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Goodlatte Kicks Off Judiciary Hearing w/ Wray and Rosenstein

2018-06-28 16:31:19

Goodlatte Speaks in Support of Bill to Stop Synthetic Opioids

2018-06-15 16:47:56

Goodlatte Speaks in Support of the Project Safe Neighborhoods Grant Program Authorization Act

2018-06-06 18:35:16

Goodlatte Speaks in Support of FIRST STEP Act

2018-05-22 17:32:00

Goodatte Speaks in Support of the Protect and Serve Act

2018-05-16 19:38:59

Farm Bill Programs Aid Efforts of Local Food Banks

2018-05-09 20:34:36

Goodlatte: The Opioid Crisis Knows No Bounds

2018-05-09 18:50:39

Lynchburg Resident Shares Personal Cost of Opioid Epidemic

2018-05-09 18:44:59

Goodlatte Speaks in Support of Music Modernization Act

2018-04-25 18:28:54

Goodlatte: Extraordinary fiscal crisis demands an extraordinary solution

2018-04-12 18:13:02

Goodlatte Questions Witnesses During Hearing on Preventing Violence in America

2018-03-21 14:09:33

Goodlatte Speaks in Support of the STOP School Violence Act

2018-03-14 17:56:16

Goodlatte Speaks in Support of BRICK Act

2018-03-07 19:46:51

Goodlatte Questions Witnesses at Hearing on Class Action Lawsuits

2018-03-06 21:23:20

Sixth District Constituent Testifies Before Judiciary Subcommittee on Personal Experiences

2018-03-06 21:19:28

Goodlatte on Class Action Lawsuits for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities

2018-03-06 21:16:06

Goodlatte: Overhaul of Ag Immigration Programs Benefits US Economy

2018-02-06 19:44:04

Goodlatte Discusses Securing America's Future Act w/ Charles Payne

2018-01-11 14:29:00

Goodlatte Talks Immigration Reform on Fox News @ Night

2018-01-11 14:28:30

Goodlatte Speaks in Support of Bill to Protect the Second Amendment and Curb Gun Violence

2017-12-06 22:16:58

Contact Information

2309 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-5431
Fax 202-225-9681

Committee Assignments



Bob Goodlatte represents the Sixth Congressional District of Virginia in the United States House of Representatives.

Bob’s service to the people of the Sixth District began in 1977 when he became District Director for former Congressman Caldwell Butler. He served in this position for two years until 1979, and was responsible for helping folks across the District seeking assistance with or encountering problems from various federal agencies. In 1979, he founded his own private law practice in Roanoke. Later, he was a partner in the law firm of Bird, Kinder and Huffman, working there from 1981 until taking office.

In the 113th Congress, Bob was elected to serve as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.  He is the first Judiciary Committee Chairman from Virginia in the last 125 years.  Bob has been an active Member of the Judiciary Committee since arriving in Congress, serving in a variety of leadership positions on the Committee including Chairman of the Subcommittee on Intellectual Property, Competition, and the Internet in the 112th Congress, Vice Ranking Member of the Judiciary Committee and Ranking Member of the Task Force on Judicial Impeachment in the 111th Congress, Ranking Member of the Antitrust Task Force in the 110th Congress, and Vice Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property in the 109th Congress. Additionally, Bob also served on the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security.

The House Judiciary Committee will certainly be at the forefront of some of the most significant issues facing Virginia and the Sixth District, including protecting Constitutional freedoms and civil liberties, oversight of the U.S. Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, legal and regulatory reform, innovation, competition and anti-trust laws, terrorism and crime, and immigration reform.  It is likely that many of these issues will be the deciding factors in determining the future direction of our nation.  The jurisdiction of the Judiciary Committee is well-suited to many of Bob’s legislative priorities such as protecting Constitutional rights, including private property and Second Amendment rights, securing our borders through immigration reform, strengthening our criminal laws, decreasing health care costs through medical malpractice reform, and oversight of the Judicial branch and Administration.  One of Bob’s top legislative initiatives is his Constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget so that Congress will be forced to control spending.  The Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over all proposed amendments to the Constitution.

In addition to serving on the House Judiciary Committee, Bob serves on the House Agriculture Committee.  He is a member of the Subcommittee on Livestock, Rural Development, and Credit, which is of particular importance to the Sixth District since it is one of the leading turkey and poultry producing districts in the nation.  He also serves on the Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight, and Nutrition.  Bob has served the Agriculture Committee in a variety of leadership roles including Chairman of the Agriculture Committee (2003-2007), Ranking Member of the Agriculture Committee (2007-2008), Vice Chairman of the Agriculture Committee (2011-2012), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Department Operations, Oversight, Nutrition and Forestry (1997-2003), and Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, Energy and Research (2009-2010).

During his time in Congress, Bob has made a name for himself as a leader on Internet and high-tech issues. He is Co-Chair of the Congressional Internet Caucus and the Congressional International Anti-Piracy Caucus as well as Chairman of the House Republican Technology Working Group.

Bob is a graduate of Washington and Lee University School of Law, and his undergraduate degree in Government was earned at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. He resides in Roanoke with his wife, Maryellen.  He and Maryellen have been married since 1974 and have two adult children, Jennifer and Rob.

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