Bill Cassidy

Bill Cassidy


Cassidy Denounces Obama Administration For Sending Illegal Immigrants to Louisiana


WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) denounced the Obama Administration's practice of sending illegal immigrants to Louisiana. The Obama Administration released state-by-state and county-level breakdowns of the number of illegal immigrants,  showing there were 1,275 UAC released to sponsors in Louisiana between January 1 to July 31, 2014. Parish-level breakdown of UAC in Louisiana: East Baton Rouge Parish (Baton Rouge)- 173 Jefferson Parish (Southwest of NOLA)- 533 Lafayette Parish (Lafayette)- 51 Orleans Parish (New Orleans)- 237 St. Tammany Parish (Slidell, N. of NOLA)- 54 Total in Louisiana- 1,275 Dr. Cassidy released the following statement: “The Obama Administration announced that more than 1,200 illegal immigrants have been placed in Louisiana. This highlights how President Obama’s failure to secure the borders and properly enforce our immigration laws has impacted Louisiana. This crisis has further highlighted the inability of President Obama to lead on important issues. Senate Democrats are equally responsible. They left Washington without taking action. We must secure our borders and stop President Obama's executive amnesty." Previously, Dr. Cassidy, along with Louisiana delegation Reps. Fleming, Boustany and McAllister, requested information on the impact of the border crisis in the state of Louisiana. Members sent a letter to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell in response to reports that the Obama Administration is transferring illegal immigrants across state lines. Members asked for specific answers on the current impact, as well as request that there be no transfers to Louisiana without the approval of Governor Jindal. Dr. Cassidy also led the Louisiana House Republican delegation to urge Senator Harry Reid to call the Senate back in session to address the immigration crisis and take up legislation passed in the House that would secure the border and end the President’s executive amnesty.  Read More

Cassidy Supports U.S. Duties on Mexican Sugar Imports


WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) applauded the preliminary decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce to impose anti-subsidy import duties on Mexican sugar. A duty deposit will be collected on sugar imports from Mexico until the U.S. government can complete its investigation on whether or not Mexico is illegally dumping sugar into the U.S. A 17.01 percent duty deposit will be imposed on sugar imported from Mexican government mills, a 2.99 percent duty deposit will be imposed on sugar produced by Galería de Arte Mexicano (GAM), and a 14.87 percent duty deposit will be imposed on the remaining Mexican sugar producers.   Dr. Cassidy previously urged the International Trade Commission to initiate antidumping investigations against the Mexican sugar industry in a letter to Acting Secretary of the U.S. International Trade Commission Lisa R. Barton. Dr. Cassidy released the following statement: “Unfair trading practices have the ability to threaten thousands of jobs in Louisiana. As the second largest producer of sugarcane in the U.S., it is imperative that we protect Louisiana farmers from illegal sugar dumping. The duties imposed on Mexico are necessary to ensure that the market is fair and that these jobs are protected.” Read More

ICYMI: Cassidy Discusses How to Protect Medicare Advantage With Seniors


WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) held a roundtable with seniors to hear about their experiences with Medicare Advantage and discuss the importance of protecting the program. The Obama Administration previously cut $716 billion from Medicare to fund Obamacare, including $300 billion from Medicare Advantage.  Dr. Cassidy believes this popular program, which gives seniors choice and flexibility, must be protected. He offered the following statement: “Medicare Advantage gives seniors healthcare choices.  Obamacare cut Medicare by $700 billion.  Senator Landrieu along with other Senate Democrats should have voted against this, instead they voted yes.  I support programs like Medicare Advantage that gives power to Americans and not bureaucrats.” Dr. Cassidy has taken the following actions to protect Medicare Advantage: March 12, 2014: Successfully led a letter with more than 190 Members of Congress to urge the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services not to cut 2015 Medicare Advantage payment rates from the 2014 levels.  Soon after it was announced that 2015 rates would increase by 0.4%, which was significantly lower than expected. February 26, 2014: Denounced the President’s efforts at a hearing of the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee to cut Medicare Advantage. December 5, 2013: Led a letter with 81 other Members of Congress to Speaker John Boehner and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, urging them to take legislative steps to protect Medicare Advantage. March 15, 2013: Led a letter with 93 other Members of Congress urging the Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to not impose cuts on Medicare Advantage. Read More

ICYMI: Cassidy Advocates for Southwest Louisiana Energy Workers Against EPA


BATON ROUGE – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy joined Senator David Vitter and Congressman Charles Boustany at a Senate Environmental and Public Works (EPW) committee field briefing in Lake Charles.  The hearing focused on the potential impacts of proposed EPA ozone regulations on jobs and businesses in the Lake Charles region.   Currently, the Lake Charles region is benefitting from America’s natural gas and energy boom, with the Greater Baton Rouge Regional Industrial Managers Association saying there are $46.6 billion in announced industrial expansions in the region.  The Lake Area Industrial Alliance projects there will be thousands of new direct, indirect and construction jobs created by this boom.  However, this is threatened by the EPA’s proposal to lower the ozone standard to 60 parts per billion, which would undermine job growth and have negligible benefit for the environment.  The field briefing featured a panel discussion on this topic with Mr. Larry DeRoussel, Executive Director of the Lake Area Industry Alliance, Mr. Grant Bush, Imperial Calcasieu Regional Planning and Development Commission and Mr. Michael Walls, Vice President of Regulatory and Technical Affairs for the American Chemistry Council.  Dr. Cassidy offered the following statement on the field briefing:  “I have frequently said that the EPA’s proposed regulations have the potential to harm Louisiana’s economy, which is to say regulations will destroy jobs.  Our first priority should be creating and preserving new jobs.   “It’s why I introduced the Energy Consumers Relief Act, which would serve as a Congressional check on the current out-of-control executive authority over at the EPA.  This bill passed the House with bipartisan support, and it has been introduced in the Senate.  The Senate should join us in supporting new manufacturing and job creation, and not allow the EPA, unchecked, to take actions that have the potential to squander that opportunity.”  Additionally, you can watch Dr. Cassidy’s interview from this morning on KPLC-TV NBC (Lake Charles) on the field hearing and how we can replace Obamacare. Read More

Cassidy Urges SEC to Appeal Circuit Court Stanford Ruling


WASHINGTON - Congressman Bill Cassidy sent a letter urging the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Chairwoman Mary Jo White to appeal the decision made by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals that victims of the Stanford Ponzi Scheme are ineligible for compensation from the Securities Investor Protection Corporation.  The D.C. Circuit court used the argument that Stanford Group investors loaned their savings to the affiliated Stanford Antigua bank, thereby giving up their right to compensation in case of a Ponzi scheme.  However, that directly contradicts decisions made by the Second, Tenth and Eleventh Circuit Courts in similar cases.  Additionally, the SEC mistakenly misrepresented assertions made by Stanford victims in their affidavits, which were used by the District Court to rule in SIPC’s favor.  Victims deserve a fair judicial review of their individual claims. Dr. Cassidy offered the following statement: “Stanford Victims’ financial futures have been damaged by the Ponzi scheme, and now threatened by SEC inaction.  Since similar cases have ruled in victims’ favors, I urge the SEC to appeal the U.S. Court of Appeals ruling.  The Stanford Ponzi Scheme devastated many Louisiana families, we must do all we can to help these families achieve justice.” Additionally, Angela Shaw Kogutt, Director and Founder of the Stanford Victims Coalition, offered the following statement: “I want to thank Dr. Cassidy for his leadership in pursuing justice for Stanford victims not just in Louisiana, but in 46 states across the country.  Stanford victims have suffered for more than five years, and Dr. Cassidy’s support has never wavered as he fought for our rights from the inception of the government’s allegations against Allen Stanford.  SIPC has looked for every way out of protecting the victims of its own member firm, and instead of complying with the federal government’s authority, SIPC has opted to protect Wall Street firms rather than Main Street investors who were deceived by the assurances that came with the (mandated) display of SIPC’s logo at every Stanford Group Company office and on all communications with the firm.  If we can’t rely on being protected when the owner of a registered brokerage firm steals our savings in a Ponzi scheme, no investors can ever rely on the safety net Congress intended SIPC to provide.  I urge the SEC to join Dr. Cassidy in pushing for us to be fairly compensated just like the victims in other similar cases.” A copy of the letter is available here.  Additionally, Dr. Cassidy has taken the following steps to aid Stanford victims:  Successfully pushed the SEC to appeal the original July 3, 2012 District Court ruling on SEC v. Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC), which denied Stanford victims compensation Proposed the “Improving SIPC Act” with Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL) on February 28, 2013, which would allow individual Stanford victims to consider offers from SIPC aimed at partially reimbursing their losses. Cosponsored the “Restoring Main Street Investor Protection and Confidence Act,” which would amend the definition of “customer” to ensure that investors who deposit cash to buy securities can still be covered by SIPC protection, even if the money is initially given to a firm that is not a SIPC member. It would also give the SEC more authority to force SIPC to act without the need for court approval. Sent a bi-partisan letter with 9 other lawmakers on July 11, 2014 to President Obama, urging him to appoint people to SIPC who would treat Stanford victims and other defrauded investors fairly.  Sent a bi-partisan letter with 26 other lawmakers on November 22, 2011 to SIPC Chairman Orlan Johnson, urging him to act quickly to reimburse Stanford victims. Sent a bi-partisan letter with 11 other lawmakers on August 31, 2009 to the SEC to urge them to release information regarding their investigation of the Stanford Financial Group. Read More

Cassidy Meets With Bayou Veterans on Improving the VA


BATON ROUGE – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy hosted a veterans’ roundtable in Thibodaux with representatives of service organizations and other veterans who reside in the Bayou Region. Dr. Cassidy discussed with them the problems veterans experience when seeking healthcare through the VA, which include delays in treatment and difficulties in scheduling appointments.   He offered the following statement: “It was an honor to meet with veterans in the Bayou Region today.  It was clear from our discussion that the VA is not yet performing at the level our veterans deserve.   Together we can work with committed doctors and nurses in the VA to make sure veterans receive the treatment they need.” Attendees from the meeting also offered the following statements: “On behalf of the veterans of the American Legion Post #11, I want to congratulate the Congressman for having this meeting, because this is an opportunity for input for our veterans.  He will now know the problems our veterans are having and how to improve the system.” – Mr. Tom Simon, Commander, American Legion Post #11 “I appreciate Dr. Cassidy visiting with me and other veterans in Thibodaux on how we can fix the VA.  I’m confident that Dr. Cassidy will advocate for us in Washington.” – Gene Richard, Councilman, City of Thibodaux and Former Commander, American Legion Post #11 “Our veterans deserve the best healthcare possible, and I appreciate Dr. Cassidy listening to our views on this topic.” – Mr. Richard Queen, Vice Commander, American Legion Post #513 “Today’s meeting with Dr. Cassidy was a big step forward in helping veterans in the Bayou Region.  I look forward to working with him to make the VA better.” – Mr. John Guillot, Quartermaster, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #5097 The following service organizations had members at the meeting: American Legion Post #11 American Legion Post #513 VFW Post #5097 Vietnam Veterans Association Post #4 Finally, veterans and their families who are having difficulties receiving care from the VA can always contact one of Dr. Cassidy’s District offices.  His Thibodaux office number is (985) 447-1662, his Baton Rouge office phone number is (225) 929-7711, and his Livingston Parish office number is (225) 686-4413. Read More

Cassidy Urges Army to Avoid Fort Polk Cuts


WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) sent a letter to U.S. Army Secretary John McHugh urging him to avoid making further cuts to Fort Polk in the Department of the Army’s Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Assessment (SPEA) for Army 2020 Force Structure Realignment. Dr. Cassidy’s request is one of many during a public comment period through August 25th, due to a recent report that detailed the potential cuts. Fort Polk is the largest non-state employer in Louisiana. As a whole, the military’s annual economic impact to the Louisiana economy is more than $8 billion, including $2 billion from Fort Polk alone. In addition, more than 40 percent of students in Vernon Parish have one or both parents serving at Fort Polk. Recently, Dr. Cassidy visited Fort Polk to meet with troops, senior base officials and tour the Bayne-Jones Army Hospital.  Dr. Cassidy released the following statement: “Fort Polk matters a great deal to Louisiana families. As one of our largest employers, force reductions and cuts directly impact our economy, our schools and our veterans’ care. It is in our military’s best interest to strengthen the partnership between the Army and our community.” Read the letter here. Read More

ICYMI: Cassidy Advocates for Louisiana Property Owners Against EPA Overreach


BATON ROUGE – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy joined Senator David Vitter in an Environmental and Public Works (EPW) committee field briefing in New Orleans.  The hearing focused on the potential impacts of the EPA’s proposed “Waters of the United States Rule” and how it could harm Louisiana families, farmers and infrastructure projects. The “Waters of the United States Rule” would expand EPA jurisdiction through the Clean Water Act over more waterways in the United States.  Currently, EPA has authorization from the Congress to oversee navigable waterways, but is trying to expand its reach through executive fiat.  This proposed rule would give the government more control over private property and prevent landowners from using their property without permits.  It could hinder economic development and embolden litigious environmental groups. The hearing included a panel discussion with The Honorable Mike Strain, Louisiana Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, Mr. Buck Vandersteen, Executive Director of the Louisiana Forestry Association and Mr. Steven Serio, Attorney and Representative of the International Council of Shopping Centers. Recently, Dr. Cassidy joined 231 of his colleagues to urge the EPA and the Corps of Engineers to withdraw the proposed rule.  Regarding the field hearing, he also offered the following statement: 'This expansion of federal regulatory power could have serious consequences for the Nation's economy, threaten jobs, invite costly litigation, and significantly restrict the ability of landowners to make decisions about their property, and the rights of state and local governments to plan for their own development.  These actions are yet another example of a disturbing pattern of an imperial presidency that seeks to use brute force and executive action while ignoring Congress." Read More

Cassidy Applauds Funding For Coastal Restoration


WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Bill Cassidy (R-LA) announced that Louisiana will begin to receive funding for environmental restoration and economic development projects. The U.S. Treasury Department issued its Interim Final Rule under the Resources and Ecosystem Sustainability, Tourist Opportunities, and Revived Economies of the Gulf Coast States (RESTORE) Act. Dr. Cassidy, along with Senator David Vitter and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, urged the Treasury Department to stop slow-walking developing and finalizing the regulations that determine how the funds are disbursed to Gulf Coast states.  Dr. Cassidy released the following statement: “Communities and businesses across Louisiana benefit from coastal restoration and ecosystem projects. Fully implementing the RESTORE Act is critical to Louisiana’s recovery from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Senator Vitter, Rep. Scalise and I have pressed the Obama Administration to begin implementing these regulations, and I am glad to see that they are at last.” Read More

Information on Government Shutdown


As a doctor, I know that ObamaCare has many problems and is not ready to be implemented. The House has repeatedly passed legislation to fund the government and protect millions of American families from the devastating effects of ObamaCare.  I will continue to work with my colleagues – both Republican and Democrats- to find a plan that will get the government running again. The House is ready to work with the Senate, but we need the Senate to join us at the negotiation table. As I continue to fight for Louisiana and against ObamaCare to resolve this situation, I wanted to provide you with some basic information about government operations during a shutdown: Veterans in receipt of disability compensation or pension checks will continue to receive those payments. Social Security benefits will continue to be sent out. This includes Social Security Disability payments. Medicare payments will continue to be dispersed and doctors will continue to see patients. The United States Postal Service will continue to deliver mail and will maintain other retail services. Food inspections and drug approvals as well as other FDA activities essential to ensure continued public health would continue to occur. FBI and other federal law enforcement officials will not be subject to furloughs. In addition, federal prisons will remain fully guarded. TSA officers will not be subject to furloughs and air-traffic controllers will continue to operate.  Troops and their families will continue to be paid, thanks to a bill passed by the House of Representatives on Saturday and signed by the President last night.  Read More

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Contact Information

1131 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-3901
Fax 202-225-7313

Committee Assignments

Energy and Commerce

Congressman Bill Cassidy is a lifelong public servant.  He is a physician, a teacher, a community leader, father, and husband.

As an associate professor of medicine with Louisiana State University, Bill has provided care for uninsured patients and taught doctors in training at Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge for the last twenty years.

Bill co-founded the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic, a clinic providing free dental and health care to the working uninsured.  Bill also created a private-public partnership to vaccinate 36,000 greater Baton Rouge area children against Hepatitis B at no cost to the schools or parents.  In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Bill led a group of health care volunteers to convert an abandoned K-Mart building into an emergency health care facility, providing basic health care to hurricane evacuees.

Raised in Baton Rouge, Bill is the fourth son of Jim and Betty Cassidy.  He attended Tara High School, LSU and LSU Medical School.  His brothers are Jim, David and Steve.

He is married to Laura Cassidy, who is a retired general surgeon specializing in breast cancer.  Bill and Laura attend church at the Chapel on the Campus and they have three children.

Before his election to serve Louisiana’s Sixth District in the House of Representatives, Bill served in the Louisiana State Senate.

In the U.S. House, Bill serves on the Energy & Commerce Committee and its subcommittees on Health; Energy and Power; and Environment and the Economy.  He serves as an Assistant Whip for the House Republican Conference.  His legislative focus is health care and energy.

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