Bob Latta

Bob Latta


Rep. Latta Statement on King v. Burwell Ruling


U.S. Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH) released the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in King v. Burwell:

“Today’s ruling does not change the fact that ObamaCare is a deeply flawed law that has not delivered on what it promised to do. We have had time to read it, we have had time to learn what’s in it, and we have had time to see it doesn’t work. It has put Washington in between patients and their doctors, increased costs, reduced coverage choices, and created uncertainty for families and businesses.

The Court has made its decision, and House Republicans will continue moving forward and continue to focus on fixing a broken system with policies that put patients first. My responsibility is to protect my constituents, not failed policies. My colleagues and I will continue to advance solutions in Congress that lowers costs, increases access, and expands the rights of Americans across the board to have a voice in their healthcare options.”

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Rep. Latta Supports Passage of Ratepayer Protection Act


Today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) joined colleagues in passing H.R. 2042, The Ratepayer Protection Act, through the U.S. House of Representatives.

The legislation, a response to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposed Clean Power Plan, passed with bipartisan support 247-180.

The Clean Power Plan, proposed last June, is a rule for existing power plants. In the rule, EPA interprets a rarely invoked provision of the Clean Air Act that would allow the agency to set mandatory carbon dioxide (CO2) “goals” for each state’s electricity system.

The Agency proposal would require states to submit complex plans to EPA in 2016, and to begin to meet interim goals in 2020 and a final goal in 2030. Should a state not submit a plan that satisfies the agency, the EPA would impose a federal plan. EPA estimates annual costs of $5.5 billion to $7.5 billion in 2020 and $7.3 billion to $8.8 billion in 2030. 

H.R. 2042 provides a safe harbor for states to protect its ratepayers. Should a Governor determine the implementation of a State or Federal plan will have significant adverse effect on the state’s residential, retail, commercial, or industrial ratepayers, or on the reliability of the state’s electricity system, the state would no longer be required to implement the plan.

“The Clean Power Plan is a misguided proposal by the EPA that, once again, demonstrates the Agency’s unwillingness to work with the states in determining the best course of action as it relates to their specific energy needs,” said Rep. Latta. “This legislation effectively protects the ratepayers in Ohio and elsewhere by ensuring states retain control of their electricity markets, and are able to act in their own best interests.”

According to a summary of state concerns, “32 states made legal objections, 28 raised significant concerns regarding compliance costs and economic impacts, 32 warned electricity reliability problems, and 34 states objected to EPA’s rushed regulatory timelines.”


From the Summary:

Ohio Public Utility Commission: “Again, US EPA, through the CPP, takes an approach whereby it seeks to act in the energy industry without the requisite knowledge or understanding of the plan’s far-reaching impacts. The NERC Reliability Study highlights that the risks to reliability are legitimate. Reliability of the electric grid cannot be compromised, as the health of this nation’s economy and populous depends on the delivery of reliable energy. Based upon the NERC Reliability Study, it appears that the CPP and its ambitious implementation timeframe could inflict serious harm by jeopardizing reliability.”

“Given the combination of higher direct electricity costs and the fact that these costs would flow to every part of Ohio’s economy, Ohioans would undoubtedly face financial hardship as a result of the CPP’s sweeping reforms if the rule is finalized in its proposed form.”

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine:“The U.S. EPA’s proposed rule on greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants breaches limitations enshrined in the Clean Air Act and extends far beyond the Agency’s authority in seeking to reconfigures the nation’s energy policies and priorities.”

“The proposed rule is anticipated to cost Ohio residents billions of dollars a year by 2025 while jeopardizing the reliability of our State’s electric grid – all without basis in the law.”

Ohio Environmental Protection Agency:“It is not possible for states to meet the deadline of 2020 for the initial reductions. States should not be penalized for the arbitrary dates in the Presidential order that were chosen without a complete understanding of the process needed to modify state legislation, propose and adopt rules, and then have the regulated entities have adequate time to initiate control measures.”

Under the proposed regulations, The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio predicted wholesale market energy prices will be 39 percent higher in the year 2025 and cost Ohioans approximately $2.5 billion.

“Affordable, reliable power is vital to Ohio’s economic development.  For years, jobs have come to Ohio because of the abundance of low electric rates, which is especially important for much of the energy-intensive manufacturing found in my district,” Rep. Latta continued. “The Ratepayer Protection Act guarantees states can keep energy prices affordable, and protect our families and businesses from the burdensome costs of these misguided regulations.”

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Rep. Latta Votes To Strengthen Medicare By Repealing Medicare Decision-Making Board


Yesterday, U.S. Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) joined colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives in passing a key bill in support of seniors’ access to affordable, quality health care.

H.R. 1190, the Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act of 2015, eliminates the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), a body comprised of 15 unelected officials with authority to unilaterally cut Medicare spending.

“This is a board of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats with the ability to make decisions that will impact the lives and care of tens of thousands of Medicare patients.  This unchecked authority to control funding gives enormous power to dictate what type of care a patient receives,” said Rep. Latta. “Even President Obama’s former Budget Director has called IPAB the ‘single biggest yielding of power to an independent entity since the creation of the Federal Reserve’. IPAB must be repealed.”

The bill, first introduced by Rep. Linda Sánchez (D-CA) and Rep. Roe (R-TN), passed with support in favor of eliminating bureaucratic control over the cuts to Medicare spending.

“Physicians and patients are in the best position to decide their own health care – a fact recognized today in this vote. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Senate to ensure healthcare is left to the individual and to the experts, not the Washington Bureaucracy.”

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Rep. Latta Statement on U.S. House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Legislative Hearing


On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Subcommittee on Disability Assistance and Memorial Affairs held a legislative hearing to review several important pieces of veteran’s legislation, including H.R. 1302, the VA Appeals Backlog Relief Act, a bill introduced by Congressman Bob Latta (OH-05).

“I thank Chairman Miller, Subcommittee Chairman Abraham, and Ranking Members Brown and Titus for taking this legislation under consideration today,” said Rep. Latta. “We are blessed to have the bravest men and women in the world serving in America’s armed forces. As they fought to preserve the freedoms that define our nation, this country and this body have the obligation to ensure they receive the timely care and benefits they deserve upon their return home.” 

“The VA’s lack of timely claims processing has created a massive backlog in which there are at least 300,000 appeals claims currently pending, with nearly 60,000 pending VA Form 9’s with an average pending time of well over 600 days,” Latta continued. “The VA Appeals Backlog Relief Act would make it mandatory for all appeals claims to be certified to the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA) no later than 12 months after the local VA office receives the VA Form 9. I would ask my colleagues for their continued support of H.R. 1302 so we can better fulfill our obligations to our nation’s veterans.”

Read: Rep. Latta Statement for the Record

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Rep. Latta Votes to Repeal Medical Innovation Tax


Today, U.S. Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) joined colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives in passing a key bill in support of American innovation in the medical field, and a repeal on the tax that threatens its growth. 

H.R. 160, The Protect Medical Innovation Act, repeals the burdensome 2.3 percent excise tax on the sale of medical devices imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.

“This is a tax against advances in the medical field. The future of this growing and innovative industry is confronted with much uncertainty following the implementation of the Affordable Care Act including this medical device tax,” said Rep. Latta. “As one of the most onerous taxes contained in the health care law, it must repealed.”

Data from a 2014 industry survey shows the tax resulted in employment reductions of 14,000 industry workers through 2013 with approximately an additional 4,500 jobs lost in 2014. 

Furthermore, the study forecasted the industry will forgo the hiring of over 20,000 employees over the next five years. Overall, the lost jobs and lack of growth caused by the tax will result in 39,000 fewer industry jobs.

From the survey:

Applying this ratio to jobs lost or forgone suggests that the impact of the tax on indirect employment could be as much as 156,000 jobs, for a total job loss due to the tax of 195,000 jobs. – Impact of the Medical Device Excise Tax (1/2015)

“This excise tax would have devastating consequences on the medical device industry. This is an irresponsible tax that threatens to stifle American innovation and job creation,” Latta continued. “We cannot jeopardize the benefits of medical advances for future generations in order to fill the coffers of the federal government today.”

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Rep. Latta on EPA’s Proposed Ozone Rule and Impacts on Manufacturing


Today, Congressman Robert E. Latta joined colleagues on the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Energy and Power at a hearing on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new proposal for National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for ozone Rule. Testimony was heard from seven witnesses discussing the potential impacts of the rule’s implementation on the manufacturing sector.

“Today, we heard from several witnesses who have expressed grave concerns for their industry and the negative impacts this proposal would bring. I have particular apprehension for how the rule would adversely effect the constituents in my district, and across the state of Ohio, which has historically been a manufacturing state,” said Rep. Latta.  “Since the proposal was first introduced, I have neither seen nor heard anything that would alleviate the concern that this is unnecessary regulation that would pose a heavy burden on American industry.”   

The U.S. EPA initially established an ozone standard in 1971, and subsequently revised the standard in 1979, 1997, and 2008. Under the Clean Air Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for criteria pollutants, including ground-level ozone. The current standard, set in 2008, established an 8-hour standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb), replacing a 1997 standard equivalent to 84 ppb.

EPA has proposed to lower that standard to a range within 65 ppb to 70 ppb.

Ross E. Eisenberg, Vice President of Energy and Resources Policy for the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), was among witnesses offering testimony at the hearing.  Mr. Eisenberg, referring to the data determined by a previously released study, identified the proposal as “likely to be the most expensive regulation ever”.

The study estimated the proposal will cost as much as $140 billion per year, placing the equivalent of 1.4 million jobs in jeopardy annually. The study also estimates Ohio would experience a $22 Billion Gross State Product loss from 2017 to 2040, spend $840 Million in Total Compliance Costs and lose 22,914 jobs or job equivalents annually.

“It very much appears the administration is using the Clean Air Act to target specific industries, and certainly, if this rule is implemented, manufacturing is going to be one of those most negatively impacted. This is an industry that employs, directly or indirectly, millions of Americans who stand to face unnecessary adversity and declining opportunity as a result of regulatory overreach,” stated Latta.

Testimony was heard from Erin Monroe Wesley, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Baton Rouge Area Chamber. Ms. Wesley identified four businesses who were preparing to make significant ventures estimated to bring more than $7 billion in capital investments to the region. These companies, upon the release of the EPA proposal, either put the projects on hold or invested elsewhere, citing the proposal and lack of emission reduction credits as the basis for their decision.

“The previous revisions to the NAAQS standards are currently being implemented in counties across the country, and by the EPA’s own data, this has allowed ozone levels to decline over 30% by 1980.  These newly proposed standards are overly burdensome and deficiently demonstrative of providing any environmental benefit,” said Latta.  “We have already heard testimony demonstrating the simple possibility of these rules being implemented proving detrimental to a region’s workforce, and workforce growth. This will not be isolated to one area. If the EPA were to go forward with the rules under the current proposal, negative consequences would be felt by American workers across the board, and effectively stifle any opportunity for future economic growth.”


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Rep. Latta on House Passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act


Congressman Robert E. Latta (OH-05) released the following statement after House passage of the Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act (H.R. 235):  

“The Internet is an invaluable resource - an essential tool that has integrated into our everyday lives, advancing the way we communicate, educate, and engage in commerce.

The Permanent Internet Tax Freedom Act ensures our families and small businesses are protected from burdensome new taxes on access to this resource, and safeguards consumers at a time when American’s can ill afford additional financial encumbrances.”

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Congressman Latta Welcomes Flag City Honor Flight


On Thursday, June 4th, Congressman Robert E. Latta (OH-05) greeted the members of the Flag City Honor Flight, a Findlay-based affiliate of the National Honor Flight Network celebrating their fifth flight to the nation’s Capitol.

Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s veterans for all their sacrifices. They transport our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials. Their top priority is given to the senior veterans, along with those other veterans who may be terminally ill. The Flag City Honor Flight included veterans of WWII, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

“It was a great honor to be able to meet and talk with some of our nation’s greatest heroes,” said Rep. Latta. “These men and women have sacrificed greatly to forge America’s future, and the opportunity to honor them through this event was a truly remarkable experience.”

William Rowe, one of the Flag City Honor Flight honorees, is veteran of the Army and served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

“I’ve never had anything more pleasing than today – I had a wonderful experience,” stated Mr. Rowe. “I am really humbled by it all because the monuments of WWII, then the Korean War, then Vietnam. Each of those places I lost friends, and I felt very humbled to be able to go over there and say a little prayer. I appreciate the Honor Flight giving me the chance to go. They have a wonderful volunteer group to go and make this happen, and it was a wonderful experience,” he stated. “I cant say how much I’ve enjoyed it.”

“Honoring our Nation’s veterans is not reserved for holidays. Brave men and women like William, the men and women we saw here today, and all those who have served, deserve our praise and recognition everyday we enjoy the freedoms this country provides,” said Rep. Latta. “There are remarkable stories of heroism and service to country, and I am grateful there are organizations like the Honor Flight Network working to ensure they are told.”


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Congressman Latta Statement on EPA Draft Assessment on Hydraulic Fracturing and Potential Impact on Drinking Water Resources


Today, the U.S. EPA released their long anticipated draft assessment on the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing to ground water resources. The study confirms what years of research and sound science have told us: hydraulic fracturing is a proven technique being utilized safely and effectively across the country, and its use as a well stimulation technique has effectively turned the United States into the world’s leading energy producer. 

The continued development of our natural resources in various formations across the country has been a driving force in our economy, and moved America towards the energy security that has been the goal of every administration since President Nixon. This study further mitigates any concerns about hydraulic fracturing’s potential impacts to ground water, and will allow us to continue development under the robust regulatory oversight of the developing states.

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Congressmen Latta, Walz Announce Bipartisan Congressional Propane Caucus


Today, Congressman Robert E. Latta (R-OH) and Congressman Tim Walz (D-MN) announced the founding of the Congressional Propane Caucus.

The caucus has been formed in order to provide a bipartisan forum to engage Members of Congress, their staff, and the public on issues of importance to propane consumers and the propane industry. 

“I am pleased to join my colleague Congressman Walz in leading this effort in the House. Thanks to an increase in domestic production and the development of shale formations across the country – including the Utica/Point Pleasant formation in my home state of Ohio - Americans are blessed with an abundance of this essential resource,” said Propane Caucus Co-Chairman Rep. Latta. “Propane is vital to our every day lives; it heats our homes, aids in the production of our farms, and is increasingly being used as an alternative, clean burning fuel for transportation. I am pleased to start this caucus in order to educate fellow Members of Congress on the many uses of propane, its importance to the constituents we serve, and the issues both the industry and its consumers face.”

“I’m proud to lead this caucus with Rep. Latta. Propane is essential for hundreds of thousands of Minnesota families, not only to heat their homes during the long, cold winter, but also for cooking, laundry, and farming,” Rep. Walz, co-chair of the Propane Caucus, said. “It is imperative that we do everything in our power to protect families and local businesses from facing the price shocks we witnessed in the winter of 2014 when a lack of supply put people’s lives and livelihoods at risk.” 

Propane is an abundant, clean-burning, domestic fuel that is a key component in America’s energy portfolio. Propane contributes $38.7 billion to America’s GDP and provides nearly 50,000 domestic jobs.  Furthermore, over 50 million Americans choose propane as their energy source in a wide array of applications, including:

  • Residential and commercial space heating (furnaces, boilers, and gas logs), water heating, cooking, and clothes drying
  • Farm use for irrigation pumps, grain dryers, standby generators and other agricultural equipment
  • As an alternative transportation fuel in school buses, delivery vans, pickup trucks, law enforcement vehicles, and forklifts
  • Industrial space heating and process applications

Recent developments in the energy sector have generated a strong domestic propane supply that is projected to remain plentiful for the foreseeable future.  However, many challenges exist to ensure that Americans have an adequate supply of propane when they need it.  

The Congressional Propane Caucus was designed to focus on these challenges, so that Congress can ensure that propane continues to serve American consumers in a consistent, reliable, and affordable manner.

Congressional Propane Caucus Founding Members

Co-Chair, Rep. Robert E. Latta (R-OH)

Co-Chair, Rep. Tim Walz (D-MN)

Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY)

Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI)

Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA)

Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI)

Rep. Dave Loebsack (D-IA)

Rep. Rick Nolan (D-MN)

Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY)

Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT)

Follow on Twitter: @PropaneCaucus


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Contact Information

2448 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-6405
Fax 202-225-1985

Committee Assignments

Energy and Commerce

Congressman Robert “Bob” Latta (R- Bowling Green) is currently serving his fourth term in the United States House of Representatives following his re-election in 2012.  Congressman Latta serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which has wide jurisdiction on legislative matters, including energy policy, telecommunications, food and drug safety, public health research, and interstate and foreign commerce. He is a member of the Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, where he was selected to serve as Vice Chair, as well as a member of the Subcommittees on Energy and Power, and Environment and the Economy.  In addition, Congressman Latta serves as an Assistant Majority Whip, Co-Chairman of the Congressional Sportsman Caucus, and the Co-Chair of the Republican New Media Caucus.

Congressman Latta previously served as a member of the Committee on Agriculture, Committee on the Budget, and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. Before his election to Congress, Latta was a member of the Ohio House of Representatives (2001-2007), Ohio Senate (1997-2000), and Wood County Commissioner (1991-1996).

Since his arrival to Congress, Congressman Latta has advocated for the interests of the people of northwest and west central Ohio and economic prosperity for the country. His top priorities have included balancing the budget, reducing the national debt, and working towards commonsense government reforms. Congressman Latta’s legislative accomplishments include:

·      H.R. 270, the TRICARE Continuity Coverage for National Guard and Reserve Families Act, which allows “gray area” retirees access to TRICARE, and was amended into the 2010 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), becoming law, P.L. 111-84.

·      H.R. 1622, the Spectrum Innovation Act, which authorizes the FCC to conduct incentive spectrum auctions generating billions of dollars to pay down our national debt, as well as unleashing spectrum for innovation and job creation.  This incentive auction concept was included in the Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act, H.R. 3630 and signed into law.

·      Latta authored language, which was included in the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act, and signed into law in July 2012 (P.L. 112-144), to help ease drug shortages in the hospital setting.

This year, Congressman Latta was honored by the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA) with the Rx Safety and Leadership Award (Rx Award) for his leadership and commitment to advancing policies that enhance patient safety and security of the pharmaceutical  distribution supply chain nationwide.  Latta has also received the Ohio Farm Bureau’s “Friend of Farm Bureau” award, the United States Chamber of Commerce’s “Spirit of Enterprise” award, National Association of Manufacturers’ award for “Manufacturing Legislative Excellence,” National Taxpayer Union’s “Taxpayer Friend Award” and the American Conservative Union’s “ACU Conservative” award. In 2009, Latta was recognized with the Association of the United States Navy National Legislative Advocacy Award for his “superb leadership and outstanding service during the 110th and 111th Congress to improve the quality of life of Active Component and Reserve Component military members and their families.”

As a member of the Ohio General Assembly, Latta was committed to eliminating the death tax to help Ohio’s citizens, small business owners, and farmers, which he achieved in 2000 when 78% of Ohio death tax filers were successfully eliminated.  Congressman Latta also worked to make Ohio streets safer when he sponsored the DNA Bill that requires all felons and certain misdemeanants to give DNA samples, which are then placed in the state and national databases.  Latta also sponsored the juvenile crime legislation, which in part holds juveniles more responsible for their actions.

A longtime sportsman committed to wildlife and the outdoors, Latta was awarded by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, formerly the Ohio Wildlife Federation, with the Patriot Award in 2002 and 2012, which is given for “dedication and leadership in defending our outdoor heritage.”  During his tenure in the Ohio General Assembly, he sponsored the Bald Eagle license plate.  The proceeds from these plates are used to purchase eagle habitat and for eagle preservation throughout Ohio. Congressman Latta also serves as a hunter education instructor for the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

Congressman Latta has earned recognition from the United Conservatives of Ohio, naming him “Watchdog of the Treasury” in 1998, 2000, and 2005.  The League of Ohio Sportsmen, which is affiliated with the Ohio Wildlife Federation and promotes environmental and sportsmen issues also nominated him in 2000 for the “Legislator of the Year” award. Latta has also earned recognition from the Ohio National Guard receiving the Major General Charles Dick Award for Legislative Excellence in 1999, and the “President’s Award” in 2006.

Congressman Latta is active in his community, where he is a member of the Bowling Green Kiwanis, having served as President, Director, and Trustee.  Latta is also a member of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce and the Wood County Farm Bureau.

A lifelong resident of northwest Ohio, Congressman Latta graduated from Bowling Green Senior High School in 1974.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bowling Green State University in 1978, and earned his law degree from the University of Toledo College of Law in 1981.

Congressman Latta and his wife Marcia reside in Bowling Green with their two daughters, Elizabeth and Maria.

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