Aaron Schock

Aaron Schock


Rep. Schock visits 18th District West Point Cadets, Tours Historic Military Academy


West Point, NY – Congressman Aaron Schock (IL-18) visited this week with seven of the cadets he has nominated to train at the historic United States Military Academy at West Point, the oldest continuously operating army-post in the nation. On Wednesday, Rep. Schock hosted the 18th District appointees for a private dinner in Washington Hall on the West Point campus, the dining area that accommodates more than 4,000 cadets for 20 minute meals three times a day. After dinner, the cadets took Rep. Schock on a guided tour of Cadet Chapel.

Rep. Schock joins IL18 West Point Cadets at Cadet Chapel overlooking the Hudson River

“The United States Military Academy at West Point is equipping the finest generation of young leaders to face tomorrow’s challenges with a commitment to the historic values of duty, honor, country. The 18th District has produced some of the best among them, and we are all proud of their accomplishments and grateful for their service,” Schock said of his visit with the cadets.

Joining Rep. Schock for his visit were: Cadet Conrad Bray (East Peoria); Cadet Laurel Neposchlan (Springfield); Cadet Jacob Conley (Golden); Cadet Kyle Hinrichsen (Eureka);Cadet Chase Miller (Spring Valley); Cadet Jack Lucie (Basco); and Cadet Jacob Weiss (Sherman).

Also during his visit to West Point, Rep. Schock joined cadets for an intensive training exercise in the Combat Water Survival Swim Lab, a state-of-the-art facility that simulates elements in an open water venue and real-world combat circumstances. Weighted down with combat dress and carrying a modified military assault rifle overhead, Schock swam the perimeter of the wave pool non-stop to complete the Survival Swim training exercise, then treaded water for the qualifying time.

This was Rep. Schock’s second visit to West Point. In 2007, Schock traveled to the academy to participate in the funeral services of Army General Wayne Downing of Peoria Heights.

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Rep. Schock announces grant award for Springfield Mass Transit District


Springfield, IL – Congressman Aaron Schock announced today that the Springfield Mass Transit District (SMTD) has been awarded a $762,400.00 competitive grant to purchase new buses for service expansion in the state capital. The project was selected for funding as part of the Federal Transit Administration’s management of transit capital investments, which provides federal dollars for new and replacement buses, related equipment, and facilities in both urban and rural areas. The SMTD is a locally-governed transit authority with an annual budget of $14.8 million and a fleet of 57 compressed natural gas and diesel powered coach buses.

“As Illinois continues to rebuild the state economy, it is vitally important that workers who depend on public transportation have access to safe, efficient, and reliable bus services. While the Springfield Mass Transit System receives the majority of its annual funding from state and local sources, this grant will provide necessary capital resources to build its fleet and expand access in the Springfield area,” Schock said.

Earlier this year, the Department of Transportation set aside $100 million to fund the Section 5309 Bus and Bus Facilities Program for the “New Ladders of Opportunity Initiative,” a federal program designed to connect disadvantaged and low-income individuals, veterans, seniors, youths, and others with local workforce training, employment opportunities, health care, and other community services.

For more information about the Springfield Mass Transit District, click here.


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Schock Hosts Radio Free Europe to Joint Session of Congress


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL) today welcomed Radio Free Europe-Radio Liberty’s (RFE-RL) Manager, John Giambalvo, as his guest to attend a special Joint Session of the United States Congress to hear an address by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Elected in the wake of this year’s Ukrainian Revolution, Poroshenko is in the United States and Canada this week to seek greater military and economic aid from strategic allies.

“Radio Free Europe continues to serve the strategic interests of the United States and our allies, broadcasting a message of economic and political freedom to counter resurgent threats in the region,” Schock said in his invitation to Giambalvo. “The Ukrainian President seeks a stronger alliance with the United States today, and the presence of Radio Free Europe’s leadership in the House Gallery for his address sends a strong message that we will not abdicate the airwaves in Eastern Europe to pro-Soviet propaganda.”

President Poroshenko’s address comes at a critical time for Ukraine, as Tuesday, the Eastern European nation joined with the European Union in ratifying an historic political and economic agreement – all while a tentative cease-fire persists between Ukrainian forces and the pro-Russian separatists.

The new head of RFE-RL was chosen to attend the event in light of the crucial role Rep. Schock understands RFE-RL to play in establishing and maintaining a stable Eastern Europe.

Rep. Schock welcomes RFE-RL’s Mr. Giambalvo


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Schock Congratulates Local Hero


Washington, D.C. – Congressman Aaron Schock (IL-18) today congratulated Peoria, IL Branch 31 letter carrier, Cristy Perfetti, for her role in thwarting a convicted sex-offender’s abduction of a local child last year. Along with fellow letter carrier Steve Plunkett, District Manager Peter Allen, SSA Clerk Karen Leitner, and supervisor Stacey Pence-Baily, Perfetti received the National Association of Letter Carrier’s Heroes of the Year Award, among the top honors given to U.S. Postal Service employees.