Ann Wagner

Ann Wagner


Wagner Statement on Ferguson Shooting


Ballwin – Congresswoman Ann Wagner released the following statement in response to the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri:   “As a mother of three children, I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a child.  My thoughts and prayers go out to Michael Brown’s family and to the people of Ferguson as they deal with this tragic loss,” said Rep. Wagner.  “As we search for answers together, we must remain calm and compassionate while truth and justice are served.” ### Read More

Wagner Statement After House Passes Legislation to Address Border Crisis


Washington, DC - Today, Congresswoman Ann Wagner issued the following statement after the United States House of Representatives passed legislation to address the humanitarian crisis on the southern border: “Today the United States House of Representatives passed legislation to solve the humanitarian crisis on our southern border.  This legislation will lovingly and compassionately care for and house these children at the border with a speedy access to a hearing in days – not months or years – and reunite them with their families back home,” said Rep. Wagner. “This bipartisan solution will create a last in, first out policy - that will create a strong deterrent to stop these children from being exploited along this trail of despair.   “Since the American people can no longer trust the president to enforce the rule of law, this legislation will give money directly to the National Guard – not the Obama Administration – to secure the border.  It also provides very limited funding that is paid for with existing funds and gives border patrol agents unfettered access to federal lands to secure the border. “The House of Representatives answered the call of the American people to secure the border and compassionately return these children to their homeland.  Now it’s up to the Democratic-led Senate to come back from their vacation – do their job – and pass a solution to end this humanitarian crisis once and for all.”       ### Read More

Wagner Introduces Legislation to Stop Obama's War on Affordable Energy


Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Ann Wagner introduced The EPA Regulatory Domestic Benefit Act, which would repeal the latest EPA regulations affecting coal-fired power plants and require EPA to consider the impacts on the American people in any future rulemaking:   “This administration is hell bent on waging a war on affordable energy and good-paying jobs.   The president’s proposed plan would turn the lights off in Missouri and cause energy prices to skyrocket on hardworking families and manufacturers,” said Rep. Wagner.  “That’s why I am introducing The EPA Regulatory Domestic Benefit Act, which would reveal the true costs of these harmful rules domestically on the American people and repeal these job-killing regulations.  Four years after a Democrat-controlled senate rejected cap-and-trade, the administration should stop this war on affordable energy and listen to the American people.”  Background: -    In 2010, the Democrat controlled Senate rejected proposals in Congress to implement cap-and-trade in order to limit greenhouse-gas-emissions, which prompted President Obama to state that he would do so on his own through executive action.   -    In June 2014, EPA issued a proposed regulation that would seek to limit greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants up to 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.  States would be required to come up with a compliance plan on how to achieve specific statewide reductions to meet this national goal by either implementing renewable portfolio standards, cap and trade, or energy efficiency standards.   o    In order to justify the rulemaking, the EPA employed an unconventional method of calculating the regulation’s monetized benefits on a global scale while comparing it to estimated domestic costs.  This does not represent a true cost-benefit analysis allowing for easy comparison, making it difficult to weigh in on the regulation as a matter of policy.  Additionally, federal rulemaking standards, outlined by previous President’s executive actions including Bush and Clinton as well as current OMB guidance, has dictated that regulations should focus on domestic benefits and costs.   -    The EPA Regulatory Domestic Benefit Act would require that the EPA go back to the drawing board and if proposing new greenhouse-gas-emissions regulations in the future, then they must accurately reflect the costs and benefits to the American people.   o    It would first and foremost nullify the proposed rule on both existing power plants and new source power plants.  It would then require any future rulemaking to report and primarily consider monetized domestic benefits in relation to domestic costs.   o    By holding EPA to typical federal rulemaking standards, the real costs of this rule will begin to be revealed and EPA will be forced to implement more responsible and transparent guidance. Read More

Wagner Statement on Bipartisan VA Reform Proposal


Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Ann Wagner released the following statement after Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL) outlined a bipartisan agreement to reform the VA:  “Our veterans deserve the highest quality of care.  Today’s announcement of a bipartisan, bicameral deal is an important step in providing superior, private-sector care for our nation’s heroes,” said Rep. Ann Wagner.  “This bipartisan agreement would allow any veteran forced to wait more than thirty days for an appointment or located more than 40 miles from a VA facility, the option to receive private-sector care.  This proposal would also allow the Secretary of the VA to fire employees that fail to fulfill the VA’s pledge to excellence.  As a mother of a soldier serving in the 101st Airborne, I believe it is our moral responsibility to protect those that have sacrificed so much to defend our freedom.  Today’s agreement is a major step in honoring that sacred pledge.”   ### Background: Total Cost:  $12 billion •    $10 billion for new private care option for veterans •    $5 billion for improvements within the VA          $5 billion in offsets •    To qualify for the private care option, veterans would have to be experiencing long wait times or be located more than 40 miles from a VA facility.   •    They would be able to access providers who already participate in Medicare.   •    The compromise legislation also permits the VA secretary to dismiss or downgrade employees in an expedited fashion based on performance or misconduct.   •    It would also prevent wait-time metrics from being used in determining a VA employee’s eligibility for a bonus, and would authorize the VA to enter into 27 major medical facility leases throughout the country.   Read More

Wagner Praises New Round of Legislation to Combat Sex Trafficking


Washington, DC – Today, Congresswoman Ann Wagner released the following statement after the United States House of Representatives passed a series of bills that will prioritize the problem of human trafficking in federal agencies, authorize additional training for law enforcement to spot the signs of sex trafficking, and provide resources to child protective services to identify and assist those in its care who may have been trafficked and exploited: “Today the United States House of Representatives took another step to end the scourge of sex slavery,” said Rep. Ann Wagner.  “The House passed, in strong bipartisan, a series of bills that will protect innocent victims from being exploited and trafficked.  I would like to thank my colleagues who have joined my efforts in stopping the horrors of sex trafficking.   But our work doesn't end here; it starts with Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.” “It has been over three months since the House passed legislation I authored, the SAVE Act, in overwhelming bipartisan fashion.  When it comes to protecting the most vulnerable members of our society, political affiliation is blind to helping our daughters and granddaughters, our friends and neighbors, from the evils of sex trafficking.  That's why I am, once again, calling on Harry Reid to take up these bills to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.   Together we can ensure that the sexual exploitation and enslavement of these victims be shut down once and for all, but not if Harry Reid continues to obstruct the voices of these innocent angels." ### To watch Congresswoman Ann Wagner’s floor speech on these bills to combat sex trafficking, please click on the image below: Background:   To learn more about the SAVE Act, please click here. Here is a summary of the bills the United States House of Representatives passed this week.   Human Trafficking Legislation for Week of July 22-25, 2014. 1.    H.R. 2283- Smith (R-NJ): Human Trafficking Prioritization Act- elevates the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons at the State Department to Bureau level.  2.    H.R. 3905- Beatty (D- CA): To improve the response to missing children and victims of child sex trafficking- requires grant to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to be used (among other things) to operate a cyber tipline to provide online users and electronic service providers an effective means of reporting Internet-related child sexual exploitation in the area of child sex trafficking (currently, child prostitution). 3.    H.R. 4449- S. Maloney (D-NY): Human Trafficking Prevention Act- Amends the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 to require training for federal government personnel related to trafficking in persons 4.    H.R. 4980- Camp (R-MI): Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act- This bipartisan legislation includes numerous provisions that will encourage states to reduce the incidence of sex trafficking among youth in foster care, empower and promote normalcy for foster youth, quickly move more children from foster care into adoptive homes or the homes of relatives, and increase the amount of child support provided to families in which one parent is outside of the U.S. 5.    H.R. 5076- Heck (R-NV): To amend the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act to increase knowledge concerning, and improve services for, runaway and homeless youth who are victims of trafficking: Amends the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act (RHYA) to increase knowledge concerning, and improve service for, runaway and homeless youth who are victims of victims of trafficking. 6.    H.R. 5116- Meadows (R-NC): Human Trafficking Detection Act of 2014: direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to train Department of Homeland Security (DHS) personnel on how to effectively deter, detect, disrupt, and prevent human trafficking.   7.    H.R. 5135- Noem (R-SD): Human Trafficking Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery Act: requires the Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking (PITF) established under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 to identify best practices and strategies to prevent human trafficking and review federal efforts to combat trafficking and better protect and recover trafficking victims.   Read More

Wagner Statement on Latest ObamaCare Ruling


Washington, D.C. –Congresswoman Ann Wagner issued the following statement after the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Halbig vs. Burwell: “Today’s decision is yet another major blow to President Obama’s disastrous health care law.  This decision means the Obama Administration has taken billions of taxpayer dollars, not authorized by law, through the federal exchanges to hide the true costs of ObamaCare.  It should come as no surprise that President Obama would unilaterally act outside the rule of law and expose millions of taxpayers for this fraudulent behavior.” “ObamaCare premiums are already expected to rise steeply for millions of Americans, and now this ruling will cause premiums to skyrocket even more, putting low and middle-income families in jeopardy of not being able to afford quality health care.  Without real patient-centered reforms, ObamaCare will continue to corrode the doctor-patient relationship, increase taxes and cause premiums to skyrocket for hardworking middle-class families.  This announcement just confirms what the American people already know:  ObamaCare must be replaced immediately.  House Republicans remain ready with free market solutions to fix our broken health care system.” ### Read More

Wagner Statement on the Supreme Court's HHS Mandate Ruling


WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congresswoman Ann Wagner issued the following statement today applauding the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling on two cases challenging the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate: "Today is a major victory for religious freedom.  Our government should not force anyone to choose between violating their religious beliefs or being forced to comply with ObamaCare," said Rep. Wagner.  "This decision sends a direct message to the president and his administration that they cannot continue to trample on American liberties and expect to get away with it.  I applaud today's decision, and I will always fight to protect religious freedom and our constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." ### Read More

Wagner Statement on VA Report


(Washington, DC) Congresswoman Ann Wagner issued the following statement after the VA reported that more than 57,000 veterans are still waiting for an initial medical appointment at VA health facilities: Read More

Wagner Statement on EPA's Cap-and-Trade Proposal


(Ballwin, MO)  Today, Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) released the following statement after the EPA issued a plan to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants: “Once again, President Obama is governing by executive fiat and waging a war on affordable energy and hardworking Americans.  The president’s plan would cause energy prices to skyrocket, cost millions of jobs and cause irreparable damage to our already fragile economy.  This proposed rule would be especially devastating on hardworking, middle-class families.   “In Missouri, coal is responsible for over 80% of the electricity generated.  As a result, we enjoy some of the most affordable energy prices in the country.  These abundant resources allow us to keep the factory lights on, power our homes, and keep our families warm during the cold winter months.  However, if President Obama gets his way, Missourians would be left in the dark.   “Four years after a Democrat-controlled senate rejected cap-and-trade, the administration should stop this war on affordable energy and listen to the American people.” Background: The US Chamber of Commerce published a report on the potential negative consequences of the proposed rule: •    Lower US GDP by $51 billion on average every year through 2030 •    Lead to 224,000 fewer US jobs on average every year through 2030 •    Force US consumers to pay $289 billion more for electricity through 2030 •    Lower total disposable income for US households by $586 billion through 2030 Read More

Wagner Statement on Shinseki Resignation


(Washington, DC)  Today, Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-MO) released the following statement after Eric Shinseki resigned as the Secretary of Veteran Affairs: “The Obama Administration has created a culture of failure.  This failure of basic governance has permeated throughout all of our federal agencies, resulting in unelected bureaucrats putting their own interests above the American people.  Secretary Shinseki resigned today not because President Obama required it, but because millions of outraged veterans and Americans demanded it.   While I commend Eric Shinseki’s service to our country, the atrocities unfolding at the VA demand new management and leadership. “Our veterans deserve the highest level of care which they have earned through their valor and military service.  We need a new leader at the VA who will demand action and fix the problem independent of this incompetent administration.  Our veterans deserve action by integrating superior private sector care to get the treatment they earned through their sacrifices to a grateful nation.” Background: In 2013, President Obama promised to eliminate the VA backlog ‘once and for all.’  Yet the VA knew of these improper scheduling practices as early as 2010 and showed no leadership to remedy these egregious practices. The IG report this week showed that there is evidence of a ‘systemic’ failure in scheduling practices.  Additionally, the number of facilities now under investigation totals 42, including our own center in St. Louis regarding mental health care.  As a result, Rep. Wagner has serious concerns about the President’s competence to deliver the mission of providing timely services and superior care for our veterans.    Last week, Congresswoman Wagner demanded Eric Shinseki’s resignation.   On May 21st, Rep. Wagner sent a letter to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Eric Shinseki regarding recent allegations that the St. Louis VA system created an ‘artificial backlog’ for treatment of veterans seeking mental health care.  The letter is in conjunction with the recently announced Veterans Health Administration Nation-wide Access Review.  It provides specific questions to Secretary Shinseki regarding these allegations in the VA St. Louis system relating to mental health care access, and requests full transparency into their system and guidelines pertaining to mental health care scheduling.   The House of Representatives passed the VA Management Accountability Act.  This legislation will give the Secretary of the VA more authority to remove and terminate employees who contribute to this agency’s culture of failure and lack of transparency.  However, Senator Harry Reid has refused to take up this legislation to bring accountability to the American people.   Read More

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Washington, DC 20515
Phone 202-225-1621
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Committee Assignments

Financial Services

Ann Wagner’s career is both deep and broad in service to her hometown, state and nation with over 25 years of work in the private sector, community and public service, and the political arena.

The 2nd District means family for Ann. It is where she and her husband of twenty-five years, Ray, grew up, went to school, raised their children, work, volunteer and go to church. This community has given her extraordinary opportunities to make a difference.

At an early age, Ann started working in the family business, a retail carpet store called Carpetime in Manchester. Working beside her parents she learned the value of a dollar, a strong work ethic, honesty, integrity, and that government ought not be in the way and on the backs of hard-working Americans trying to make a living.

Ann then took her firsthand experience to the University of Missouri-Columbia and received her BSBA from the Business School with an emphasis in Logistics.  After college, Ann went to work in the private sector and held management positions at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City and Ralston Purina in St. Louis.

Ann’s most important jobs, however, have always been as a wife and mother. Ann and Ray have three children: Raymond, a recent West Point graduate stationed at Fort Campbell with the 101st Airborne; Stephen, a Client Services Manager for a St. Louis area financial management company; and Mary Ruth, a freshmen at Miami University in Ohio.

Ann Wagner’s public service began at the grassroots level. She served for nine years as a local committeewoman in Lafayette Township and went on to Chair the Missouri Republican Party delivering historic Republican gains. She also served as Co-Chairman of the Republican National Committee during the first term of President George W. Bush.

In 2005, following nomination by President Bush and confirmation by the U.S. Senate, Ann was sworn in as the 19th U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. She served as U.S. Ambassador for four years before returning to her home in Ballwin, Missouri.

In 2010, Ann was asked to serve as the Chairman of Roy Blunt’s successful U.S. Senate campaign in Missouri. Bringing her high energy and political skills to the campaign, Ann helped unite existing and new conservative grassroots activists to produce a landslide victory.

Ann announced her first run for public office on April 26, 2011 and has attended hundreds of events including forums, debates, picnics, meetings and rallies.  Her signature grassroots “Table Tops” have been a listening and learning tour in homes all across the district. Her strong connection to her community has helped Ann recruit hundreds of volunteers from every corner of the 2nd Congressional District.

Ann won her 2012 Congressional race with over 60% of the vote and received more votes than any other Republican candidate for Congress in the State of Missouri this cycle.

Ann will serve on the House Financial Services Committee – a key committee for the 2nd District and St. Louis region.  St. Louis and its suburbs are national and regional centers for financial services activity.  Over 84,000 people in St. Louis and its suburbs are employed in the financial services industry with a total payroll of around $4.57 billion.

The St. Louis area is also home to national investment firms including Edward Jones, Scottrade, Stifel Financial and Wells Fargo Advisors, to name a few, making it one of the largest clusters of brokerage firms and personnel outside of New York.

Ann was also selected by the Freshman Class of the 113th Congress to be their representative on the Elected Leadership Committee.

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