10 reasons Senate Democrats should act on House-passed jobs bills

Jul 22, 2014 | Jared Powell •

If there was any question about who the most powerful man in Washington is…

More so than House Speaker John A. Boehner or even President Obama, it is Mr. Reid, a Nevada Democrat in his eighth year as majority leader, who has the most single-handed power to shape what gets done and what falls to the wayside in Washington.

— Washington Times

All that power, and yet Harry Reid has said “no” to 294 House-passed bills, including dozens of bills to create good-paying jobs and grow a healthy economy.

While Americans continue to suffer in this economy, here are 10 reasons the Senate should act on these bills, courtesy of the House Ways and Means Committee:

#1:  The share of adults who are working is back to 1984 levels

#2: This is the worst “recovery” ever for long-term unemployed

#3: Far more adults have left the workforce than found new jobs

#4: Six years later, 32 states have yet to recover the jobs lost due to the recession

#5: The share of adults working-full time remains near record lows

#6: Relative to prior recessions, economic growth has significantly underperformed during this “recovery”

#7: The U.S. economy shrank during the first three months of 2014.

#8: Millions of men in their prime working years are not working

#9: The trillion dollar stimulus package passed didn’t reduce unemployment like Democrats promised

#10: The trillion dollar stimulus package passed didn’t create jobs like Democrats promised

Where are the jobs? Ask Harry Reid why he hasn’t brought them home.