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Subcommittee Hearing: The Paris Attacks: A Strategic Shift by ISIS?


Hearing: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: Fueling Middle East Turmoil


Subcommittee Hearing: U.S. Strategic Interests and the APEC and East Asia Summits


Subcommittee Hearing: Assessing the President’s Strategy in Afghanistan


Joint Subcommittee Hearing: Russian Arms Control Cheating: Violation of the INF Treaty and the Administration’s Responses One Year Later


This is a joint subcommittee hearing by the Committee on Foreign Affairs' Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade and the Committee on Armed Services' Subcommittee on Strategic Forces.

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A Look Ahead—November 30-December 4


Today, U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, announced the following upcoming Committee events:

Tuesday, December 1

Joint Subcommittee Hearing: Russian Arms Control Cheating: Violation of the INF Treaty and the Administration’s Responses One Year Later

3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, December 1 in 2118 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), Chairman

Subcommittee on Strategic Forces of the Committee on Armed Services Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL), Chairman

Invited Witnesses Include:

The Honorable Brian P. McKeon Principle Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Policy U.S. Department of Defense

The Honorable Rose Gottemoeller Undersecretary for Arms Control and International Security U.S. Department of State

Chairman Poe on the Hearing: “The Administration officially charged Russia with violating the INF Treaty in 2014 and repeated its concerns regarding Russian compliance this year. Although the Russians deny any such violations, that would not be the first time they have not been completely honest with us. Press reports indicate that missile tests in western Russia in violation of the treaty began as early as 2008. Meanwhile, the Administration doesn’t seem to have taken any meaningful steps to return Moscow to compliance other than raising concerns with Russian officials. This hearing will allow members to hear more about these Russian violations from officials from the Departments of State and Defense and what they mean for U.S. arms control policy moving forward.”

Chairman Rogers on the hearing: “Almost one year since the Administration testified that it was considering military options to respond to Russia’s violation of the INF treaty, we have seen little action.  The recently enacted National Defense Authorization Act will compel such responses, which the White House has been holding up.  It is imperative that Putin understands his aggression will be met with a strong American response, even in the face of the President’s reluctance.”


Wednesday, December 2

Hearing: Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps: Fueling Middle East Turmoil

10 a.m. on Wednesday, December 2 in 2172 Rayburn House Office Building

Committee on Foreign Affairs Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman

Invited Witnesses Include:

Mr. Ali Alfoneh Senior Fellow Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Mr. Scott Modell Managing Director The Rapidan Group

Mr. Daniel Benjamin Norman E. McCulloch Jr. Director The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding Dartmouth College (Former Ambassador-at-Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism, U.S. Department of State)

Chairman Royce on the hearing: “The Obama administration gambled that a nuclear deal would lead to a responsible Iran.  Instead, the regime is working harder than ever to export violence and terror to Syria, Yemen and beyond.  Iran’s backing of Syria’s Assad regime has fed the rise of ISIS.  Soon, sanctions will be lifted and the Iranian regime will hit a jackpot in the tens of billions.  This money isn’t going to ordinary Iranians; it will be used to strengthen Iran’s murderous Revolutionary Guard Corps.  This hearing will examine the threats a well-funded Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps pose to the already volatile Middle East.”

Wednesday, December 2

Subcommittee Hearing: The Paris Attacks: A Strategic Shift by ISIS?

1 p.m. on Wednesday, December 2 in 2200 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on Terrorism, Nonproliferation, and Trade Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX), Chairman

Invited Witnesses Include:

Mr. Max Boot Jeane J. Kirkpatrick Senior Fellow for National Security Studies Council on Foreign Relations

Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Ph.D. Senior Fellow Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Mr. Michael Weiss Co-Author ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

Mr. Thomas M. Sanderson Director and Senior Fellow Transnational Threats Project Center for Strategic and International Studies

Chairman Poe on the hearing: “ISIS’s terrorist rampage in Paris this month left at least 130 people dead and hundreds more wounded. The bloody attacks came on the same day that President Obama declared that ISIS was ‘contained’ in Iraq and Syria and more than a year since the White House rolled out a plan to ‘degrade and ultimately destroy’ the terrorist group. However, ISIS appears to only be increasing its international operations, claiming credit for the downing of a Russian airliner over the Sinai Peninsula and a twin suicide bombing in Beirut in the weeks before the Paris attacks. Members will have the opportunity to gain a better understanding of ISIS’ apparent shifting strategy and hear some new policy recommendations to ensure that the U.S. can effectively defeat ISIS and protect the U.S. homeland.”

Wednesday, December 2

Subcommittee Hearing: Assessing the President’s Strategy in Afghanistan

2 p.m. on Wednesday, December 2 in 2172 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman

Invited Witnesses Include:

Frederick W. Kagan, Ph.D. Christopher DeMuth Chair and Director, Critical Threats Project American Enterprise Institute

Mr. David S. Sedney Senior Associate Center for Strategic and International Studies

Andrew Wilder, Ph.D. Vice President, Asia Programs United States Institute of Peace

Chairman Ros-Lehtinen on the hearing: “This hearing presents a good opportunity for members of the subcommittee to examine the Administration’s foreign policy toward Afghanistan nearly a year since the conclusion of the U.S. combat mission. In light of recent events, such as the takeover of Kunduz by the Taliban, as well as the emergence of ISIL, it is appropriate to analyze the effectiveness of the Administration’s policies. Since the President recently announced a halt to the scheduled withdrawal, it is of vital importance to reevaluate the President’s strategy and ensure that we are helping build the Afghan government’s capacity to combat the Taliban, corruption, and narco-trafficking in order to secure Afghanistan’s future as well as protect U.S. national security interests.”

Wednesday, December 2

Subcommittee Hearing: U.S. Strategic Interests and the APEC and East Asia Summits

2 p.m. on Wednesday, December 2 in 2255 Rayburn House Office Building

Subcommittee on Asia and the Pacific Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), Chairman

Invited Witnesses Include:

Mr. Michael H. Fuchs Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Strategy and Multilateral Affairs Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs U.S. Department of State

Mr. Bruce Hirsh Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for Japan, Korea, and APEC Office of the United States Trade Representative

Chairman Salmon on the hearing: "President Obama recently attended two high-level summits in Asia: the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and the East Asia Summit (EAS). Enhanced U.S. participation in these institutions is a heartening reinforcement of our commitment to the Asia-Pacific. Critical issues of serious concern to our Subcommittee have been raised at both events, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership, South China Sea disputes, non-traditional security threats, and the expansion of multilateral economic and security cooperation. This hearing will give Members an opportunity to engage with the Administration about the outcomes of both summits, lingering challenges, and U.S. strategic objectives in Asia moving forward."


***See for updates.

***All Committee proceedings are webcast live HERE.


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Chairman Royce, Actress Geena Davis Coauthor Piece for BlogHer


Washington, D.C. – The following BlogHer post by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) and actress Geena Davis discusses the important role technology plays in creating opportunities for women and girls around the world.  Earlier this month, Chairman Royce convened a hearing to review efforts to expand Internet access to women in developing countries, during which actress Geena Davis testified. The hearing was the second in a series to examine the challenges facing women and girls around the globe.

Women Must Have Equal Access to Technology By Chairman Royce, Geena Davis

Technology is empowering women and girls around the world to improve their lives and their communities. Just ask the female vegetable seller in Tanzania who now uses a popular mobile service to store and transfer money using just her cell phone—protecting her business savings from theft and increasing her control over spending. The Internet and mobile phones can dramatically increase a woman’s access to information and opportunity through access to online education platforms, job opportunities, e-banking, mobile health applications and expanded social networks.

Geena Davis testifying at the “Women and Technology: Increasing Opportunity and Driving International Development" hearing in November 2015. Image: House Foreign Affairs Committee

With the Internet increasingly tied to developing countries’ rule of law, economic growth, and education, it is unacceptable to continue to watch women and girls miss out on the technology revolution occurring around the globe…

To read the full BlogHer post, click HERE.


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Chairman Royce: The Obama Administration Needs to Outline a Real Strategy to Defeat ISIS


Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) today released the following statement after President Obama’s press conference with French President Francois Hollande:  “I’m glad to see President Obama standing shoulder to shoulder with President Hollande, but what we need from the White House right now is a real plan and commitment to defeat these brutal terrorists.  France is one of our closest partners in fighting terror – and it’s counting on America’s leadership.      “So instead of doubling down on the same failed policies that allowed for ISIS’s rise, the Obama administration ought to be laying out the broad, overarching strategy needed to win.  This should include establishing safe zones in Syria, arming fighting forces – including the Kurds – already on the ground, and giving our pilots the authority and flexibility they need to carry out their missions.   “Two weeks ago it was France.  Next week, it could be us.  The White House needs to get serious about eliminating this terrorist threat.”


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Chairman Royce, Ranking Member Engel Congratulate President-Elect Macri and Urge Obama Administration to Prioritize U.S.–Argentina Relations


Washington, D.C. – U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, and U.S. Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY), the Committee’s Ranking Member, have sent a letter to President Barack Obama urging him to prioritize U.S.-Argentina relations over the next year. The letter, which includes policy recommendations in six key areas, follows Sunday’s victory by Mauricio Macri in the country’s first ever presidential runoff election.  Chairman Royce and Ranking Member Engel said: “We congratulate President-elect Macri on his victory in yesterday’s election. His election presents an important opportunity for our two countries to move forward. A renewed U.S. – Argentine partnership will be a win-win for our two countries. While bilateral relations have been tense, we believe that our countries can and should be natural partners. We both have highly educated populations, diverse economies and vast natural resources. Working together, we can accomplish a great deal for our two countries.”   The signed letter is available HERE.   The text of the letter follows:   November 23, 2015                                                                        The President The White House Washington, D.C.  20500   Dear Mr. President:   We write to urge you to prioritize U.S. – Argentina relations over the next year. The United States and Argentina should be natural partners. We both have highly educated populations, diverse economies and vast natural resources. As a renewed partnership would be a win-win for the two countries, we respectfully urge you to consider the following actions with the aim of revitalizing the bilateral relationship over the coming months:

  • Increase Public Diplomacy: Public opinion polls in Argentina have consistently found high levels of anti-Americanism and opposition to U.S. policies around the world.

    We urge the Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy to develop a new public diplomacy strategy for Argentina and to coordinate a series of high-level U.S. executive and legislative branch visits along with cultural diplomatic exchanges.

  • Initiate a U.S. – Argentina High Level Economic Dialogue: Argentina has the third largest economy in Latin America with a GDP of $540 billion. In 2012, United States bilateral trade with Argentina was $23 billion. There is potential for this commerce to grow significantly in the coming years, particularly in the energy field.

    We recommend that the two governments initiate a U.S. – Argentina High Level Economic Dialogue, similar to the dialogue with Mexico. A U.S. government-sponsored trade mission could also be very useful.  These activities would reposition economic engagement at the center of the bilateral relationship.

  • Provide Technical Assistance on Economic and Trade Issues: The Argentine National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) was long considered the region’s gold standard for key economic data.  However, in recent years there have been serious concerns about the credibility of Argentina’s statistics on inflation and economic growth. In addition, the U.S. Trade Representative remains concerned with Argentina’s lack of intellectual property rights enforcement and high levels of piracy and counterfeiting.

    We recommend that the United States offer technical assistance to the new Argentine government to revamp statistical institutions and to better enforce intellectual property rights. Technical assistance could be helpful in making import regulations WTO-compliant. The Inter-American Development Bank and other international financial institutions could potentially play an important role in providing technical assistance.

  • Support the Resolution of Arbitration Claims and “Holdout” Bondholders: While some arbitration claims from foreign companies have been settled in recent years, a number remain outstanding. Separately, reaching a settlement with “holdout” private bondholders could help Argentina gain access to international credit markets, helping Argentina’s economy.

    The U.S. should continue to support a timely resolution to outstanding arbitration claims as well as the completion of private negotiations between the Argentine Government and “holdout” bondholders.

  • Encourage Regional Leadership:  Given its highly educated population, diverse economy and vast natural resources, Argentina could again play an important leadership role in South America. The painful memory of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center gives Argentina a powerful reason to play a leadership role in combatting terrorism.

    The United States should promote and encourage positive regional leadership from Argentina which could potentially play a much larger role at the Organization of American States in the coming years. The U.S. should also work to reestablish liaison relationships with the new government to confront terrorism and transnational criminal organizations in the Americas.

  • Improve Counternarcotics Cooperation: According to the State Department’s 2015 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report, many Argentines believe drug-linked violent crime is increasing. The cocaine based drug known as “paco” is a particular problem among the country’s poor.

    We recommend that the Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy start a bilateral working group with Argentina. This working group should not only focus on law enforcement cooperation but also should share with the Argentine government our most successful models in treating drug addiction in the United States.  

Thank you for your consideration of these recommendations. We look forward to working with you to prioritize the U.S. – Argentina relationship in the coming year.   Sincerely,   EDWARD R. ROYCE Chairman   ELIOT L. ENGEL Ranking Member


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Chairman Royce Welcomes Sanctions to Help Stem Violence in Burundi


Washington, D.C. – House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce (R-CA) released the following statement after the Obama administration announced a new executive order imposing sanctions aimed at those responsible for the worsening situation in Burundi:

“Burundi is spiraling into chaos.  Hundreds have been slaughtered and more than 200,000 have been forced from their homes in recent months.  Yesterday, more bodies were found piled on the streets.   “The causes and consequences of the 1994 Rwanda genocide should serve as a constant warning, including in neighboring Burundi.  Political leaders – in both the Burundi government and opposition – must be held accountable for inciting violence.  I’m glad the Obama administration is taking this important step, but make no mistake: more must be done, now.  If the conflict in Burundi is allowed to continue, I fear that mass atrocities could be just around the corner.”

NOTE:  In May, Chairman Royce and Ranking Member Engel sent a letter to the Broadcasting Board of Governors to express their concern over proposed cuts to the VOA Central African service.  The letter can be found HERE.


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