibility Services, and also includes employees working in district or state offices as well as those in Washington, DC.

For a PDF copy of the bill, click here.


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Tax Reform Passes House


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Chris Stewart (R-Utah) released the following statement after voting in favor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

“For the first time in decades we are able to provide the American people with a dramatic new tax code that is simple and fair. Utahans deserve more jobs, fairer taxes and bigger paychecks.”

“An average family of four living in Utah’s 2nd Congressional District will receive a $1,445 tax cut. The majority are also going to be able to complete their taxes on a postcard sized tax form. The standard deduction is going to increase significantly, keeping more money in your pocket. The child tax credit will increase, providing you with more support for your family. Tax benefits are being preserved, helping you afford some of life’s most important investments. All while you are enjoying the benefits of a strong and growing American economy.”

“This new tax code will change lives, energize our country, and get our economy thriving again. Once tax reform passes in the Senate, you are going to see a remarkable difference.”


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Final Version of the National Defense Authorization Act Passes the House


Washington, D.C. – Today, the final version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed the House of Representatives, with Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) serving as a conferee. The bill rebuilds our military through equipment modernization and improves readiness. It also reforms the way that the Pentagon does business and gives them the tools they need to make better, more responsible decisions.

“After years of cuts, we are finally beginning to rebuild and provide more for our national defense,” Stewart said. “We have too many planes grounded, troops untrained, and ships out of service. The NDAA address essential readiness recovery concerns that will provide our armed forces with the resources they need to keep our homeland safe. With this bill becoming a law, we are putting Americans’ safety and security first.”



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Reps. Stewart, Polis, Senators Flake, Heinrich Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Complete Parks, Wilderness Areas and Increase Revenues for Schools


Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Chris Stewart (R-UT), Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO), Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), and Senator Martin Heinrich (D-NM) introduced H.R. 4257, the Advancing Conservation and Education (ACE) Act. The bipartisan legislation aims at facilitating state trust land exchanges for parcels locked inside designated wilderness and other federal conservation areas. The ACE Act helps equalize funding for education in public lands states by enhancing the revenue-generating capacity of lands designated for the purpose of funding education.

“This legislation is a win for Utah, a win for school kids, and a win for conservation,” said Rep. Stewart. “Exchanging state inholding for land outside of protected areas will allow states to generate more revenue, provide increased protection, and help support rural economies. The ACE Act proves we can come together to solve complex public land issues.”

“I am pleased that we can collaborate on common sense legislation together as Democrats and Republicans in both the House of Representatives and Senate. By cutting red tape between state land trusts and the federal government, we can protect our most precious wilderness areas, while generating more revenue for local governments and schools that desperately need it,” said Rep. Polis.

“Inholdings present challenges for both public land managers and state trust land commissioners because differing policies and missions of the respective agencies can lead to conflicts over management. By exchanging state inholdings for land outside of protected areas that is more appropriate for development and more likely to produce revenue, the ACE Act will solidify protections for designated areas like national parks and wilderness while increasing revenues for state trust land beneficiaries like schools and hospitals,” said Sen. Heinrich. “I'm proud to partner with Senator Flake to find bipartisan and pragmatic solutions that will increase revenues for our public schools and improve access to the outdoor places Westerners hold dear.” 

“This bill represents an absolute win-win situation. It makes management of federal land more efficient, while providing additional revenue for state land trusts and schools. These are two worthwhile goals that when combined represent a genuine opportunity for those in the West,” said Sen. Flake

The ACE Act has diverse support, including from the Western States Land Commissioners Association and The Wilderness Society.

“The ability of our state land commissioners to utilize state trust lands to raise revenue for education is made more difficult when these trust lands are surrounded by federal conservation areas. The ACE Act is a win-win solution that will help our land commissioners better generate badly needed funds for schoolchildren while completing federal conservation areas so that they can be properly protected,” said Harry Birdwell, President, Western States Land Commissioners Association and Secretary of the Commissioners, Oklahoma Land Office.

“This legislation will better secure America's parks and wilderness while supporting rural economies and providing revenue for schools. Through this bill, our public lands will be better protected and school kids will come out ahead,” said Paul Spitler, Director of Wilderness Policy at The Wilderness Society.

The full text of the bill can be found here.




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Stewart’s Bipartisan Bill Passes House


Washington, D.C. – Today, the House passes H.R. 3922 which included the text of Rep. Chris Stewart’s (R-Utah) bipartisan bill, the National Health Service Corps Strengthening Act of 2017. The bipartisan legislation aims to reauthorize the National Health Service Corps (NHSC) for five years.  

The NHSC is a national program that provides loan repayment and scholarship awards to primary care, mental health, and dental health professionals in exchange for practicing in federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSA) – locations where it is difficult to naturally entice health care professionals to practice. Additionally, the NHSC matches funding for State-based loan repayment programs that assist health professionals in underserved areas. The NHSC has helped more than 50,000 health professionals meet the medical needs of underserved and vulnerable populations for over 40 years. 

The current funding for this program expired on September 30, 2017.

The National Health Service Corps Strengthening Act of 2017 reauthorizes the National Health Services Corps program for an additional five years and increase its funding by $10 million each year. The bill will extend health care services to five million more Americans and enable 5,000 more health professionals to participate in the program.

“The NHSC program brings access to many Utahns who are living in rural communities and have limited access to care,” said Congressman Stewart.  “I’m proud of the work the House has done. The Senate must now act on this meaningful legislation to ensure rural Americans have access to quality healthcare.”

The NHSC is widely recognized- both in Utah and across the country- as a success on many fronts.  According to the National Health Service Corps Stakeholders and the Association of American Medical Colleges, the program:

  •  Improves access to health care for the growing numbers of rural and urban underserved Americans;
  •  Increases state investments in recruiting and retaining health professionals;
  •  Provides incentives for practitioners to enter primary care;
  •  Reduces the financial burden that the cost of health professions education places on new practitioners; and
  •  Helps ensure access to health professions education for students from all backgrounds.



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Rep. Stewart Bill Passes the House: Judgment Fund Transparency Act


Washington, D.C – Today, the House passed H.R. 469 which included the text of Rep. Chris Stewart’s (R-Utah) bill, the Judgment Fund Transparency Act. The legislation increases government accountability in guarding taxpayer funds by shining a light of disinfectant on a government program that is needlessly shrouded in secrecy. 

In 1956, Congress established the Judgment Fund as a “permanent, indefinite appropriation” to resolve claims against the United States Government when appropriate. In the past few years this fund has been used as a piggy bank to dole out funds that Congress would not appropriate. Recent examples include a $1.3 billion ransom payment to Iran and a deceitful attempt to raid the funds in order to bail out insurance companies losing money on the Obamacare exchanges.

“For too long, taxpayers and even Congress have been kept in the dark when the government makes payments out of this fund. There is no reason for this information to be secret,” Stewart said. “The federal government should always be transparent about how it uses the tax dollars of hardworking Americans. Greater transparency of the Judgment Fund will go a long way to restore the trust between the American people and the government.”

The Judgment Fund Transparency Act of 2017 does the following:

  • Prevents Judgment Fund payments to State Sponsors of Terrorism
  • Increases government transparency by requiring the Treasury Department to publicly disclose the following information about Judgment Fund Settlements:
    • Names of government agencies involved in the lawsuit
    • Names of plaintiffs and counsels
    • The amounts awarded in the settlements
    • A brief description of the facts of the claim
  • If payments are made to foreign governments, the Treasury Department must also publicly disclose:
    • The method of payment
    • Currency denominations used
    • The name and location of each financial institution that is controlling the payment



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Rep. Chris Stewart Names Chris Harmer Chief of Staff


"Over the past five years, as I’ve had the opportunity to work with Chris on a number of national security issues, he has become someone I trust and admire. Anytime I needed in depth analysis on conflicts ranging from the Pacific Rim to the Middle East, he's been my go-to guy. I’ve also come to recognize his leadership skills and management abilities. With his deep ties to Utah, distinguished military service, and willingness to shake things up to move things forward, he will be a great Chief of Staff."

Chris Harmer is a former infantryman in the United States Marine Corps and a retired Commander, United States Navy, where he served as a Naval Aviator and a strategic planner. He is a graduate of Woods Cross High School in Woods Cross, Utah, the United States Naval Academy, and the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. Prior to joining Representative Stewart's staff, he was Senior Naval Analyst at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a non-partisan, non-profit, public policy research organization in Washington D.C. He has published numerous articles through ISW and the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), and is a regularly scheduled guest on multiple television networks.  


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Rep. Stewart Announces Departure of Chief of Staff, Dr. Brian Steed


Washington, D.C. – Today, Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) released the following statement announcing the departure of his Chief of Staff, Dr. Brian Steed, who has taken a new position with the Department of the Interior as Deputy Director of the Bureau of Land and Management:

“Dr. Steed has been a huge part of my success here in Congress. I always say he’s the best Chief of Staff on the Hill. I consider him a brother and will miss him greatly. He has a huge opportunity to serve the American people at the Bureau of Land and Management and I know he’ll have great success.”

Brian Steed had been Stewart’s Chief of Staff since his start in Congress in 2013.


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Chris Stewart is the Congressman from Utah’s Second Congressional District. He is a No. 1 New York Times best-selling and national award-winning author, world-record-setting Air Force pilot, and the former owner/CEO of a small business.

Chris is one of ten children and grew up on a dairy farm in Cache Valley. He graduated from Utah State University, where he earned his degree in economics. Upon graduation, Chris joined the United States Air Force where he was the Distinguished Graduate (top of his class) in both Officer Training School and Undergraduate Pilot Training. He served for fourteen years as a pilot in the Air Force, flying both rescue helicopters and the B-1B bomber.  He holds three world speed records, including the world’s record for the fastest non-stop flight around the world.

Chris is a prolific author having written 17 books, several of which have become national best-sellers, and have been published in six different countries.

Before being elected to Congress, Chris served as president and CEO of the Shipley Group, a nationally recognized firm for consulting expertise in energy and the environment. He and his wife, Evie, are the parents of six children.

Chris now serves as a member of House Appropriations Committee.

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