Bicameral Keystone Passage Press Conference

February 11, 2015

At a bicameral press conference, members from the House and the Senate - from both sides of the aisle - came together to urge the President to sign the Keystone XL bill into law. It's time to build.

The Gipper: A Birthday Tribute

February 6, 2015

On what would have been his 104th birthday, we pay tribute to the memory of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

1/31/15 Weekly Republican Address: Vice Chair Lynn Jenkins (R-KS)

January 31, 2015

This week, Rep. Lynn Jenkins (R-KS), Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference, delivers the Weekly Republican Address. Jenkins discusses common-sense solutions to lower costs and expand opportunity for middle-class families, including a plan she introduced this week to protect college savings. "As a former State Treasurer and a mother of two college kids, I know how critical saving for higher education can be, and how important 529s have become for middle-class families,” Rep. Jenkins said. “If the president is serious about helping middle-class families afford higher education then he should work with Congress and publicly support my bipartisan legislation to empower hardworking families by expanding and strengthening 529 college savings plans, and keeping them tax-free. America’s new Congress is committed to making your priorities our priorities.”

One-Minute of the Week: Rep. Mimi Walters (R-CA)

January 30, 2015

End Human Trafficking Now

January 27, 2015

Human trafficking is a horrific crime that happens around the world, and each year more than 300,000 American children are at risk of becoming victims of sex trafficking. According to the FBI, sex trafficking is the fastest-growing business of organized crime and the third-largest criminal enterprise in the world. Tragically, most of the victims of this crime are vulnerable youth who have run away from home, are part of the child welfare system, or have been victims of abuse and assault growing up. This week, the House will take up a series of bipartisan bills to protect our children and combat this growing problem – providing support and services to the victims of this crime and boosting resources for law enforcement. These bills will build on the bipartisan efforts that became law last year to reduce child sex trafficking and increase adoptions of foster care youth.

Speaker Boehner and Leader McConnell on 60 Minutes

January 26, 2015

CBS, 1/25/15

POV of the Week – Paul Ryan on Morning Joe

January 21, 2015

Weekly Republican Address: Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK)

January 17, 2015

Delivering this week’s Republican address, Rep. Steve Russell (R-OK) highlights the new Congress's work to restore truly representative government that puts the people’s priorities – including more jobs and a stronger economy – first. Rep. Russell is a new member of the House of Representatives from Oklahoma’s Fifth District.

One-minute of the Week – Rep. Kevin Yoder (R-KS)

January 16, 2015

This week's Conference One-minute of the week is by Rep. Kevin Yoder of Kansas. Rep. Yoder discussed the goals and vision for America's New Congress, including solutions to create jobs, grow our economy, and holding the executive branch accountable.

POV – Martha Roby (R-AL), Fox News

January 14, 2015

Representative Martha Roby discusses the House of Representatives' passage of the DHS funding package with Gretchen Carlson.

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